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Action alert - Save Rosia Montana!

RCW, 24.03.2004 20:02

Any NGO with an interest in an issue directly or indirectly related to Gabriel’s project should register to become a consulted party for Rosia Montana’s EIA

Greg Palast, investigative reporter and bestselling author of 'Democracy Now' on April 25, 2004, 24.03.2004 19:43

Greg Palast is scheduled to speak at the NJ Peace Action Annual Dinner, which is scheduled for April 25th 2004 ALL ARE WELCOME to purchase tickets for $40. Please RSVP before April 15th.

&quot;Tools for Democracy: Elections 2004&quot;

Director of New Jersey Peace Action, 24.03.2004 19:35

A full day of skills training, workshops and seminars for activists who want to take the Peace and Justice agenda to the ballot box in November, 2004.

Genius of Juche- based Army-centered Socialism:KIM JONG IL QUOTES

Songun Politics Study Group (USA), 24.03.2004 19:14

Long Live Marshal KIM JONG IL!!! Long Live Songun Korea!!! Quotes Of Supreme Commander KIM JONG IL, on the Army-based Socialism, with an introduction by John Paul Cupp, Chairman of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA. This and more can be found at the "Red Suns of Militant Juche-style Socialism Study Room."

Connecticut IMC Discussed in Danbury Paper

marco [linking to Danbury News Times Online], 24.03.2004 18:57

Danbury Indymedia calls itself
Check 'em out when you get a chance.

Hamas Statement on the Martrydom of Sheik Ahmed Yassin!!!

Posted by the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, 24.03.2004 18:47

Statement Added to the "Sheik Ahmed Yassin Tribute Page" of the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network (in the US).

The Facts Of 9/11 And Beyond

Random Hero, 24.03.2004 18:22

This article is about the facts of 9/11, not what you see on the news which is nothing but propaganda that makes you more ignorant of the truth. If you are a freedom loving person, if you value the thousands and thousands of innocent lives that have been taken becuase of the Bush regime.

A Legacy of Struggle: The Importance of Knowledge

Gary Sudborough, 24.03.2004 17:30

The importance of a knowledge of history to understanding the present and to develop an appreciation of the sacrifices and accomplishments of those progressive people who preceded us.

*osaka city authorities continue to increase the pressure to the poor...

rebel_JILL, 24.03.2004 17:14

"season of spring has come. however, spring has not come on our lives yet. nasty and cold bloody attacking by osaka city authorities are still continued all over the city." following are parts of evictions(or sweeping out) in osaka city.

Gay Marriges--Who Cares

Mlalbee, 24.03.2004 17:02

What is good for me may not be good for you. What is good for you may not be good for me. Difference is reality.

The confederation or the proudhoniana federal structure

Francisco Trindade, 24.03.2004 14:31

The confederation or the proudhoniana federal structure

FINLAND: Total objector starts prison sentence

War Resisters' International, 24.03.2004 14:29

WRI Logo Finland is one of the few European countries to imprison conscientious objectors. One more went to prison recently.

Sat 20th March 2004 - Anti War March in London

Moggie Morris-Henshaw, 24.03.2004 13:08

Images of the day. An estimated 100,000 protestors gathered in Hyde Park and proceeded to Trafalgar Square. Here are some images of the day.

SATIRE: Bush 9-11 cartoon campaign ads with action figures that trash Kerry

repost, 24.03.2004 08:29

2600+ Last Thoughts, According to Bush a quick storyline--who wants to animate and film this?

Israel &amp; Occupied Territories: US Country Reports on Human Rights Practice

US Dept of State, 24.03.2004 04:01

Here then is why Israel did not wish to make an appearance at the Hague but sent instead a bus.
Where is accountability of US tax dollars in foreign aid for peaceful ways and means in the form of a Roadmap?

Stop The FCC

Stopfcc, 24.03.2004 02:37

Need people to go to to sign petition to Stop the FCC's violation of our airwave freedom's.

