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Locals protest Bush presence in State College, PA (6-14-05)

Marc Maxson, 14.06.2005 17:53

As part of a campaign to replace social security with private investment accounts, President Bush made a stop in the medium sized town of State College, PA on Tuesday, June 14th, 2005. [Video coverage enclosed]

Conyer's Hearings on Downing Street Live on Pacifica Radio

Stephenie Hendricks, 14.06.2005 17:19

Pacifica Radio presents a live broadcast with analysis and listener calls of the John Conyers Hearings on the Downing Street Memo - evidence that could be grounds for the Impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Latino Activist Keeps His Heart in the Barrio

Andrew Hodgdon, 14.06.2005 16:45

An interview with Daniel Alejandrez, the founder of Barrios Unidos.

Neo-cons start drive to extend Bush term

Frank Williams, 14.06.2005 15:03

The U.S. House is now campaigning to abolish the 22nd Amendment (H.J. Res 24).


Federación Departemental Unica de los Trabajadores Campesinos, 14.06.2005 14:59



Mirko Miskovic, 14.06.2005 14:07

Yugoslavia and Iraq were their victims; your country may be next! Beware the Freemasonic globalists, they come in many shapes and sizes but they are all demonic not democratic!

Mad Cow Anyone?

Al Jaz, 14.06.2005 13:54

"A cow has tested positive for mad cow disease in the United States, the US Department of Agriculture announced.

The positive result on Friday came on a third round of testing of the animal, which had previously tested negative to a different type of confirmatory test, a statement from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said."

All the world

Repost by Fred, 14.06.2005 13:37

"All the world – except America – is buzzing about the fact that George Bush created the WMD threat to justify his war in Iraq.”

Downing Street Memo rally in DC Thursday

d.o., 14.06.2005 12:49

The time is set. Here's the alert:

For a militant response to the G82005

..from some uk anarchists, 14.06.2005 12:28


Gay Tennesee Teen Forced to Attend Fundamentalist Reform School to 'Fix&quot; his Orientation.

S.C. Winter, 14.06.2005 10:19

Sixteen year old Zach from Bartlett Tennessee has been sent to Refuge, a fundamentalist camp in Memphis Tennessee by his parents in the hopes that it will fix his homosexuality. Despite the recent progress made in gay rights, places like this still exist and need to be brought to the attention of the public, lest they continue their rampage against what the GBLT community is fighting so hard to receive.


Francisco Trindade, 14.06.2005 07:52


A fish rots from the head first

Repost by Joe, 14.06.2005 05:56

"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."

Update on Flag and

Chuck0, 14.06.2005 03:26

The server hosting,, and related websites and email lists has been offline since Monday, June 6.

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controed Demolition, 14.06.2005 01:26

Article say collapse of World Trade Center due to a controled demolition.


Hank Ramey, 14.06.2005 01:13

An Article announcing the commencement of the Honest Voting Act of 2005 Petition Drive, including the link reference of the Petition, and further solicitation for funds to publish the Recall Notice on Herr Ahrnold, and for further Progressive initiatives.

essay: Pedophilia And The Law

£, 14.06.2005 01:01

Since the News can all but not keep their hands off of the subject today...

COPY - E-mail - PROTEST IMAGE - for John Conyers, DSM - March to the White House June 16, 13.06.2005 22:41

SUPPORT - John Conyers and FRIENDS


From - Lafayette Square Park



Can’t Make this Demonstration…

E-mail, IMAGE to your - Congress Reps,

Friends Family,

Local National and International News Medias

After retest, Mad Cow confirmed

Brent Herbert, 13.06.2005 22:40

Under growing pressure the USDA was forced to use the correct test for Mad Cow, the Western Blot test, on the Mad Cow tested last year, which was subsequently declared negative for Mad Cow disease, and now this Tuesday it was confirmed that the cow was in fact positive for Mad Cow Disease.

רוני ערמון אנס את נועה טולחובסקי

לייזר פלס, 13.06.2005 22:08

הדם שניגר מנועה אולחובסקי שוטף את העולם

Would Michael Jackson Be Prosecuted if he were a White Male Democrat? I do not think so

Donald Iarussi MFA, 13.06.2005 21:49

I wrote this article last winter to point out the hypocracy of our leftist justice system and the double standard that is allowed to many Democrats.

