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Cuba Elected Member of ILO Administration Council (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 07.06.2005 21:59

Cuba elected a full member of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Administration Council.

Time for an Economic Bill of Rights

Mark Kato, 07.06.2005 21:58

It is time for the Democratic Party to put up or shut up by making an Economic Bill of Rights an enduring element of its national platform

Cuba Promoted Culture without Chauvinism or Xenophobia: Abel Prieto

Tomas Armenteros, 07.06.2005 21:34

) Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto assures Cuba has promoted national and universal culture over more than 40 years of Cuban Revolution.

South Florida Activists Blast ‘Free Trade’ Agenda of the OAS

Anacaradeacia Collective, 07.06.2005 21:30

Tri-pod at FTAA INC. offices South Florida Anarchist welcome OAS delegates with Direct Action. Three activists arrested during tri-pod action at the historic Biltmore Hotel, home of the FTAA, Inc. offices and site of the first "Summit of the Americas", the meetings that spawned the FTAA. Activists used the action to send a message to the delegates; Free Trade is spreading poverty and pollution accross the hemisphere.

Israeli outposts shell surrounding Southern Lebanese territories

Daily Star, 07.06.2005 21:30

Interesting. I wanted to include two seperate reports of Israeli warplanes violating Lebanese airspace today - in full violation of UN Resolutions - but the web pages didn't work.

It's becoming clearer who killed Rafiq Hariri, and led the push to expel Syrian troops from Lebanon.

anakoinosi katagelia tis aristeris anasintaxis

aristeri anasintaxi, 07.06.2005 21:24

katagelia tis aristeris anasintaxis gia ti silipsi sindikaliston stin elliniki omospondia pigmahias


Michael Rivero, 07.06.2005 21:21

The word "Impeachment" is steadily gaining momentum, so be alert, these Fascists seemed to be laying the groundwork for another False Flag Attack in the past few weeks. Soldiers, know that you have no legal obligation to obey orders coming from these men. Same goes for the police, FBI, etc. Taxpayers, same deal. RALLY AT THE FEET OF POWER. Let's give 'em an "Orange Revolution" of our own. Let's make this a long, hot summer for all of them.

Danger - MIND &amp; EYE - CANDY - from..., 07.06.2005 20:21


Students Fight Back Against Ohio State University Mishandling of Rape Case

Concerned Student, 07.06.2005 19:44

On June 6, members of a student organization at The Ohio State University sent the president of the school over 500 letters requesting that the university admit to failing to respond appropriately to a rape case in 2002.

Urgent Bolivia: nationalization of hydrocarbons

Fabio, 07.06.2005 19:12

We are so rich in natural resources and so poor because they sack all the days to us in all sense: external debt, interests, illegal appropriation of our companies and national resources on the part of transnational companies and helped by the international policies, mainly: BM and I.A.D.B.

June Teenth 2005: African Americans and the Politics of Class

People's Tribune, 07.06.2005 18:52

Benton Harbor Rally for Justice There is plenty of racism left in America. The point is that the politics of class has so merged into the question that none of these problems can be solved on a racial basis. For the first time American revolutionaries can strategize on the basis of class. From this point of view we celebrate June-teenth as one of the most important days in American labor history. The emancipation of the slaves meant emancipation of almost a fifth of the work force. The destruction of chattel slavery will, in our time, be followed by the destruction of wage slavery.

A True Hero

Uli Heimer, 07.06.2005 18:09

Courtesy: London Guardian

Bush Mafia Beats Whistleblower

raven, 07.06.2005 18:06

A Los Alamos lab whistleblower scheduled to testify before Congress about alleged financial irregularities was badly beaten outside a bar _ an attack his wife and lawyer believe was designed to silence him.

