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The Slave Traders of the Gitmo Gulag

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS, 02.06.2005 19:03

"Notice the pattern. Bush creates terrorism and then suspends our civil liberties in the name of his war on terror."

(ARGENTINA) - We seek to Marita Veron - Dissapear... please, help us (in spanish)

Veron Family, 02.06.2005 18:15

we seek this smile Resumen del caso publicado en diario el Independiente.


Dr. Manuel Fernández, 02.06.2005 17:58

Importancia de esta sencilla prueba para detectar y prevenir el cáncer del Cuello Uterino.
Requisitos para que la prueba aporte todos los datos necesarios.


alejandro saravia, 02.06.2005 17:48

Artículo en respuesta a lo que escribe Vargas Llosa en "El País" de España afirmando que: "Es una ingenuidad de europeos amantes del exotismo creerse aquello de que el dirigente de los cocaleros bolivianos y el gran hacedor del desbarajuste en que se halla su país, Evo Morales, es un “indígena” luchando por mejorar la suerte de su comunidad étnica.

Army faces Recruitment Crisis

Philip Turner, 02.06.2005 17:13

WASHINGTON, June 2 (UPI) -- Embroiled in scandal and facing rising death tolls in Iraq, U.S. Army recruiters are facing serious challenges as they attempt to reach their goal of 80,000 new recruits by October.

"What we have is a recruiting problem," said Charles Peña, director of defense policy studies at the Cato Institute. "The question is whether or not it becomes a recruiting crisis."

More News of Imperial Mayhem

jamie, 02.06.2005 16:08

1668 U.S. GI’s now “officially” dead in Iraq and details on the upcoming G8 “Lockout” in Britain. Also see U.S. anti-democracy moves in Iran. jamie

US appealing to Iranians not to go to polls, Haddad Adel says
By: Iranian-Shi'ite on: 02.06.2005 [11:33 ] (177 reads)
Majlis Speaker Gholamali Haddad Adel said on Thursday that US propaganda machine is appealing to Iranians not to go to polls.

Zimbabwe-Augenzeugenberichte /

Thomas Kletschke, 02.06.2005 16:06

HARARE Weitergeleitete Mail mit Inhalt von Radiosender aus Südafrika. Fotos waren nicht dabei. Der Vorort Hatcliffe Extension (in Harare ist es Winter!) wurde dem bericht zufolge komplett eingeebnet. 3000 Polizisten waren dabei im Einsatz.


Michael O'McCarthy, 02.06.2005 16:05

THE TRUTH ABOUT DEEP THROAT & THE GLASS HOUSE TAPES - The Story of an Agent-Provocateur and the New Police Intelligence Complex and the Citizen's Research and Investigation Committee and Louis Tackwood, AVON. 1973.

israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 02.06.2005 15:52

This is a summary of israeli War Crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 1 June 2005. 5mins (english)


Francisco Trindade, 02.06.2005 15:16


Forest Defenders Call to Action!

Kalamity Jane, 02.06.2005 15:09

The Cascadia Forest Defenders invite fellow forest defenders to a summer of resistence in the McKenzie ranger district (just East of Eugene, Oregon).

Israeli Jewish hearts under siege

Rima Merriman, 02.06.2005 14:28

For reconciliation to have a chance, Israelis must be educated about the pain of the Palestinians. They must be able to penetrate the fog of Zionist propaganda in which they are reared...

La ségregation des Handicapés se Poursuit

Alain COCQ, 02.06.2005 14:06

Je vous transmets une information des plus importantes :

La ségrégation entre les citoyen handicapé est ouverte

¿Cómo se clasifica un asesino?

Ana Margarita González, 02.06.2005 13:57

Posada Carriles, uno de los peores asesinos del mundo es calificado como combatiente por algunos medios norteamericanos. !Que absurdo!

Zimbabwe - Oppositions-Politiker spricht von &quot;Pogrom an armen Zimbabweanern&quot;

tommmes, 02.06.2005 13:06

Appell des Oppositions-Politikers David Coltart. Er greift die Zanu-PF-Regierung und die staatliche Presse an.
er ruft die internationale (Staaten-)Gemeinschaft dazu auf, "Druck auf dieses Regime auszuüben, um grundlegende Menschenrechte zu respektieren, das Recht wiederherzustellen und dem Willen [der Bevölkerung] nach freien und gerechten Wahlen nach internationalen Standards nachzukommen."
Der Autor ist "Schattenminister" (für Justiz) der Opposition.

