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KmB Pro-People Youth USA Website Operational

Kabataang maka-Bayan, 14.04.2005 09:14

KmB connects local issues in the U.S. to broader international issues-mainly the National Democratic struggle in the Philippines. This can only be attained by addressing the 3 root problems - imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism, and feudalism. Kabataang maka-Bayan is National Democratic in character because it fights for national sovereignty and interests of the majority of the oppressed masses in the Philippines.


HGAC and ASC, 14.04.2005 08:43


California State University Chico Fire

Monica Unhold, 14.04.2005 06:43

Four hundred and ninety six students were evacuated from their home in Whitney Hall on the California State University Campus in Chico, Calif. due to a fire on Wednesday night.

C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk at UW-Madison Monday

Kevin Barrett, 14.04.2005 05:46

I urge you to tape the lecture - then mail it to the so-called 'journalists' and 'news' organizations in your town.

The Sales Pitch Begins - Iran

Various, 14.04.2005 05:43

If you want to know the lateness of the hour, I urge you to wince through a viewing of the CIA Propaganda soon to be gracing the tightly-censored 'public' airwaves. Take a page from the Ukrainians, America - Get your finest orange out & make your way to DC ...

I'm NOT lovin' It!

Lindsey M. Morales, 13.04.2005 22:46

Rohnert Park has not "gotten beyond" discrimination, as stated by a Rohnert Park Police officer. Andre Bailey, an African American, Rohnert Park resident was refused service at a local McDonalds!

Conspiracy Theory Literature FAQ

Xavier Poez, 13.04.2005 21:02

I thought this was an interesting article. However, I would call some of this material Conspiracy Literature, since some of the Conspiracies mentioned are backed up by evidence and proven.

US Government Urged to Deny Asylum to Posada Carriles (PL)

emw, 13.04.2005 20:56

Sen. Delahunt addresses letter to Senate Committee on Foreign Relations urging denyal of asylum to terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in the US to prevent its international anti-terror drive from loosing credibility.

China Pollution Rally Deaths Spark Riot

Worker Freedom, 13.04.2005 20:50

Beijing, April 11 (Reuters): Thousands of villagers rioted in eastern China, injuring dozens of police, after two of about 200 elderly women protesting over factory pollution died during efforts to disperse them, residents and officials said today.

Hacia el 1º de Mayo en Venezuela: ¡Ni amo ni patrón, autogestión!

Redacción de El Libertario, 13.04.2005 20:49

* Editorial de El Libertario, # 42, abril-mayo 2005. Este periódico bimensual es un vocero de los movimientos sociales antagonistas del país y de América Latina, publicado por la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) de Venezuela.

Anti-Immigrant Movement to Invade Washington D.C.

Abraham Ellison, 13.04.2005 20:07

The racist and anti-immigrant organization the Federation for American Immigration Reform has decided to bring their xenophobia to D.C. from April 24-28, 2005. The Center for New Community calls for civil and human rights activist to respond!

Suspected coverup of American Mad Cow cases investigated by Canadian Parliament

Brent Herbert, 13.04.2005 20:06

I do not have cable tv, but it would appear, based on the Internet, that American media sources are burying the story. Time to blow the whistle..

Say No To McDonald's This Friday!

McProtestor, 13.04.2005 20:00

To protest the 50th anniversary of McD's, citizens of Chicagoland are invited to smash a "birthday" cake in front of the new restaurant's grand opening at 600 N. Clark Street on Friday, April 15th at 10:00AM.

Radio Relol

suandy y antonio, 13.04.2005 18:43


April 22nd National Poetry Month Reading with A.D. Winans and Neeli Cherkovski

Brian Morrisey, 13.04.2005 18:07

photo of A.D. and Neeli The Wired Wash Cafe is proud to present an April 22nd National Poetry Month Reading featuring A.D. Winans and Neeli Cherkovski. As part of an ongoing celebration for National Poetry Month readings to take place in and around Santa Cruz. The Wired Wash Cafe will feature two critically acclaimed San Francisco poets, Neeli Cherkovski and A.D. Winans, who will be reading from their original works.

How &quot;Socialist&quot; Medical Lab in Canada Saved the World from a New Flu Pandemic

DAVE LINDORFF, 13.04.2005 18:00

It's enough to make you sick isn't it?

Edtitorial comment: Was this really a "mistake"?

