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Wet Dreaming on Mars

Peter Ravenscroft, 09.02.2004 07:17

A particularly under-represented group of people is those scientists who for years have been trying to explain to Nasa, for no pay mostly, why it has been dreaming about Mars having had rivers and oceans of liquid water and a wetter and warmer climate in the past. This is an original publication, and copyleft. Read on.

Why Bruce Utah Phillips Won't Be Voting

marco, 09.02.2004 03:14

16x16 , about 6 min. long , 733k .mp3

Homeland Security Monkey-Court : Iowa Peace Workers Summoned

Anything Prose, 09.02.2004 01:31

No details have yet been released. A grand jury in Iowa has served summons delivered by FBI agents to peace workers. They are to appear February 10, 2004.
But why?

Bearing Witness: Palestinian Suicide Bombers

Maria Hussain, 09.02.2004 01:26

Purity of intention is the key to martyrdom.

The Bastard Children of Total Information Awareness

citizen zer0, 09.02.2004 00:27

A listing of some known, ongoing data collection projects...

munich noNATO overview + links to videos

imc germany, 08.02.2004 23:30

It is the 40th time in sequence that Ministers of Defense, war strategists, arms manufacturers and other important or powerful people, somehow interested in making war, meet - as last year - in the hotel Bayerischer Hof, to think about the wars of the future. +links to videos and short english descriptions

Bringing the reality home!

jamie, 08.02.2004 22:02

A campaign is underway to get the number of U.S service members killed in Iraq on the tip of the tongue of the U.S. public. A lot of G.I.'s have been unlucky these past weeks. Our citizens will be moved by this if they can see how badly things are going.

Teja Heidenreich vom Vorwurf des Rassismus entlastet

Landesverband NRW der DFG-VK, 08.02.2004 18:46

DEr Landesverband Berlin hatte Teja Heidenreich rassistische Äußerungen unterstellt. Heidenreich dementierte dies in der Presse. Jetzt hat der Landesverband NRW der DFG-VK, der Heidenreich angehört, ihn klar und deutlich vom Vorwurf des Rassismus entlastet.

Video: 31.Jan: European Action Day BCN

ArgayuTV, 08.02.2004 17:36

Video from Barcelona of European action day

The Iraq -- Al Qaeda Connections - The evidence

Richard Miniter, 08.02.2004 13:43

Many of those sniping at U.S. troops are al Qaeda terrorists operating inside Iraq. And many of bin Laden's men were in Iraq prior to the liberation. A wealth of evidence on the public record from government reports and congressional testimony to news accounts from major newspapers -- attests to longstanding ties between bin Laden and Saddam going back to 1994. Those who try to whitewash Saddam's record don't dispute this evidence; they just ignore it. So let's review the evidence, all of it on the public record for months or years:

The Dummy

007, 08.02.2004 07:39

He really is that dumb

Hugo Chavez &amp; The Alternative Movie Awards

Patrick Kelly, 08.02.2004 06:35

Alties 2004 voter suggestion -- The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

You are Invited to a freespeech discussion, re: IMC &quot;hiding&quot; of articles which moderators despise/fear (pros/cons)

too radical?, 07.02.2004 23:15

The discussion is considered "old" in this milieu, but I maintain that there are points that many have missed. The subject was recently brought up again in an anarchist domain outside of the IMCs (link provided). From there, I took the points raised (including my own) to many IMCs across the country. And some people are getting back into it. Includes quotes by Chomsky on when one is actually in favor of free speech.

Organized Crime Determines Civil Rights. Justice Department Cover up

Lee Kent Hempfling, 07.02.2004 21:33

Criminal Corruption and Coverup In The Administration of the NAACP Back Door Into The EEOC Controls Justice. Documented.


Francisco Trindade, 07.02.2004 20:36


Russia на хуй!

Fabler, 07.02.2004 20:14

- На хуй всех чеченов! На хуй черножопых!
- Вы что, хотите, чтобы Россия развалилась?
- НА ХУЙ РОССИЮ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asheville Community Resource Center is Being Evicted

ACRC Collective, 07.02.2004 19:48

On Wednesday, February 4 the Asheville Community Resource Center (ACRC) received an eviction notice from our landlord over alleged unruly behavior during an event. This eviction comes to us in the context of a concerted effort to gentrify the street we reside on. As well as friendly neighbors telling us of an effort underway to get us off the street for the past few months.

