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Bolívar retumba entre las paredes de la Casa Blanca, martirizando a Bush

ORLANDO RAUSSEO, 02.05.2005 21:57

El continente americano está sufriendo los embates de una nueva forma de colonialismo impulsado desde el Imperio del Norte.

Tattered Ribbons

Michael Slaboch, 02.05.2005 21:32

For the past two years since the war began I have
been driving past Our Lady of Ransom church in Park
Ridge, IL looking at the hundreds of yellow ribbons
tied to their chain link fence along Greenwood Ave.
These symbolic ribbons constantly reminded me of the
American soldiers fighting in the Middle East for all
of us back here at home. These ribbons made my family
and I think about how trivial most of our problems are
compared to the problems facing the troops on a daily
basis in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mayday in Venezuela: A Tale of Two Marches

Louise Auerhahn, 02.05.2005 20:58

Venezuelan flag at UNT march On Mayday, the old-guard union confederation CTV and the emerging "revolutionary" confederation UNT both took to the streets in Caracas, Venezuela. But the two marches were very different.
(Note: This is a photo essay, but I can't get the photos to upload from here. Yoou can view the article with pics at

Plainte contre la Constitution Europpeenne (suite III) Adjontion de procedure Conseil d'Etat et CSA

Alain COCQ, 02.05.2005 20:32

Dans le dossier d’instruction enregistré le 29 mars 2005 sous le n° .0/05381, n° de parquet P 05.089.2316/2, je verse au dossier les copies des deux pièces suivantes pour suite à donner (en 2 exemplaires) :

7. Recours en annulation par Référé d’heure à heure avec demande d’injonction ;

8. Lettre adressée à Monsieur le Président du Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) en date du 28 avril 2005.

Introducing &quot;RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone&quot;

RebelFire Press, 02.05.2005 18:58

Jeremy dreams of being the greatest lightmaker for the greatest west coast rock band, RebelFire. But he's trapped in a world where everybody is watched, controlled, and drugged, and deviation is not tolerated.

An exciting new novel by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman.


EESUOLA OLAGOKE MIKE, 02.05.2005 16:48

The era of the dark googled man who ruled this country like a farm yard would be nothing in contrast to what Nigerians would suffer should Obasanjo be allowed to stay a day beyond the May 2007 hijacked mandate.

Hunting the Executive Head Hunter

David Leonhardt, 02.05.2005 16:16

Executive Head Hunters should be treated like animals. Er, that is to say, they should be hunted with strategy and planning. Here are five useful tips.

Government Mouthpiece –A Dead End

By Dr. Maurine Taylor*, 02.05.2005 15:56

The press should not be gagged by all means... The Government of Kenya through the Minister for Information and Communication, Raphael Tuju and the Government's Communication Secretary, Dr. Alfred Mutua (both journalists), is planning to introduce yet another Media Law...

Thursday, May 5: AIDS Protesters Bring 8,000 Pairs of Shoes to US White House to Kick Off Nationwide Campaign To End AIDS

Julie Davids, CHAMP (US), 02.05.2005 15:50

Washington, DC – This Thursday, thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS and their defenders from across the nation will mass in Washington to launch the Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA), a vast new coalition of HIV-positive Americans, activists and organizations demanding that world leaders take proven steps to stop the epidemic in the U.S. and abroad.

No Nukes NYC, 5-1-05 photography

images of resistance project, 02.05.2005 13:26

No Nukes NYC, 5-1-05 photography

oPt: Medical Treatment Conditional upon Collaboration

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, 02.05.2005 13:10

Muhammad Radad, 38 year old cardiac patient and father of five, discovered that the road to medical care passes by the Israeli GSS. Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, aided by MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi, managed to abolish the conditions of the GSS and Radad was able to receive medical treatment in Jordan. However, the Israeli Security Forces have yet to respond in regards to the policy of conditioning health with collaboration.

Discurso de Fidel Castro en el acto nacional por el Primero de Mayo

Invasor, 02.05.2005 12:37

El máximo líder de la Revolución cubana afirmó que frente al imperio más poderoso, del planeta, a solo 90 millas, Cuba ha sabido salir adelante.