Supporters rally in Benton Harbor to defend pastor who fights for the poor

Rich Capalbo and Sandra Reid, 07.06.2005 18:06

Benton Harbor is a burning example of the struggles evolving across the country. Driven out of industry, growing millions have no choice but to fight for a decent future. We are met with police repression and the jailing of our leaders. We will defend our leaders while we stay on the offensive in the streets. We are stronger than the opposition, but they are united and our forces are scattered. As we carry on the fight we must unite our forces locally, statewide, and finally across the country. We must go to our communities and family by family show them this is their struggle and they must make their will felt. There are only two paths: submit and sink lower and lower, or resist the oppression, reclaim our country and create a decent future for ourselves. In Benton Harbor, the battle is joined and victory belongs to the people.

Pastor who Fights For Poor is Arrested in Michigan

Sandra Reid, 07.06.2005 18:00

Pastor who fights for poor is arrested for three dounts of alleged "vote fraud" in Benton Harbor. The community organized a recall of a ciy commissioner who is backed by Whirpool Corporation, the largest employer in area; they literally run the area. They are trying to take over Benton Harbor to put an exclusive golf course in this prime vacation area; the recall was against Whirlpool's man.


Michael Coffey, 07.06.2005 16:32

Now accepting applications. Days after international commemorations of the 60th anniversaries of the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a select group of young leaders will convene in Santa Barbara, California to craft plans to create a more secure and compassionate world.

The Death of Australian Universities

Roy Ward, 07.06.2005 15:41

The Conservative government of Prime Minister John Howard are introducing new laws banning compulsory student unionism and the mandatory fee which students are charged to fund their union, the new legislation is known as Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU).The loss of the union will not only deny students their collective voice but also many vital services which are funded by the student fee including free medical and counselling services amongst others.

re: Is Technology Undermining The People's Ability To Organize?

£, 07.06.2005 15:16

advertised without permission Poverty is no excuse for ignorance.

United States starts Ivasion of Brazilian Amazonia - Brazilian Air Space invaded by American plane

O GLOBO, 07.06.2005 15:05

The route of the invader After the creation of "indian reserve" in Amazonia, United States starts the "Amazon Plane"- Ivasion. The reserves are minerals-rich areas. United States executes pression in the Brazilian congress to create reserves in areas wich minerals. And more...Water. Yes, What about "end of potable water"? Like the OIL problem, solved by Iraq intervention, Unites Stades plans
to apropriate the bigest potable water reserve, Amazon river system.. Water, the gold/oil of the future..

por solidaridad

negra, 07.06.2005 15:05

trata sobre la detención de un compañero periodista amigo...


PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), 07.06.2005 13:45

PRAVEEN DALAL, ARBITRATOR, CONSULTANT AND ADVOCATE, DELHI HC, INDIA. The aim of this article is to provide the jurisprudential, analytical and logical support for the decision of the Supreme Court in Sarla Mudgal’s case. The decision of the Supreme Court in that case, though appreciated on the front of its ultimate benign effect, yet it was criticised by many on the ground of certain “claimed inconsistencies”. The further aim of this article is to remove certain misconceptions and to make the “implied logic and reasoning” of the Supreme Court the apparent reasoning of the case.

NAPALC Names Adlai J. Amor as Director of Communications

Adlai J. Amor, 07.06.2005 13:23

The National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium is pleased to announce the appointment of Adlai J. Amor to the new position of director of communications. Founded in 1991, NAPALC works to advance the human and civil rights of Asian Americans through advocacy, public policy, public education, and litigation.

Propaganda's War on Human Rights

Elizabeth Harrop, 07.06.2005 10:12

States wage war in the name of peace and democracy. Yet war propaganda can violate human rights and undermine the democratic principles it seeks to champion. Despite this it is rarely acknowledged, by the media, governments, or even anti-war campaigners, that war propaganda is illegal under international human rights law.

Propaganda's War on Human Rights analyses the legal and practical implications of war propaganda and human rights. Examples of State Practise focus on the United States of America and the United Kingdom, particularly in relation to the ongoing 2003 Iraq war.

Is Technology Undermining The People's Ability To Organize?

revolutionxche, 07.06.2005 07:45

To those who hold resentment against Ralph Nader, I beg of you to set that aside for one moment and just contemplate what is said in this article.......
Mr. Nader writes on how technology, such as the internet, is actually undermining The People's ability to effectively organize.........

