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Canadian Prime Minister Meets Palestinian Authority President Abbas

News Release, 27.05.2005 22:57

Prime Minister Paul Martin welcomed Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to Ottawa today for a working visit, the first since Mr. Abbas' election as President of the PA in January 2005. It was also the first visit to Canada by the head of the PA since 2000.

Convocatoria al encuentro internacional &quot;Contra el terrorismo, por la verdad y la justicia&quot;

Capítulo Cubano de la red de redes &quot;En defensa de la Humanidad&quot;, 27.05.2005 22:24

A intelectuales, artistas, líderes sindicales, luchadores y luchadoras sociales, parlamentarios y parlamentarias y dirigentes políticos de América Latina

Convocan en Cuba a encuentro internacional &quot;Contra el terrorismo, por la verdad y la justicia

CARIDAD LAFITA NAVARRO, 27.05.2005 22:13

Este Encuentro, convocado por el Capítulo Cubano de la red de redes "En Defensa de la Humanidad" está previsto para los días 2 y 3 de junio en el Palacio de Convenciones en La Habana y tendrá como objetivo central debatir y escuchar testimonios de víctimas del terrorismo en América Latina y apoyar la solicitud de extradición de los terroristas Posada Carriles y Orlando Bosch

NUJ wins union recognition battle with new media giant AOL

Donnacha DeLong, 27.05.2005 22:09

The NUJ was awarded automatic recognition at AOL (UK) part of the giant US media conglomerate AOL on Wednesday. (25/5/05).

Activism: Campaign Launched: &quot;Bush is guilty of nothing less than TREASON. Personally, I think he should hang for Treason and War Crimes.&quot;

Downing, 27.05.2005 21:06

"Bush is guilty of nothing less than TREASON."
"Bush is guilty of nothing less than TREASON."
"Bush is guilty of nothing less than TREASON."

Delphi Academy of Florida Student Named State Champion in Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest

Delphi Academy of Florida, 27.05.2005 20:35

Delphi Academy student Norman Egloff recognized as the third grade State Champion in Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest

Egypt's Cosmetic Democracy And What It's Worth

Angelique van Engelen at, 27.05.2005 19:41

The Egyptian population’s referendum on a constitutional amendment paving the way for a more convincing democracy has turned out as expected; A yes vote the French Yes camp would be envious of: 82.9% approval. Apparently, this is a good indicator of what the Egyptian president can expect to gain in the September elections.

A Whisper in the Geat Desert: WInds of Destruction

An Arabian Airforce Pilot, 27.05.2005 19:22

farewell fahd - trator to islam - puppet pig to the Bush Neo Con Falangists tHE gREAT wAR OF aRABIA is less than a week a way - Now perhaps you can fathom why the Devil - Induced GW Bush invaded Iraq and killed so many - BECAUSE SAUDLAND ARABIA WAS THE REAL TARGET, THE REAL DANGER AND THE PRIZE.

mOST aRABIAN kINGS HAVE BEEN MURDERED IN OFFICE AND NOW WE SHALL SEE A BLOOD BATH OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS - NUCLEAR TRIGGERS ARE BEING PLACED ON THE JIHAD BOMBS AND The US is frantically trying to activate the decommision devices that it plants on all US sold military aircraft ( of which the Arabians have bought many billions of dollars worth]

Affordable Housing Week 2005

Larissa Heeren, 27.05.2005 18:36

News brief on Affordable Housing Week 2005 in Sonoma County and study released on homelessness in the area.

Big Box Takes Over Small Town Again

Katie McMillan, 27.05.2005 18:07

Target moving into Petaluma California. Small business' fear closing.

Bush, Other Top Officials Should Face Torture Probes, Says Amnesty; Urges Arrests if Warranted

OneWorld, 27.05.2005 18:00

''If those investigations support prosecution, the governments should arrest any official who enters their territory and begin legal proceedings against them,''

To San Francisco and Back by Fall 2009

Daryl Khoo and Larissa Heeren, Sonoma State University, 27.05.2005 17:56

Over View of What has happened recently and what is to come for rail in Sonoma and Marin county.

TCE : La position bancale de Libération

Tod Forster, 27.05.2005 17:49

Libération, en prenant le même virage que le journal "le Monde" après sa prise de contrôle par des intérêts financiers, est en train de se discréditer, lentement mais sûrement.
Un belle métaphore, sinon un exemple, de la tendance politique néo-Libéraltion de ce « Traité Constitutionnel Européen »...

Ageism and the Degradation of Our Society

Chris Edson, 27.05.2005 17:41

With the baby boom generation coming of age, we must confront ageism in the US.

Junior Achievement Program

Katie McMillan, 27.05.2005 16:47

PG&E come into schools for the day.

STAR Testing in California Schools

Katie McMillan, 27.05.2005 16:26

day in the life of a school going through STAR testing.

