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A Deputy of the National People’s Congress Resigns from the CCP, 18.04.2005 02:43

Chinese' Berlin wall is falling As of 10:00 PM EST, 911,226 people have submitted statements withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party or its affiliated organizations (for the text in Chinese of all of the statements, please visit the Tuidang website). Those who are current members of the CCP or its affiliated organizations are with these statements resigning their membership; former members use these statements to sever all association with these organizations. All are renouncing the CCP totally.

Tom DeLay, fascist stormtrooper for George W. Bush

PornBlog, it's obscene, 18.04.2005 00:08

A look at the long record of Tom DeLay's abuses of power and hypocrisy.

Sadr denies U.S. version of events in Iraq

Joe, 17.04.2005 23:02

However, confusion surrounds the incident in the southern Iraqi town of Madain.
A spokesman for Muqtada al-Sadr, Shaikh Abd al-Hadi al-Daraji, denied that the incident had taken place and said no hostages had been taken.
"I contacted my brothers in the town who denied the news reports," al-Daraji told Aljazeera. He said the reports were meant to incite sectarian tensions.

Ted Montouri, Staten Island Advance- Limited Credit

geral sosbee, 17.04.2005 20:50

A few journalists may want to print the truth about fbi and cia death and torture squads worldwide, but in the final analysis these same journalists defer to greater hearts such danderous assignments when the fbi and the cia threaten blackmail or loss of job.

Ecuador: Resumen de noticias 17/04/2005

Q.S.T.V., 17.04.2005 20:38

Resumen de noticias 17/04/2005

Ecuador: Resumen de noticias - 17/04/2005 Prensa gráfica

Q.S.V.T., 17.04.2005 20:34

Resumen de noticias - 17/04/2005 Prensa gráfica

Ecuador: Resumen de noticias 16/04/2005

Q.S.V.T., 17.04.2005 20:20

Resumen de noticias 16/04/2005



La cacareada objetividad de los grandes medios de comunicación se difumina cuando los intereses materiales levantan cabeza... Y esto ocurre a menudo

¿Quién entiende a la Casa Blanca?

Por Ariel Terrero, 17.04.2005 19:42

O no está bien informada o definitivamente sus intenciones son muy peligrosas para los derechos humanos de los cubanos

UN Nominee Bolton Accused of Physically Harassing Whistleblower

Melody Townsel, 17.04.2005 19:15

"It took me years to get over Mr. Bolton's actions in that Moscow hotel in 1994, his intensely personal attacks and his shocking attempts to malign my character."

Towers Production- Wine and Farri

geral sosbee, 17.04.2005 18:56

The mainstream media has since surrendered their integrity to the assassins and terrorists of the fbi and the cia. Today and hereinafter the names of the journalists who assist these two corrupt and evil agencies in their crimes against Humanity are recorded for future reference.


Peter Chabarek, 17.04.2005 17:48

Eugene civil resisters set up "drive through slide show" of graphic images of the war for thousands of taxpayers entering a dropoff post office location for last minute tax filers. Link to photos enclosed.

j0urnaL The Next Step In Their Tech Masterplan

£, 17.04.2005 15:03

W$ *unedited
The problem in any system is found inside of any alleigiance to it.

Divestment and old retired Employees

N.N.hazra, 17.04.2005 13:49

Inthe name of divestment ,how people put to trouble one example iam giving.

The Hundred Days of Abu Mazen

Uri Avnery, 17.04.2005 12:17

Uri Avnery warns once more of the efforts of Sharon to undermine Abu Mazen, whose popularity in the White House Sharon cannot but perceive as a threat. So far Bush is not impressed and urged the Israeli PM to give Abu Mazen a chance. But Sharon still holds the key: the facts on the ground.

Thai NIGHT SAFARI Nonsense-Zoo Opening Stalled

WTN, 17.04.2005 09:36

Thai NIGHT SAFARI Nonsense-Zoo Opening Delayed - but wildlife defenders still on high alert in Africa and Australia concerning clandestine wildlife exports to Thailand from Kenya,Tanzania, South-Africa or some of the rogue states in the region

No more Slave-trade and Prostitution of African Wildlife

WTN, 17.04.2005 07:31

Kenyan and Australian Governments taken for a ride by unscrupulous Thai officials Wildlife trade is business as usual for the taker societies on this planet. Trafficking of wildlife and girls into Thailand is still rampant

A state of emergency has been declared in QuitoA state of emergency has been declared in Quito

Sean Nortz, 17.04.2005 03:01

The vende patria [one who sells out his country] Lucio Gutiérrez again dissolved the Supreme Court of Justice and declared a state of emergency in Quito where scores of thousands of people are concentrated for the third consecutive revolutionary day, this time to challenge the reactionary decree. The bourgeois vice-president Alfredo Palacio had distanced himself from Gutiérrez and has rejected the "dictatorial state" that the country lives.

