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West Hollywood: Sunset Millennium Takes Off

Ryan Gierach - WeHoNews, 15.04.2005 19:12

The Sunset Millenium project artist conception, by permission Marathon Comm. Inc West Hollywood City Council approves the "re-imagining" of the $400 million mega-mixed-use project - Sunset Millennium - by 3-1 vote special council meeting.

Talking Turkey at UNCHR

Julie Webb-Pullman, 15.04.2005 18:04

Like a new annual tradition, the US has again trundled out the tired old turkey of alleged Cuban human rights abuses for another roasting in Geneva.


NORA SOSA, 15.04.2005 16:17


Cuba: arte y salud mental

Por Nora Sosa, 15.04.2005 15:51

Un municipio capitalino aplica novedosos programas para integrar a los discapacitados a la vida social

Malvinas. Anotaciones sobre la gloria, la ignorancia y la mala leche.

f.restivo, 15.04.2005 15:50

Del 2 de abril al 15 de junio, es la fecha de recordar a los muertos y a quienes los mataron, pero no a los asesinos.

United Flight 93 Shot Down on 9-11

raven, 15.04.2005 15:47

For example, George W. Bush spoke of the heroic actions of the passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93 over rural Pennsylvania on the morning of 9-11. However, NSA personnel on duty at the NSOC that morning have a very different perspective. Before Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania, NSA operations personnel clearly heard on the intercom system monitoring military and civilian communications that the "fighters are engaged" with the doomed United aircraft. NSOC personnel were then quickly dismissed from the tactical area of the NSOC where the intercom system was located leaving only a few senior personnel in place


£, 15.04.2005 15:11

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Australian Beauty Facing Indonesian Firing Squad

Gabrielle Reilly, 15.04.2005 14:19

Schapelle Corby: Schapelle Corby, a 27-year-old Australian, faces a maximum punishment of death by firing squad after 4.1 kg of cannabis were found inside her unlocked bodyboard bag at Bali airport last October. Schapelle is believed to have been an innocent victim in an Australian domestic drug smuggling racket between Sydney and Brisbane. The criminals however, did not remove the drugs in Brisbane according to the plan and Schapelle, unbeknown to her, arrived in Bali with drugs that had been planted in her bag along the way.



Cris le collègue de Johnny, 15.04.2005 10:02

Saluons le courage des lycééns et la lacheté de leurs parents, grands-parents, grands frères et soeurs!!!

911-First Hand Audio Visual Evidence

various sources, 15.04.2005 06:47

News clips and other that provides first hand data concerning what took place on September 11, 2001

Need video footage of Iraq

Bonni Rooney, 15.04.2005 06:07

I am doing a graduate level documentary on Chaldean Iraqis in San Diego, California. I desperately need video stock footage of Iraq, people in Iraq, war destruction, etc. I am a former member of the San Diego IMC when I did my undergrad at UCSD. (worked with DeeDee Halleck!) If anyone can help, please email me at: I have a deadline of May 1st! Thank so much!

Should Women Demand Reservation At All?

SANDEEP DATTA, 15.04.2005 05:53

In a world, where feminist voices reflect the birth of empowered women folks, demand for reservation in professional/personal lives needs reconsideration.

Still Don't Believe The Military Is The Biggest Drug Smuggler?

USATODAY, 15.04.2005 05:44

No hot raves THIS week, kids.

Who is Tariq Ali?

Alex Constantine, 15.04.2005 05:16

The lowdown on a Ivy-League "Marxist" author whose historical revisionism and shifty arguments on terrorism and 9/11 are drawing the ire of many on the Left.

You're In The Army Now - World Exclusive

By William Thomas, 15.04.2005 03:53

With desertions and casualties witling the ranks, and military recruitment consistently failing to meet monthly quotas across the USA, the need to replace infantry divisions already serving their second 12-month deployments in Iraq has the Pentagon scrambling to avoid calling a draft. According to top recruiters, a plan already in place could send basic training graduates straight from boot camp into war zones before completing Advanced Individual Training in infantry tactics and other military specialties. But newly enlisted GI’s are ineligible for promised sign-up bonuses—as well as medical or death benefits—if they are incapacitated or killed before completing their AIT.