Technology and the Fall Of The Left

Donald Iarussi MFA, 07.06.2005 07:05

I first worked in radion in the late 1970's.
I have seen the decline of music on AM and now the decline of listenership on FM Radio. With that has opened up new markets and new niches which have quickly been filled by Conservatives

Vatican assassins: by way of deception you shall do war

Board of Education, 07.06.2005 06:49

Is Vatican involved in September 11th? Qui bono?
Who benefits from September 11th?

<b>Citizens start Petition calling for US Congress to address Peak Oil</b>

Leenie, 07.06.2005 06:22

In an effort to raise Peak Oil Awareness amongst citizens and elected officials, Green Party and Sustainability activists from Louisiana have started a national online Petition at: In only a few weeks, this grassroots petition has garnered 350 signatures by concerned citizens across the United States. Our current economic and social structure, and indeed our way of life, is dependent on cheap oil and gas in every way, from transport to medicine, and from agriculture to plastics - which so many jobs, and thus our economy, rely.

TX Governor Signs Legislation in a Church

Rose Aguilar, 07.06.2005 04:43

Journalist Rose Aguilar leaves the liberal bubble of San Francisco to bring you personal stories from people living in states that overwhelmingly voted for George W. Bush for President.

Delphi Academy Students Return from Sri Lanka and Achieve First-ever Honors Accolades

Delphi Academy of Los Angeles, 07.06.2005 04:08

Three high school students from Delphi Academy returned on May 21 from Sri Lanka after spending four weeks giving aid to trauma victims in several different cities across the tsunami-torn island.

Over seventy students from The Delphian School made their community a cleaner place to live

The Delphian School, 07.06.2005 03:03

Over seventy students from The Delphian School made their community a cleaner place to live. They donated three hours of community service in several areas of their community.

Suadi Oil to Disappear As Soon as We Pray- Halleluja

ABU GAHRIB, 07.06.2005 02:30

sand, oil, blood... earth, fire, spirit All people of God must pray for the self destruct of all Suadi oil facilities.

&quot;Terrorists&quot; on Trial

Dolores Vacca, 06.06.2005 23:45

The Feds call the SHAC7 terrorists but their supporters say that the prosecutors are the real extremists.

Hollander Consultants Continues Expansion into Cyberspace

Matthew Bratschi, 06.06.2005 23:41

“Ask Hollander Consultants” Is Third New Website in Series


RC YUSON, 06.06.2005 22:54

In an emergency meeting on the eve of NYC’s
annual Philippine Independence Day celebration, the
New York/New Jersey Chapter of Anakbayan, a national
youth organization in the Philippines, and the NY
Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP)
have resolved to call for an immediate recall of NY
Consul General Cecilia Rebong from her post. The main
reason for the demand stems from Rebong’s and the
Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) unapologetic
position on the lavish spending of Philippine federal
funds to accommodate a $10k a month rental fee for
Rebong’s two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s Trump
Tower along First Avenue.

Sidelining the CIA

TIME, 06.06.2005 21:23

Of course, this is the punishment for the Agency contradicting, with evidence, the empty claims (LIES) emanating from the illegitimate Bush/PNAC White House about Iraq, before their long-planned, ILLEGAL invasion began. More recently, CIA reports have stated that the Iraqi Resistance (Sadly legitimized by PNAC's decision to choose the path of Naked Aggression) is neither made up of foreign fighters, nor targeting civilians, as the White House is now claiming.

Nouveau festival de courts métrages sur les méfaits de l'automobile

Francois Meloche, 06.06.2005 21:01

Tourne sans auto - festival international de courts métrages sur les méfaits de l'automobile - 21 septembre 2005


GARABOMBO, 06.06.2005 19:09

A falta de razones, el terror, es el único argumento del gobierno peruano, que desde el sábado 28 de mayo a punta de balas y bombas lacrimógenas, intenta desaparecer los sembríos de hoja de coca en el Alto Huallaga y tumbar el ánimo de los cocaleros, echándolos violentamente de sus casas y acusándolos de narcoterroristas. Todo con el servil apoyo de la prensa corporativa.

