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Video: Downing Street Memo on C-Span

C&amp;L, 05.06.2005 20:40

Steve Cobble of "" debates with Kevin Aylward of "" the merits of the memo.

When is Someone Going to Toss Rumsfeld Into a Cage?

Jason Leopold, 05.06.2005 19:18

"See, in my line of work, you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda," Bush said.

Listado de Películas y Documentales Sociales

Manu, 05.06.2005 16:09

Listado actualizado 5/6/2005 de peliculas y documentales de índole social

Waging Peace for Humanity

Jason Miller, 05.06.2005 15:18

Down with tyranny! Amnesty International has taken a stand against the abuse of power by the Bush administration. As an activist for social justice, their stand inspired me to became a member of Amnesty. My essay analyzes the situation and suggests non-violent means for people of the world to end the reign of Bush and his Neocons.

The Bankers Own The Earth [Repost, Updated]

All interest is Vampire Tax, 05.06.2005 11:57

Capitalism is organized crime and we are living in an usury-market economy, not a free-market economy. It is by design that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, not by accident.

The Baron Samadi Story: Lie in the Game

Baron samadi and theodore kosansky, 05.06.2005 08:29

The Abduction of THeodore Kosansky and Baron Samadi in the early 1980's by Australia's security Intelligence organisation has led to the co-optation of the family name samadi. Lies created in the past to discredit and erase the Samadi's "Once and for all" according to ASIO.

Demonstrators arrested at I-69 protest

Road Liberation Front, 05.06.2005 08:13

Indianapolis, Indiana people took to the streets displaying thier outrage towards the possible destruction of family farms, the environment, rural communities, and the silencing of overwhelming opposition to the construction of a needless Interstate 69, the NAFTA superhighway.

Anti I-69 Demo Gone Awry When Cops Start Mass Arrest

Roadless Summer Crew, 05.06.2005 07:57

Today, June 4th, twenty four of our comrades protesting the expansion of Interstate 69, an extension of the NAFTA Superhighway, were arrested in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were demonstrating throughout the city of Indianapolis and were arrested en mass outside of the statehouse for supposedly vandalizing the building. One demonstrator was attacked with a Taser gun and another was reportedly choked by an officer. There have also been numerous reports of the use of pepper spray. As always, there is a concern for the still incarcerated demonstrators’ well-being based on eyewitness accounts of police brutality.

For Iraq, &quot;The Salvador Option&quot; Becomes Reality

Max, 05.06.2005 05:18

"In the last few weeks, with the discovery of several mass graves in and around Baghdad, evidence of multiple extra-judicial killings has started to become much more visible, but, in fact, even a cursory review of such archives as the one compiled by Iraq Body Count ( /) reveals that mass executions have been taking place commonly in Iraq over at least the last six months. What is particularly striking is that many of those killings have taken place since the Police Commandos became operationally active and often correspond with areas where they have been deployed."


notortura, 05.06.2005 03:04

en chile aun se tortura

Defend Venezuela

Sara, 04.06.2005 20:07

"Danilo Anderson was leading the case against the "golpistas" (the coup-plotters who had orchestrated the kidnapping of Chávez and the overthrow of his democratic government in April 2002) and was only days away from formally presenting his case, having just issued over 400 subpoenas."


anonimo, 04.06.2005 18:52

No sabemos que esta sucediendo pero no podemos acceder a ñla pagina de indymedia en Colmbia, ayudennos a solucionar ese problema...............


anonimo, 04.06.2005 18:52

No sabemos que esta sucediendo pero no podemos acceder a ñla pagina de indymedia en Colmbia, ayudennos a solucionar ese problema...............

Erased villages and tears.

Petros Stenbacka, 04.06.2005 17:53

Eyewitness account of one of the refugees in the Balatah Refugee Camp of Nablus, West Bank, Palestine, expelled from his home in the village of Kafr`Ana in 1948, by the zionist forces under Operation Chametz.
Interwiew commited in October 2004

El olvido está lleno de memoria

Idania Trujillo y Elizabet Rodríguez, 04.06.2005 16:55

El Encuentro Internacional contra el Terrorismo, por la Verdad y la Justicia que reúne, en La Habana, a más de trescientos participantes de todos los continentes, hombres y mujeres de buena voluntad, intelectuales, artistas, religiosos, sindicalistas, académicos, juristas, luchadores sociales y por los derechos humanos para denunciar el terrorismo de Estado promovido y financiado por la CIA y el gobierno de los EE.UU. en numerosos países de América Latina, ha puesto sobre el tapete, nuevamente, la necesidad de revisitar nuestra memoria, buscar en la historia las claves para entender y reconstruir el pasado, y lo que es más importante, para que no vuelva a repetirse el genocidio y la barbarie.

