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A Reminder

Diedrich, 29.03.2004 04:26

Ten Directions



1. Allah/Atum/God is omnipotent and omniscient. To lack anything, including the option to be other than Atum; is less than omnipotent. Therefore Atum is everything and no-thing, with there being varying degrees of separation. None, One, Many. Mark 12:29-31; Luke 18:19
2. It’s not Allah/Atum/God we’re after, but what lies within the concept; yet also the concept itself. Allah, Atum, God, Great Spirit; are concepts and thought systems to create understanding and express the underlying reality. 1Corinthians 1:10-13 (Apply Principle of Correlation)
3. There are higher truths to Existence. Actions taken, systems, have inevitable or likely outcomes. The result of the cause and effect created by the Logos. Akin to karma... or the karma created by authority of the Logos. [Order]
4. Life is yours! Develope the systems of living/being as desired; results to define, what The Law By Four PreScribes. Sins against the Holy Spirit are not forgiven on Earth or Heaven. Matthew 12:31-32
5. The Significance of No-thing. Atum, of which silence surely declareth. [Zen] 2Maccabees7:28
6. Is and is not define Existence so that We may experience an Actuality. (0,1) (-3-2-1 0 +1+2+3)
7. No-thing is True. Everything is True. Everything is permitted. Manifestation determined by God and interrelation within Existence. Abuse of this direction leads to the afterthought without the Father-God; caused by selfishness and an unbalanced attachment to desires. [Chaos] Matthew7:13-14
8. Allah/Atum/God is perfection. To truly know/understand perfection is to see it in every moment and to always strive for the ideal. An ideal is a means or concept to accomplish an end result and not the end itself. Disproportionate attachment to the ideal leads to suffering. Always in service to the Whole, in Truth, to God. Mark 2:27-28; 10:43-45

Selflessness and Love is the Law!
Be Mindful of Will and Self
To God, Existence, and Thine Ownself Be True!

#1 Faces East (Raphael) #5 Faces West (Gabriel)
#3 Faces South (Michael) #7 Faces North (Uriel)

This paper is but a reflection. All true realization comes from within and is given by God. Faith, then by knowing. One reaps what is sown. Imagine self in center of star. Directions 9 and 10 = Up and Down.

MEDIA ADVISORY - Religion of Jesus Church Sues U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft

Roger Christie, 29.03.2004 04:19

for distribution - please forward
-------- MEDIA ADVISORY --------

Puerto Rico’s University Front Against Militarization meets Connecticut students

Paul Karolczyk, 29.03.2004 01:20

Article about FUDE's visit to Connecticut campuses. FUDE is an anti-war student group from Univ. of Puerto Rico who have gained attention by their occupation of the U of PR's Air Force ROTC building. FUDE has also been involved in the Vieques struggle.

Propuesta de pulso a ZP

Pepe el Majorero, 28.03.2004 22:10

Propuesta de Control popular al próximo gobierno de Zapatero en España.

Reclaim the Commons

RTC Mob, 28.03.2004 22:04

Organic Revolution Call out to take action in San Francisco June 3rd-9th against commodification of life

Tampa foodnotbombs vs. City of Tampa

tampaindymedia, 28.03.2004 21:23

This was recieved by tampa indymedia. Tampa foodnotbombs is in a standoff with the police and mayor over being allowed to feed the homeless. Activists were arrested the past two weeks for "trespassing on public property". The following is a "statement and call to action" by foodnotbombs members.

The Dem/Rep 9/11 Cover Up Conspiracy, Richard Clarke.

Lloyd Hart, 28.03.2004 20:27

As we have seen in the recent history of the United States of America when the conservative elites and their pals the U.S. military throw a temper tantrum like when they murdered president John F. Kennedy for not handing them Vietnam on the presidential silver platter Republicans come out swinging on the generals and Conservative elites behalf, Democrats feign opposition and vote complicity to cover up the crime so that the entire elite control of the U.S. economy foreign and domestic does not completely unravel as a result of the public actually using the levers of what available democracy there is in American.