When will we drag Bill Clinton into court on rape, sexual abuse charges? When will we hold Ted Kennedy responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechnie
or asky why Jimmy Carter Pardoned child molester Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary

Would Michael Jackson Be Prosecuted if he were a White Male Democrat
By Don Iarussi MFA

Bolivia o el Post Modernismo en sus marchas

Rafael Véliz, 13.06.2005 21:48

Ensayo, tarea universitaria que sin embargo es una persepción válida...

Special Report: The Rush to Invade Iraq - The Ultimate Inside Account

Vanity Fair, 13.06.2005 21:03

Please march on DC this Thursday, in support of the calls for Impeachment Proceedings against Bush/PNAC. Make this a long, hot summer for these Fascist whack-jobs. Reclaim the Orange Revolution, and let the world know that America is NOT synonymous with Bush or the madmen leading him.

July 4/DC - Surround the White House. Reclaim the Orange Revolution and your country!!!

&quot;Free&quot;: The Question Remains The Answer

£, 13.06.2005 19:42

And so the computer intellectuals (men, white, American,...) revolve their circular logic around computer stuff being Free because it is granted as such but the system is somehow not Free because, though similarly granted, is thusly granted _improperly_.

Racism of Irish Government. Consent of European Union.

Mago Merlin, 13.06.2005 19:00

The free movement of workers is claimed within the EU but now with reduced, curtailed rights, workers moving from one country to another find themselves discriminated against. In effect they are being recast as second class EU citizens, only achieving first class status when it comes to pay taxes.

Some Class Action Lawsuits vs. The Bankers

--(A)--, 13.06.2005 18:57

John Ruiz Dempsey, criminologist and forensic litigation specialist filed a class action suit on behalf of the People of Canada alleging that financial institutions are engaged in illegal creation of money, reports Tom Kennedy, a Canadian activist for economic reform.

I am going to skewer the GBI

flash bang press, 13.06.2005 17:22

Here is my beef with the GBI and exactly what I plan to do about it.

Bush for Life: GOP introduces new bill to Congress

Colorado Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 13.06.2005 16:47

Republicans have officially started the the campaign to amend the Constitution by repealing the 22nd Amendment - the one that confines the President to two terms. If the Republicans hold their current strength, or increase it, in the 2006 Congressional elections, expect this measure to pass allowing Bush to remain President...

Vidas Paralelas (Plutarco) Bolivia México

Dzunum, 13.06.2005 16:46

La Lucha del pueblo de Bolivia por nacionalizar sus recursos energéticos.

La Lucha del pueblo de México para evitar su privatización y entrega al extranjero.

Felony Extortionist claims sexual impropriety

Anonymous, 13.06.2005 16:23

A convicted Felony Extortionist has made claims of sexual improprieties during an exam against a Michigan doctor. Now he may ask the judge to not allow the jury to know about his recent, felonious acts. We think you should have all of the facts before deciding a man's guilt or innocence. So, here it is!

commentary: Sights And Targetting Vectors On... Gaming

£, 13.06.2005 16:05

Historical interests abound, re the Video Arcade goes portable, a critique emerges from development. Early video games were not completely effective. Playing asteroids was just that much better on a television in your home.

Debt cancellation

Keith Parkins, 13.06.2005 15:11

'Give us your fuckin' money', the rallying cry of Live Aid, was again the rallying cry of Live 8, only this time it was aimed at the G8 leaders, not the man in the street. And it seems to have worked.

Bolivia: Chronology of an Authentic Netwar

Repost from jamie, 13.06.2005 05:37

"After all, what else have any of us done this week or weekend that is more worthwhile than changing the course of history for the better? Whatever you are spending your hard-earned money on these days, please consider that alimentation with information is just as important as food, drink, shelter or entertainment, in many cases more so, to our living in a civilized and informed world.
What we don’t know can hurt us.
What we do know can save us."

Boston UJP on IFTU Tour

Boston UJP (Via NYCLAW), 13.06.2005 04:23

After considerable research, Greater Boston United For Justice With Peace finds concerns about the IFTU. We have stated our concerns below, followed by documentation. The statement from our sister organization, US Labor Against War (USLAW) is also included. We hope you will take the time to look at this, so that we can all move forward in our understanding of the situation in Iraq.