Nazis im Lehramt

Annette, 04.06.2005 16:02

Was tun wenn Neonazies ins Lehramt wollen!

Real Terror From The Sky

Repost by Sara, 04.06.2005 15:42

BAGHDAD, June 4, 2005 ( – US Apache helicopters have become a nightmare for Iraqi farmers and villagers who had thousands of acres of their farmlands destroyed by the flash bombs poured on them almost every day.

“These damned Apaches daily fire their flash bombs, burning vast swathes of land,” Abu Mohammad, who owns a farmland near the northern city of Mosul, told

Is Anyone Out There Listening?

Contributing Editor,, 04.06.2005 15:33

The corporate media are the common enemy of the American people and they have to be treated as such. They have to be made to feel the anger of the public. They have to be made to feel ashamed of what they are doing.

Occupation de la Fac de lettres de Tours par des familes de demandeurs d'asile

Droit au Logement Orléans, 04.06.2005 14:46

Appel à l'aide pour sortir les familles de demandeurs d'asile qui occupent depuis près de 2 mois la fac de Lettres de Tours, soutenues par le Collectif de soutien aux demandeurs d'asile et aux sans papiers. Les familles ont été virées de l'hébergement dans lequel elles étaient et mises à la rue par le SAMU SOCIAL de Tours. Les étudiants portent ce problème à bout de bras depuis le début. La préfecture d'Indre-et-loire fait la sourde oreille et laisse pourrir la situation. Le DAL Orléans a demandé une entrevue avec le préfet de région qui se trouve à Orléans. Dans la délégation il y avait une personne de la CIMADE Orléans, une du DAL Orléans et deux étudiants de Tours et deux personnes de Chrétiens migrants association de Tours. Cela n'a rien donné. Il faut maintenant passer à l'étape au dessus et se mobiliser nationalement. Pour votre info, le Conseil Général d'Indre-et-Loire a proposé de placer les enfants dans des familles d'accueil, en attendant que leurs parents aient une réponse pour leur demande d'asile. C'est révoltant !!

Pentagon confirms Qur'an desecration

At-Tawba, 04.06.2005 14:45

Despite lies of Bush, the truth of Qur'an desecration comes to light.

May Day Versus Loyalty Day

Mary La Rosa, 04.06.2005 14:24

May Day versus McCarthy era like "Loyalty Day" opened a UN Conference against Nuclear Weapons that seemed doomed by ambiguities and lack of reportage from its very start… including vagueUS intentions towards peace contrasted by recent trends and “nuclearized” weapons that support pre emptive strikes. Meanwhile, Israel still vague about possessing nuclear weapons adds to its crimes against humanity in the Occupied Territories by dumping its waste on someone else’s homeland.

Sean Hannity's Soul-Mate of Hate

One People's Project, 04.06.2005 12:38

This was just recently published on the Nation Magazine's website.

Urging President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga of Sri Lanka to make public massacre report

Manitham - ACHR, 04.06.2005 10:11

The Asian Centre for Human Rights has appealed to Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga to make public the report on the Bindunuwewa massacre in which 28 Tamils in the protective custody of the State were killed.

In its report on the massacre, which was handed over to the Sri Lankan High Commission here [coinciding with the visit of Ms. Kumaratunga to India on her 3 day visit to New Delhi starting from 02-06-2005], the ACHR expressed serious concern over the acquittal of the accused in the massacre. It said the fact that not a single person could be held guilty for the mass murder would further increase the distrust of the moderate Tamil minorities in the democratic institutions of Sri Lanka. Describing the massacre case trial as "operation whitewash," the report said the Sri Lankan President ordered a Commission headed by Justice P.H.K. Kulatilaka but failed to make public its report.

The human rights panel urged Ms. Kumaratunga to instruct the island Government to make public the report and file a petition in the Supreme Court seeking review of the judgment. It also urged the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to study all judgments relating to the massacre and consider appointing a high level panel of inquiry into the massacre.

