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Breaking: UK to rush thousands of troops to Afghanistan !

BRIAN BRADY, 22.05.2005 01:24

Hmmm. Scott Ritter says Iran gets whacked in June. Iran shares a long border with Afghanistan. Kinda interesting, hunh?


Philipo Age, 22.05.2005 00:57

Esta publicación sólo permanecerá por pocos minutos en el sitio Indymedia-Ecuador. Inmediatamente será borrado..., por ¿Indymedia?

Oregon senator does not represent us, tells arabs and palisteinians 'go to hell'

oregon resident, 22.05.2005 00:51

oregon senator smith was only palatable to a narrow majority of Oregonians when he talked the socially moderate talk. Now he is walking the extreme right-wing republican walk by insulting american allies in the mid-east and playing religious favorites when his state (above all others) does not believe in relgious favoritisim or acceptable injustice!

Oregon Senator no longer represents, tells Arabs, Palistein to go to hell

central oregon resident, 22.05.2005 00:46

oregon senator smith was only palatable to a narrow majority of Oregonians when he talked the socially moderate talk. Now he is walking the extreme right-wing republican walk by insulting american allies in the mid-east and playing religious favorites when his state (above all others) does not believe in relgious favoritisim or acceptable injustice!

In the belly of the beast : Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter, 22.05.2005 00:40

Scott Ritter - Former UN weapons inspector

Travelling Critical Mass VideoZine!CALL FOR WORK AND INTERVIEWS!, 21.05.2005 20:41

a small group of ardent bicyclists and experienced media activists are compiling a VideoZine about the Critical Mass maelstrom. We need your help. We are working to document repressive interference in the rides from police and bystanders, as well as the response of the riders to that interference, in order to develop a broader analysis of how these events are connected, as well as to share resources and strategies for organizing around the repression. We will be traveling to cities whose critical mass bike rides have, in the past ten years, encountered repressive interference from police, motorists, or media.

Journalist's Surprise Visit To Canada

Kent Clark, 21.05.2005 19:39

D.C. 'renegade' reporter shows support
for U.S. military members fleeing to
Canada; Seeks meeting with Ambassador
to settle issue.

Ontario’s Medical Corruption Website

M. W. Everett, 21.05.2005 18:19


media-reportings from the Bologna follow-up Conference in Bergen, Norway

student and school students from germany, 21.05.2005 12:17

a short overview refering the media-reporting and further information about the arrestments yesterday


John Stiles, 21.05.2005 07:48

smalls er whatever picture The whatever
'a dirty little rock n roll film'

Directed by John Stiles

Where: The Upstairs Gallery, 29 Clerkenwell Green,
Shoreditch Tube.

When: Sunday June 5th, 2005, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

How Much: £3.00


Australian Coalition Against Death Penalty (ACADP), 21.05.2005 04:58

Summary and view of the death penalty - worldwide.


Victor, 21.05.2005 02:11

Esto es definitivamente bueno, lee esto, dinero honesto y rápido para todos.Suerte.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Syria: More Black Propaganda from the Bush Lie Factory

Reposted by jamie, 20.05.2005 22:42

"And possibly al-Zarqawi lives in a cave on the moon and the moon is made of green cheese. Adverbs describing events that may or may not have happened, according to military intelligence in the Pentagon, should not be used in articles passed off as news under the supposedly respectable masthead of the Associated Press. Does anybody remember the “credibility gap” (
mID=3286 ) of the Vietnam War? Or what about the Office of Special Plans, devised to pass off all manner of lies and fabrication as fact? Are we stupid enough to believe whatever the Pentagon tells us through their trusted shill, the corporate media?"

Agenturschluss 20.Mai in Hamburg

Tom und Alice, 20.05.2005 22:05

Vor dem Arbeitsamt Wandsbek.. Protestaktion.. Klein aber fein..

European Education Forum, First day.

ronia, 20.05.2005 21:12

he education ministers meeting in Bergen, Norway today agreed to integrate 45 countries in the European Area of Higher Education. That was one of the outcomes of the conference in Bergen/ Norway of the education ministers who had their follow up-meeting in the Bologna process. In the same town, the alternative critical conference European Education Forum (EEF) began. The conference is mostly based on a grassroot idea of organizing people affected by a range of educational reforms in Europe.

What`s so Revolutionary about Venezuelan Coal???