Sonoma State Students: How to Party WITHOUT the P.D.

Lindsey M. Morales, 27.05.2005 16:10

Officer Reinhold of the Rohnert Park Police Departments offers his advise to students.

Bankruptcy Reform

Chris Edson, 27.05.2005 15:46

The rules and regulations of the new banruptcy refom law

1er juin : début du procès de 10 Bretons à Paris

Claude Le Duigou, 27.05.2005 15:35

A partir du 1er juin 2005, des Basques et des Bretons vont être jugés à Paris par une Cour d'Assises spécialement composé

Immigrant Scapegoats in America

Travis Taylor, 27.05.2005 15:12

For too long politicians have blamed immigrants for the economical, educational and environmental problems plaguing America.

Filibuster in U.S. Senate Under Threat

Chris Edson, 27.05.2005 15:04

Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist is attemtping to invoke new legislature, a "nuclear option" in which the filibuster will be nor more, at least when it come to electing future judicial nominiees.

Malta's Property Battle

Tribune Properties, 27.05.2005 14:34

View of the Mediterranean from a Malta apartment for sale Malta property, challenge to Malta's market share of the international property market.

Chicago Actor - Producer Hits the Big Time in Hollywood

Claude Reid, 27.05.2005 14:08

Producer/Actor Claude Reid Chicago actor Claude Reid has signed a contract for the feature film "Elchupacabra" a major motion picture with Hollywood stars attached. Reid has been in several independent features and has directed two short films.


Jule Hartung / Tartan Films, 27.05.2005 11:11

FREE tickets to see this extraordinary documentary.
When: next Wednesday June 1st, 7pm
Where: Central London (RSVP for venue details)

Big Brother cut down to size

Kati Dshedshorov, 27.05.2005 11:04

Christian Aid is offering to cure young people suffering from the Big Brother syndrome. All they need to do is visit – its special website for 8 to 12 year olds – which will take them on an anti-Big Brother journey of discovery.

Tous manipulés pour le référendum ? Message subliminal sur les chèques bancaires !!!

Marc Boucher de Lignon, 27.05.2005 10:24

Tous manipulés pour le référendum ? Message subliminal sur les chèques bancaires !!!

Envie de voter Oui et vous ne savez pas pourquoi ? Posez-vous les bonnes questions !

Saving the filibuster &amp; guzzling turpentine

Daniel Borgström, 27.05.2005 07:27

Call this a "victory"?

Dear Mr. Bush

Michael Rivero, 27.05.2005 06:57

For violating Domestic and International Laws, you've sacrificed your legitimacy, and nobody is mandated to respect the authority of your corrupt Regime, nor render taxes to you to fund these anti-American activities.

WAR GAMES, Domestic Terrorism, OPERATION NAME: Urban Warrior

Col. Mark Thiffault, 27.05.2005 06:27

The War At Home

US Has been preparing to turn America into a military dictatorship
From the Rodney King riots to unannounced "training" exercises over American cities, the US military is being trained to turn the United States into a dictatorship.

Military Dictatorship USA?

Reaction to Anti-Gay Protests in Rohnert Park

Mairin Baity, 27.05.2005 06:17

Recent anti-gay protests organized by a local high school student
have stirred up the community of Rohnert Park. The protests took
place at lunch hour on Snyder Lane, in close proximity to Rancho Cotate
Public High School. The President of the Conservative Club, Tim Bueler, was joined by a group of demonstrators to rally against gay rights, particularly the highly controversial issue of gay marriage.

Medical Marijuana debate in Sonoma County

Yann Therene and Mairin Baity, 27.05.2005 05:58

A new ordinance in Sonoma County has patients of the North Bay in an uproar. The ordinance puts up more barriers for those that use marijuana as medicine. The city council has limited the number of dispensaries and posted specific hours of operation. It was put in place because of complaints made by citizens about the local dispensaries and grow sites.

SSU Celebrates Another Year of Service Learning

Mairin Baity, 27.05.2005 05:52

The Sunrise Awards are held each year at SSU to acknowledge outstanding participation in Service learning at Sonoma State University.

BOLIVIA, la verdad de lo que en realidad sucede en este momento

ale baldiviezo, 27.05.2005 04:01

Es necesario aclarar lo que realmente está pasando en Bolivia, nos referimos a crísis social y política que se ha profundizado, pero también es necesario aclarar algunas informaciones que salen de Bolivia de una manera irresponsable, faltando a la verdad y exagerando en su contenido

Residents and others ask for closure of processing plant

Mountain Justice Summer, 27.05.2005 03:34

Coal Silo hovers above Marsh Fork Elementary Massey Energy, one of the most notorious coal operators in West Virginia, has applied for a permit to build an additional silo and renew the permit for the 2.8 billion gallon sludge dam at a coal processing plant which sits 150 feet from Marsh Fork Elementary School in Sundial, WV. Coalfield residents and concerned friends from all over the United States poured into a hearing today to comment on the two permits at the site. With well over 150 in attendance there was a unanimous sentiment among the speakers, both local residents and representatives of Mountain Justice Summer, to deny the permits.

