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&quot;Army recruiting is in a death spiral&quot;

Comment and repost by jamie, 26.05.2005 15:31

"Army recruiting is in a death spiral"

The mainstream article below gives an idea of how badly it’s looking for the imperialists. Get active against this war and the capitalists that are so damaging our world and our lives. Marx and others knew some time back that ultimately capitalism would be dependent upon aggressive imperialism for survival. Here we are And at a time when the rulers realize that their ability to get the public to go along with the murder and mayhem is in grave doubt. Organize, organize, organize!

Tell the FCC: stop covert commercial propaganda on TV

Commercial Alert, 26.05.2005 14:50

On May 25th, Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein gave a rousing speech about the “most pernicious symptoms” of “increasing commercialization of American media,” including product placement and corporate shills in “news” programming. Email all four FCC commissioners today to require TV stations to make “clear and prominent” disclosure of all covert commercial propaganda, including product placement and corporate shills.

¡Los venezolanos y los appalaches se unen! ¡todos juntos este julio 8 por un día de la acción global contra el calentamiento climático, 26.05.2005 14:09

Llamado acciones contra el calentamiento global, la industria del carbón y el G8.

Minutemen Car Hits 5 Protestors In LA

Chicomozteca, 26.05.2005 13:55

In Los Angeles Chican@ protestors + allies show fierce determination in the face of attempted murder by Minutemen and brutal suppression by police.

Les plus grandes bibliothèques sont en Russie!

Miqueus, 26.05.2005 13:27

Selon un article de télérama, 3 des plus grandes bibliothèques en temr de nombre de livres sont en Russie. Moscou et Saint Petersbourg trustent les deux premières places très loin devant l'Europe et les Etats Unis!

10-12 giugno, 2005 &quot;Weekend di Resistenza&quot; per il Prigioniero Politico Jeff 'Free' Luers

freeallprisoners, 26.05.2005 13:13

Italian translation of appeal for Jeff Luers

[Italy] State terror against anarchist: arrest, seizures and searches

ielpsn, 26.05.2005 13:09

Italian Anarchist Balck Cross arrested

26.05.05 Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-mer.

Marta Sicurella, 26.05.2005 08:54

Le dernier soir de la fete des gitanes, la police disperse les présentes avec des lacrimogènes.

Unity Call from the Troops Out Now Coalition

Unidad Necisita, 26.05.2005 07:53

Unity Call From The Troops Out Now Coalition

First Time Congress Votes and Debates Bill Calling for Iraqi Withdrawal

Mitch Jeserich, 26.05.2005 03:18

Though the measure was defeated, it marks the first time the Congress has acted and debated on a potential withdrawal from Iraq. 2/3rds of Democrats voted for it and so did 5 Republicans, marking a significant shift from just a few months ago when the issue of withdrawal was taboo even amongst most progressive lawmakers.

katie achermann

graduation gift ideas, 26.05.2005 02:58

Plastic surgery has taken over... our society has distorted out reality.

Graduation Gift Ideas

Katie Achermann, 26.05.2005 02:56

More and more plastic surgery is being thought of as a gift idea....

LEAKED: G8 Climate Decisions Draft

matthew, 26.05.2005 01:23

"Draft G8 Climate Change and Sustainable Energy text for FASS– May 3rd". This is the leaked draft G8 decisions on Climate / Energy.

Standardized Testing - A Inadequate Measuring Tool

Deanna Murrell, 26.05.2005 01:16

Teachers feelings and the consequences of standardized tests.

Standardized Tests and Ramifications on Moral

Deanna Murrell, 26.05.2005 00:59

This is a more indepth article on the pressures of standardized testing on teachers.

Pressures of Standardized Testing on Teachers

Deanna Murrell, 26.05.2005 00:55

Accountability pressures with standardized tests have created an arduous situation for all.


Me, 25.05.2005 23:47

Fight By The Newspaper Machines

FBI Files: Koran Flushed Down Toilet Post, 25.05.2005 23:43

Newsweek, hello?

Pipeline Responsible for Afghan War Opens Today

Various, 25.05.2005 21:38

The Caspian Basin Pipeline, the reason British and US troops were headed to Afghanistan before 911, the reason they only wish to control a small corridor within the country, leaving the rest of the country and its inhabitants to the brutal Warlords and Heroin producers, opened today. Soon, the pockets of the Criminals who started this war will be filling with Blood/Oil Money.

Madame DeFarge Confirmed By Diebold Installed Senators

Texas Abolition Support, 25.05.2005 20:55

serially executing judge confirmed by

U.S Scientific Research For Global Governance

geral sosbee, 25.05.2005 20:03

The killings of millions of people over the past several centuries is simply a prologue to the New World Order homicidal madness.

