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Horror Of US Depleted Uranium In Iraq Threatens World

Repost by jamie, 15.05.2005 05:03

"The most frighteneing thought for me is that these nuts may be trying to protect themselves from having to account for their crimes against humanity by destroying most of humanity????"

Le gouvernement du Québec autorise les municipalités à confier la gestion de l’eau au secteur privé

Eric Lachance Ligue des Droits et Libertés (section Estrie), 15.05.2005 01:08

C’est maintenant fait, le gouvernement du Québec a adopté le 5 mai dernier le projet de loi 62 qui est la loi sur les compétences municipales, la date d’entrée en vigueur n’est toutefois pas mentionnée. La loi sur les compétences municipales permettra aux municipalités de confier la gestion de ses eaux à une entreprise privée.

Where's All the News That's Fit to Print?

It's surely NOT on the front pages of the NY Times!, 15.05.2005 01:01

Here's a look at some of the headlines that are MISSIONG from the mainstream media, notably the NY Times! These are the stories that SHOULD have been reported and never were!

Media –Everyone's Punching Bag

By Ms. Nelly N. Nyagah*, 14.05.2005 20:17

The media has become the easiest punch-bag... After the disgraceful storming of a Kenyan Media House by the First Lady, Lucy Kibaki on the eve of World's Press Freedom Day, the Kenya's Presidential Press Services came up with a justification for Mrs. Kibaki's action...

America's Shame, Two Years On From &quot;Mission Accomplished&quot;

R. Fisk, 14.05.2005 20:02

"Two years after "Mission Accomplished", whatever moral stature the United States could claim at the end of its invasion of Iraq has long ago been squandered in the torture and abuse and deaths at Abu Ghraib. That the symbol of Saddam Hussein's brutality should have been turned by his own enemies into the symbol of their own brutality is a singularly ironic epitaph for the whole Iraq adventure. We have all been contaminated by the cruelty of the interrogators and the guards and prison commanders."

Love or Hate Parade aus der Sicht des Rektorats

Besetzer, 14.05.2005 16:54

Start der Demo am Theater #1 Bilder vom Polizeiaufgebot bei der Demo vom besetzten Rektorat aus gesehen


Inca Princess, 14.05.2005 16:16


Charlie Motz is every veteran denied needed Medical care., 14.05.2005 15:46

Make Charlie Motz's memorial Sunday May 15, 2005 a statement about the lack of services to veterans. Show respect for all veterans- attend Charlie's memorial in huge numbers. Don't let our veterans be invisible when they die for lack of care. For war, or against war.... that is not what matters. We must provide the life sustaining needs of those who served, regardless of politics. Don't let another veteran die without your voice being heard.

A military question: Can honeybees find land mines?

Vivek Kemp, 14.05.2005 15:38

Can bees detect buried landmines? (Ted Latiak/Columbia News Service) Known as "flying dustmops" for their ability to catch pollen in the air, honeybees are now being studied by scientists to see if they can detect land mines by collecting explosive chemicals leaching up from the soil.

Backyard barbeque 12 floors up

Angus Loten, 14.05.2005 15:35

Rooftop barbecue in the summertime. (Sara Hassan/Columbia News Service) New York City's famous skyline is also home to the rooftop equivalent of a backyard, where cocktail parties, dances and barbeques take advantage of the space and the million-dollar views.

Needle exchangers look to vitamin C to deal with new drug habit

Richard Schapiro, 14.05.2005 15:32

The increase in the number of people injecting crack cocaine has prompted needle exchange organizations across the United States to add a new weapon to their arsenal. Packets of liquid vitamin C are being handed out along with fresh needles to counter the increased risk of infection.

Lack of Care for Veterans Killed Charlie May 7 2005

Protactinium, 14.05.2005 15:24

Who is Charlie and why you should care? Charlie is every veteran, and he was my best friend. If we don't understand why he died, we can't fix the problems the living veterans now face.