Elections américaines :le troisième partie baîlloné dans une élection sans enjeux

joëlle penochet, 13.04.2005 16:22

acquise au prix d'une fraude pratiquée à une échelle incomparable à celle de 2000 en Floride. Mais le candidat démocrate aurait été sommé de capituler rapidement pour ne pas remettre en cause un système qui profite aux deux camps. Le score de Ralph Nader est loin de refléter son audience réelle dans l'électorat américain. Mais, si la loi électorale changeait, le score du 3e parti pourrait, selon certains politologues, atteindre 30% des voix, montrant au monde que les Américains aspirent à une autre politique, non régie par les intérêts du complexe militaro-industriel et des multinationales. En raison de la trahison du mouvement « Anybody But Bush » par sa compromission honteuse avec un clone du président sortant, les élections de 2004, annoncées comme « les plus importantes de l'histoire des Etats-Unis » ne présentaient pas d'enjeux. Le système n'a pas été remis en cause, le pouvoir restera plus que
jamais aux mains du complexe militaro-industriel, et la « guerre contre le terrorisme » va s'amplifier. Et le mouvement pacifiste reste à reconstruire.

deadly virus alert

important, 13.04.2005 15:58

deadly virus

FBI Does nothing about known murder in NLV Detention Center

Terry S Eliason, 13.04.2005 15:16

On April 8, 2005 I went back to the FBI for help. I gave them the previous letter I submitted to Indymedia. They did nothing.

H.S. &amp; PC, new comic characters!

£, 13.04.2005 15:16

W$ (:

Update from Chiapas

zapata vive, la lucha sigue, 13.04.2005 15:16

Brief update from Oventic, Autonomous Rebel Territory, Chiapas.

revolution du 30 a vril

30 avril, 13.04.2005 12:08

Oslo Forced Eviction puts fifty people back on the street

Ross Barlow, 13.04.2005 11:16

Police used for the move... 100 Police with dogs evict 50 occupants, breaking down doors and carrying folk out as politicians falsify numbers in the City Council.

Oyé Oyé brave gens

Lycéens autonomes, 13.04.2005 11:14

Lettre ouverte aux français contre la politique de répression organisée par le gouvernement à l’encontre des lycéens.

Hacking Hunger

Lach3ngeist, 13.04.2005 11:10

Lache3geist This article is an extremely technical explanation of a non-zero-hour exploit to the international Hunger mainframe system.

Note d'information à la population concernant le mouvement lycéen

lycéens autonomes, 13.04.2005 11:08

Après ces 2 mois et demi d'action il nous semble que l'opinion publique et la presse ne nous soutiennet pas vraiment( a par indymédia!).Nous avons voulu remettre les choses au point.


Por EDUARDO MONTES DE OCA (Insurgente), 13.04.2005 11:01

A pesar del crecimiento económico, la región padece las mayores desigualdades del mundo

Wit Announced Today That Rhapsody® by RealNetworks Goes Live With, &quot;The President&quot;.

Body Tone Multimedia, 13.04.2005 08:17

Elk Grove, CA, April 13, 2005- Wit ( announced today that the song, "The President" written and performed by Wit is now being offered for download on Rhapsody® by RealNetworks.

Targeting of Electromagnetic Weaponry, Gangstalking, Harassment, Poisoning.

Terry S. Eliason, 13.04.2005 05:06

Electromagnetic weaponry, harassment, gangstalking.

The CCP Central Committee Is the Strongest Believer in the Nine Commentaries, 13.04.2005 04:18

Withdrawals from CCP Surpass 800,000 The number of people who have announced their withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Part on the Epoch Times website has exceeded 800,000 as of Wednesday, April 12.

NGOs in Paris Jointly Send Letters to Eutelsat

tll, 13.04.2005 04:13

Representatives of some of the many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Par What You Can Do

* Call EutelSat to express your view and concern on this matter. (EutelSat contact info below)
* Contact your Congressmen and ask them to co-sign the Congress Dear Colleague Letter. You may also contact your Senator to write to President Bush to express your concern.
* Contact your local representatives to express your concern.
* Contact the newspaper, TV channel, radio and all the other media you can reach.
* Contact the non-government organizations those who support Human Right and Free Press worldwide
* Tell more people about this issue.

EutelSat Contact Details

Mr. Giuliano Berretta
Chairman & CEO
Eutelsat, S.A.
Tel. 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 48 - 62
Fax: 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 46 - 64

Ms. Vanessa O'Connor
Public Liaison
Eutelsat, S.A.
Tel. 33 - 1 - 53 - 99 - 38 - 88

Mr. Ronald Samuel
Chief, Eutelsat, Inc.
Tel. 202 - 756 - 1382
Tel. 202 - 415 - 3430

Mr. Olivier Millies-Lacroix
Commercial Director
Eutelsat, S.A.
Tel. 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 35 - 71
Fax: 33 - 1 - 53 - 98 - 38 - 99

Green and Black Urban Gathering, June in Philadelphia - update

under the pavement organizing collective, 13.04.2005 03:18

UNDER THE PAVEMENT, a green and black gathering at the anti-biotech mobilization in philly this summer: wild resistance in the belly of the beast!