Zimbabwe: Mögliche Gründe für Massenverhaftungen

tommmes, 02.06.2005 12:50

Hier neue Infos (Englisch). Kurz-Zusammenfassung (=Übersetzung) auf deutsch am Anfang. Präsident Robert Mugabe regiert mit seiner Partei Zanu-FP seit 1980 Zimbabwe. Zuletzt fanden Wahlen vor zwei Monaten statt. Wahlbeobachter sprachen von einer nicht-freien Wahl. Ich kann nicht alle der genannten Grüpnde überprüfen.

22 000 Verhaftete bei Massenfestnahmen in Zimbabwe

tommmes, 02.06.2005 11:49

HARARE In der hauptstadt Zimbabwes kam es am 01. Juni zu Massenverhaftungen. Die staatliche Zeitung Zimbabwes The Herald spricht von einer Polizeiaktion gegen Schwarzmarkthändler. Weitere Informationen zur Situation in Kürze.

Oh God! Look What They Plan For Our World!

Repost by jamie, 02.06.2005 04:18

"The US government is creating a permanent agency tasked with the rapid consolidation of US control in countries targeted by Washington for military aggression. That was President George W. Bush’s essential message in a speech delivered Wednesday to a Republican audience in Washington."

"In a report released last summer, the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board counseled: “US military expeditions to Afghanistan and Iraq are unlikely to be the last such excursions. America’s armed forces are extremely capable of projecting force and achieving conventional military victory. Yet success in achieving US political goals involves not only military success but also success in the stabilization and reconstruction operations that follow hostilities.”

Show Down in Coal Town

Mountain Justice Summer, 02.06.2005 01:58

For the third time in one week, residents of the Coal River Valley of West Virginia and supporters from across the country met at Massey Energy's coal processing plant behind Marsh Fork Elemntary School to demand that it be shut down and cleaned up. Sixteen of the 150 participants in the Moountain Justice Summer campaign were arrested as they attempted to deliver a list of demands to the site's supervisor. Earlier in the day two campaign participants delivered the demands directly to Massey's head offices in Richmond Virginia.

Funeral Home Accused of Corpse Abuse

Floyd Decker, 02.06.2005 00:12

This article is a summary of a Portland, Oregon funeral Home that is under investigation for corpse abuse

Demo und Senatsblockade in der Uni Mannheim

robinjo, 01.06.2005 23:44

Vollversammlung, Demo, Diskussion mit Rektor, Sitzblockade, Senatsblockade

Of Power and Tactics in Bolivia

Repost from by jamie, 01.06.2005 23:27

"If power concedes nothing without a demand, then the objective of every social change campaign must be to articulate an unavoidable demand which your target (the person/governing body/corporation with power to give you what you want) has no choice but to yield. Only by developing and working through a strategy—a long-term plan that includes a series of actions or tactics and that is born from an understanding of the power you hold in relation to your target—can a demand be made unavoidable. Though straightforward, this rule is difficult to achieve because of the complicated relationships, disparate desires and physical limitations that characterize any campaign. Nevertheless, it is what has to be done."

Caravane for palestine

imc, 01.06.2005 22:13


Why bin Laden Might Refrain from Attacking A Nuclear Power Plant

E. Templeton Busby, 01.06.2005 21:24

An explanation of why an attack so horrific might alienate his own support base politically - and bin Laden is very much a politician, The corollary is that we liberals must show the world our anti-Bush feeling to distinguish ourselves from the Bush regime, to mollify some of world opinion.

Día de Cuba Action Day se realizo en Washington DC., el 27 de abril de 2005.

Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 01.06.2005 20:27

Más de 30 poderosas compañías, agencias estatales y organizaciones gremiales de Estados Unidos anunciaron la creación de una entidad, para revitalizar el comercio con Cuba y levantar las restricciones de viajes a la isla.


Michael Rivero, 01.06.2005 19:53

This is why a recent bill introduced by the House of Representatives to the Congress was ignored by Congressional leaders in both sides of the RepugniCrat "Protect the Status Quo" party. Please click on the original story link for further support and source material.

Ask your media why they are silent on the AIPAC espionage

Media Matters, 01.06.2005 19:50

You might also want to ask them if they will mention the part of the investigation which deals with "intelligence" coming FROM Israel TO the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, which helped fuel the LIES that led to the Iraq War. This is where the real scandal lies.


PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), 01.06.2005 19:19

PRAVEEN DALAL, ARBITRATOR, CONSULTANT AND ATTORNEY, DELHI HIGH COURT, INDIA. The aim of this article is to analyse the prospective use of online dispute resolution mechanism (ODRM) in India. The necessity of the same has arisen due to the growing use of alternative dispute resolving mechanism (ADRM) in India to reduce the burdening of the already overburdened courts in India. The popularity and use of ADRM is increasing but it can achieve its best only if the same is integrated with the information technology.

Galloway Wary Of Staged Terror Attack As Pretext For Iran Invasion

Yasis, 01.06.2005 17:07

"We need a vigilant citizenry that are wise to all the tricks that these monkeys are up to."

Iraq War: Drafting the dead

EDITORIAL BOARD, 01.06.2005 17:06

"Bush insists on clinging to the thoroughly discredited notion that there was any connection between the old Iraqi regime..."

"Perhaps all presidents' remarks in military graveyards are by nature self-serving. But few have been so callow as the president's using the deaths of U.S. troops in his unjustified war as justification for its continuance."

U.S. Special Forces To Create Private 'Media' Corp

Steve Peacock, 01.06.2005 16:40

The U.S. Special Operations Command will spend up to a half-billion dollars over the next five years to develop pre-packaged media products for distribution to foreign news organizations and audiences, according to government planning documents obtained by IMC-Binghamton.


MAD magazine (?), 01.06.2005 16:40

As new World Bank President, Alfred E. Neuman aka Paul Wolfowitz wants to focus on 'real world priorities' rather than procedural matters involving the international organization, he said just hours before assuming his new post(AFP/Belga/File)


Abu Mazen Bush's, &quot;man of courage&quot;

Y. Betzalel (Socialist Workers League , Palestine), 01.06.2005 16:30

Abu Mazen, chairman of the Palestinian Authority was warmly welcomed by Bush at the White House. Abu Mazen was given political backing and $50 million in direct aid. Bush praised him and endorsed the efforts to “reform” the Palestinians institutions, calling him “a man of courage”

Use, Copy, Free, WRITINGS and IMAGES or other, IMPEACH BUSH information @, 01.06.2005 16:29

Hello... Use, Copy, Free, WRITINGS and IMAGES or other, IMPEACH BUSH information @


FARHAT QUAEM MAQUAMI, 01.06.2005 16:04

APATHY and resentment to the Islamic Repubic policies which has brought unemployment for millions and prosperity for few has led the handler of the regime to seek the help of an American Mullah to become the Candidate of presidency. As it was his bankrupt policy of Neo-liberalism and Free Market economy was the one that has brought disasterous consequences for Iran in the first place. Iran is riped for a social revolution which hopefully would come from inside rather than the outside.

&quot;I'm the guy they called Deep Throat&quot; : Exclusive Interview

Vanity Fair, 01.06.2005 14:57

Deep Throat Revealed: W. MARK FELT, EX-FBI AGENT...

&quot;Official&quot; U.S. death toll of troops now at 1665 and rising fast. Details follow:

Repost by Joe, 01.06.2005 14:46

"05/31/05 AP: Crashes kill 4 Americans, 4 Italians; governor slain
Residents of Hit, 85 miles west of Baghdad, found the bullet-riddled bodies of four Iraqi soldiers who served under Saddam Hussein and had been kidnapped last week, one of the victim's relatives said."

JOIN Venezuela News &amp; Action, a free weekly bulletin on Venezuelan democracy., 01.06.2005 14:06

Venezuela!! You can help support Venezuelan sovereignty and stay on top of the latest political events with our concise, once-weekly electronic bulletin.

Clan Songs, Uhlastic Times, Uhlastic Spaces. Florida Folk Festival 2005, part one

dwight hines, 01.06.2005 13:32

If you don't understand the difference in linearity and nonlinearity, think of Vassar Clements and compare him to Lawrence Welk, not that Welk is not a good musician, but Welk is definitely linear and Vassar is so non-Euclidean non linear you know that he may be playing the music of the Great Bear. Stetson Kennedy is another non-linear non Euclidean who I missed this time. I missed him not because he is old, he will never grow any older than he was fifty years ago when he was writing down automobile license plates at klan rallies and sneaking off to meet the Georgia District Attorney in secret. Stetson has the self of one who discovered himself young, as does Vassar, but that is not what makes them non-linear. This is hard because I see some of the young musicians playing and they are good at technique but they need to cut the cords that you can't see, the cords that keep them not narrow, but within a lane. Jerry Carris could help them and he'd be able to do it in his own warm way. He's a musician so that helps and he's played with linear and non-linear, even chaos, and he knows his own places to explore when he is apt to swing along with his guitar. Jerry understands the importance of the spiritual and how it always yields joy, with joy and spirituality being completely nonlinear. Yes, it is time for some non-linearity.