The Shah of Iran and David Rockefeller

Dean Henderson, 07.02.2004 19:01

The article is excerpted from my forthcoming book, "Geopolitics: The Global Economy of Big Oil, Weapons and Drugs". The book will be published in March by National Liberty Press (1-866-317-1390). Copyright: Dean Henderson

Stiffening resolve against nuclear transports 650 road-km across Germany, 07.02.2004 18:37

More than 150 people demonstrated Thursday evening in the centre of Ahaus, near the Dutch border, against planned transportation of nuclear waste from Dresden, 650 km across Germany. In pouring rain they demanded an end to atomic transports and an immediate stop to atomic power production. The German government has announced it will permit 18 caskets of highly radioactive waste from a former experimental reactor to be stored in a thin-walled hall at Ahaus. Local and Dutch groups are resisting.

Zoom Out animation

tal, 07.02.2004 17:24

political animation

The Reagan Dime

Gary Sudborough, 07.02.2004 17:02

An argument against the perception of Ronald Reagan as a great president and chiseling his facial features into Mt. Rushmore or creating a Reagan dime.

Team B--Bush Intelligence

raven, 07.02.2004 17:01

Anyone with a passing acquaintance of
recent history knows exactly how, and why, the intelligence data concerning
Iraq's nonexistent WMD came to be used as a justification for military
aggression. Indeed, this history is so open, so transparent and so widely
available -- in news reports, unclassified government documents, think-tank
publications, etc. -- that a cynic might suspect that these
government-appointed "investigations" are actually designed to obscure the
already evident truth.

The Relevance of Marxism

Gary Sudborough, 07.02.2004 16:50

Some of the predictions made by Karl Marx during his analysis of capitalism which have proved to be accurate and one that has yet to come to pass.

Yet another close call to a tragic 'incident' in Iraq

Malcolm Green, 07.02.2004 14:07

The failed assassination attempt at the life of a top Shia cleric in Iraq is another ring in a chain of similar attacks which can spark a massive uproar within the Shia community in Iraq. Can the Coalition Provisional Authority afford to stand by and watch?

The Terror of &quot;Animal Rights&quot;

Alex Epstein, 07.02.2004 14:05

The "animal rights" movement is celebrating its latest victory: an earlier, more painful death for future victims of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's disease.


Go Kerry 2004!, 07.02.2004 14:01

VALENTINE’S DAY, 2014. WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED how much would change during the decade following the February 2004 Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling that the state constitution required equal standing for same-sex marriage?

how a housing crisis was born and welfare time limits in BC

joey only, 07.02.2004 07:46

The Two Year Time Limit for Welfare in BC is a vulgar display of free market economics. But when the Welfare Time Limits are compounded with the other regressive social policies of the Gordon Campbell Liberal government the sum total equals a full scale assault on the most marginalized sectors of society.

Dean Talks to Democracy Now!, 07.02.2004 07:42

Presidential candidate Howard Dean speaks to us from Wisconsin, the state where he admitted yesterday he must win in order to keep running. Although he raised over $40 million in fundraising, Dean's campaign is faltering after he failed to finish better than second in the first seven races. [includes transcript]

See Peaceniks, Iraq Had Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Captain America, 07.02.2004 07:21

Admit it, you were wrong all along.

Four More Years of Bush Please!

Lloyd Hart, 07.02.2004 04:45

I cannot in all conscience support the platforms of any of the so-called front-runners in the Democratic Presidential primary including that of Senator John Kerry. The nebulous description of a universal health care system Senator Kerry is supporting that sounds like a repeat of Clinton's false promise in 92 does not contain the words "Not for Profit Single Payer Universal Health Care System".

Hip-Hop for Justice

Alison, 07.02.2004 04:38

Hip-Hop Concert in New York City to help abolish the death penalty.

DC Activists Inflitrate Annual Mayors Conference

marco [reprinting from dc indy], 07.02.2004 03:37

reprinting this story from the dc mayors con.
remembering the one a year or two ago in madison.

