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&quot;The Original Terror Alert Safe Room&quot; Infomercial: Emergency Preparedness or Scare Tactic?

anonymous, 17.06.2005 04:38

"The Original Terror Alert Safe Room" Infomercial: Emergency Preparedness or Scare Tactic?
Infomercial in the making scares the living daylights out of viewers!

Former Bush team-member suggests the unthinkable

9/11 truth, 17.06.2005 01:44

Former Bush-team member Morgan Reynolds suggests the unthinkable.

The Climate Change News

Michael S. Johnston, 17.06.2005 00:14

An up to the minute look at the state of the Climate Change phenomenon.

WPI Briefing 168-169: On the US threat on Iran, Which side to choose: the USA or Iran?, Warning to the Mojahedin Organisation of Iran

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:47

In this issue:
* On the US threat on Iran, Interview with Hamid Taqvaee
* On the USA’s military threat, Resolution of the WPI Political Bureau
* Which side to choose: the USA or Iran? Mansoor Hekmat
* Read Mansoor Hekmat’s English translated works on
* We will make you give in! On the campaign to save Hajiyeh Esmaelvand from stoning to death, Interview with Sohaila Sharifi
* Warning to the Mojahedin Organisation of Iran regarding the possible US military attack on Iran
* We condemn the attack on secularism and the civil rights of the people of Iraq
* See International TV English on This week’s programme: the US military threat on Iran; the rise of the socialist and popular movement in Iran and the Islamists’ attempts to impose Islamic law in Iraq.

WPI Briefing 170-1: In Commemoration of March 8, We Must Stop the Terrorists’ War, On Worker-communist Circles

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:43

In this issue:
* Long Live March 8, International Women’s Day
* In Commemoration of March 8: Islam, Political Islam and Women in the Middle East, Maryam Namazie
* Open Letter to the Participants in the Bejing + Ten Conference, Mina Ahadi
* We Must Stop the Terrorists’ War, Issam Shukri
* On Worker-communist Circles, WPI Briefing Interview with Siyaves Azeri

WPI Briefing 172-3: developments in the labour movement in Iran, Islamic-Tribal Democracy, Defending humanity is now racist

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:39

In this issue:
* Fundamental developments in the labour movement in Iran, Asqar Karimi
* Iran: Defend kidnapped worker Baha’eddin Hosseini
* Islamic-Tribal Democracy: A gift from the New World Order to Iraqi people! By Mohsen Ebrahimi
* Visit the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq’s website for more information on their activities and demands and the situation in Iraq.
* Visit TV International site
* International Women’s Day in Iran, Sohaila Sharifi
* A fresh breeze in the labour movement in Iran, Interview with Bahram Soroush
* Defending humanity is now racist! Maryam Namazie’s interview on Channel 4
* Maryam Namazie will be speaking at the Global Women’s History Project 2005 conference: Women from Iraq and Iran: Visionaries for Peace in the 21st Century during April 14-17 at Westfield State College in Massachusetts

WPI Briefing 175-6: The USA, Political Islam and 21st Century Humanity, Are religious resistance groups in Iraq fascist?, Religious law contradicts rights and freedoms

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:35

In this issue:
* The USA, Political Islam and 21st Century Humanity, Maryam Namazie
* Are religious resistance groups in Iraq fascist? Siyaves Azeri Responds
* Religious law contradicts rights and freedoms, Homa Arjomand
* Long Live May 1
* See WPI Briefing 174 special on 1 May.
* Visit TV International site

WPI Briefing 177:Mayor of London, political Islam and us, May Day in Iran

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:30

In this issue:
* Mayor of London, political Islam and us, TV International interview with Bahram Soroush and Fariborz Pooya
* May Day in Iran, Nasser Asqary
* Visit TV International site In this week’s programme of May 8, 2005, she interviews Ali Javadi on May 1, International Workers’ Day in Iran, Fariborz Pooya on Irshad Manji’s call for the reformation of Islam, Sohaila Sharifi on the impending execution of Kobra Rahmanpour in Iran and the stoning of a woman in Afghanistan and Homa Arjomand on recent successes in refugee children’s rights in Sweden.
* Events: Is Iran the next target? A talk & discussion with Bahram Soroush, a civil rights and labour rights activist from Iran

WPI Briefing 178:Ban all religious schools!, Is WPI a feminist organisation?

