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The Bush-Blair war – legal, or not? You decide

Gordon Prather, 30.04.2005 20:15

Prather presents the case very concisely.

Spend 5 minutes and KNOW the truth

Pope Benedict XVI to be out-done by &quot;Cyber-Pope&quot; Counterpart

How Now Green Cow?, 30.04.2005 19:33

Pope Benedict XVI has a new, more liberal rival in town. All praise the Cyber-Pope!

May Day: Made in the USA

People's Weekly World, 30.04.2005 18:59

“Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest and eight hours for what we will!” was the slogan of the 340,000 workers who marched in cities across the U.S. on May 1, 1886, calling for the eight-hour day.

attorney at law

geral sosbee, 30.04.2005 18:59

The fbi uses thugs and low level mental dwarfs (defined on my site) to prevent Sosbee from gainful employment; however, Sosbee is intent on using his law license in the interests of Humanity.

‘No nukes, no war!’

Dan Margolis/People's Weekly World, 30.04.2005 18:58

NEW YORK — The worldwide movement to end nuclear weapons, energized and united with the antiwar movement, is converging here for a month of actions. Kicking it off is a May 1 mass “No Nukes! No Wars!” march. On May 2, the United Nations opens a review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which aims to curb and eventually eliminate these weapons of mass destruction.

Die Präsidentschaftswahlen in der Ukraine

erschienen im Deutsch-Russischen Kurier 1/2005, 30.04.2005 18:51

Ist der Ukrainische Präsident wirklich demokratisch gewählt? In den Präsidentschaftswahlen der Ukraine siegte Wiktor Juschtschenko, dessen Partei von den USA in den letzten zwei Jahren mit 65 USD Mio unterstützte wurde. Juschtschenkos Kräfte kontrollierten in vielen Gebieten Medien, störten Radioprogramme der „Stimme Russlands“. Die 170-250 USD teuren „Wenzel Yellowstone“ Zelte (hergestellt in den USA), in denen die Teilnehmer der „Orange Aktion“ wohnten, wurden bereits vor den Präsidentschaftswahlen zu hunderten bestellt. Es gab Berichte darüber, dass Demonstranten und Wähler, die für Juschtschenko stimmten, bestochen wurden.

ηταν προειδοποιηση

εθνικη οργανωση κρητης, 30.04.2005 17:21

τι θα γινεται απο δω και περα

(DU) Depleted Uranium Video

Andy, 30.04.2005 17:17

Depleted Uranium is devastating the people of Iraq yet the US government lies about it's effects. Watch here in a Us Army training video hosted by Information Clearinghouse.


Marco Dimitri, 30.04.2005 17:12

Opinione Marco Dimitri

May Day Celebrates Everyone

T Trefethen, 30.04.2005 15:57

May Day is a misunderstood holiday. People in this country think it has something to do with communism, but it simply celebrates the worker. Unlike Labor Day that fetes the fact that we have jobs, May Day celebrates the contribution we all make by doing our jobs during the year.

Pope was investigating Knights Templar before his election

Raymond Brown, 30.04.2005 14:12

Pope Benedict XVI, and a Hertford Knights Templar, Tim Acheson *** The new Pope, Benedict XVI, was actively investigating secret societies including the Knights Templar and the Illuminati, it was revealed yesterday. Details were exposed by a local newspaper in Hertfordshire, England. Cardinal Ratzinger was head of the Inquisition, the arm of the Church set up to investigate, persecute or eliminate heretics. But the curious thing is, we now know that he started his investigation shortly BEFORE he was elected as the new Pope. Did he know something? He certainly made no secret of his ambition to become Pope. ***

A Burmese Muslim refugee girl committed suicide in Bangladesh

Narinjara, 30.04.2005 05:48

A Burmese Muslim refugee girl died on her way to Cox’s Bazar hospital on April 23. The neighbors found her after she had swallowed some poison in attempt to take her own life. The police are still investigating the motivations behind this incident.

Burma Border Fighting Hits New Pitch

Shah Paung, 30.04.2005 05:46

Fighting between United Wa State Army forces and the Shan State Army-South reached a new pitch on Tuesday, claiming the lives of five Shan soldiers and an unconfirmed number of Wa troops.

Burmese migrant workers strike at Uni Ocean

Elvin N., 30.04.2005 05:45

230 migrant workers from Burma have been on strike since April 18, demanding minimum wages and better conditions. They work at the Uni Ocean garment factory in the Thai border town of Mae Sot. They have been receiving only 35-40 baht (less than US$1) for 10 hours of work. On top of this, they are also subject to compulsory overtime, for which they are paid 5 baht per hour.