JD, 28.03.2004 19:56

Free Tre Arrow. Stop his extradition from Canada to amerikka.

Lawrence, KS: We Are Resisting Conference Tentative List Of Events

KAW, 28.03.2004 19:29

The We Are Resisting Conference will take place from June 30-July 3 in Lawrence, KS. A day of action against Empire will follow the conference on July 4


NACIONAL BOLCHEVIQUE, 28.03.2004 18:47


Bush Still Looking for Osama

Shiek Omar, 28.03.2004 18:23

George searches for Osama President Bush is still searching high and low for Osama Bin Laden.

Sexual Education 101

Brent Herbert, 28.03.2004 17:35

WARNING : Because we live in a Post-Christian (or soon to be) society, with many centuries of prudery and sexual neurosis embedded in our collective unconscious, I thought I would do what people usually do in such a neurotic culture, and post one of those SEX WARNINGS at the top of this piece. If you are one of those people who are going to be severely angered by reading a piece in which S-E-X is discussed with unusual frankness then please do both yourself and everyone else a favor and do not read this piece, but find a piece about politics perhaps, and read that instead...Now with this WARNING posted I assume that I can now move on to my subject which is...

The U.S. is being beaten in Iraq.

Joe, 28.03.2004 15:46

A U.S. military vehicle was destroyed this morning in a rocket and small arms attack.

Oliver North, John Kerry and General Gen.Vo Nguyen Giap: Birth of an Urban Legend

Walter F. Wouk, 28.03.2004 15:25

The claim that Gen.Vo Nguyen Giap said that if it weren't for organizations like Kerry's Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Hanoi would have surrendered to the U.S., is a lie.

art: in celebration of chinese calligraphy

£, 28.03.2004 15:13

0.1megapixel,png format Using paper in western art has often been taboo next to traditions like fresco, oil, and canvass.
Does western visual art in fact have it backwards?

NATO Held Illegal WMDs in Netherlands in 2002:

M. Marques Howard: various sources, 28.03.2004 14:37

According to eyewitnesses eleven US B-61 tactical nuclear bombs (were) deployed at this Dutch airforce base. None of the military personnel wanted to cooperate and answer any of the questions of the inspectors, stating they had received the order not to talk to any civilian(s).

The purpose of rural education fails when!!!!

sadashivan, 28.03.2004 10:37

school of cetteapatti village I visited a school in the village!!! 2 Teachers for 252 students. These kind of projects only help to show in records of governments and NGOs that one more school is opened but in real the objective is far far away.

On the nuclear war in Iraq

jamie, 28.03.2004 06:42

The following is incredible comparison of the atomic attack on Japan with the dupleted uranium assault on Iraq. Please share it widely as that might help destroy this "dirty rotten system" we're all living in. jamie

III. European Social Forum Preparatory Assembly 2004 - Istanbul

Istanbul Social Forum, 28.03.2004 06:23

The last preparatory Assembly for the 2004 European Social Forum, in London, decided that the Istanbul Social Forum will host the next ESF Assembly in Istanbul, on April 16 - 18, 2004.

DOJ Asked FBI Translator To Change Pre 9-11 Intercepts

Tom Flocco, 28.03.2004 06:14

"I appeared once on CBS 60 Minutes but I have been silenced by Mr. Ashcroft, the FBI follows me, and I was threatened with jail in 2002 if I went public," Edmonds told

The Passion of the Donald: Getting in Touch With Your Inner Psychopath

Leilla Matsui and Seth Sandronsky, 28.03.2004 04:20

Donald Trump is to corporate America what Mel Gibson is to Hollywood these days -- a savior. After taking a well-deserved albeit symbolic spanking over Enron, Tyco and Halliburton to name just a few, America's corporate leaders have retaliated with their deadliest weapon yet - the Donaldator; a largely forgotten relic of the Reagan era they have revived in time for the November elections. Donald's comeback has ushered in a new era of “Rogainomics”; a snake oil stimulus package to stave off voter discontent with Bush's job-hemorrhaging economy. After all, who better symbolizes the ecstatic consumer confidence of the 1980s than the fat-fingered mogul who wears a thorny crown of road kill on his own head?

