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Leinier, Walter y Almeida pasaron a semifinales del ajedrez cubano

Osmani Pedraza Ledón MN, 21.04.2005 18:54

Tres matches tuvieron definición en los Cuartos de Final del Campeonato de Cuba de Ajedrez al jugarse hoy las segundas partidas en el Salón ECO de Santa Clara: Leinier Domínguez, Walter Arencibia y Omar Almeida ya pasaron a la fase semifinal, mientras Lázaro Bruzón y Jesús Nogueiras tendrán que efectuar mañana entre sí las partidas rápìdas.

New Anti-capitalist film

John Bissett, 21.04.2005 18:40

This is to alert you to a new film – “Capitalism and Other Kids’ Stuff” – that has recently been uploaded to the www and can be seen at , and which argues the anti-capitalist case in simple language.

London Indymedia Middle East film festival

IMCista, 21.04.2005 18:32


With solidarity groups, international activists, film-makers, and music.

from 7pm each evening Tuesday 26th - Friday 29th and from 5pm Saturday 30th.

Ratzinger, un pastor alemán

Ricardo Alvarado, 21.04.2005 18:29

La cruz aún no es lo bastante pesada Porque podemos considerar legítimamente a Benedicto XVI como el segundo Papa nazi.

United Kingdom May Day Goodies

Mayday, 21.04.2005 18:13


Was Bolton behind death of State Department official?

Wayne Madsen, 21.04.2005 17:35

It is noteworthy that Bolton's ideological soul mate at the National Security Council (NSC), ex-Iran-Contra felon Elliot Abrams, has also been psychologically and physically abusive to his subordinates. Bolton and Abrams are long-time friends, having both helped devise the neoconservative game plan for U.S. global domination through their activities with the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 21.04.2005 16:57

This is a summary of israeli War Crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 20 April 2005.

Anti-zionist cooperation with the Nazis

reposted from IMC Jerusalem, 21.04.2005 16:48

Anti-Jews (Anti-zionists) cooperated with the nazis and still does They have no shame to complaine about -'anti-Arabism'(anti-islamism')
Hitler was very impressed by the Mohammedan faith as he saw its great advances in Europe. By contrast, he saw the Christian church in disunity,

New Churchill Fraud Uncovered

Jim Paine, 21.04.2005 16:46

Recently Found Evidence Suggests Ward Churchill Appropriated Another Veteran's Vietnam Experience

boletín nº19 del Observatorio-Behatokia

Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos, 21.04.2005 15:51

Una vez más nos dirigimos a ustedes a fin de presentarles nuestro boletín nº19, que en esta ocasión recoge los siguientes temas:


Elsoplonalternativo, 21.04.2005 15:50

Ayer el pueblo ecuatoriano sacó a Gutiérrez, ahora tiene que irse el Congreso Nacional y el Tribunal Constitucional.


JUAN BLACK, 21.04.2005 14:30

Que ha cambiado desde entonces? Absolutamente nada! Si, es cierto que Lucio
merecía ser destituido por traidor al pueblo que lo eligió. Sin embargo nada ha
cambiado. De acuerdo a la información de la que dispongo por acá, las protestas
se han concentrado en ciertas ciuda


Andy Lines, 21.04.2005 14:15

The death of historian Konrad Spindler is the latest tragedy to strike those linked with disturbing the Stone Age warrior - found perfectly preserved, frozen in the Italian Alps. Spindler, 66, had been asked if he believed the curse. He replied "No. Next thing you will be saying I will be next." He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died this week.

Sainsburys’ bogus ‘Big Brother’

Manfred Roxon, 21.04.2005 13:32

For more than a year the huge UK supermarket chain Sainsburys has been deliberately scaring customers at its petrol/gas filling stations. Signs claim car registration numbers have been recorded by digital cameras (ANPR)linked to the police. The company now admits it's untrue and that many stations pretend to have the cameras.


The Insider, 21.04.2005 12:30

GOVERNMENT CENSORSHIP OF THE BRITISH MASS MEDIA The Guardian -- "Ricin: The plot that never was"

UK election result decided in advance

The Insider, 21.04.2005 12:20

TONY BLAIR WAR CRIMINAL TO WIN ELECTION 2005 Tony Blair and his "New Labour" party will win the General Election in Britain on 5 May 2005. The result was decided yesterday in a secret meeting by powerful media executives.

Women stip searched at Miami FTAA win $4.5 million class action suit

South Florida Sun Sentinel, 21.04.2005 07:47

Three women activists, strip-searched after being arrested during the 2003 free-trade demonstrations, have forced Miami-Dade County to end its indiscriminate searches. In addition, the county on Monday agreed to pay $4.55 million to more than 100,000 people as part of its settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed by Judith Haney, Liat Mayer and Jamie Loughner.

Delphian School Choir Qualifies for State Choir Championships

The Delphian School, 21.04.2005 04:01

The Delphian School Concert Choir sang in the District 3 High School Choir Festival in Clatskanie, achieving an average score of 89.3 qualifying for the Championships for the 10th consecutive year.