Why America needs to be Defeated in Iraq

Mike Whitney, 02.05.2005 12:35

"The disparate Iraqi resistance is the legitimate manifestation of a national liberation movement. Its success is imperative to the principles of national sovereignty and self-determination; ideals that are revered in the Declaration of Independence. The toppling of foreign regimes and the destruction of entire civilizations cannot be justified in terms of “democracy” or any other cynically conjured-up ideal. The peace and security of the world’s people depends on the compliance of states with the clearly articulated standards of international law and the UN Charter. Both were deliberately violated by the invasion of Iraq. Crushing the insurgency will not absolve that illicit action; it will only increase the magnitude of the crime."

22 AUDIO/VIDEO best links about 9-11, including recent CSPAN talk of David Ray Griffin on 9-11, at UW-Madison

researcher, 02.05.2005 11:55

David Ray Griffin's UW-Madison talk of April 18, 2005: on CSPAN April 30, 2005 [FROM APRIL 18, 2005; AIRED ON CSPAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 2005] David Ray Griffin's talk at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison: "9-11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?" A BOOK-TV talk on his book "The 9-11 Commission: Omissions and Distortions"; AUDIO: [81 min., 33.5 MB], and video and more below.

and lots more 9-11 audio/video links below,

burn on CD's and distribute!

or just distribute the link!

NUPA Vice President Passes Away

Narinjara, 02.05.2005 09:14

Vice President of National United Party of Arakan (NUPA) and veteran politician of Arakan, U Ba Soe Aung, died yesterday at Cox’sbazar general hospital in Bangladesh aged 58.

VBSW Denounces Bomb Blast of Mandalay

Narinjara, 02.05.2005 09:13

A Burmese militant student group, known as the ‘Vigorous Burmese Student Warriors’ (VBSW), denounced the bomb blast of Mandalay Zaycho in its internet media release that was issued on 27 April.

Bangladesh, Burma Exchanged 192 Prisoners

Narinjara, 02.05.2005 09:11

Bangladesh and Burma exchanged 192 prisoners on 27th April after a flag meeting between Nasaka, Burma border security forces and BDR, Bangladesh Rifle in Taknef (a border town of Bangladesh), according to a report issued by border officials.

CHRIS CAIRNS; Defining cricket

VIKRAM VISHAL, 02.05.2005 06:41

The excitement, thrill, accuracy, fear (for the opponent) and joy (for the spectators) brought through Cairns’ game could hardly be matched by any of his contemporary all-rounders. He gave the opposition the feeling that come what may, he would get only one result.


Manuel R Villacorta O, 02.05.2005 05:03

La mayoría de países latinoamericanos están experimentando la eclosión de grandes demandas sociales que en su proceso, ponen a prueba la resistencia y capacidad de los diversos regímenes políticos vigentes.

9/11 - All the Proof You Need!!!

Editor,, 02.05.2005 03:31

Some things are so disturbing that they are almost impossible to believe. That is why, in the 9/11 enigma, less is more.

Until these questions are answered there is no need to establish more doubt. What we have here is solid undisputed evidence that we were never told the truth.

Belize People Protest Against Government Corruption

George and Candy Gonzalez, 02.05.2005 02:49

History leading up to protests beginning April 20, on the streets of Belize City

The official story gets harder and harder to believe or two incredible finds!

Reposted by jamie, 02.05.2005 02:10

We have all seen the “American video”, a video tape acquired by US soldiers in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, and, provided by the Pentagon to the media and the general public in its raw form after intelligence services dissected it, analyzed it, and authenticated it. On the tape aired Dec 13, 2001, Osama Bin Laden, through a conversation with a visiting sheikh, later identified as Khaled al-Harbi, admits to 9/11, or in the least shows prior knowledge of it.
Many of you might have forgotten or never even heard that there is also a “British video”. On Nov. 14, 2001, Tony Blair addressed parliament and informed the audience that the British Government published transcript excerpts of the “video” in which it says Bin Laden admitted taking his campaign to the United States."

foto del papa benedicto XVI en la inquicision.

indymedia, 02.05.2005 01:47

el papa investigaba a caballeros templarante su papa benedicto del gmt de abril del marron

Outrageous police violence in Santa Cruz, CA.

Disgusted., 02.05.2005 00:30

If you go to this website, you can see police knocking nonviolent protesters unconscious. I think you'll be shocked.