Manitham alongwith the Asian Centre for Human Rights, creates Urgent Appeal in web for public participants.

Michael Jackson Innocent: Fan Club

Just Beat It, 04.06.2005 09:25

They Told Him Don't You Ever Come Around Here "This is going to be the worst part of the trial, even though he has been concerned about being vilified and the untruths that he has had to sit here and listen to," he said.

The American Demise

TR Clansmith Unslaver News, 04.06.2005 09:01

As the war drums of the Bush Administration drone into background noise, a growing number across the globe turn their eyes to the USA itself.  The view becomes a prelude to the upcoming horror feature of this planets history - the Day America Turns on Herself! 

Genocide In Canada

Jared Nyberg, 04.06.2005 05:57

In 1999, the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruled that Canada’s treatment of First Nations is in violation of international law and that the social situation is “the most pressing human rights issue facing Canadians.” A quick walk around most reservations shows people stricken with poverty. Canada’s First Nations are number 64 on the world’s worst poverty-stricken peoples (according to the Globe and Mail), beating out Thailand and Mexico. In March 1999, after touring Canada to see the situation of the First Nations first-hand, the High Commissioner for Human Rights Office in Geneva wrote that the state of aboriginals in Canada was like “a colonized people barely on the edge of survival with all the trappings of a Third World society.”

Could It Be?

A repost from Joe, 04.06.2005 04:12

"The DoD lists currently being very quietly circulated indicate almost 9,000 dead, over 16,000 seriously wounded and a large number of suicides, forced hospitalization for ongoing drug usage and sales, murder of Iraqi civilians and fellow soldiers , rapes, courts martial and so on." Brian Harring

Gulag vs. Gitmo

Tapio Levo, 04.06.2005 02:20

You Make the Call (from TNR)

The American Demise

Unslaver News, 04.06.2005 01:13

As the war drums of the Bush Administration drone into background noise, a growing number across the globe turn their eyes to the USA itself.  The view becomes a prelude to the upcoming horror feature of this planets history - the Day America Turns on Herself! 

Given the Chance, the People Reject &quot;Globalization&quot; -- French Say &quot;Non&quot; in Thunder!

Repost by jamie, 03.06.2005 23:39

Forget the liars On Fox, CNN, CBS, and other common spin-masters and “purveyors” of media social control. The following article describes precisely why the French, Dutch, and other Europeans so roundly reject the “race to the bottom,” I mean globalization. Because they still have some real democracy in their systems and the sense to think for themselves they are not going to sell themselves down the river of capitalist stupidity! God I love the French. Time to go get some fries!

We Break Policy for Orphans

Kian Sargent, 03.06.2005 22:29

Trial_Pic The National Institute of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services Change the Rules for Clinical Trials – But Who Pays the Price?

Reply To Scientific American's 911 Article

serendipity, 03.06.2005 22:17

After Popular Mechanics published their nearly identical story - which ignores the usual compelling questions - they received so many critical responses, and facts that refuted several of their weak assumptions, that they were forced to remove the comments section from their website.

Solidaridad internacionalista con Bolivia Revolucionaria. Mendoza-Argentina

Kona, 03.06.2005 22:10

Se Realizo un acto frente al consulado de Bolivia en Mendoza

Margarita Lopez, sere la Presidenta del Condado de Manhattan

Miriam Ventura, 03.06.2005 21:37

El corazon del Manhattan se ve convulsionado por la gran cantidad de candidatos que aspira sentarse en la Silla de su presidencia. Varios son los candidatos. Tres latinos/as. Se destaca Margarita Lopez. Concejal del Distrito Numero 2 de ese Condado que ahora aspira. Todo apuinta al triunfo de ella. Su historial de servicios a favor de las grandes y mas controversiales causas la convierten en favorita. De resultar ganadora sera la primera Presidenta Gay que tendra Manhatta.

Violence Against Organizations in Honduras- Murder of Peasant Activist

V. Cervantes, 03.06.2005 21:20

A regional general secretary of the National Center for Rural Workers of Honduras(CNTC)was murdered on May 24th. This is a brief article in english with the original letter from the CNTC in spanish and english.


David Ray Griffin, 03.06.2005 21:16

Source: (interesting links inside the transcription)

Euro Loses Attraction Due to Rejection of European Constitution (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 03.06.2005 20:08

The “No” result from the referendums held this week in both countries accentuated criticisms of the euro, and the monetary policy of the European Central Bank.


