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Chuck Richardson, 17.05.2005 17:05

This missive, I hope, finds its way to our kids over there.


Adriana EVANGELIZT, 17.05.2005 16:46

LE TALENT MUSELE Le cri du cœur d’un artiste génial dans un réquisitoire sans concession qui se veut aussi un constat amer sur le malaise insidieux minant la créativité artistique et où il transparaît que le NON à la Constitution peut seul protéger l’Europe et les Européens d'une desliquescence certaine…

Veggie Pride 2005 à Paris le 21 mai

Veggie Pride, 17.05.2005 15:18

La manifestation se déroulera à Paris le 21 mai prochain à partir de 14h devant le Centre Georges Pompidou.

Another View

Joe, 17.05.2005 13:55

Here is a report from the real "freedom fighters."

IESS - PETROPRODUCCION, una alianza rentable para el pueblo

Galo F. Benítez N., 17.05.2005 13:34

Análisis de política petrolera en el Ecuador

soirée de débats sur les consommations d'énergies

mathilde gralepois, 17.05.2005 13:27

Les modes de consommation énergétique DÉBAT 19H00 - les politiques énergétiques nationales et internationales, les choix et les orientations - les énergies renouvelables et alternatives, leurs limites, les conséquences - le sens des démarches de réduction de la consommation d’énergie et de décroissance

The Bush-Bolton Plan to Bomb Bushehr

Always Shariff, 17.05.2005 13:27

“Republicans are hoping to shame Democrats into a quick vote on Mr. Bolton. They argue that he needs to be in place by June so that the United States will have the latitude it needs to press its concerns about Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program before the Security Council.”

Marcha en La Habana contra terrorismo y por la paz

Edda Diz Garcés, periodista cubana, 17.05.2005 13:22

Más de un millón de cubanos marchan en La Habana frente a la Oficina de Intereses de Estados Unidos para exigir el arresto del terrorista Posada Carriles y su cómplice Orlando Bosh, quienes están en territorio norteamericano.

NO to EU constitution!

Our rights are not for sale!, 17.05.2005 11:42

NO to EU constitution!

Another Heatwave this summer - Why am I forced to tumble dry clothes by the Queen's Comissioners?

Susan Di Santo, 17.05.2005 10:42

Help - I am not a trained lawyer or journalist. I need help to fight my landlords - The Crown Estate Commissioners, (largest UK landlord; £170million p.a. profits). The Crown Estate Corporation is impeding my right to conserve energy. They are more interested in profit than environmental concerns.
On the one hand they write propaganda that they are "Environmental Stewards" who take climate mitigation seriously; and promote/encourage ecologically sound practices on Crown Land - on the other, they are not providing me with the facility to hang my washing outside in the free and natural resource of fresh air.
The electrical drying of clothes consumes 4 units per hour for compared with .007 units per hour for a 100w light bulb.
I am forced to tumble dry bedlinen for my son who has a continence problem
and we have indoor condensation. They don't care.
We are going to have another heat wave this summer. Why am I forced to tumble dry clothes by the Queen's Comissioners, who are a law unto themsleves?
This is a broader issue with environmental consequences - Hackney Council ban tenants from hanging washing outside when it is not a hazard - why the inexpedient prudery?
The energy and global warming crisis is threatening because of a lack of political commitment on every level. The inertia and lack of general awareness causes failure to act in time. The consequences will spare no-one from the negative impacts that we can all, on some level, do something to stave off – simple things like drying clothes outside instead of in a tumble dryer.”
The following pages have more info.
and letters I have written to CorporationWatch & Press, TV & Radio News Desks:

Voter OUI c'est voter NICE

babel451, 17.05.2005 10:33

Les partisans du « OUI » ont décidés de nous enfermer dans un petit piège logique qui ne manque pas de mettre au supplice les partisans du « NON » (ceux, qui, entre autre, considèrent que la partie III, pensum libéral, n’a rien à faire dans une Constitution)

Le voici : « voter non, c’est voter Nice » …et c’est indéniable !
En effet, si cette Constitution est rejetée, c’est le traité de Nice, traité actuellement en vigueur, qui continuera de s’appliquer.