Christian Guerrero, 20.05.2005 21:00

en Ingles- un articulo sobre la explotaion de carbon en la Sierra de Perija- IIRSA, y las marchas en su contra en Venezuela

reclaim our right now

marc chauvette, 20.05.2005 20:31

we have the path to wisdom

participacion en el dia internacional del trabajo colombia

jesus orozco, 20.05.2005 20:27

durante la jornada del primero de mayo se dio el lanzamiento oficial de la fundacion avancemos colombia, cuyo eje de desarrollo es el apoyo a la poblacion desplazada por el terrorismo.

Pentagon: Red States Gain 11,000 Jobs, Blues States Lose 25,000 Jobs

John Byrne, 20.05.2005 18:16

In a carefully worded statement, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) questioned why states that supported President Bush's reelection (red states) had a net job gain of 11,000, while states that opposed Bush (blue states) lost nearly 25,000 positions.

US army and its fundamentalist allies: student actions in Iraq

IMC Beirut, 20.05.2005 17:35

how the US invasion of Iraq contributes to the spread and violent imposition of fundamentalist islamism in a largely cosmopolitan and secular society
published on IMC Beirut

US Must Extradite Posada Carriles: Spanish Writer (PL)

Luis Manuel Arce, PL correspondent in Madrid, 20.05.2005 16:59

Spanish writer joins voices demanding the U.S. to extradite terrorist Posada Carriles to Venezuela.

Leaked US Report Uncovers Savage Killing of Afghan Inmates

TIM GOLDEN, 20.05.2005 16:53

Brutal Details of 2 Afghan Inmates' Deaths

Cubans Expect Friday Important Disclosure (PL)

Ernesto Calderon, 20.05.2005 16:44

Cubans expect important disclosure from president Fidel Castro at gathering Friday.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 20.05.2005 15:40

Una sucia historia cobra actualidad por estos días a propósito de la aparición, ocultamiento y extraño arresto en Estados Unidos del terrorista Luis Posada Carriles.


various, 20.05.2005 15:26

For more photos, visit:
AND also see


REUTERS/Jayanta Shaw, 20.05.2005 15:24

Indian Muslims ask a boy to urinate on a U.S. flag:

Belgian &quot;Paedophile hunter&quot; still in jail

Jan Boeykens, 20.05.2005 13:55

In 1998, the belgian Morkhoven Group seizured the cd-roms of Zandvoort, a well organisized network of paedophilia and traffics of children. European, American, Japanese, Australian Journalists were coming to Morkhoven, a little village in Belgium where Marcel Vervloesem of the Morkhoven Group was working. 10 years later Marcel Vervloesem is accused again of "paedophilia". He protested in the jail of Turnhout (Belgium) by a hunger strike. After 25 days, Vervloesem who is heavily cardiac and diabetic, is still hungerstriking in jail and the belgian authorities are refusing to bring him to the hospital.

Reaching Angels in Amsterdam

Francia, 20.05.2005 13:51

Communicating with Angels. Visit of Liz MacDonald to Amsterdam. NL on July 12 - 17 2005

Catastrophe in Iraq

Dahr Jamail, 20.05.2005 13:48

"One of his arms was broken and a hole was drilled into the side of his head."

"I watched the news about the aforementioned statements by al-Dahri on Al-Jazeera with one of my close Iraqi friends here. As we watched the large funeral procession with the body of the murdered cleric while al-Dahri made his ferocious statements, I watched her head drop into her hands as she said softly, "This is so horrible what has happened to my country since the Americans came."

Send him (the terrorist Posada) to Caracas)

Repost from by jamie, 20.05.2005 13:25

"It is clear, though, that the Venezuelan leader, first elected in 1998 and winner of a referendum on his presidency last August, has a more receptive audience in the neighborhood. Since 2001, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay have joined Peru and Chile with left-of-center presidents. While most of them are still wary of Castro, Chávez is increasingly embraced. He has a "preferential treatment" agreement to subsidize oil to Central American and Caribbean countries and is launching a regional television network. And just last month a Washington-backed candidate was defeated in favor of a pro-Chávez one for head of the Organization of American States, largely seen as a rebuff of US influence in the region."

Galloway says he smoked Cuban cigar in US senate

Repost by jamie, 20.05.2005 13:16

"Mr Galloway, who gave a spirited defence Tuesday before a US subcommittee investigating the UN oil-for-food scandal, accused US President George W. Bush and Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair of being the real villains.