Mario Enrique, 03.06.2005 19:57

Como todos los años, acercándose al solticio de invierno, la región Cusco se prepara a recibir centenares de miles de turistas de todas partes del mundo, Perú incluído, quienes vienen atraídos por monumentos arqueológicos, fiestas tradicionales, demostraciones de religiosidad y escenarios naturales sin parangón.

Inspiring Words from Dr. Dean

Lexis/Nexis, 03.06.2005 17:53

Annotated excerpts from the good doctor as he rallies the troops (sorry for the military analogy)

Scottish Newspaper Report. Protesters Infiltrate G8 Summit Hotel

John, 03.06.2005 17:25

It was reported in today's largest circulation Scottish newspaper, the Daily Record, that anit-G8 protest leaflets have been smuggled into and spread all over the luxury hotel where the upcoming G8 summit is due to be held in July.


Michael Rivero, 03.06.2005 17:03

Time to take the country back, and the Law is on our side.

IMpeachment Rallies need to be held throughout the summer, anywhere the Government and its State Media meet to do business, but especially in DC. Model these after the Ukrainian "Orange Revolution" which was created and sposored by the CIA.

To the streets!!

The Iraq 'Pre-War' Was Launched WITHOUT Congressional Authority

JEREMY SCAHILL, 03.06.2005 16:48

This article was published on my blog yesterday. It is now the original publisher's most emailed article and has just been picked up by another major news source. This is the hot story to pass on.

Gitmo &amp; the Koran

Lionel Washington, 03.06.2005 16:20

The self-flagellation has gone far enough. Is there any other country that would give a prisoner precisely the religious text that that prisoner and those affiliated with him invoke to justify the slaughter of innocents?

En Chile la represion es cada vez peor

Pelao, 03.06.2005 14:40

Movilizaciones estudiantiles, pro-derechos humanos, pro-libertad de los compañer@s presos politicos, sindicales, objecion de conciencia, manifestaciones ambientalistas ... que tienen en comun???? que el estado $hileno, por medio de los pacos (carabineros, policias), reprime brutalmente, en pos de legislacion de un sistema para los ricos

Washington Is the Source of Terror

Paul Craig Roberts (Information Clearing House), 03.06.2005 13:38

Aside from 9/11, an event of several years ago, the only terrorism the U.S. has experienced is the terrorism Bush created by invading Iraq.

Collection Industry once again braces For Major Federal Court Case, Consumers Becoming More Savvy Through Internet Research.

Kenneth Lorenzo, 03.06.2005 12:39

Englewood Cliffs, NJ Based Palisades Collection, LLC., a subsidiary of Publicly Traded Asta Funding, Is The Target Of Two Major Federal Lawsuits. Complaints Have Been Filed In New Jersey and New York District Courts for Alleged Fair Debt Collection Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act Violations.

The Houston Nazimedia (Houston Nazimedia)

Robert Fischer, 03.06.2005 00:40

George Double You Push (Colombian Bush) in the USSA

Action Alert! Pressure Safeway to Post Warnings on Mercury-contaminated Seafood

Turtle Island Restoration Network, 02.06.2005 23:09

This week, with the placement of a full page ad in the New York Times, an environmental organization launched a new campaign aimed at national grocer retailer Safeway for its failure to warn customers nation-wide about mercury-contaminated seafood. We need people mobilized at Safeway stores across the nation! Take action at your local Safeway, and make your voices heard.


May Day, 2005 Central Park, NYC They are a posse of pissed-off housewives from Crawford, Texas, the home of their beloved President George Walker Bush. Usually, they say, they prefer to leave the talking to their husbands, but recent events have conspired to drag them away from their martinis and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and into the streets.

The Wilderness Society commemorates fifth anniversary of neglected yet promising National Landscape Conservation System

The Wilderness Society, 02.06.2005 21:30

June 2, 2005 (Washington, DC) - Today The Wilderness Society launched an online campaign to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) a promising yet neglected fledgling land management system. The campaign website,, encourages visitors to send a message to Interior Secretary Gale Norton urging her to make land conservation a priority for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the agency that manages all NLCS lands. Visitors can also learn more about this unique land management system that focuses on preserving entire sections of ecosystems and culturally important landscapes.

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