Justice in San Diego

Corrie Ort, 17.05.2005 05:14

Are these men getting justice in San Diego?

What path toward an independent workers movement? (re Milion Workers March)

Communist Voice Organization, 17.05.2005 04:33

A leaflet of the Communist Voice Organization presented at the Detroit Conference of the Million Workers March held May 14-5. The leaflet opposes the alliance with certain Detroit city council members and union bureaucrats that has developed within the Detroit organization of MWM and opposes the same policy nationally.

Support Chavez; Buy CITGO Gas - Join the BUYcott; It doesn't go to Bush, Saudia Arabia etc

Almost Worth Getting A Car For, 17.05.2005 02:58

CITGO is owned by state owned Venezuelan Oil Company which is benefitting the poor. for the five closest stations to you.

Premier Credit threatens &amp; uses &quot;drastic measures&quot;

donna, 17.05.2005 02:54

Premie Credit hired AMAN Collections of South Dakota to harrass a 57 year old disabled woman and her elderly parents. They have continued to call after FTC complaints were filed in February. May 16.2005 they called and harrassed her roomate who is terminally ill from AIDS and harrassed and threatened him for 35 minutes promising to do whatever possible to demand payment for a $4,200 school loan. Unless a person is 100% disabled they will pursue collection until death and use illegal methods to do so.

The next Nuremburg

jamie, 17.05.2005 02:24

"Defendants in the dock at the Ango-American War Crimes Trial of 2010, held at The Hague under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.
Of the 20 defendants shown here — the so-called "Republican Guard" — only one (Alan Greenspan, second row, second from right) was found not guilty, on the grounds that the destruction of the American economy and the global financial crash of 2008, while regrettable, did not constitute war crimes as defined by the Geneva Convention."

Dance with my Father Concert

Patricia McAllister, 17.05.2005 00:45

Dance with my Father Concert Series to Celebrate June, Black Music Month A concert series to celebrate June, Black Music Month. Every Saturday in June and Sunday, June 19th Father's Day, Juneteenth. The biggest Father's day celebration in Southern California.

Hollander Consultants Fills Deputy Director of Training Position

Matthew Bratschi, 17.05.2005 00:19

Training Supervisor Vicky Ewing Promoted to New Post

Delphian School Alumna Receives Grant for Project in Kenya

The Delphian School, 16.05.2005 23:00

Delphian School alumna Bethany Rogers is selected to help build orphanage in Sri Lanka for tsunami victims and receives grant from Pepperdine University to help mentor and educate teenagers in Nairobi, Kenya.

“A LA CAZA DEL ESTUDIANTE” - Universidad de Antioquia - Colombia

El Pregón, 16.05.2005 22:23

“A LA CAZA DEL ESTUDIANTE” - Universidad de Antioquia - Colombia

Journalist Seeks Meeting With Canadian Ambassador In Washington

Kent Clark, 16.05.2005 21:49

Members of U.S. Armed Forces
refusing to fight in iraq at issue.

Human vs. Psychopathic Media

ML, 16.05.2005 18:50

The choice, in fact, is not merely between something called independent and something called mainstream media; it is between human and psychopathic media. As more people realise that this is indeed the choice - that corporate psychopathy, corporate media psychopathy very much included - the corporate media will be under more and more pressure to change or disappear.


Nylene W Schoellhorn, 16.05.2005 18:40

Our wild horses are being rounded-up and slaughtered. The government says this is necessary as our public lands are over-populated with wild horses. This is lie.