Invitation to &quot;Militourism Festival&quot; in Turkey

Istanbul Antimilitarist Initiative, 23.03.2004 23:53

On this International Conscientous Objectors' Day, which has been adopted as the 15th of May simply because the calendar had no other occasion marked on that date, we have decided to organize "The First Traditional Militourism Festival". The festival will include a tour, a concert and exhibition. In the tour, the militarist symbols of Istanbul/Turkey will be introduced and explained from a "historical and architectural" perspective by our "guides".
In the evening we'll have an exhibition where the thoroughly and consistently ignored COs themselves will be exhibited! They will be telling about their own stories, introducing themselves, and all this in a very elegant coctail party!

Carta abierta al CNI sobre el 11-M

El Palleter - Colectivo en lucha por la verdad del caso Alcàsser, 23.03.2004 23:39

Este artículo trata sobre la investigación entorno a la autoría de los atentados terroristas del 11-M y concretamente sobre determinadas "pistas" dejadas en la escena del crimen, "pistas" que para nosotros son "señuelos" colocados para desviar la atención. El artículo pretende ser una llamada de atención al CNI español para que no se duerma en los laureles.

Third Parties and Anti-War

Rock Monkey, 23.03.2004 23:34

The two major parties seem to support the war in one form. It is now left up to third parties to try to attract the anti-war voters.


Citizens' Initiative Omega, 23.03.2004 21:42

This an important message from Ian Zabarte, Secretary of State of the Western Shoshone National Council, concerning a ruling by the OAS on the US' government's calling for a review of US policy re: indigenous lands and property rights. The US is trying to prevent this international ruling from being known.

Escrache a Martinez de Hoz en el 24 de Marzo

Rolando, 23.03.2004 21:11

El 24 de Marzo debe servir para señalar a los beneficiarios y responsables intelectuales del golpe: La Oligarquía y el Imperialismo. Por eso escracharemos a su símbolo local más emblemático:

The Structure of a 50 year old Anarchist Organization

b, 23.03.2004 17:39

I have laid out here a basic blueprint for an already existing anarchist organization that has found great success over the last 50 years with millions of members from all over the world. I hope you can use this information to help you achieve your own goals.

dracula throws his hat in the ring

£, 23.03.2004 17:09

BLA! BLA! BLA! vampires know how to get votes


phildaddy, 23.03.2004 16:04


The Man Made Plague

Pastor Michael Treis, 23.03.2004 15:53

Here is the series of articles I've written and have been published locally in Ellis County Press. Thought you'd like to read them, as it is important. Most know the effect but few dare challenge the CAUSE.
I have recently finished a book The Man Made Plagues based on these articles, it is not a religious publication. I am hoping the publisher will have it out before the end of the year.

Proudhon e a Ideia Federalista

Francisco Trindade, 23.03.2004 14:26

Proudhon e a Ideia Federalista

Ausschreibung Alternativer Medienpreis 2004

Syl Glawion / Geschäftsleitung Radio Z, 23.03.2004 13:44

Radio Z und die Nürnberger Medienakademie verleihen 2004 zum fünften Mal den Alternativen Medienpreis in den Kategorien Hörfunk und Internet. Teilnehmen können alle, die in alternativen Medien tätig sind. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 31. März 04.

M20 LA Koochcentric Mix Video

FluxRostrum, 23.03.2004 12:51

This is a 5 minute video of the March 20th Protest in LA with extra Kucinich on top. The full length video will be available soon and includes: Ron Kovic, Antagonistic Police Antics, Hispano Punks, Pro Occupation Counter Protestors and more.

Boston pot Patriots Performances

Mike C, 23.03.2004 11:23

Patriots Day Weekend Performances to Benefit Boston Marijuana Reform Group.

From a friend in Iraq TO AWOL BUSH

passing it on, 23.03.2004 10:58

he told me to put this up everywhere. They don't give a damn about it. They want everyone to know that no one hardly supports bush in Iraq. They really hate that AWOL smirking dictator.

Time to be Paranoid?

Ilyan, 23.03.2004 10:13

Now and again over nearly ten years I have run into Tony Gosling. He has always been doing good work in the alternative systems. I spent the weekend recruiting to form an IMC Group and came home to find this email that I have posted up here:

s/f imc has taken to stealing it's stories and pictures from other IMC's

reposter, 23.03.2004 09:50

In standing up to theft of your work you do a service to all real
journalistic professionals.