Medienstandort Hamburg

Peyman Imani, 07.02.2004 02:40

Seit Sommer letzten Jahres gelten neue Mediengesetze in Hamburg. Offiziell wollte der Gesetzgeber dem Medienstandort dienen, in dem er den Markt liberalisiert. Eine Folge dessen ist die Schliessung des Offenen Kanal Hamburg. Hamburg Media School, eine private Medien-Eliteschule auf Kosten der sozialen Randgruppen, Lespen und Schwule, Migranten, Schüler und Senioren. Ein Bürger- und Ausbildungskanal mit annähernd denselben technischen und inhaltlichen Möglichkeiten rückt immer mehr ins Reich der Träume. Laut dem aktuellen Gesetz muss der neue Betreiber ab dem 1. April auf Sendung gehen; wenn er KANN, soll er Bürgerfunk veranstalten. Es besteht keine Rechtssicherheit. Der Dialog mit freien Produzenten und Interessenverbände stehen erst am Anfang und gestalten sich sehr zäh.

Legal Aid

Undertaker, 07.02.2004 02:30

A quick, undermining, view of the Legal Aid system.

Well chaps you had a good run but the party is about to close.

G.od, 07.02.2004 02:10

Please read below and then retire to your puny concrete bunkers.

Black Genocide

X, 06.02.2004 21:25

Colombia: European Countries have an opportunity to act on human rights crisis

news.amnesty, 06.02.2004 18:06

The Colombian President's visit to Brussels and Strasbourg will offer the European Union and individual member states an important opportunity to adhere to the EU's own stated policies with regards to the human rights crisis.

Possible invasion of Indymedia by Dutch lusers

Sistah Cool, 06.02.2004 16:58

Dutch weblog GeenStijl ( likes to invade websites with what they call 'The Upload Tour'. This afternoon, they discovered the Australian Indymedia website.

Explosive Proof, of explosives used World Trade Center

Pastor Michael Treis, 06.02.2004 16:40

PDF Light of the World Newsletter 1, deals with proving EXPLOSIVES not the planes brought all three buildings. I am encluding a media digital slow motion video of the collapse as well as one of a controled demolition to show you what proves explosives were used.

Farce and Tragey on the Campaign Trail

Matthew Stanton, 06.02.2004 15:07

The 2000 election offered Americans a choice between the son of a senator, and the son of a president. This time it looks the choice will end up being one between a couple of Skull & Boners.

Innocent until proven guilty in Amerikkka.....BULLSHIT!

End capital punishment, 06.02.2004 14:41

This innocent man has already been convicted by the media and by the public.

Dean says he must win Wisconsin

Nazi Punks Fuck Off, 06.02.2004 14:35

'We must win Wisconsin'

Netstrike against NATO'S conference

Stopthenato, 06.02.2004 13:08

We need some help to carry out a netstrike supporting the demonstrations taking place in Munich against the NATO's Munich Coference on Security Policy

Is the US anti-war pro-resistance?

By Amer Jubran, 06.02.2004 08:49

A review of the US anti-war movement.

Self-Serve Website Matches Intentional Communities with Seekers collective, 06.02.2004 08:15

screenshot February, 2004; The Intentional Community Database (ICDB) ( is available to the public today, offering the world's first searchable listing of intentional communities around the planet.

Prozac + Phthalates = Deaths ?

The Toxic Reverend Kazzoo, 06.02.2004 05:34

FYI - Please fwd & ask this EPA agency ( in the attached fwd). "what do you get when you mix phthalates (144) with prozac"? Probable answer: (60, 62) ?    This fwd was sent to the EPA Office of Research and Development,Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (Cc'd) asking, It is rather "educational", in nature. From: The  Environmental Liberation Via Educational ServicesThe Toxic Reverend Kazzoo

the only ‘way’

David Arthur Johnston, 06.02.2004 02:42


War Crimes!, 06.02.2004 00:34

Support Our Troops? An Alternative View

Paul Donahue, 06.02.2004 00:11

I am confused. Exactly which troops should I be supporting?

Seattle WTO 1999 &quot;No Protest Zone&quot; Case To Be Heard By US 9th Cicuit Court of Appeals Feb 6th

Mark Taylor-Canfield, 06.02.2004 00:05

A US District Court Ruling Is Being Appealed By the ACLU In Seattle

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