Voice of God scam comment by the scientist Allen Barker

..., 28.03.2004 03:10

Voice of God scam. A comment by scientist Allen Barker on actual technology that can mimick symptoms of schizophrenia (hearing voices)

Ask GWB about his secret coalition members

Anonymous, 28.03.2004 02:30

The Bush administration claimed "silent" coalition partners in the leadup to the Gulf War. These partners haven't fessed up, although the Bush team bashes John Kerry for private conversations with world leaders.

&quot;Impeach Bush!&quot; Resounds Across the Country

RAMSEY CLARK, 28.03.2004 01:52

Across the Country the Call for Impeachment is Heard on March 20
To Every Congressional Candidate that Wants Your Vote: Demand They Support Impeachment
Spring is Here - a Time for Lawn Signs to Blossom Everywhere

Israel Restricts UN Food Aid To Gaza, Situation 'Dire'

Nick Wadhams, 27.03.2004 23:53

Most of the 1.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are partly dependent on aid handouts, and stopping shipments there would be a disaster.

The Censorship of the Cinema Underground

Free (of the Irate Cinema Underground), 27.03.2004 22:50

Stop War The Irate Cinema Underground, an independent film organization run by mostly teen-agers, has been persecuted for its views to extravagant extents.

Video: Israeli soldiers come to Deir Ballut village to announce the building of the Apartheid Wall

International Womens Peace Service Palestine, 27.03.2004 21:53

This is a video of Israeli Occupation Forces coming to tell villagers in Deir Ballut that maybe next week, they will confiscate 80% of their lands

CARICOM Urged to Withhold Recognition of Haitian Regime

Jamaica Gleaner, 27.03.2004 21:19

The chairperson of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership (HLL), Marguerite Laurent...
wants CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY (CARICOM) leaders meeting here for their 15th inter-sessional meeting, to call for the 'unequivocal' reinstatement of the deposed Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his Government.

Stop the Neocons and change the world

jamie, 27.03.2004 21:15

W. Va. Sen. on Iraq war: 'My Vote Was Wrong'

Better late than never. U.S. Senator regrets vote for war. Let’s use the turning tides to defeat the neocons once and for all. In Iraq alone they are directly responsible for the deaths of at least 40,000 human beings ( the figure before includes between 25-30,000 Iraqi soldiers needlessly killed in addition to civilians who are still dying) since the beginning of this unprovoked, illegal war. Stopping them in Iraq may encourage a rethinking of priorities that could bring new directions to this tortured world. Goodness knows we need them.

Bring our troops home now! End the occupation of Iraq now! This is what the majority of Iraqi’s want! They want their want their country back now!!!

I Pledge Allegiance…Until I Am No Longer Forced To by Kirsten Anderberg

Kirsten Anderberg, 27.03.2004 20:55

I have not said the Pledge of Allegiance since last forced to in 1976. I do not remember ever swelling with American pride during the Pledge. I do not remember even thinking about what the Pledge of Allegiance meant, until I was old enough to not want to recite it.

Portland Indy Coopted by Censors

S. Rushdie, 27.03.2004 19:36

Portland, Or. Indy site has apparently decided that criticism, however mild, of their poster boy, Nader, is sufficient reason to censor submissions to their site. Guess it is back to corporate media for

An die Organisationen der MRCI (Bewegung für die Wiedergründung der Vierten Internationale)

TF - IS (FT-EI), 27.03.2004 18:58

An die Organisationen der MRCI (Bewegung für die Wiedergründung der Vierten Internationale)

March 20th event in Philadelphia (Pictures)

Rock Monkey, 27.03.2004 16:55

Pictues of the March 20th Anti-Occupation rally in Philly

The Kirkland &amp; District Hospital Scandal - Bacteremia!

Malcolm Everett, 27.03.2004 16:22

The Arlene Berry Death Coverup When dealing with truth, liars and suppression of truth, or where a crime involves a conspiracy, or conspiracy to cover-up, accuse those guilty of the later freely. They (both those deliberately seeking to lead you astray, and those who are simply foolish or misguided thinkers) generally run for cover when thus illuminated.