Military Recruiters

Travis Taylor, 27.05.2005 03:32

The United States Army is having difficulty meeting their recruitment goals, which is leading to problems due to lack of manpower.

Crean Capítulo Jurídico Cubano en defensa de la Humanidad

CARIDAD LAFITA NAVARRO, 27.05.2005 03:15

En la sesión final del VI Congreso de los Juristas Cubanos, celebrado en La Habana, aprobaron la creación el Capítulo Jurídico en defensa de la Humana y en apoyo al Llamado de Caracas del pasado año

Lebanon 'smashes Israel spy ring'

BBC, 27.05.2005 02:54

I guess that's another one for the "those 'conspiracy theorists were right' column ... This one was so obvious it wasn't funny.

House Kills First Vote on Iraq Withdrawal

Various, 27.05.2005 02:53

How did your representatives vote?
Do you feel as if your wishes were voiced ... ?

Immigrant Scapegoats in America

Travis Taylor, 27.05.2005 01:50

An opinion-editorial, dipelling the unfair treatment towards working American immingrants.

Junior College Education Uproar

Travis Taylor, 27.05.2005 01:35

A letter to the editor, regarding the controversy involving Molly McPherson and her teachers at the Santa Rosa Junior College.

The Caging of America! - A WARNING from TvNewsLIES

Editor,, 27.05.2005 01:25


Bill Frist knows: it’s all about the judges. That’s all, only the judges.- He is paving the way for advocates of the five fundamentalist obsessions that matter most to this faction. And he is actually getting it done.


Omar Cabezas Lacayo, 27.05.2005 00:04

Posición de la Procuraduría para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos de Nicaragua ante la Posible Ratificación del Tratado de Libre Comercio DR- CAFTA con los Estados Unidos de Norte América

Coalition of citizen groups seek formal inquiry into whether Bush acted illegally in push for Iraq war

RS, 26.05.2005 22:38


El gobierno oaxaqueno intenta cerrar un periodico

Circulacion en general, 26.05.2005 22:07

Apoye difundiendo informacion para salvar Voz e Imagen de Oaxaca.

Ataque de Radio Comunitaria en Venezuela

RADIO ALTERNATIVA DE CARACAS 94.9 FM, 26.05.2005 20:22

Durante este procedimiento, acaecido a las 10:30 a.m. del día martes 10 de mayo del presente año, los funcionarios del mencionado ente regulador de telecomunicaciones y el Ejército, pasando por encima del cuerpo de vigilancia interna del Edificio Tacagua de Parque Central, lugar donde opera la emisora, ocuparon las instalaciones y sustrajeron el transmisor de señal abierta de esta emisora comunitaria, sin identificarse previamente y sin orden de cateo previo, amedrentando al personal que allí labora.

Audio of George Bush admitting to spreading propaganda

C&amp;L, 26.05.2005 18:13

Mr Bullshit admits it.

May Day March in Caracas, Venezuela, May 1, 2005

Jonathan Nack, 26.05.2005 17:49

The march included many unions, community, and youth organizations, along with political parties and groups which support the revolutionary coalition government of President Hugo Chavez Frias - which are collectively known in Venezuela as "the Chavistas".

Le joker de Chirac: une nouvelle dissolution ?

Guillaume Paque, 26.05.2005 17:07

Pensez-y bien! En fait ce serait 100% bénéfique pour lui. Du même coup il fait sauter la "colère du peuple" qui s'apprête à voter non, il envoie Sarkosy à la bataille se brûler les ailes et le grille pour la future présidentielle, et il fait un pied de nez monumental aux Socialistes qui sont divisés, sans programme et sans alliés, en plus d'être dirigés par un politicien manquant cruellement de charisme...

And keep an eye on Bolivia as well because the left is on the march the world over!

Luis Gomez, 26.05.2005 15:58

"But the second explosion came from the media, and left it very clear that there is a new front this apparent chaos: two lieutenant colonels (officials who normally have direct command over military units) appeared on a La Paz television station this morning. The officials, who spoke at length of the crisis Bolivia is living, openly called upon the people (and on all their comrades in arms) to join the mobilizations, turning against the high military command and the Bolivian political class."

Army's recruitment crisis deepens

Repost and comment by jamie, 26.05.2005 15:36

The mainstream article below gives an idea of how badly it’s looking for the imperialists. Get active against this war and the capitalists that are so damaging our world and our lives. Marx and others knew some time back that ultimately capitalism would be dependent upon aggressive imperialism for survival. Here we are And at a time when the rulers realize that their ability to get the public to go along with the murder and mayhem is in grave doubt. Organize, organize, organize!

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