Declaración Pública Prisioneros Políticos Chile

Encuentro por la Libertad, 16.05.2005 15:55

Se inicia Huelga de Hambre
Prisioneros Políticos
Cárcel de Alta Seguridad Chile

Cubans Readying for Tuesday Anti-Terrorism March

mh/iff/ro/mf, 16.05.2005 13:32

Cubans Readying for Tuesday Anti-Terrorism March


IMCista, 16.05.2005 13:03

A small tribe of uncontacted Indians in the
Brazilian Amazon is facing annihilation as
loggers invade their land, forcing them to flee
further and further into the forest.

Zionists got shut down

Yang Burz Home, 16.05.2005 11:57

Our websites,,,, have been shutdown without any prior notice. The websites were hosted on a server based in America and the space was booked through an Indian web hosting company. We have already initiated legal action against Indian web hosting company. Our problem is that Indian servers are too slow and not so relaible, that is why most of web hosting companies host their websites on American servers. Hence I had little choice.

The damage done: Aid, death and dogma

Christian Aid UK, 16.05.2005 11:56

This year’s Christian Aid Week report exposes the devastating impact unrestricted ‘free’ trade is having on poor communities in developing countries and calls on the British government to end its support for a ruthless orthodoxy that stretches back quarter of a century.

Four tribals die as a result of Police repression in Orissa

Anivar Aravind, 16.05.2005 11:40

Eviction of tribals to make way for industries in Kalinganagar, Jajpur District: Four tribals, including two children, die as a result of Police repression

Photos of Gigantic May Day March in Caracas, Venezuela

Jonathan Nack, Epicenter News Service, 16.05.2005 09:35

Chavistas on the move on May Day in Caracas, Venezuela, May 1, 2005 Photos of massive May Day march, May 1, 2005, in Caracas, Venezuela in support of the governing coalition of President Hugo Chavez Frias and the "Bolivarian Revolution".

Gigantic May Day March Rocks Caracas

Jonathan Nack, Epicenter News Service, 16.05.2005 09:01

CARACAS, VENEZUELA - Two May Day marches highlighted the growing role and power of workers in Venezuela. One was immense and jubilant - yet another sign of the enormous support enjoyed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias. The other was far smaller and more somber, yet still showed that determined opposition to President Chavez is not exclusive to the Venezuelan rich.

See Peaceniks, Chalabi Is Innocent

Captain America, 16.05.2005 06:39

See peaceniks, Iraqi freedom fighter Chalabi is not a crook.

Anti-Japanese hysteria ruins PEPSI Beijing Soccer Tournament in China

ShapeSphere, 16.05.2005 05:16

Why a country that aspires to greatness and respect, is unable to forgive, forget and escape from its past.

Newsweek Editors should be held accountable in Afghan Court

Donald Iarussi MFA, 16.05.2005 01:57

The bloodshed in Afghanistan continues after USA Liberal Magazine printed a fictitious story about a Quran being flushed down a toilet at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The leftist anti Bush magazine must now answer to its war crimes




New Radical Political Blog!

Henry Garfield, 16.05.2005 00:32

I’ve just started a new blog dedicated to the description, explanation, and occasional mocking of radical politics in the United States.

The “difficult” truth

reposts from and, 15.05.2005 23:08

The “difficult” truth in Iraq for the Neocon imperialists is that the U.S. is losing and losing very badly. The following reports if credible, and I believe they are, would indicate that the “general public” in the USA has a very rude awakening ahead. Share them far and wide. As of this post the “official” figure for U.S. GI’s killed in Iraq is 1622.