1563 have &quot;officially&quot; been killed in Iraq

jamie, 21.04.2005 03:17

No it has not gotten any better and it is not going to. 1563 U.S. GI’s have “officially” been killed in the invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq. Details of today’s events follow from Another excellent source of news on this and other imperial wars is Peace.

Terry Nichols Implicates FBI Informant In Oklahoma Bombing

Pat Shannan -, 21.04.2005 01:25

Amazing New Evidence Emerges in Oklahoma Bombing.
It should be no surprise that it was the FBI who in reality engineered the
Oklahoma Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995.

US Invokes Cold-war Tactics Against Islam: Report, 21.04.2005 01:20

Foolish, illetrate neo-cons equate Communism to Islam.
They'll find out which of the 2 is victorious this time around.
Capitalism or Islam.

Like Geral Sosbee, I am also being harrassed by the FBI

James F. Marino, 20.04.2005 23:51

My article covers harrasment by the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. Harrassment which is on par with that of
Ex _ FBI Agent Geral Sosbee.

Impact of Oil in Nigeria

Thedoria Grayson, 20.04.2005 23:42

Oil companies in Nigeria have devastated the people and the land.

Prejudice Against Blondes

Dinise Meanis, 20.04.2005 23:14

There is a form of racist prejudice in this country that seldom is ever acknowledged—namely prejudicial stereotyping of blonde people (particularly in negative ways). Often it is subtle and other times notso; and yet it seems more pervasive than many people may be willing to believe.

Falluja and the Pope

Thedoria Grayson, 20.04.2005 21:42

This story is a comparison of themedia coverage on the Pope and the media coverage on the thousands that were killed in falluja.

Más de 96% de los cubanos ejerció su derecho democrático al voto

Nuria Barbosa León, 20.04.2005 20:56

Elecciones municipales del Poder Popular en Cuba

Today in Plaestine

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 20.04.2005 20:52

A summary of news about Palestine.

Argentina Denies that Venezuela Destabilizes the Region (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 20.04.2005 20:37

Argentinean Foreign Affaire Minister Rafael Bielsa denied that Venezuela has a destabilizing effect in Latin America, and on Wednesday defended the bilateral relations between both countries here.

TURKEY: Mehmet is insisting on his guilt of loving Barıs.*

Istanbul Indymedia, 20.04.2005 18:23

mehmet Last news about gay, anarchist and total objector Mehmet Tarhan.


MNFRT, 20.04.2005 17:26

The National Movement of Factories Recovered by the Workers wants to leave in its total opposition documentary to the "The Take" of Avi Lewis and Naomi clear Klein,

Jimmy Carter expresses concern that 'electoral process' may be 'shot through with fraud'

Brad, 20.04.2005 16:53

WaPo: 'Dizzying List of Electoral Problems' in 2004 Presidential Elections!
Reported on Page 17.


Andy &quot;Vampire&quot; Danny, 20.04.2005 16:14

Το σχέδιο της κυβέρνησης, σχετικά με την ελαστικότητα του ωραρίου των εργαζομένων, το οποίο θα παρουσιάζει αυξητικές τάσεις! (Ποιός περίμενε καλό;!)


Movimiento Autónomo &quot;TINKU&quot; de Bolivia, 20.04.2005 15:28

Por su importancia en la articulaciòn del movimiento juvenil alternativo re-enviamos la convocatoria del ENCUENTRO NAL. DE JUVENTUDES a realizarse del 27 al 30 de Abril en Tarija, Bolivia.

j0urnaL: The American Sex (with added W$, an important part of any nutritional pyramid)

£, 20.04.2005 15:12

W$ Short attention spans and acting in a stupid manner not just the rule but norm. Ancestry found in stuffy Protestantism and Puritanism transformed into a veritable gun, ready to shoot off its bullets at the slightest tension by the mythological gunslinger. Even its counterpart, the cowboy, the symbolic masculine as much defined in chaps rather than spats as by that which the cowgirl simply is not.

we are on strike

SES, Turkey, 20.04.2005 13:21

public employees in healt and social services in Turkey are on strike at 21 April.

Resistenza Viva! Venerdì 22 Aprile a Pisa

Associazione Comunista &quot;Il Pianeta Futuro&quot;, 20.04.2005 12:09

Dibattito pubblico su Fascismo e Resistenza

Pisa, 22 aprile, ore 21,30

Diya Nazional d´Aragón

A Enrestida, 20.04.2005 08:27

Conzentrazión con motiu d'o diya nazional d'Aragón

CCP Tries to Inspire Loyalty as Withdrawals Continue

Riordan Galluccio, 20.04.2005 07:41

Chinese burning CCP items publicly to rid themselves of all vestiges of its grip The upper levels of government are taking notice as the number of withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rapidly approaches the one million mark. Since the publication of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” the question of membership in the CCP has taken center stage in China’s everyday affairs. Responding to the erosion of allegiance to the CCP, the government launched a “Maintaining the Advancements of the Party” campaign in attempts to re-energize it.