Desarrollo sostenible: ¿trampa o necesidad?


Un paradigma de desarrollo sustentable tendrá que atentar necesariamente contra la dominación del capitalismo y proponer una cultura de la liberación humana.

The next generation of Beat poets gets ready

Andrew LaVallee, 15.04.2005 03:17

Poetry Student Valerie Deus, 31, jotting down notes. (Nyia Hawkins/CNS) Marjorie Tesser had always wanted to be a writer. But raising a family and 10 years of practicing law got in the way. "Life intervened," said Tesser, 51. Now she’s getting another chance.

US tightens grip in Afghanistan and Iraq

PornBlog, 15.04.2005 02:50

An update on the United States' wars against Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A Retired Secretary of a Party Committee Withdraws from the CCP

h, 15.04.2005 00:48

Quitting the CCP: Chinese' Belin Wall is falling As of 8:00 PM EST, 851,899 people have submitted statements withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party or its affiliated organizations (for the text in Chinese of all of the statements, please visit the Tuidang website). Those who are current members of the CCP or its affiliated organizations are with these statements resigning their membership; former members use these statements to sever all association with these organizations. All are renouncing the CCP totally.

What is Eutelsat Really Terminating?, 15.04.2005 00:42

The Tragic Consequences of Ending the only Uncensored TV Broadcast into China In a letter to Eutelsat, one Chinese viewer comments, “Due to your cancellation of NTDTV’s signal, we will not be able to obtain true and accurate news from the outside world. This is equivalent to the crime of murder to the Chinese audience. Do you know the implication of your actions?” Another statement from an NTDTV viewer pleads with Eutelsat, “New Tang Dynasty TV is the hope for democracy in China! Please do not be short-sighted!”

Fallujah: Dresden in Iraq

Ken Sanders, 14.04.2005 22:32

U.S. denials of wrongdoing notwithstanding, there are numerous independent sources making reports about U.S. forces employing banned weapons in Fallujah.

SRJC Students

Yann Therene, 14.04.2005 22:28

Letter to students at SRJC regarding an incident with the Republican club.

SRJC scandal

Yann Therene, 14.04.2005 22:23

A letter regarding an incident at SRJC.

Cuba Rejects US Resolution

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 14.04.2005 21:29

The US anti-Cuban resolution project in UNCHR is strongly rejected by the Cuban government, in the voice of its representatives in the Commission.

Famed Artist Paints Abu Ghraib

Mark Vallen -Art For A Change, 14.04.2005 20:56

"Fernando Botero’s latest paintings go beyond anything he’s ever created in the past. He’s completed his masterwork, a suite of 50 large oil paintings depicting the horrors perpetrated by Americans at Iraq’s infamous Abu Ghraib prison." (A variety of articles about the intersection of art and politics can be found at the Art For A Change web log:

Military Corps of Central Africa Form Regional Chiefs of Staff (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 14.04.2005 20:22

Military chiefs of twelve countries of Central Africa join for a regional staff and intervention brigade.

Brazilian President Apologises for Slavery (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 14.04.2005 19:50

Brazilian President continues his African tour visiting Senegal and asks for excuse for the African slavery in Brazil.

Interest in Bolivia for OAS Election Third Choice (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 14.04.2005 19:40

Local government persists in maintaining its support for Mexican candidate Luis Ernesto Derbez but the search for a third candidate gains supporters.


Path Finder (aka: Steve Hayes), 14.04.2005 19:34

Can anyond please tell me why the United States military invaded Iraq? I know what the original lie told the American people. I also know the phony excuse after the truth was revealed, what I don't know, but can guess at, is why we ae really there.

Bush silent as top terrorist seeks US asylum

Bill Van Auken, 14.04.2005 19:09

“If you harbor terrorists, you are a terrorist,” were the words used by President George W. Bush in justifying the invasion of Afghanistan three-and-a-half years ago and launching the campaign of worldwide militarism known as the global war on terror.