MARCH 20 Protest Video - LA

FluxRostrum, 23.03.2004 09:26

This is the Koochcentric Mix
56k RealPlayer Version
5 minutes long

NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, &quot;Subvocal Speech&quot;

..., 23.03.2004 07:30

NASA Develops System To Computerize Silent, "Subvocal Speech"

Israel's Fatal Blow

by David McReynolds, 23.03.2004 03:28

Israel's action in assassinating Sheik Ahmed Yassin early Monday is one more nail in the coffin of any possible peace process, and, as time and events may show, a nail in the coffin of Israel itself.

International Humanitarian Organization Seeking Volunteers

Marie Niklova, 23.03.2004 02:56

International humanitarian organization is looking for volunteers to work in Africa. 6-month training in the Caribbean prior to working in Africa. 14-20 months programs available starting May or November. E-mail inquiries to ASAP. Indicate 'volunteer' in the subject line of your e-mail.

Rumsfeld effigy toppled in Taos, New Mexico

Molly McNamara, 23.03.2004 02:19

Visit for pictures and videos of the event.

What Happened to Global Indymedia?????

Freedom, 23.03.2004 01:53

This site has been reconstructed and reconfigured into a format that makes navigating around it or even reading the articles a most unpleasant experience.

Live from Crawford, Texas

Christopher Hamilton, 23.03.2004 01:42

a short poem inspired by the rally at Crawford.

Portland OR Rally Completely Peaceful

Julie Sabatier, 23.03.2004 01:30

This gathering shows that a peaceful demonstration can be very powerful.

Refusing For Israel

Arik Diamant, Director, 22.03.2004 23:46

"The bloodshed will not end unless we refuse." Arik Diamant, Director

On the Murder of Sheikh Yassin by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Mutter, 22.03.2004 23:35

There will Never Be a Safer Israel Than a Freer Palestine

Happy Days

Nom, 22.03.2004 22:40

Murder Follows Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination

Gary Revel, 22.03.2004 22:24

TO LIVE OR MAYBE NOT; new book contains the story of much of Gary's life from the humble beginning of his birth in a small town in Alabama. It includes events related to his and his investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. as well as many exploits as a recording star in Hollywood California, New York City also Memphis and Nashville Tennessee.

Dick Clarke rocks Bush

Red neck, 22.03.2004 21:10

Now boy, I want you to wrangle me up a dandy report linking Saddamn
with this here attack. But Sir! What did I tell you boy, Iraq! Saddam! Terrorist!
Get It! yes sir. What is the spin every time the truth comes out --I am a victim of bad intelligence.

Rumfeld toppled in Taos

Reid In Taos, 22.03.2004 21:08

Video footage of toppled Rumsfeld

WNY Peace Activists Join with Millions around the Globe to Say No to US Occupation Western New York Peace Activists Join Millions around the Globe to Say No to U.S. Occupation

Georgia NeSmith, 22.03.2004 20:44

Bush: The American Terrorist More than 300 people braved intermittent downpours and icy cold temperatures in Buffalo March 21, 2004, to join millions of others around the globe to protest the Iraq War and occupation.

Israel: Country Report on Human Rights Practices Feb 2004

US Department of State, 22.03.2004 20:04

The latest Country Reports on Human Rights Practices in Israel and the Occupied Territories where we continue to spend US tax dollars not to help human rights issues for women and children, but rather to support Israeli war machine:

National I'm Embarrassed by my President Day

Ian Kleinfeld,, 22.03.2004 19:24

Who's the real April Fool? Join tens of thousands of others and wear a BROWN RIBBON on April 1 to protest all the brown material flowing out of the White House and stinking up the country...

Author Anounces Styx Biography 'The Grand Delusion'

Sterling Whitaker, 22.03.2004 18:32

Nasjville-based music writer Sterling Whitaker has announced his next project, an unauthorized biography of the superstar rock group Styx entitled 'The Grand Delusion'.

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