U.S. G.I. death toll now &quot;officially&quot; 1622 and rising fast

repost by jamie from, 14.05.2005 13:43

"05/14/05 AP: 4 Marines Killed in Search for Insurgents
The U.S. military said the four Marines were killed when their troop transporter was struck by a bomb near Karabilah, a village near Obeidi and close to the Syrian border. Their deaths brought to nine the number of U.S. casualties in the week-old campaign "

How the Criminals destroy the planet with debt

Antonio Pavlov, 14.05.2005 12:03

Equal Earth how cheap debt is financing global carbon dioxide pollution, acid rain, natural habitat and forest destruction and wildlife/fellow species extermination

Act now: stop the killings of civilians in Uzbekistan, 14.05.2005 10:34

At least 50 people, most of them civilians, have been killed by the Uzbek military in the city of Andizjan. This is deeply unfair and we think it is time to do something. The editors of Blaff has written a letter and we urge everyone to send it to the Uzbek authorities.

BIG EVENT! Tirana Festival of Activism

MJAFT MOVEMENT (, 14.05.2005 10:34

Pora, Kmara, Mjaft, Zubr, Otpor. All together on the 3rd of June in Albania

Despite Continued Threats, D.U. Expert Pushes On

Brian Covert / Independent Journalist, 14.05.2005 09:25

Dr. Asaf Durakovic, undeterred by death threats and harassment over the past year, continues his fight to break the "conspiracy of silence" surrounding depleted uranium.

Arizona (US) National Guard Busted Smuggling Coke Into US

Arizona Republic... and Varlet, 14.05.2005 07:43

16 soldiers, law officers charged
FBI sting uncovers drug conspiracy

Susan Carroll and Dennis Wagner
The Arizona Republic
May. 13, 2005 12:00 AM

TUCSON - Sixteen current and former soldiers and law-enforcement officers were implicated Thursday in a "widespread" cocaine-trafficking conspiracy that FBI officials said will eventually bring down more public officials.

FBI mad about Israeli assassinations in US

Mark Twain, 14.05.2005 02:15

An FBI agent named Doucette was assassinated by Israel. He got fed up after Egyptair 990 and recent Iraq bombings


Arauv, 14.05.2005 01:30

foto de la represión El pasado 11 de mayo se realizaba la asamblea extraordinaria universitaria (máxima autoridad de la UNA) en donde se modificó el estatuto permitiendo la posibilidad de reelección perpetua del Rector, ViceRector, Decanos y Vicedecanos, afuera unos 1200 estudiantes protestaban en contra de esta modificación...


RS/CCNWON, 14.05.2005 00:25

"The public interest demands we determine who is ultimately responsible for these abuses."

Pablo Paredes Mentions Indymedia In His Closing Remarks

marco, 13.05.2005 23:03

Here is audio of Pablo Paredes on Democracy Now this
morning reading the statement he gave in his court martial.
The judge (representing the government!) went on to agree
with him.

RightWing g00n Hacker Suspended From School

marco, 13.05.2005 22:49

"Clorox's [aka: Brett Chance] college suspended him for two years. He's waiting to hear from the FBI about criminal prosecution. His family now knows everything that happened. And he says he won't be doing any black-hat operations for a while."

consolidation of wealth is the proliferation of poverty

FIST OF WAVE, 13.05.2005 22:40


Is Haiti's Prime Minister Dead?

David Roknich, 13.05.2005 22:29

Yvon Neptune remains the Prime Minister of Haiti. He was kidnapped during the military coup last February. The last news of his condition was that he could no longer stand. He has survived beatings, illlness, and finally a hunger strike - so far.

Project Announcement and Call for Submissions: Psychiatric Harm

Aubrey Ellen Shomo, 13.05.2005 21:38

This is an announcement for a new book project intended to communicate experiences of Psychiatric Harm directly to mental health providers in the belief that they are willing to listen if they can be shown something they can't ignore. We want to cover a broad range of experience including people who remain consumers, as well as those who eventually left the system.

Free Radio not so Free in Venezuela english, español

jen, 13.05.2005 21:06

Community Radio in Los Nevados CARACAS, Venezuela: Goverment breaks up Radio Alternativa de Caracas
Tuesday, May 10, during the morning, the alternative community radio station, 94.9fm, a legal radio station, was confiscated by the military without a warrant.


PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), 03.05.2005 17:59


Hollander Consultants Hires Successful Business Owner as New Consultant

Matthew Bratschi, 03.05.2005 17:02

Hollander Consultants Bell Bockus joins Hollander Consultants

Watch/Download David Ray Griffin's CSPAN Lecture on 911: A Must See

David Ray Griffin/CSPAN, 03.05.2005 16:32

David Ray Griffin wrote "The New Pearl

Harbor" and "The 9/11 Commission

Report: Omissions And Distortions", an

expose on who and what really caused


Pro Nuclear Editorial Eugene R-G May 1, 2005

Rick Gold, 03.05.2005 16:06

If you didn't happen to catch it, the Sunday, May 1st,
Eugene Register-Guard opinion page ran a pro-nuclear editorial By John Ritch
entitled "Another Look at Nuclear Energy."  If you missed it,
you can still read it online here:

Latest Trends In Diversity Training

Rachel Stanton, 03.05.2005 15:00

Read about the latest trends in diversity training via an interview with renowned diversity author Liz Winfeld.

US Government Concealing Prison Abuse in Afghanistan

mh, 03.05.2005 13:20

US Government Concealing Prison Abuse in Afghanistan

Press Conference to call for Community Control of Transit, State Funding, and No to Cuts and Fare Increases

Atlanta Jobs with Justice, 03.05.2005 12:04

[Atl., Ga]— On Monday May 9th at 12:30 p.m., Atlanta Jobs with Justice, Disability Link and other coalition partners are having a Press Conference in front of MARTA Headquarters. The purpose of the press conference is to have the Community’s voice heard directly by the MARTA Board. Some of the demands will be that MARTA receive State and Regional funding, and that MARTA riders and employees have a say in MARTA’s decision making process.

God's Doll

Dr. Jack Shepard, 03.05.2005 09:18

God's Doll. Just are man created the doll this girl holds; God created this girl Just are man created the doll this girl holds; God created this girl.

by Dr. Jack Shepard

We are all God's children.

God created some of us for Eternal Life in Heaven and others of us to dwell in the fire of Hell forever.

We have to learn "bondage of the will" is the correct term for the true believer and term "free will" is use by nonbelievers who do not fear God.

As God said to Jeremiah I knew you before you were born. The same hold true to every living thing, including and especially Man.

The present tendency of man to believe in his "predetermined role" does not lead him in most cases to his fulfillment of his moral and religious obligations, which should be "to act as a person created to act like God created the people for Paradise".

Being God created every individual thing and that God created all that was, all that is happening and all that will happen we must never forget this.

If we are ever going to have World Peace we must act like God, "We must welcome the ones who seek Him, even those who on their journey to God may have committed some mistakes along the way.

Mangues pour l'Alsace, Ecoles pour le Mali

Sonia J. FATH, 03.05.2005 07:42

Favoriser le développement de l'éducation primaire dans les pays du Sahel en démultipliant un projet dont le but est d'importer des mangues fraîches, de les revendre à 2 euros pièce, d'en tirer un bénéfice d'environ 1 euro et de le retourner au pays d'origine pour financer des écoles.

War Reporter Bashes Peace Movement

Lincoln Anderson, 03.05.2005 07:31

Calling Bush 'brilliant' this highly paid & published war reporter attacks the peace movement- not Bush whose lies resulted in 100,000 dead Iraqis. Then he gloats about only reading the NYT, and rambles on about his general ignorance?! An embarassment.

1587 troops &quot;officially&quot; killed in Iraq &quot;oil/power grab.&quot; Today's detail's below

jamie, 03.05.2005 06:37

And many of the war notes read like something right off the pages of Orwell's 1984: "Task Force Baghdad soldiers this morning rescued a man apparently blackmailed into a suicide-bombing mission by terrorist master Abu Musab al-Zarqawi." But they can never catch him? And we could never see/hear him defend himself if he were placed in custody? Poor Psyoops guys are working tripple time today in Iraq!


US Department of Homeland Security, 03.05.2005 05:50

The US Department of Homeland Security wants you to know how to take care of yourself should a terrorist nuclear blast take place less than one city block from you.

The following graph from the US Department of Homeland Security's website shows how - so no excuses for not knowing.