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:23

* Ban all religious schools! TV International interview with Azar Majedi
* Is WPI a feminist organisation? Siyaves Azeri responds
* Commemorate Mansoor Hekmat
* Visit TV International site In this week’s programme beginning May 15, 2005, Maryam Namazie interviews Azar Majedi on whether the world can live with Iran's nuclear weapons, Bahram Soroush on our being labelled Islamophobic, and Hamid Taqvaee on the two poles of international terrorism.
* Events: Is Iran the next target? A talk & discussion with Bahram Soroush, a civil rights and labour rights activist from Iran

WPI Briefing 179-180:Iraq is the new version of democracy, Four years on death row, Left communism and the Worker-communist Party

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:17

n this issue:
* Iraq is the new version of democracy, Interview with Mohsen Ebrahimi, May 22, 2005
* Lenin, Mao, Trotsky, Left communism and the Worker-communist Party, Siyaves Azeri responds
* Four years on death row, Sohaila Sharifi
* Commemorate Mansoor Hekmat
* In this week’s TV International English programme of May 29, 2005 (, Maryam Namazie interviews Hamid Taqvaee on the presidential ‘elections’ in Iran; Shiva Mahbobi on honour killings and domestic violence and Homa Arjomand on Quebec’s legislature rejecting Sharia law.

WPI Briefing 181:An anti-election movement has begun in Iran

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 23:09

In this issue:
* An anti-election movement has begun in Iran, Interview with Hamid Taqvaee
* Commemorate Mansoor Hekmat during 2-3 July 2005
* Visit TV International English site to see programme of June 5, 2005 on in which Maryam Namazie interviews Azar Majedi on Oriana Fallaci's impending trial in Italy for the defamation of Islam; Bahram Soroush on the 21st century atheist; and Hamid Taqvaee continued discussion on the June 17 'presidential election' in Iran.
* Maryam Namazie will be speaking on the ‘Rise and Rise of Humanism in the Middle East’ at the British Humanist Association Conference during 10-12 June

Dick Durbins Comments comparing Abu Ghraib to Nazi's is Anti Semitic and he should resign

Donald Iarussi MFA, 16.06.2005 21:48

Illinois Democrat Senator made imflammatory comments comparing the treatment of
POW's at Abu Ghraib by our troops to the treatment doled out by Nazi's in WW II.

The Hainus anti Military remarks were not challenged by many Democrats including the Jewish Senator from Michigan Carl Levin.

WPI Briefing 182:This is not an election; bombings in Iran will not subvert protest movement

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 16.06.2005 21:24

In this issue:
* The election in Iran is not an election! Interview with Hamid Taqvaee
* Bombings will not subvert protest movement in Iran
* Tell the world what you see! Ali Javadi’s open letter to Sean Penn on his visit to Iran

Solutions Online Magazine Announces Second Issue of 2005

Matthew Bratschi, 16.06.2005 21:09

Hollander Consultants’ Publication Adds New Section

Hollander Consultants New Website Next Stage In Internet Presence

Matthew Bratschi, 16.06.2005 21:06

Hollander Consultants “Hollander Consultants Success” Is Fourth Website Launched in Series

Greenwashing multinational white washers in Iceland

susan de Muth, 16.06.2005 20:38

jpg REYKJAVIK, ICELAND 16TH JUNE: Whitewashing efforts by multinational vandals Bechtel and Alcoa - who are currently engaged in destroying a pristine fjord in Eastern Iceland - were thwarted when environmentalists decided to greenwash THEM instead on Tuesday.

LINK TO C-SPAN &quot;Downing Street&quot; COVERAGE

C-Span, 16.06.2005 18:48

The Hearings in DC are going on RIGHT NOW. Watch them LIVE.