Até quando vamos ser crápulas

José Ramos de Almeida, 30.04.2005 04:41

No interior do Brasil, mais de 15 crianças indígenas já morreram de fome este ano. A falha é das agências governamentais responsáveis pelo cuidado dos índios, do Congresso que adia a demarcação de terras indígenas e, quando faz a demarcação, dá aos índios terras poucas e ruins, e do Judiciário, que se omite em agilizar as questões de terras que privilegiam sempre os fazendeiros não indígenas.

Americans’ Gifts to Afghanistan: Empty Words

Mohammed daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD, 30.04.2005 04:28

American civilians are as guilty as their government

NYC-IMC Hacked

A, 30.04.2005 04:22

screen grab As of the time of this posting the NYC-IMC site is down.

Americans’ Gifts to Afghanistan: Empty Words

Mohammed daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD, 30.04.2005 04:13

Common Americans are as guilty as their government

En mi Pais la Republica Dominicana, todos los animales son tratados cruelmente!!!!

Ana Fondeur, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 30.04.2005 04:13

Cartas a el Dr.Leonel Fernandez Reyna, Presidente de la Republica Dominicana. Quien se crio en los Estados Unidos y sabe de el sufrimiento de los animales en ese pais.


PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), 30.04.2005 03:46



FARHAT QUAM MAQUAMI, 30.04.2005 00:57

Bush could not present an real answer ot our energy problems and thousands of Americans who cannot afford the almost trippling of the gas prices during his terms. He declared War on Wildlife and his intention to tame Alaska. He declared that htere is nothing he can do to bring down the prices, that is up to the market.No one asked the question that It is the falling dollars Stupid!and not the rise of oil prices!When an irresponsible empire spends billions of dollars into buying bombs, sends jobs abroad and has billions of dollars negative balance of trade the value of its currency declines and citizens of the Empire must pay more for their consumer products.The Emepror has no clothes on and unless he can get help from his digital Ben ladin Americans might start questioning his agenda.

Migrant workers denied fundamental rights

news.amnesty, 30.04.2005 00:43

In a feature published today on news.amnesty, Amnesty International criticises the precarious situation in which migrant workers in Europe find themselves in relation to their fundamental labour and human rights.

Ward Churchill @ CSUMB &quot;On Perpetual War: U.S. State Sponsored Terrorism &amp; the Limits of Academic Dissent&quot;

CSUMB, 30.04.2005 00:25

Event Flyer California State University at Monterey Bay: MEChA and Events Workgroup Present:
Semana de la Raza 2005 Key Note Address
Ward Churchill @ CSUMB
"On Perpetual War: U.S. State Sponsored Terrorism & the Limits of Academic Dissent"
With introduction by Rudy Rosales, Tribal Member Ohlone-Costanoan Esselen
Monday May 2nd
CSUMB University Center Ballroom (Bld. 29)

BBC's 'Doctor Who' Show Parodies 9/11 Inside Job : VIDEO CLIPS/Text

PP, 29.04.2005 23:16

Is Bush a Dalek?


Punk Rock Activism

Travis Murray, 29.04.2005 22:57

A short opinion piece, concerning the efforts of punk rockers to spread political awareness through music and organizations.

Right-wing &quot;g00ns&quot; attack community media.

not accepting victim status, 29.04.2005 22:56

Cartoon from Had you logged on the internet to view the Colorado Independent Media Center’s (IMC) website on April, 27th, around 8:30 am, you may have noticed that Colorado IMC’s front page was not on your screen. Instead you would only have seen the following message from a group of hackers that seem to be out to get those “anti-Republicans.”

Keep Recruiters Away From Children's Records

Travis Murray, 29.04.2005 22:55

This is a short letter, written to the editors of many Sonoma County newspapers. the goal is to alert parents that military recruiters have the right to access their children's private records, and what they can do to stop them.

Story of Abuse behind Horse Deaths on set of 'Flicka&quot; remake

Scott Ryan, 29.04.2005 22:08

Witnesses say the inexperienced wranglers working on the remake of "Flicka" were abusing the horses.

Community Media Sites Cracked Across the Globe

Deproduction, 29.04.2005 21:32

Summary from the Colorado IMC of the many website attacks on April 28 and 29, 2005.

Israeli Apartheid Wall Construction Continues Apace (You gotta read this!)

I.S.M., 29.04.2005 19:27

This is a compelling account of just one peaceful demonstration against the wall being built by the state of Israel on Palestinian farm-land.

posted by vickery

Love from Mars

Brahmananda, 29.04.2005 18:48

A community based Event in East Vancouver, supportting Womens night at the downtown community health center.

Letter to the editor regarding a Press Democrat article on Santa Rosa Medical Marijauna Club

Mairin Baity, 29.04.2005 18:42

The Press Democrat article from March 16th entitled "SR Medical
Marijuana Club Leaves Neighbors Fuming" frustrated me greatly.