FBI accused over torture in detention: HRW

Declan Walsh, 25.05.2005 19:03

HRW said the case highlighted US complicity in "outrageous" human rights abuses committed in the name of a "war on terror".

Amnesty slams Israel 'war crimes'

BBC, 25.05.2005 17:43

Israel disguises assassinations as attempted arrests: rights group

Here come the death squads for Iraq

A repost from Sara, 25.05.2005 16:36

"KARACHI - With the Iraqi resistance showing no signs of wavering and extending its roots deep into the population, the US has realized that to counter this threat it must change its approach. Asia Times Online has learned that the US, instead of training up a regular professional Iraqi army, will create what in effect will be armed militias, acting under US central command, to take the militias of the resistance on at their own game."

Myanmar-India gas pipeline may be in place within five years, says

Min Saw Rakhine, 25.05.2005 16:01

Myanmar-India gas pipeline may be in place within five years, says
Indian official

Els Països Catalans volem un lloc a indymedia

Pex, 25.05.2005 12:14

Els Països Catalans a indymedia

Els Països Catalans volem un lloc a indymedia

Pex, 25.05.2005 11:58

Els Països Catalans a indymedia

Llamada a activistas internacionales para participar en el Verano de la libertad en Palestina

ISM (International Solidarity Movement), 25.05.2005 11:45

internacionales en palestina Se publica la convocatoria para que activistas internacionales se sumen a las acciones de resistencia directa no violenta contra la ocupación israelí de Palestina

Non à la consitution : l'Europe se fout de vous!

Mel', 25.05.2005 11:04

Il semble que les institutions européenne soient décidées à ne tenir aucun compte de l'avis des populations concernées. La Belgique n'a eu droit à aucune consultation, la France, à un simulacre de consultation populaire dont la Commission Européenne est bien décidée à ne pas tenir compte. Ce n'est pas une Constitution qu'on nous propose, c'est un coup d'état qu'on nous impose!

TURKEY: FEAR OF TORTURE / Conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan abused by other prisoners

War Resisters' International, 25.05.2005 09:29

Mehmet Tarhan War Resisters' International fears for the safety of imprisoned Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan, presently awaiting trial in the Military Prison of Sivas.


Richard Neville, 25.05.2005 08:10

johnny Perhaps Tony Blair will find a way to reconcile the blood on his hands with the Christ in his heart. Perhaps George Bush will keep to his program of closing his eyes to bad news, blocking his ears with his I-Pod and wheeling in Billy Graham junior… John Howard stands alone like Saddam Hussein, a prisoner of his illusions, suffering a rare dark night of the soul, a moment captured by spycam and revealed to the world.

How The U.S. Press Has Sanitized The War in Iraq: Video/Transcript

DN/CCNWON, 25.05.2005 01:02

Images of thousands of dead U.S. soldiers helped to turn the tide of public opinion against the Vietnam War, but now photo-journalists are even banned from military funerals at Arlington national cemetery. A report this weekend in the Los Angeles Times documented the extremely rare publication of photos of American casualties in six major newspapers during a sixth month period. Readers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Washington Post never saw a single picture of a dead serviceman or servicewoman in their morning papers.


Grant Nichols, 25.05.2005 00:33


For the sake of the kids; West Virginia Residents Confront Massey Energy

Mountain Justice Summer, 25.05.2005 00:16

While Massey Energy stockholders met at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, parents, grandparents, and other residents of Coal River Valley, West Virginia rallied to oppose Massey's operations adjacent to Marsh Fork Elementary School. Two grandmothers and a third resident of the valley attempted to deliver a list of demands. The residents were met by the plant's head of security who refused to allow them to present their demands. When the residents again attempted to present their demands, they were arrested in a moving and dramatic act of civil conscience.

I got me a website now

Nobody, 24.05.2005 23:54

It's a little dense, and I can't think most of you are going to care, but here it is anyway, along with an article I put on it.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya - Bancomer cancela cuentas de Zapatistas

Eureka!, 24.05.2005 23:00

El 19 de mayo el Banco Bilbao Vizcaya-Bancomer notificó a Enlace Civil que sus cuentas eran canceladas. La explicación: "que el banco debía protegerse del lavado de dinero".

The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie

Repost by Sara, 24.05.2005 22:30

Follows 115 lies about 9/11 that will never go away until the leaders of this out government come down like the twin towers so meanly blown down by our "demon leaders."