DAVID CORAZZA was taken into custody 2/3/2005.

truthinforeporter, 14.04.2005 19:04

DAVID CORAZZA was taken into custody 2/3/2005.
The charges or charge level is F (FELONY)
The charge description is: Violation of parole - felony. Thanks to all who have called in after seeing the original post.

Bush Sr: Clinton's Surrogate Father

Peter S. Canellos, 14.04.2005 18:54

Clinton´s friendship with the Bushes connects with all their personal and political desires. The friendship began with Clinton and the elder Bush, two famously nice guys who happened to have been at odds in the 1992 election. Clinton´s need to be forgiven for ousting the older man, and Bush´s classy urge to let bygones be bygones, led them each to be very considerate of the other. Their friendship blossomed on their trip last winter to raise funds for Asian tsunami relief. They became so close that former president Bush suggested to the Houston Chronicle that ´´maybe I´m the father he never had."

Local Business write bad checks to Guantanamo Bay &amp; Entertainers

truthinforeporter, 14.04.2005 18:19

Authorities to seek criminal charges against Frontier Development Enterprises,Chalk Line Choppers, West Coast Xclusive, others.....

Mexican Army Escorting Illegals Across the Border

Joseph Farah, 14.04.2005 18:05

Goodbye, unions. Farewell, benefits.

Plainte contre la Constitution Européenne (suiteII)

COCQ Alain, 14.04.2005 17:15


Help Protect Uncensored Satellite Television for the Chinese People

Michelle, 14.04.2005 16:46

The TV Station that broke the SARS story in China and pressured the Chinese government to admit the crisis, will go off the air in China on April 15, 2005 due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.


£, 14.04.2005 16:42

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seekport, 14.04.2005 16:37

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israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 14.04.2005 16:30

This is a summary of israeli War Crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 13 April 2005. 6mins (english)

Trashin At Corporate Headquarters and Outlets Of Pricegouging Gas Companies

Robin Hood Coalition, 14.04.2005 16:26

creative nonviolence techniques for reducing gas prices

radio panela de luto en san joaquin

manuel alvarado, 14.04.2005 16:17

fallese un mienbro de su junta directiva

Regional elections to the Basque Parliament in the Basque Autonomous Community

Ttarttalo, 14.04.2005 16:10

Regional elections in a part of the Basque Country under Spanish rule, and about the "democracy" they want to impose to us from the government in Madrid.
Genre: political oppinion.
Region: Basque Country.
Thema: elections April 17th.

Judicial Supremacy and Appeal of Acquittals

Richard Syre, 14.04.2005 15:31

In 1986 the U.S. first accepted review of the judge's order for judgment of acquittal. Review of acquittals is a plain constitutional error that undermines the integrity of every judicial proceeding.

The New Republican Herd!

Editor,, 14.04.2005 14:50

The amazing fact that tens of millions of Americans voted against their own interests in the last election is not an accident. The herd mentality has its origins in the GOP itself, and was used to appeal to the least informed and most vulnerable voters in America: the faithful.

New Book Exposes Secret Advertising 

Martin Howard, 14.04.2005 14:42

Hidden marketing methods are a threat to consumer rights and personal freedom according to a new book which exposes the full range of techniques currently in use. Fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and voicemail spam top the list of tricks used by corporations, government bodies, and industry groups.

The Possibilities of Pleasure: Why I Feel Like Getting High Tonight

Max Gordon, 14.04.2005 13:50

An article on gay men, addiction and grief


@ντιγρ@φε@ς, 14.04.2005 13:25

αλιευμενο απο ΤΑ ΝΕΑ!!!!

Mehmet Eymen and Talat Turhan

Tony Hall, 14.04.2005 11:27

The operations of the global capitalist “free market” questioned by Eymen and Turhan.

Stalin rehabilitated?

mw, 14.04.2005 10:20

The councillors from the russian Orzeł, the town lying near of Moscow, are demanding rehabilitation of Józef Stalin. "Stalin is returning" - they are writing under such a title in "Izwiestia".


Francisco Trindade, 14.04.2005 10:16


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