Opposition Mounts to &quot;NAFTA Superhighway&quot; I-69

h-fries, 13.06.2005 04:11

A new interstate known as the "NAFTA Superhighway" would stretch from the Mexican border through the Midwest and up to Canada. The highway would facilitate trade of Mexican sweatshop products between these countries.


observer, 13.06.2005 04:03

The Alley Oop comic strip which continues to be distributed in hundreds of newspapers in the hinterland of the USA is daring to attack the Bush Regime (albeit without using the name). Alley Oop has gone political and poor Dr. Wonmug is under arrest as a terrorist by a future police state!

Action alert: Ask C-SPAN to carry Thursday's Conyers' DSM Hearings

CCNWON/Marc Parent, 13.06.2005 03:47

John Conyers' Hearings on the Downing Street Memo, with members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, will occur this Thursday at 2pm ET. Please contact C-SPAN and ask them to carry the hearings live.

Freedom fries senator in Iraq U-turn

Repost from, 13.06.2005 03:33

"A lawmaker who prompted cafeterias in the US Congress to change the name of their French fries to freedom fries in anger over France's opposition to the Iraq war, has turned against the conflict demanding a schedule on the withdrawal of US troops."

The Smoking Gun

raven, 13.06.2005 02:57

This long article reviews three recent revelations that came out in England:
1) the Downing Street memo
2) the illegal bombing of Iraq starting in July 2002;
3) the new memo, which details the plans to provoke Saddam into providing a pretext for war- he refused to be provoked, so WMD's had to be invented.

uglf communique 05.01.2005

urban guerrilla liberation front, 12.06.2005 02:07

heading out for a night of direct action text from the yet to be released may day video communique


Zeljko Cipris, 11.06.2005 23:58

Why bleed on the altar of corporate profit?

Terrorism is just violence you don't like...

--(A)--, 11.06.2005 23:48

This item is being reposted with a link-base resource added this time (see bottom of article).

Mumia's Appeal Denied!

International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia, 11.06.2005 22:44

Philadelphia Judge Dembe denies Mumia's last appeal to have evidence of innocence entered into the courts, on the heels of the MOVE 9's appeal being denied, and the $1 million dollar bounty being raised on Sister Assata's head!

Has the &quot;Fragging&quot; started? Guardsmen from N.Y. slain while they slept in Iraqi palace

Repost by jamie,, 11.06.2005 22:33

"The end of this insane war cannot be too far off now. The GIs have started 'offing' each other. This tells us that there is 'severe and deadly' discord, discontent and morale 'issues' in occupied Iraq. The Neo-Cons don't give a rat's ass about dead Iraqis, but when the US military begins crumbling apart in war zones, the finger pointing will begin inside the beltway, congressmen will begin to feel the heat monetarily, accusations and sub-committee hearings will begin and the end will at that point be "not too far off."


Alan Woods, 11.06.2005 20:35

support Bolivian revolution!

President's Radio Address

don iarsussi nytex news service, 11.06.2005 19:56

President Bush Prsident Bush Delivered his 6-11-05 radio address to the nation

Vice President Dick Cheney participates in the Heroism Awards Ceremony

Don Iarussi, 11.06.2005 19:51

White House photo by David Bohrer Vice President Dick Cheney participates in an interview with Sean Lehman of the Pentagon Channel TV and Radio Service during a visit to the U.S. Special Operations Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., Friday, June 10, 2005. White House photo by David Bohrer

PROTEST ( Downing St ) IMAGE... COPY &amp; SEND free 6/16/05... Thanks, 11.06.2005 16:57

Judiciary Democrats to hold Hearings on Downing Street memo/minutes... THURSDAY June 16

Anticlericale? Sequestriamolo.

x, 11.06.2005 15:59

basta con la chiesa

1st Religious Peace Conference

Shaykh Dr. Shaheed Satardien, 11.06.2005 15:05

Religion has always been seen as the primary perpetrator
of injustice and violence, yet all religions claim to be founded on the principle of peace and justice.
To explore and discuss this important issue a one day conference will be held in Dublin on the 16 July 2005.

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