BlackState: Africa Liberate Zimbabwe, 16.06.2005 18:03

When is it time for leaders of 'the revolution' to step down, step to the side and let the next generation of leaders fulfill their destiny. When is the right time to say thanks but its time for you to go so that your successes can be built upon, expanded, and evolve as opposed to destroyed if you continue to hold on to power. This issue is at the core of the political unrest in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe and in the fears of a post Fidel Castro Cuba

israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 16.06.2005 17:07

This is a summary of israeli War Crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 14 June 2005. (5mins, english)

Homosexuality Is... Genetic

£, 16.06.2005 16:07

The researchers examined evidence from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, genetics, endocrinology and evolutionary biology, and concluded that sexual orientation is determined by a combination of genetics and hormonal activity in the womb...

It is always mom's fault.


£, 16.06.2005 14:38

chalkboard My music computer has long been a great source of inspiration. So it is no surprise that with all of the attention computers get on the globe today that it is also a source of strategy.

Death toll up. Republicans running

Reposts from jamie, 16.06.2005 14:07

The “official” death toll of U.S. GI’s has now soared to 1714 as five marines died yesterday in an IED attack. More details, and an important article on the movement in the house of representatives to withdraw our troops from Iraq follow:


000, 16.06.2005 08:09


Delphian School Alumni Travel to Guatemala to Film Commercial for Proctor and Gamble

The Delphian School, 16.06.2005 01:41

Delphian School alumni Sam Kretchmar and Ken Potts film a commercial documenting a donation made by Proctor and Gamble.


Provocative1, 16.06.2005 01:22





Asesinato de la Presidente de AGROCOSTA, CAROLINA EUGENIA ACOSTA ARCINIEGAS, Dirigente Campesina en Colombia

Leandro E. Arteta Coronell, 16.06.2005 01:19

Asesinatos de Dirigentes Campesinos del Departamento del Atlántico en Colombia están en la impunidad. Paramilitares auspiciados por algunos Sectores del Estado Colombiano y de fuerza Pública, asesinan a diestras y siniestras a Dirigentes Campesinos y Líderes Sindicales; cual es el caso de la Presidenta de AGROCOSTA CAROLINA EUGENIA ACOSTA ARCINIEGAS; no obstante, los Circulos de la Política Nacional y los Politiqueros hablantines de Derechos Humanos, solo se preocupan por la Reelección del Derechista Extremista ALVARO URIBE VELEZ

NEW - Thank You Patriot Protesters All - Painting Image For You-All - from - - ENJOY, 15.06.2005 23:54


If Your Broke – Working the Web

Busting Butt to Impeach the Bu$h Gang

Be Happy Your Not In Valley Forge

With No Shoes & No Food

Youth Against Hate (ARA Network Conference) 2005!

ARA Toronto, 15.06.2005 23:47

From August 5th – 7th, ARA Toronto will be hosting Youth Against Hate (ARA Network Conference) 2005! The conference is slated to take place in downtown Toronto, and promises to be attended by hundreds of anti-fascist / anti-racism activists from across Canada, Quebec, the First Nations, and the United States.

Pacifica Broadcast of Conyers Hearing: Time Change

Stephenie Hendricks, 15.06.2005 23:18

Pacifica Radio Broadcast of the John Conyers Hearing on the Downing Street Memo has changed. The enw broadacst time will be 2pm - 6pm Eastern.

Mother of dead GI speaks on &quot;hard work&quot;

Cindy Sheehan, 15.06.2005 21:51

Cindy Sheehan on "hard work."

Bush-team economist calls administration's 9/11 story &quot;bogus&quot;

Washington Times, 15.06.2005 21:50

Former chief economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds comments that the official story about the collapse of the WTC is "bogus" and that it is more likely that a controlled demolition destroyed the Twin Towers and adjacent Building No. 7.