Buddhist Monks or US Pigs - Discourse on Economics

dien bienphu, 03.05.2005 05:31

We can be quite poor - but quite secure and happy - Is anyone happy today? Which can the Earth support more easily: 5 billion Buddhist monks who own nothing, eat little and destroy little - or 1 billion US citizens? Or, China's population growth or its economic growth?
Are we organizing and operating within a giant lie?

The Smackdown of Condoleezza’s Agenda or You've Got to Love South America!

By Al Giordano reposted by jamie from, 03.05.2005 05:08

"MEXICO; MAY 1, 2005: For U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, her photo-op tour of Latin American nations last week was supposed to mark a comeback for flailing U.S. policy in the region. Instead – as she jet-hopped from Brazil to Colombia to Chile to El Salvador – the week brought a chain reaction of defeats for her government’s impositions on other lands and victories for the democracy that surges from below...."

Desobediencia política

Hugo Alberto de Pedro, 03.05.2005 05:08

Resistamos pacíficamente a los mandatos y exigencias del poder


John Hashcrop, 03.05.2005 04:44

“I want to meet my daddy,” says two-year-old Fatma Al Kandari as she hands out yellow ribbons to other campaigners. Fatma has never seen her father Abdullah Kamal Al Kandari who has been in prison in Guantanamo since before she was born. Mr. Al Kandari was a relief worker picked up by US authorities as he was trying to help refugees at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.


(1) James Pringle (2) IC Staines, 03.05.2005 04:43

If antichrist poodle Tony Blair - sometimes known as the "Right Honorable Member from Crawford, Texas" - loses his personal parliamentary seat in the Sedgefield constituency, he is ineligible to be prime minister.

2005 Peace Proposal

Daisaku Ikeda, 03.05.2005 03:37

"Here I am not suggesting humanism as something that goes head-to-head with dogmatism or fanaticism in a sterile confrontation between competing "isms."
The real essence and practice of humanism is found in heartfelt, one-to-one dialogue."

This shit is going down: Captain Wardrobes globule of consciousness

Captain Wardrobe, 03.05.2005 02:14

i post these things wishing yours delectation and delight,
and in hope of some feedback

i would love to know others thoughts considering the following:

[this is decicated to Hunter S Thompsom, William Burroughs...and others of this ilk...]

The New Revolution newspaper

duko, 03.05.2005 01:33



The RCP's new Revolution newspaper for May 1st is now available online... redesigned for the intense days ahead with a new look and a hard-edged approach.

Its opening editorial says: "On this occasion of the May 1st holiday—we in the Revolutionary Communist Party are proud to introduce the first issue of Revolution newspaper! What you have in your hands is no ordinary newspaper. This newspaper is the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA and exists for no other reason than to play a role in the emancipation of humanity."

Colombia. Terror y brutalidad policial en Bogotá

Editoriales El Piojo, 02.05.2005 23:17

ayer durante la marcha del 1 de mayo los ESMAD provocaron al bloque libertario despues de lo cual procedieron a reprimir, durante dicha represion el compa Nicolas David Neira Alvares de 15 años fue golpeado brutalmente por estos salvajes, despues de golparlo hasta que perdio el conocimiento fue rodeado por estos asesinos ( la mayoria encapuchados y como es costumbre sin ningun tipo de placa o semejante).


Dr. Carlos Quevedo Mendoza, 02.05.2005 23:07

Se trata del pones en conocimiento del comportamiento corporativo de una empresa minera senior's de Canadà que desarrolla proyectos de explotaciòn e inversiones en Argentina y Chile sobre la Cordillera de Los Andes.-

Dr. Jack Shepard say Abu Mazen does not have a real peace partner in Ariel Sharon II

Dr. Jack Shepard, 02.05.2005 22:10

ck Shepard say Abu Mazen does not have a real peace partner in Ariel Sharon II The increase in Violence toward our American Troops in Iraq will only get worse and increase until Ariel Sharon keeps his word to President Bush and immediately stops his very injustice and very violent treatment of the Palestinian People which has caused them extreme suffering and obeys the present cease-fire and really works for peace, which as of today he 100% has lied and is not really doing anything to promote an Israeli and Palestinian Peace.

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