“I did a bit of sanctions busting in Washington yesterday, I smoked a Havana cigar just like this one,” the 50-year-old Scotsman told a London rally of his left-wing, anti-war, political party Respect."

FCC thrashing your rights!

remixamerica, 20.05.2005 13:12

How the FCC is thwarting democracy!


observer, 20.05.2005 12:26


Okay, fancy this:

Suppose George Bush wants to dump Laura for Condi.

After all, if Bush marries Condi, there's a good chance he'll be around the White House for 8 MORE YEARS should she be elected president in 2008.

Problem: Laura. She's breathing.

Michael Moore's Axis of Elvis will put your protest photos on his website

Elvis Reincarnated, 20.05.2005 11:03

Strange but true - Michael Moore's assignment to you: Dress up like Elvis, protest the war and send him the photos.


H.P. ALBARELLI JR., 20.05.2005 10:51


Assata Shakur, A Conversation between her Prosecutor, and an Exiled African-American Human Rights Defender

Aisha, 20.05.2005 10:31

Assata Shakur Why Does the United States Government really want her back in America (“in chains”)? A Conversation between her Prosecutor, and an Exiled African-American Human Rights Defender

Athens,19 MAy antifascist march

g*, 20.05.2005 08:07

Over 100 arrests an hour later as riot police and undercover cops wearing hoods stormed the center of Athens


Gideon Polya, 20.05.2005 01:33

Two Australian law academics have argued for legalizing torture in an article to be published by the University of San Francisco's Law Review Journal in July. This has deservedly caused a storm in Australia, attracting outrage from refugee support, victims of torture and other human rights groups.

Hunger Striking, Incarcerated NS Mother, Demands Justice!

Carline VandenElsen, 20.05.2005 00:56

Mother will go on hunger strike to get her baby back and get justice for her family.
Convicted of withholding their own baby from the Halifax police, mother and dad were arrested. Baby is missing.
No Justice in Canada.

one of my many &quot;Desktop Wallpapers&quot; from yore (-:

£, 19.05.2005 23:57

&quot;wallpaper&quot; BIG NEWS ON MICROSOFT: Slavery to It Is Ending

The Shortwave Report 5/20/05 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY

Dan Roberts, 19.05.2005 23:53

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

Terrorist action/comedy film set in up-state New York;&quot;Cheney's Tomorrow Never Comes?

Mike MacMillen, 19.05.2005 23:27

A relative of the V.P. makes a film about terrorists in N.Y.,A action/comedy which makes you wonder.

GayUruguay en Undernet [ Newsgroup ]

Andres, 19.05.2005 22:21

Grupo de Temas y Noticas de GayUruguay en Undernet.

And now 1629 U.S. GI’s are “officially” dead

jamie, 19.05.2005 22:11

And now 1629 U.S. GI’s are “officially” dead. Here are the latest war notes from


The article below is from While the piece is in reality a pro-U.S. “spin rant,” the intelligent commentary that follows it is worth a read

Red Cross told U.S. of Koran desecrations

Cam Simpson and Mark Silva, 19.05.2005 21:16

...the ICRC spokesman, portrayed the reports.

"All information we received were corroborated allegations," he said, adding, "We certainly corroborated mentions of the events by detainees themselves."

`Not just one person'

Infighting At Philly IMC

Kent Clark, 19.05.2005 20:40

D.C. Based Journalist Exposes Corrupt
Editorial Board.


SAM CAGE, 19.05.2005 19:55

Delegates from the International Committee of the Red Cross informed the relevant U.S. authorities, who took action to stop the abuse, said spokesman Simon Schorno.

Venezuela Awaits Extradition of Posada Carriles (PL)

Iván Martínez, 19.05.2005 19:54

Caracas government insists on extradition request to the US.

watt is pride

marc chauvette, 19.05.2005 19:12

be the wisdom stay with us forever

Black Boxes!!!!!! Cable Boxes!!!

Terry S. Eliason, 19.05.2005 18:25

Have you ever thought why does the government give such stiff fines and jail time for having a black box (cable)in your house? I think these boxes block their satellite monitoring/surveillance. I believe now through intense research which anyone can do. Go to libraries with goverment archives and read about the technology for yourself.

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