Seattle Students Shut Down US Military Recruiting Centers

Mark Taylor-Canfield, 01.06.2005 11:54

Three Recruiting Stations Closed By Protests

International law spooks Canadian Judiciary

A signatory Indian, 01.06.2005 04:35

This is a press release from the Anishinabe Aki and Asini Watchi Nehiyawak. The two named in this artice are to appear before the Senior Judge for the North West Region of the Ontario Court of Justice this coming Friday, June 3 2005. It's worth covering.

Maleny Communities Bid to Save them from BIG Business!

Anonymous, 01.06.2005 04:04

Woolworths plan to build a shopping complex over the top of platypus burrows on the banks of the Obi Obi creek. With development imminent and the community resolved to not see this happen, an offer has now been made on ebay by a local resident. "A park in your name", with a starting bid at $2million dollars. This price has been chosen as it seems to be the only starting point for which the joint owner of the land would be willing to consider.

Why the War Lords Will Lose the “War of Ideas”

Abid Ullah Jan --, 01.06.2005 03:08

The neo-colonial war-lords are becoming evermore desparate in their
attempts are forcing a soon-to-be defunct ideology of
neo-colonial-capitalistic-secularism on to a (unfortunately) unquestioning
but declining audience.

Violence against protestors in Cairo

anonymous, 01.06.2005 03:08

The Police Leads Ruling Party Thugs to Attack Demonstrators
What happened on the day of the (historic!) referendum is an additional
black spot in the history of the Egyptian regime and its security
authorities. A day before the Minister of Interior had announced that he
will meet any breach of "legitimacy" with severe firmness!! And so it was.
The police prepared itself for this firmness in proportion to the
"historic" nature of the day.


International Freedom of Expression (IFEX), 01.06.2005 03:06

This sure recalls to mind some saying about a "goose" and a "gander", or something like that. And it isn't even a real crucifix, but only one REPRESENTED in a PAINTING.

NOW will that idiot in the White House prosecute the scum who ordered the Holy Qur'an to be dumped in the toilet?

Of course not, inasmuch as this would mean that Bush himself would be the chief subject of prosecution.

United Parcel Service (UPS): Statistics and Incongruities

Dwight Hines, 01.06.2005 02:34

United Parcel Service appears to be suffering from a management disconnect because of risk behaviors of their drivers as well as not examining their own data to detect and determine unsafe and costly driving practices. UPS does not have an acceptable feedback system, or complaint program, that would be of help and, consequently, the courts and the Securities and Exchange Commission may be the first inkling that management has of problems. It is important to note that UPS is exposed now for class action suits based on accidents as well as from investors who have been misled by UPS press releases.



Wish this were a belated April Fool's joke, but it's not. Richard Kahn, the chief scientific and medical officer with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has publicly declared that "There is not a shred of evidence that sugar per se has anything to do with getting diabetes." This comes just after the ADA received a multimillion dollar grant from Cadbury-Schweppes, the sugar candy and sugar soda company that is #3 in the world after Coke and Pepsi. Denounce Richard Kahn at

Bolivia Ready For A Positive Change.

Brian McAfee, 31.05.2005 23:01

Current events in Bolivia

Grave situacion en la Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

Comisión de Acompañamiento Estudiantes U de A, 31.05.2005 22:55

es una opinion acerca de las capturas que se dieron en la universidad de antioquia hecha por una comision creada para darle apoyo a los compañeros, por otro lado para poder mostrar la situacion actual de la represion de la libre expresion y el libre pensamiento en nuestro pais.

Washington Post Confirms 'Deep Throat' ID

GREG SANDOVAL, 31.05.2005 22:01

"The No. 2 guy from the FBI, that was a pretty good source," said Ben Bradlee, who had been the key editor at the Post in the Watergate era.

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