Obese kids do not more than one problem to solve

katie Achermann, 29.04.2005 18:42

We have an obesity epidemic on our hands including both children and adults. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. California has been trying to make something happen to change the health for our children but we are going about it the wrong way.

Protest the Nuclear Option photography, 29.04.2005 18:41

keep out private property Photos of the protest at NYC courts, Foley Square

g00ns: IMC hackers

IMC Fan, 29.04.2005 18:40

what Google cache has to say about

The Many Names For Mad Cow

Nonviolence Ring, 29.04.2005 17:45

The conspiracy of meat, pharmaceutical, 'health',
government, hospital cartels to hide the incidence
of BSE, Mad Cow, and other spongiform encephalopathies
in the US


robb rotten, 29.04.2005 15:57

This article is about the way citys are designed and the mentality that goes into every Better CITY plan.

Estrategias anticapitalistas para Ecuador

Eduardo, 21.04.2005 23:57

Ideas para conseguir una Democracia Participativa y No-capitalista. Espero que las mejoréis.

Media Criticism of New Pope?

brent, 21.04.2005 23:54

Immediately after the ordination of Cardinal Ratzinger, stories began to appear in some media outlets describing hokey Catholic miracles.


Ian Blake, 21.04.2005 23:43

El abuso de la prensa para cegar a los inmigrantes, ecuatorianos en el exterior!

Explorando el &quot;barranco&quot;: una respuesta libertaria a Celia Hart

Movimiento Libertario Cubano, 21.04.2005 23:33

* Ante la invitación hecha hace algunos días desde La Habana por Celia Hart Santamaría – militante del Partido Comunista Cubano e hija de prominentes figuras del régimen – llamando a discutir alternativas de izquierda sobre el futuro de Cuba y donde específicamente se requería lo que el anarquismo pudiese opinar al respecto, el Movimiento Libertario Cubano da a conocer sus propuestas para el debate.

Ecuador: Del ¡Qué Se Vayan Todos! al AuToGobierno

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico, 21.04.2005 22:52

1) El QSVT recorre Ecuador y sobrevuela Argentina. 2) Topografía del poder. 3) Quito: ¿La comuna del precariado del intelecto general de masas? 4) El poder constituyente de la multitud hace la historia.

Senate Set to OK $81B War Spending Bill

AP, 21.04.2005 22:48

A billion seconds ago, it was 1959. A billion minutes ago, Jesus was alive. A billion hours ago, our ancestors were living in the Stone Age. A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate Washington spends it.

And it's YOUR money.

Time for your Orange Revolution, America. May 1st - wherever the Media & Government gathers to do THEIR Business, at your expense. ORANGE clothes. ORANGE banners. ORANGE signs. The world will understand.

Pope Speaks Against Factory Farms, Walmart Suffocating Goldfishes, Yale Politicos Silent About Primate Abuse

ARC, 21.04.2005 22:41

Benedict XVI, says PETA, has spoken forcefully against
factory farms. Stop Walmart from smashing and suffocating
goldfish in tiny plastic bags. CBC has over 2000 links
on Mad Cow.. Stop the Canadian seal hunt.,. Yale politicians are
silent about primate abuse on campus and in the military.


£, 21.04.2005 22:36

W$ (-:

Molson Vancouver Indy

Surrey Now News and Pierre J.Lachance Productions, 21.04.2005 21:10

Molson Vancouver Indy calls on local artist

'Battle of the Beanfield' Jun85: Film Night &amp; Exhibition: Nottingham

Tash [alan lodge], 21.04.2005 20:47

It's 20 years, since the major trashing of my community, travelling on the way the make the "Peoples Free Festival of Albion" at Stonehenge. It was a regular event on the calender. On Wednesday 20th April, the exhibition moved to The Sumac Centre in Nottingham. It is up until Thursday 12th May.

AIPAC sacks two senior employees over spy scandal

Various, 21.04.2005 20:24

Actually, the men under investigation passed phony intel on Iraqi WMD FROM Israel TO the Pentagon. That's where the true scandal lies.

Not that you would know it to read the tightly-censored media ...

Marines charge beaches in joint US-Israeli maneuver.

Jerusalem Post, 21.04.2005 20:13

Keep in mind that Condie Rice has set a June deadline for diplomacy on the issue of Iran, the next US target designated by the Zionists. June is when Scott Ritter said both countries were planning to invade.

Join the US Army. Die for Israel, a foreign, Apartheid nation.

Denuncia presidente cubano la presencia de terrorista en Estados Unidos

Antonio García Acuña, 21.04.2005 19:07

El connotado terrorista Luis Posada Carriles, de origen cubano, y quien estaba preso en Panamá por organizar un atentado contra el presidente cubano, y que fue indultado por la exmandataria panameña Mireya Moscoso, se encuentra en Estados Unidos, y solicita asilo político en ese pais, lo que constituye una afrenta a la justicia y al pueblo noertamericano.

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