The Internet is Now Under Government Control

Casey Cherry (The President of the Internet), 17.04.2005 01:57

This is a short article on the new formation of a government to help maintain the Internet.


£, 16.04.2005 23:35

W$ (:

Oreste Scalzone a Radio Città Aperta : “Rompete questo assordante silenzio sull’amnistia”

blackblog, 16.04.2005 23:11

SCIOPERO DELLA FAME PER L'AMNISTIA E’ ricoverato in un ospedale di Parigi perché dal 7 aprile è in sciopero della fame per rompere quello che ha definito un silenzio assordante sulla situazione delle carceri e dei prigionieri. Nonostante le condizioni di salute (Oreste Scalzone non ha mai avuto un fisico da “guerriero” ma come dice lui stesso, gode di una “ottima cattiva salute”), non rinuncia all’idea di farsi intervistare, soprattutto perché vuole lanciare un messaggio diretto e senza infingimenti a tutti i “compagni di strada” di una vita : dai maestri come Ingrao ai giovani della nuova generazione politica emersi con i movimenti sociali di questi anni.

Urgent Solidarity Appeal, 16.04.2005 22:44

Thousands arrested in Pakistan including Manzoor Ahmed, Marxist Member of Parliament!


def, 16.04.2005 22:20

prisoner of consc in secret intell

Carlos Ayala Corao: Victim, or Suspect?

Ralou News, 16.04.2005 22:17

Carlos Ayala Corao has an impressive resume. He is an international human rights lawyer, former Vice-Chairman of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, a professor, and a member of the Andean Commission of Jurists. But Mr. Corao also works for Baumeister and Brewer, whose clientele is far from downtrodden. A firm with clients who have been implicated in the briefly-successful 2002 coup.

What I Didn't See in Iraq

JIM MCGOVERN, 16.04.2005 20:28

"Congress is not being inundated with letters and phone calls and faxes and e-mails and street protests demanding an end to our presence in Iraq. President Bush's re-election seems to have taken much of the energy out of the antiwar movement."

May 1st - Wear ORANGE clothing, masks, scarves, etc. Carry ORANGE signs and banners. Rally where your Government and the media do business. Surround the White House or Capital, or both. BE PREPARED TO SPEND THE NIGHT.

IMC UK Censored!

raggal, 16.04.2005 19:28

I'm shocked to see the amount of sites highlighting IMC UK censorship issues. Surely there is no smoke without fire?

Pour un NON féministe à la Constitution européenne

Sisyphe, 16.04.2005 17:01

Les Françaises et les Français sont appelé-es à se prononcer, le 29 mai, sur un projet de constitution européenne qui soulève beaucoup de débats depuis des mois. Les féministes sont nombreuses, sinon majoritaires, parmi les partisan-es du NON.

aachen4 - international actionday

sacco and vanzetti, 16.04.2005 16:15

Call for International Action Day of Solidarity with the Prisoners of Aachen
Wednesday 4th of May 2005
op woensdag 4 Mei 2005
Appello per una giornata di azione internazionale in solidarietà con i prigionieri di Aachen
Aufruf zum internationalen Aktionstag in Solidarität mit den Gefangenen in Aachen zum 04. Mai 2005

¿Qué se esconde detrás de las restricciones a Medicina?

Damián (((i))) La Plata, 16.04.2005 13:24

Viernes 15 de abril. Movilización en La Plata: En defensa de la salud y educación pública

One Million Withdrawals from the CCP Will Be a Significant Historical Event, 16.04.2005 12:17

Chinese Berlin wall is falling As of 8:00 AM EST, 879,104 people have submitted statements withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party or its affiliated organizations (for the text in Chinese of all of the statements, please visit the Tuidang website). Those who are current members of the CCP or its affiliated organizations are with these statements resigning their membership; former members use these statements to sever all association with these organizations. All are renouncing the CCP totally.

Protect Open Satellite Window to China, 16.04.2005 11:58

There is No Freedom Without Freedom of Information NTDTV's management and lawyers will discuss their next actions to keep this historic "open satellite window" from being slammed shut. They will also present the petition of more than 50,000 NTDTV viewers, the letter of 93 Members of Congress, and the appeal of more than 100 Chinese-American community groups to President Bush to save this vital information lifeline to the tens of millions of satellite TV viewers in China.


nuovo sito dei missionari comboniani di Castelvolturno

&quot;Mejaha chiama San Giorgio&quot;

Rete associazioni, 16.04.2005 09:30

-Progetto di solidarietà per rendere potabile l'acqua a Mejaha (Etiopia)-
-La Manifestazione è stata organizzata dalla CVX,GLT economia della Rete Lilliput e GMA di Napoli
con il patrocinio della Città di S.Giorgio a Cremano e del Forum delle Associazioni-

si svolgerà domenica 17 Aprile 2005
presso Villa Bruno - S. Giorgio a Cremano(Napoli)


PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), 16.04.2005 08:07

PRAVEEN DALAL, CONSULTANT AND ADVOCATE, DELHI HIGH COURT, INDIA. The aim of this article is to analyse the protection available to domain name holders under the laws of India. The article further explores how the protection provided by the Indian laws is strongest in the world. Thus, a comparative analysis of the Trade Mark and the Domain Name has been made to provide a holistic picture.