Costa Rica se lanzará a las calles para oponerse al TLC con EEUU

Tirsa López, 15.05.2005 22:36

Los costarricenses se lanzarán nuevamente a las calles para decir &quot;NO AL TLC&quot; El movimiento social convocó para mañana lunes 16 de mayo a un paro laboral en Costa Rica y a una jornada de manifestaciones "creativas" en las calles para oponerse al Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) Centroamérica-EEUU y usted la podrá escuchar por

Video of Tenet Accusing Time Magazine of Making a False Report About CIA

Michael P. Wright, 15.05.2005 21:48

This is a commentary and invitation to see a video of ex-CIA director George Tenet in action telling a big lie at a March 2005 speech at the University of Oklahoma. Responding to a question, he denied a June 2002 report by TIME magazine, which indicated that the CIA had erroneously told the FBI, three weeks before the 9/11 attack, that Moussaoui was not an Al Qaede member. This disinformation enabled the FBI headquarters to deny the Minneapolis agents' request for permission to search Moussaoui's computer at that time.

Unrepent Criminal Gets Sainthood?

Lloyd Hart, 15.05.2005 21:15

When I was 7 years old I was anally raped in the men's bathroom of the Capitol Theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba by a Catholic priest. I was lured into this situation with the promise money. I came from the home of a hard-working single mom struggling to raise four children on her own and where of course we did not have a great deal money. So the promise of money was very attractive to my seven year old imagination. Little did I know what the cost to my life over the next several decades would come too.

A “Welcome Parade” of Blood and Seething Anger

Dahr Jamail, 15.05.2005 20:03

"...Iraq will be the graveyard of the Americans..."

Audio: FRO Interview with Supporter of Political Prisoner Jeff &quot;Free&quot; Luers

dj megawatto, 15.05.2005 20:02

On May 10, 2005, on Free Radio Olympia 98.5 FM, dj ? interviewed Ash, a prisoner support activist working to raise awareness of the case of incarcerated environmental activist Jeff "Free" Luers and the upcoming Weekend of Resistance for "Free", June 10-12 2005.

Saving The Environment

The Assignments Editor, 15.05.2005 19:51

Coming Soon... a story as never been told before... He is Mutula wa Kilonzo, the side of him that had never been reported on before... He has represented Kenya's retired president Daniel arap Moi since 1979... His love for the environment shows a one man's determination to reclaim a forest to maintain the ever-green vegatation of Mbooni area...

Racists Mexicans attempt to Take Over the USA

BMJ, 15.05.2005 17:00

In the bizarre world that we live in, merely opposing illegal immigration and all the peripheral issues that go along with it is justification for being labeled a racist, bigot or a vigilante. But you might be surprised at the hypocritical behavior of Mexican National Mechistas at Baldwin Park, California.

Comunicado del preso Manuel Pinteño, desde Zuera

Manuel Pinteño, 15.05.2005 15:40

Comunicado de un preso de Zuera que denuncia padecer represalias por haber rehusado participar en acciones de "guerra sucia".

The Sky Is Falling! The Chicken Littles in D.C.

One Cynic, 15.05.2005 15:22

May 14, 2005. Becky Akers blows the whistle on the D.C. Chicken Littles. In this post-september-11th world, we gotta lose our Rights ‘cause, see, that’s gonna go make us all safe.

Read on, to find out What Happened.

US Mass Media entrap the US into disastrous Middle Eastern policies

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 15.05.2005 13:51

A preposterous case of unprecedented falsification of Ancient, Islamic and Modern History published in the New York Times will procreate further Middle Eastern Dramas!

New World Order(NWO) subverting all nations to the jurisdiction of the Pope?

army against NWO, 15.05.2005 13:07

New World Order(NWO) determined to subvert all nations to the jurisdiction of the Pope.

"And, in light of the documents that I provide with the book version of VATICAN ASSASSINS-I have over 4,000 pages on CD-ROM, with four distinct different histories showing the history of the Order-that's exactly what they were doing then, and that's exactly what they're doing now."

School teacher arrested after hoisting Maluku separatist flag

The Jakarta Post/AFP, 15.05.2005 11:41

School teacher arrested after hoisting Maluku separatist flag

S. KOREA: New Massive Repression Against Migrant Workers

no chr.!, 15.05.2005 08:13

S. Korean government plans a new attack to smash the Migrant Workers Trade Union here.

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