Death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq now at 1645. Insurgents, stronger, more determined than ever

Repost by jamie, 24.05.2005 22:12

"Official" death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq now at 1645. Insurgents, stronger, more determined than ever. Details follow:

"The death rate in Iraq this month among members of the National Guard and Reserve is the highest since January and one of the highest of the entire war ... At least 21 part-time soldiers and Marines have died in May ...
05/24/05 AP: Surge in U.S. Deaths in Iraq Draws Concern
The surge in deaths of U.S. soldiers in recent weeks has raised concern that insurgents may again be focusing their sights on American forces. Eighteen U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq during the past week - 14 in the past three days alone."

Rock For Peace '05

Aptos High School Peace Club, 24.05.2005 22:04

A Student-produced benefit concert to unite local high school, peace and social justice organizations.
When: June 3, 7-11 PM
Where: The Veteren's Hall, Santa Cruz, CA
How Much: $5 donation

multinationals aided Latin American death squads

bill vaN auken, 24.05.2005 21:53

They Kill, We Burn, They Lie, we Turn up the Heat Major US and European corporations collaborated intimately with Latin American military dictatorships in the 1960s and 1970s, fingering militant workers for arrest, torture and often death, according to an article that appeared this week in the Brazilian daily O Globo.

us - eU pEOPLE fOUND TO lACK bRAINS- fascism as modern culture

derrick henson, 24.05.2005 20:40

The chILDREN, mOTHERS, fARMERS wILL sUFFER BECAUSE us eu fASCISTS FOOL US ALL We have been unable to find writers in the US (beyond a few old Marxist professors) who ever say anything even remotely educational...the articles posted to Indymedias (US indys being the worst!) are from middle class, nationalistic or liberal (conspiracy, simplistic arguments, etc.) perspective. These are of little value to anything (Bush loves Indymedia!). NPR is like Fox News and most people in North America have to tune into BBC for even an intelligent centrist middle class view.

Chief Coroner Branded Cancer QUACK..!

Malcolm W. Everett, 24.05.2005 19:25

Barry A. McLellan MD LIAR According to a CMAJ-JAMC report on medical ethics "The profession has accepted that dishonesty is necessary because of the dire consequences of being truthful".


By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez, 24.05.2005 19:23

President Fidel Castro's speeches about terrorism over the last two and a half months included ample evidence on how dozens of
anti-Cuba groups in Florida receive their life blood from Washington.
The longest lasting and the most influential organization at a governmental level is beyond a doubt, the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF).

Road Collective!!!

Alex, ROAD collective, 24.05.2005 19:14

A quick introduction and outreach. Of an new Ontario based Anarchist resource and group.


HomicidalMercury, 24.05.2005 18:47

Municipality wants to ban famous hacker gathering

Urgent Action! Mexican political prisoner Jacobo Silva at risk

Group of Relatives and Friends of Political Prisoners in Mexico, 24.05.2005 18:21

We fear for the physical integrity and life of the Mexican political prisoner Jacobo Silva Nogales. Jacobo has been continuously fighting to have the most basic rights of the prisoners in the maximum security prison of La Palma respected since they were taken away by the prison authorities. Recently, and very suddenly, his health has mysteriously weakened. He has started to have unbearable headaches, and very unstable blood pressure, forcing him to stay in bed for entire days. Jacobo’s physical appearance has also been affected as he has lost weight and is visibly ill. These are also symptoms experienced by two other prisoners who have also been asking for their rights to be respected. We are concerned that he might be receiving poisoned food or narcotics as a form of retaliation by the prison authorities for having demanded that that his rights be respected.

Del lobo, todos los pelos

Néstor Núñez, 24.05.2005 18:19

El gobierno de George bush ampara al terrorista Luís Posada Carriles e intenta librarlo de la acción de la justicia, lo que desacredita la política de la adminitración en su pretendida guerra universal contra el extremismo violento.

Finding Common Ground—A message to Liberals

Larissa, 24.05.2005 17:57

Explanation and possible solution to the extreme polarization seen in the US during and after the Nov 2004 elections.

Audio: Exclusive Interview with HBO/NBC's JIM LAMPLEY on his Huffington Post firefight after blogging that Election 2004 was &quot;the biggest crime in the history of the nation!&quot;

Brad, 24.05.2005 17:31

"Karl Rove isn't capable of conceiving and executing such a grandiose crime? Wake up.": JIM LAMPLEY


Is Bush a Sith Lord?


Doug Newman, 24.05.2005 16:47

"Save the Whales!" Current News is showing Anti-whaling groups are forming worldwide daily in preparing for a last-ditch stand, and the threat from the whaling nations of Japan, Norway, Iceland and perhaps now Korea, are real. The whales we have come to love through Whale watching as they have slowly begun to recover from almost total annihilation,

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