Where is Victoria IMC?

concerned, 06.06.2005 18:18

I have not been able to access BCs Victoria IMC from Nanaimo computers for the past week. What's up?

A Study in Abuse

John Hinderaker, 06.06.2005 17:12

The victim of abuse The mainstream media ignores the facts about Koran abuse.

Hello &amp; &quot; IMAGINE... GOOD NEWS &quot; Help Create A Global Network of… Community Centers… from, 06.06.2005 17:03

An Invitation to Join In and Help ---

Create A Global Network of… Community Centers…
In Every Neighborhood, Village, Town, City, Tribe...
All Around the World...


Por Noelio Tiuna, 06.06.2005 16:20

La idea surgió del Encuentro contra el terrorismo, por la verdad y la justicia que concluyó recién en La Habana.
Fue, entre otras, la lógica consecuencia de la aspiración de víctimas y pueblos del continente de lograr, por vías alternativas, lo que los canales "democráticos" no consiguen en países como Argentina, Paraguay, Chile y otras
muchas naciones latinoamericanas.


PRAVEEN DALAL, 06.06.2005 15:16

PRAVEEN DALAL (PERRY), ARBITRATOR, CONSULTANT AND ATTORNEY, DELHI HC, INDIA. The aim of this article is to provide a uniform solution for the inter-personal conflicts of laws. The laws in India, in this regard, are not only scattered but also archaic and redundant. This is more so after the Constitution of India came into force. The Constitution, being the grundnorm, is alone capable of providing the solution to these inter-personal conflicts of laws.

newsletter on worker's struggles

prol-position news, 06.06.2005 11:33

The prol-position news #2 was just released. This time the main focus lies on the development and the struggles in Eastern Europe. Other articles are on the strikes at Citroen in France, Skoda in the Czech Republic, the Olive Farm Workers in Spain and the student protests all over. For more see the editorial below:

NAACP chapter defies national headquarters

Don DeBar and excerpted from Gannett Journal News, 06.06.2005 10:41

See the actual meeting of the NAACP at which this ceremony took place - go to - the article leaves out the allegations of financial mismanagement leveled against the oputgoing, Dukes-backed board and calls for an independent investigation of the chapter's accounts. It also leaves the impression that Pam Africa's speech was reminiscient of the crazy base commander in "Dr. Strangelove" who was obsessed with the purity of his body fluids. However, as the tape shows, this was not at all the case - she was right on point in her reference to the toxins in our water and food supplies.

the EU ~ reconceptualising the state

the Inquisitor, 06.06.2005 05:15

Lady Liberty Transcending the State Marx forsaw a time when the masses of the Proletariat would be on the one side whilst being confronted with a small but immensly powerful Bourgeoise on the other. This was supposed to be one of the catalysts for the onset of a momentous change in the social order. However this change can hardly be effected when the masses of the Proletariat are on different sides of the border.

Day 1 - OAS Protest Summary

Charles and Marie, 06.06.2005 04:29

The People March The Organization of American States had only its second meeting in the United States since its founding in 1948, today in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Representatives from 35 countries, excluding Cuba(which is a member but is not permitted to participate), arrived today at the Broward Convention Center. See below to see a few pictures and to read coverage of the first day of the OAS protest.


Michael Parkes, 06.06.2005 03:49

Whilst surfing the net I came across this article on EBAY's website. There is a story attached to this item "FOR SALE A PARK IN YOUR NAME".

Jackson hospitalised from court therapy

Just Beat, 06.06.2005 03:46

Accusers lies, innuendo and exaggeration trial Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone Bain said on Friday the back complaint had been exacerbated by the air conditioning system in the courtroom, where the pop star has been sitting through six hours a day of testimony, five days a week.

Down with the attacks on the Arab population in Haifa

Socialist Workers League, 06.06.2005 01:34

Yesterday the Israeli police following the orders of the municipality of Haifa demolished the house of the Abou Shkar familiy near the Chekpoint junction in Haifa.

Political Pedophile cover Up In Australia

Robert Healion, 06.06.2005 00:15

Political motivated adduction rape murder of young men and the disappearances of a key witness in sleep Australia.

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