Army Recruiter Entices Youth To Forge A Diploma

CBS4 Denver, 02.05.2005 00:13

Smart cookie, this kid. You can't dumb 'em ALL down.

Testimony About the Attempted Eradication of Religion Under the Maoist-Communist Regime in China 1949-1976

*, 01.05.2005 22:25

Thank You

Are the Neocons determined to sink the U.S. economy by driving oil prices above Everest?

William Engdahl reposted by jamie, 01.05.2005 22:17

"This all suggests that world oil prices are set to become far more volatile along with perhaps the dollar as oil-dependent China and other countries try to use the weapon of dollar pressure to restrain Washington. OPEC just mentioned a “possible though unlikely” oil price of $80 in the coming two years or so.

The recent South Korea statement of intent to lessen dollar reserve dependency and diversify, followed only days after with a denial is indicative of the potential whack Asian central banks could deliver the US financial domain at present. It is a highly unstable environment for the dollar and for oil. Washington seems unconcerned about either."

Washington Beating War Drums - Act Now, Defend The Venezuelan Revolution!

Reposted by jamie, 01.05.2005 21:49

"There is no substance to any of these accusations, for which not the slightest shred of proof is offered. They are just meant to create an impression – the kind of impression that can be used to justify an act of aggression. As we learned long ago from Josef Goebbels, even the most blatant lie, if it is repeated often enough, is taken to be the truth. In the same way, the lie that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction was used as an excuse for the criminal invasion of Iraq. Everybody now knows that it was a lie, but at the time enough people believed it to permit a naked act of aggression to be presented as an act of national self-defence. Now history is being repeated.

When pressed for more details on the allegations about "Venezuelan shortcomings with respect to the counter narcotics issue", Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman for the US Department of State, on March 30th, could not think of anything coherent to say. He merely mumbled: "Not really. I'll look and see what we've said on the past, but off the top of my head I can't give you a detailed answer." On such flimsy “evidence” is the case for armed aggression against Venezuela being constructed in Washington."

Without omissis US Report on the shooting of Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari and journalist Giuliana Sgrena

Rocky Montano, 01.05.2005 21:21

Complete text of the US inquiring authorities report on the shooting of Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari and journalist Giuliana Sgrena in Baghdad

Rumsfeld offers to free Saddam

Reposted by jamie, 01.05.2005 21:00

Rumsfeld offers to free Saddam during secret Iraq visit:

I can not certify that this is true, but if it is it would seem to this observer to underscore tremendous desperation on the neocon side. Perhaps the "implosion" and break up of the U.S. nation could be coming faster than the neocons had hoped?

Sgrena shooting: Classified Doc: Completely uncensored here!

US Military, 01.05.2005 17:35


A. (U) Administrative Matters

1. (U) Appointing Authority

(U) I was appointed by LTG John R. Vines, Commander, Multi-National Corps-Iraq (MNC-I) on 8 March 2005 to investigate, per U.S. Army Regulation 15-6 (Annex 1B), all the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident at a Traffic Control Point (TCP) in Baghdad, Iraq on 4 March 2005 that resulted in the death of Mr. Nicola Calipari and the wounding of Ms. Giuliana Sgrena and Mr. Andrea Carpani. Lieutenant Colonel Richard Thelin, USMC was appointed as my legal advisor for this investigation. I was directed to thoroughly review (1) the actions of the Soldiers manning the TCP, (2) the training of the Soldiers manning the TCP, (3) TCP procedures, (4) the local security situation, (5) enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), (6) the Rules of Engagement (ROE) employed during the incident, and (7) any coordination effected with the Soldiers at the TCP or their higher levels of command on the transport of Ms. Sgrena from Baghdad to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). (Annex 1A).

Boycott Israel

Faruque Ahmed, 01.05.2005 16:04

Indeed every nation, including Australia should reject normalized relations with the Zionist entity! Salud!

The USA, Political Islam and 21st Century Humanity

Maryam Namazie, 01.05.2005 15:20

The USA, Political Islam and 21st Century Humanity

Are religious resistance groups in Iraq fascist?

Siyaves Azeri responds, 01.05.2005 15:12

Are religious resistance groups in Iraq fascist?