MANUEL R VILLACORTA O, 13.04.2005 01:28

El 14 de enero de 1986 la sociedad guatemalteca presenció el ascenso democrático de un presidente civil, después de tres décadas de autoritarismo militar. A excepción de la Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca (URNG), agrupación insurgente que optó por la lucha armada para intentar alcanzar el poder, todas las organizaciones políticas pactaron por preservar la democracia formal y los procesos electorales como medio legal para disputar periódicamente los puestos públicos sujetos a elección popular.

Ben Gurion &amp; the Labor Zionists collaboration with the Nazis

Barry Chamish, 13.04.2005 01:21

In 1954, Malchiel Greenwald was sued for slander by Ben Gurion's Labour (Mapai) government. He had printed a newsletter accusing the Industry Minister, Rudolph Kastner of collaborating with the Nazis to murder a million Hungarian Jews.

Alert: Thousands of Scientists Scramble to Destroy Pandemic Flu Strain at 5,000 labs

EMMA ROSS, 13.04.2005 01:17

"The world really has to think what routine labs should be doing with these samples they have kept in the back of their fridges"

New Director of U.S. Intelligence Agencies

geral sosbee, 13.04.2005 00:36

The world will soon know whether the new intelligence chief, Negroponte, is truthful or not as reports emerge from Targets of fbi/cia crimes against Humanity .

All about John Bolton

PornBlog, 13.04.2005 00:28

Controversy surrounds John Bolton, President Bush's nominee for ambassador to the UN.

pic: this is your brain on dogma

£, 12.04.2005 23:32

W$ png

An Open Letter:

Jake, 12.04.2005 21:15

Look towards the future, you won't be dissappointed!

Union Bricklayers to Picket Covanta Energy Plant in Crows Landing, CA

Jim Bresnahan, 12.04.2005 20:49

Oakland, CA April 12, 2005 – Union bricklayers representing the northern 46 counties in California will be picketing Recon Refractory Services at the Covanta Energy Plant in Crows Landing, CA on April 14, 2005 at 7:00 am, and again for the week of April 18, 2005, to express their concerns that Recon Refractory Services does not meet safety, area wage, and benefit standards. The Covanta Energy Plant in Crows Landing is located at 4040 Fink Road off of Highway 5.

Help Protect Uncensored Satellite Television for the Chinese People

Michelle, 12.04.2005 19:40

The TV Station that broke the SARS story in China and pressured the Chinese government to admit the crisis, will go off the air in China on April 15, 2005 due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party

Attention, the Web of the Publishing house Ultimo Recurso (Last Resource) is inaugurated ...

Editorial Ultimo Recurso, 12.04.2005 19:23


le 21 avril à la flèche d'Or, les citoyens entrent en politique

MUC, 12.04.2005 18:45

FLYER Soirée-débat
Les Intermittents de la politique entrent en scène
21 avril 2005
à la Flèche d’Or
de 19h au changement

Avril 2002/Avril 2005
Un seul bilan : il est de plus en plus urgent pour le citoyen de réinvestir le politique !

Le MUC est un mouvement de citoyens, ne s’interdisant rien, amateurs éclairés, ressentant l’urgence de réinvestir la politique, pour faire cesser le monopole politicien sur la chose publique. Le 21 avril 2002 a sonné comme un coup de tonnerre.

Le 21 avril 2005, marquera notre entrée en scène.

Rejoignez-nous pour concrétiser ensemble nos utopies

The Stolen Election audio collection

Ben Frank, 12.04.2005 18:30

Topic: Bush Administration

pic: MY BAD_

£, 12.04.2005 18:03

W$ png


neo, 12.04.2005 17:11

a call to action from the CATAPULT! collective
Thursday, 14 April, 2005
6:30 pm meet at the war memorial (Elgin & Sparks)
march to the Congress Centre to shut down the war machine
bring noise makers, banners, flags, drums, anti-fascist friends and family!

Dissent in Belgium

Dissent, 12.04.2005 16:42

Dissent Just to let you know we setted up a Dissent!-network in Belgium and

Tre Arrow Audio Interview

matt soltys, 12.04.2005 16:01

Environmental and social justice activist Tre Arrow speaks from a Vancouver jail, where he awaits an extradition hearing. With no evidence besides a coerced testimony from an already-convicted arson, the FBI wants him back in the U.S. to stand trial for the arson of logging machinery. The mainstream media has already declared him guilty, labeling him an "eco-terrorist"; due to his defamation, he is seeking refuge status because his right to an impartial trial has been ruined.

argentina -veloces como ratas de puerto

((arp)), 12.04.2005 15:56

anoche hubo un motín en la cárcel de coronda -santa fe, argentina- en la que murieron 13 presos.

Garden Grove RV Park Residents Told to Leave

Rachana Rathi, 12.04.2005 15:32

Garden Grove RV Park Residents Told to Leave
Given 60 days' notice, the low-income families say they deserve more time and are fighting.

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