The students of Yale and Columbia on strike

stravento, 16.04.2005 06:03

From the 18 to the 22 of April the graduate students of Yale and Columbia University are going to strike. This is going to be the first multi-campus strike in the Ivy League's history. Participate to the email-strike, send a letter to President Levin to support the recognition of GESO. At the following website you can find how to participate

SOS Ecuador en estado de emergencia

amaru, 16.04.2005 05:32

Hoy 15 de abril a las diez de la noche Lucio Gutierrez se declara dictador mediante un decreto de emergencia nacional progresivo empezando por Quito.

A través de la radio Bolívar de Quito escuchamos los testimonios de decenas de ciudadanos informando sobre la movilización Popular.

Estado de emergencia en Ecuador

mingasocial comunicación, 16.04.2005 04:36

En cadena nacional Lucio Gutérrez hoy en la noche bajo los argumentos de una grave conmoción y disturbios internos, declaró estado de emergencia, y con el pretexto de inmovilizar las masivas marchas contra la dictadura de Gutiérrez, con el pretexto de volver al estado de derecho destituyó la Corte Suprema de Justicia de facto que el mismo la constituyó. Con apoyo de una cúpula militar se declara la dictadura.


Shock Ritter, 16.04.2005 04:10

Two rather thoughtless ideas come to my mind when faced with the inevitability of being shocked by a TASER in the future and rather than explain the rather lethal one I discovered in my backyard, (electric service, garden hose, and rubber boots) I feel compelled to offer two other crude concepts in the interest of advancing education.

Orwell Rolls In His Grave: Watch VIDEO Online!

Robert Kane Pappas, 16.04.2005 01:01

Arewe being given the information a democracy needs to survive or have they been electronically lobotomized?

Ecuador: desbordada la clase política

Q.S.V.T., 16.04.2005 00:22

En Quito (Ecuador) se están inventando nuevas formas de protesta.

does anti-spam still lurk here

Me, 15.04.2005 23:14


Principles of Universal labour Solidarity

Scab buster, 15.04.2005 22:32

I. Every worker on every job throughout the world has a right to organize with their sister and fellow workers in their common interests.

Greece is the word

SF &amp; JS, 15.04.2005 22:15

Greece: The general social, political and economic situation in Greece and the Greek anarchist movement

Students of the world, Beware! Starbucks Is Buying The Hearts of Students. Boycott All Starbucks sponsored events. Yes, It Make A Difference!

T, 15.04.2005 21:19

Little things make a difference. Remember: Your actions DO make a difference! Boycott the Starbucks emerging Student Leaders conference and any other event sponsored by Starbucks and attend an event that makes a real difference! Taco Bell learned, and so can Starbucks!

Implanted Microchips Common As Cellphones Within A Decade

Propaganda Matrix, 15.04.2005 21:12

Over the past decade we've seen the propagandists chip away at rational people's natural revulsion at the implantable microchip, first by introducing it for lost pets and then for lost children. Child abduction figures, which in fact have been steadily falling since 1979, were hyped in the summer of 2002 as a test run to see if people would willingly turn to the chip.

It seemed to have some degree of success. A July 2004 MSN poll showed that 20% would happily take an implantable microchip.

pervert zionists and their crap and piss fetish videos

ray dequenne, 15.04.2005 21:00

pervert zionist enemies with the ADL, JDL, Mossad, etc., have placed wireless cameras and microphones in the bathrooms of my house, apartments, and motel rooms i have stayed in and have literally hundreds of hours of video of me and my girlfriend taking shits and pisses!!!! no matter where we get chased to, these fukking perverts continue to invade and tape.....

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

All interest is Vampire Tax, 15.04.2005 20:45

Well, well, well...I guess that old "international banker conspiracy" is actually quite real after all...

Paolo Guzzanti- Italian Journalist: a punk

geral sosbee, 15.04.2005 20:13

Few journalists are brazen enough to libel and otherwise verbally assault those who attempt to report fbi and cia crimes against Humanity worldwide. Paolo Guzzanti (GUT) is one such offending journalist.

Talking Turkey at UNCHR (PL)

Julie Webb-Pullman, 15.04.2005 19:37

George W Bush and his Words of Mass Deception may have fooled the other farmyard animals snuffling in his trough, but one thing the UNCHR vote showed unequivocally is that there are at least 32 who aren’t afraid to talk turkey, or give the US the bird!

Seventy Skeletons of Victims of Repression to Be Searched (PL)

Tomas Armeneteros Crespo, 15.04.2005 19:28

Guatemalan humanitarian organizations announce process of exhumation of bodies of victims of the civil war in Guatemala.

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