Covert Action Quarterly: The Supreme Court and &quot;Enemy Combatants&quot;

Marc Norton, 01.05.2005 14:58

"If my thought dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in a guillotine."
-Bob Dylan, It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)


search and destroy, 01.05.2005 13:26


Inmterview with FAA Division Chief John Callahan: October 2000

Dr. Steven Greer, 01.05.2005 10:25

The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

Bilderberg 2005

Arkann, 01.05.2005 08:41

Le groupe des Bilderberg, connus de ceux qui cherchent à savoir qui dirige en coulisse le monde, se réunit chaque année afin de décider du sort de l'humanité. Cette année, c'est en Allemagne qu'ils se rassemblent en toute discrétion.

To Mr. Dean

Cindy Sheehan, 01.05.2005 02:21

"Mr. Dean, don't you think that the Iraqi people can rebuild their own country? Before the US invasion in March of 2003, they had a very capable work force filled with construction workers, contractors, engineers, etc."

How can progressive forces in South America can be protected?

Bill, 01.05.2005 02:04

"If power will not yield to the interests of the people, then it must be confronted with power that is acting on behalf of the people. That power can be exercised by going to the streets, in nonviolent civil disobedience, as we are seeing in Mexico now, or through the power of the vote as we saw in Venezuela last year. But in the final analysis, when power will not listen to reason or the voice of democracy, and insists on turning to battlefield tactics, in that arena, the only thing a tank understands is another tank."

Belgian doctors bill U.S. for treating Iraqi girl

jamie, 01.05.2005 01:46

De Belder said he sent the bill to the U.S. embassy because international law dictated that an occupying force was responsible for the well-being of the country's people. U.S. embassy officials were not immediately available for comment.

Breaking: new leak of secret document reveals today that Blair privately committed Britain to war with Iraq and then set out to lure Saddam Hussein into providing the legal justification

Michael Smith, 01.05.2005 01:33

Blair hit by new leak of secret war plan

An interesting comment

Joe, 01.05.2005 01:17

Here is an interesting and possibly important response to an article listing Bushs' and his neocon's many economic "mistakes." Perhaps the left needs to get out in front on this?

MAY DAY 2005: Find a march or demo near you

Marxists Internet Archive, 01.05.2005 00:44

A list of labor and radical activities (marches, parades, demos, meetings) for May Day 2005, compiled by the Marxists Internet Archive.

Tuberculosis en Cuba. Bacilo en estampida

Iramis Alonso y Bárbara Avendaño (Revista Bohemia), 01.05.2005 00:06

Un estudio sobre la circulación de cepas multidrogorresistentes revela que la Isla está en condiciones de eliminar la enfermedad.

Zur Räumung des am Freitag, 29. April 2005 in Manheim besetzten Hotels Wartbrug

husch, 30.04.2005 22:17

Nach der Räumung des Hotel Wartburg - zweite Pressemitteilung der Besetzer

Will Colombia Be the Proxy in a US Attack on Venezuela?

Reposted by jamie, 30.04.2005 21:23

Support Venezuela!

"Colombia appears to be the United States' one ally against Chavez — and the U.S. is showing signs of a desire to use Colombia as a proxy to contain or topple Venezuela's government. Hector Mondragon noted in a commentary three years ago that the bill passed by the U.S. Congress authorizing the transfer of U.S. military aid to Colombia from the "war on drugs" to the "war on terror" also allowed the use of U.S. military aid to combat "any other threat to Colombia's security." At the time Mondragon suggested that this was an allusion to Venezuela.'

Lloyd Hart's Feature Docmentary &quot;The Peace Movement&quot;

Lloyd Hart, 30.04.2005 21:00

p "The Peace Movement" is a feature documentary that chronicles the landmark speeches, inspiring musical performances, from the gut poetry and breath taking scenes that rose up out of the American public against the war on Iraq.

Six U.S. soldiers killed by bombs in Iraq

Reposted by jamie from and, 30.04.2005 20:29

Despite some mainstream spin, the articles below indicate that "our troops" are being sent into a hell in Iraq that few will expect. Please see that as many people as possible read these notes, especially any kids preparing to give in to the "poverty draft." Peace. jamie

The Bush-Blair war – legal, or not? You decide

Gordon Prather, 30.04.2005 20:17

Prather presents the case very concisely.

Spend 5 minutes and KNOW the truth

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