French Company Accused of Pro-Beijing Censorship

Sherrie Gossett, 20.04.2005 07:31

Freedom of Press Being Undermined Accuracy in Media (AIM) has been at the forefront of a worldwide movement to continue transmission of the only uncensored news in Mandarin to reach the Chinese mainland via New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV). But the Paris-based satellite operator, Eutelsat, which provides the transmission, could still act on a threat to shut it down. On April 12, NTDTV held a press conference in New York City to alert people to the censorship threat. AIM participated in the press conference, delivering a statement of support for the network's position and calling on media outlets in the U.S. to offer more coverage of New Tang Dynasty's situation. AIM also participated in an NDTV press conference in Washington, D.C., on April 15. New Tang Dynasty's signal was scheduled to be terminated Friday at midnight, but is still on, and will remain on during the negotiation process currently underway between NTDTV's lawyers and Eutelsat. The situation is temporary, however, and the final outcome is unknown.

La represión de Gutiérrez cobra tres víctimas en Ecuador.

AMARU, 20.04.2005 07:18

Las jornadas de movilización realizadas por noveno día cobran las tres primeras víctimas en Quito, entre las víctimas se encuentran dos niños y el periodista Chileno Julio Augusto García, del diario la Bocina su país.

A short history of the Popes named Benedict

Brent Herbert, 20.04.2005 04:16

I was curious as to the symbolic meaning of the term Benedict, and the following is the result of my research. It would appear that the meaning of ‘Benedict' is further consolidation and centralization of power in the office of the Papacy, a continuation of the right wing extremism and authoritarianism characteristic of the previous Pope, and perhaps even an implied threat against any more Priests out there who might be involved in sexual scandals

CAPitALLism announces The free public yellow pages, 20.04.2005 03:00

CAP is a community yellow pages guide edited by its readers. Yes, this means that anyone can create and change its content. Those familiar with Wikipedia (the public encyclopedia) will notice similarities. CAP exists to support local and independent places. CAP is free, without advertisements, without spyware.

Yale, Columbia, UMass Amherst grad students fight back

Bryan G. Pfeifer, 20.04.2005 02:04

Yale graduate students strike April 18 Graduate student-workers and their allies at three of the biggest universities in the Northeast are engaging in massive, spirited work actions this week, April 18-22.

Press Democrat Ignores Darfur Genocide

Katie McMillan, 20.04.2005 01:52

needs media attention


Hastings Human Rights Project for Haiti, 19.04.2005 23:28

Law students at the University of California, Hastings, along with Haitian and U.S. attorneys will file a petition tomorrow (April 20) with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on behalf of Haiti’s former Prime Minister Yvon Neptune.
Find out more at

Police Brutality at peaceful student demonstration.

Lindsay Fleshman, 19.04.2005 21:17

The unecessary efforts to stop the peaceful tent university called upon by the UCSC adminstration resulted in massive unessary violent actions of the Santa Cruz Police department.

Why Pope John paul was Right(shrt ver.) and HWere are the Prophets

a martyred tear, 19.04.2005 20:52

The Code of Silence - The Sins of Modernism - The Triumph of BUSHism He probably hoped for Christian Socialism, but never could describe it. John Paul II was no follower of neo-liberalism. For him, markets and profits were not a solution to human problems, but a mechanism to be used for moral purposes. Indeed, we often forget that both Adam Smith and Herbert Spencer’s reasoning are very similar. Both of them – the two greatest thinkers that promoted the idea of the free market – were also moral philosophers. John Paul II might have been naive, too, but only up to a point.

2005 Global Marijuana March

antisocial_multitasker, 19.04.2005 20:44

rally poster 2005 Million Marijuana March. Global Marijuana March. World Cannabis Day. Cannabis Liberation Day.

First Saturday in May, or that weekend, or thereabouts.

Hundreds of different cities worldwide since 1999.

Rallies, marches, concerts, events, meetings, parties, raves, info-tables, etc...

So far for 2005 MMM, 140 cities from 26 nations have signed up.

Help us reach our goal of 300 cities worldwide!

Alternative Media Censors Struggle for a better pope

Kill Me or Cannonize Romero, 19.04.2005 20:43

Nobel peace prize nominess, arch Bishop , Firenf of the Poor - Killed by US of A The torment of the Pope - or else a grand act of hypocrisy - can be seen in the pope's focus on the Culture of Death: Modernity. He opposed birth control, abortion, homosexuality and women in the church because he (Unlike anyone we know of on the left or right) understood that these were band-aids seeking to cover up or justify a society promoted by the US, one of materialism and self-centeredness. He said that a self-centered concept of unlimited freedom allowed no place for solidarity and that this drew attention away from the violence done to millions forced into poverty. This freedom to him became a Culture of Death... a new holocaust. He rightfully saw only darkness in modernity and he was appalled at the betrayal of humanity exhibited in his native Poland with their sex shops, McDonalds and materialism.

Even Atheists Are Celebrating The Election Of Pope Benedict XVI

Mr. Bill, 19.04.2005 20:32

May he live for at least another 26 years so we won't be going through with this kind of non-stop coverage of the Vatican in a few years. Not likely since Ratzinger is already 78.

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