The Kirkland &amp; District Hospital Scandal - Bacteremia!

Malcolm Everett, 27.03.2004 16:20

The Arlene Berry Death Coverup When dealing with truth, liars and suppression of truth, or where a crime involves a conspiracy, or conspiracy to cover-up, accuse those guilty of the later freely. They (both those deliberately seeking to lead you astray, and those who are simply foolish or misguided thinkers) generally run for cover when thus illuminated.

Abrupt Climate Change

Peter Schwartz et Doug Randall (translation Camelazur), 27.03.2004 15:45

This paper talk about climate change. It's the report send to G.W. Bush few weeks ago.
I'm french, and translate this document in french (see attachment...)

‘The Hutton Report: The Sheep Have New Grass to Graze On’

Kamil Hamied, 27.03.2004 10:34

A deluded public is now led down the garden path to discuss weapons of mass destruction in order to hide the real consequences of their taxes and existence

U.S. Strategy in Iraq: Divide and Rule

Amer Jubran, 27.03.2004 10:24

This article was written by Palestinian activist Amer Jubran, recently targetted by the U.S. government, for his advocacy on behalf of Palestine. His article examines the U.S. media's predictions of civil war in Iraq, and what the American military has done to bring about that result.

CNN or AP doctoring images

Paul Leeming, 27.03.2004 09:24

Shows the doctored image used by CNN (and with it the image tagline) to accompany an article regarding a Muslim cleric's sermon. It appears designed as clumsy propaganda to invoke a sense of hatred for Iraqi "insurgents" to the layman's eye, but anyone with the knowledge will immediately see this as a fake.

World Stupidity Awards Launched: Nomination now open!

scott, 27.03.2004 08:59

This year, the second annual World Stupidity Awards, recognizing achievement in stupidity,

Jimmy Carter Lies Democrats Are Guys.

Lloyd Hart, 27.03.2004 04:20

theguys On Thursday night this week former president Jimmy Carter destroyed all and any credibility he had as an election observer by blaming Ralph Nader for former Vice President Al Gore's loss in his presidential bid in election 2000.

Croaker Cola

Captain Boycott, 27.03.2004 03:01

Yes kids Coke sux and we should not drink the muck but we shoud also hassle the owners Puhlease!

Think Small and Carry a Big Stick: Bush's New Motto

David Roknich, 26.03.2004 23:46

It's regrettable that amidst the controversies surrounding 911 and Iraq Intelligence that the Bush administration has failed to rise to the occasion and provide solid reasoning to justify its action (or lack thereof). Instead they have proved their ability to think small.

Mondex READ ME

Pastor Michael Treis, 26.03.2004 22:32

Great Power Point presentation on the cashless society just around the corner.


trimondi, 26.03.2004 21:46

dudjom In terms of popular culture, there were strong currents of an original, anarchist (non-Buddhist) shamanism which coursed through the whole country and were not so easily brought under the umbrella of a Buddhist concept of state. The same was true of the Nyingmapa sect, whose members had a very libertarian and vagabond lifestyle. In addition, there were the wandering yogis and ascetics as further representatives of “anarchy”

The Taste of Nonviolence

Gail Taylor, Yellow Springs, OH, 26.03.2004 21:18

A 277-word piece about Arun Gandhi's message of nonviolence given to an audience March 25th at Xavier University in Cincinnait.

SSU Professors Encourage Students to Read Independent News

Rachel Fronce, 26.03.2004 20:14

The article discusses interviews about what independent news is and why it is important. Based on comments from two interviews with full time professors at Sonoma State University-Peter Phillips and Mary Gomes.

Sobre la no condena a ETA

Mark Haug, 26.03.2004 16:28

A Carlo Frabetti, Santiago Alba Rico y al resto de intelectuales de izquierda que piensan que no se debe condenar los atentados de ETA


SUSAN DYER, 26.03.2004 15:59


Take over of Israel Indymedia by Sharon-ists???

novanur, 26.03.2004 15:55

Take over of Israel Indymedia by Sharon-ists???

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