Help Publicize Hearing On Downing Street Memo

Jefferson Smith, 15.06.2005 21:45

What little attention the memo has gotten is dismissive and mis-characterizes the contents. I strongly suggest everyone forward the word around and contact their congressional reps, and senators (no Republicans will attend, nor will many Democrats) and local media outlets and blogs to publicize the Thursday June 16 hearing.

The Smoking Gun Video - 4 minutes; Why the Downing Street Memo Matters

Hijacking Catastrophe, 15.06.2005 21:03

The Fix is In: Why the Downing Street Memo Matters Pentagon whistleblower Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski and Daniel Ellsberg on the deceptions of the Bush administration


Michael Rivero, 15.06.2005 19:46

We are on the verge of history-making changes in this nation. Whether those changes will be for good or evil will rest largely on what you, as a private citizen, are willing to do in the coming weeks. YOU have to pick up the phones. YOU have to knock on doors. YOU have to xerox flyers for people who don't get their news from the net. YOU have to talk to everyone around you not only to educate them but to let those who also aware what is going on know that they are not alone. Create your own activist groups. Build your own web sites. Put banners in your windows and on your lawns. Put stickers on your cars. Be VISIBLE. Make noise. Force yourself to be seen and heard. Make the world know what you think of a government that lies to the people.

Just a Coincidence? Four of Jessica Lynch's Rescuers Have Died Mysteriously

Picasso Dreams, 15.06.2005 19:44

I was in Washington State last summer, and saw a two-storey tall billboard beside the freeway which read "Did Jessica Lynch Receive Humane Treatment?", and I wanted to turn around and paint a large "YES!!" at the bottom.

Wells Fargo cannot protect consumers from identity theft

donna, 15.06.2005 19:42

Wells Fargo has dropped the ball on a 57 year old disabled woman by not protecting her against identity theft after she notified the bank of the theft within 24 hours. Four transactions were made for over $1,500. No investigation report has been sent from the bank and she has filed an FTC complaint. She had to open a new account at the same branch and although she went into the bank seven times her direct deposit on her old account was returned to San Francisco June 10 leaving her and her partner, AIDS patient Shane Maxfield in limbo.

not legal advice: evidence in support of a writ of habeas corpus

geral sosbee, 15.06.2005 18:03

The following Affidavit does not constitute legal advice or opinion; each reader should seek legal counsel.
The Affidavit shown below may help some attorneys as they seek ways to free from imprisonment/threat of confinement men and women whose testimony at trial (or whose exercise of 5th Amendment Right To Remain Silent) was discounted (or is expected to be ignored) due to perjurious testimony of fbi agents, operatives, street thugs and others.

Copy E-mail - Images For 6/16 Protest - DSM / Join - John Conyers - In the Park, 15.06.2005 17:51


Russia, US Blocked NATO Call for Probe into Uzbek Massacre: Report

AFP, 15.06.2005 17:24

In it's phoney "war on terror", USA (and Russia) continues to support
a new brutal-terrorist-dictator, Karimov of Uzbekistan.
The fall of Rome (ie. USA+Britain) is coming; soon!

Protest in Song

Irene Zimmerman, 15.06.2005 15:12

Press Release refering to Protest on Sat. June 18th, 2005

TATORT - Scheherazade

Lürsen, 15.06.2005 14:56

Terror Pilot Marwan al Shehhi alive in Germany - Sheherazade - 1001 nights 911 conspiracy - US ambassador angry about German Crime Fiction

Live 8 tickets for sale on eBay

Keith Parkins, 15.06.2005 14:49

The sale of Live 8 tickets on eBay was nothing less than sick profiteering, eBay acting as pimps for scumbags profiteering off the backs of the world's poorest people.

Several British soldiers wounded in Baghdad bomb attack

Sam, 15.06.2005 14:00

"Several British soldiers were wounded, one seriously, when a roadside bomb went off in Baghdad. The bomb blew up in the path of a British military vehicle in the west of the capital, US Lieutenant Jamie Davis told AFP on Wednesday."



Convocatoria de convivencia entre huerteros locales de Jerez de la Frontera y asociaciones de Jerez con degustación de productos ecológicos

Bookmakers and punters in the hot seat

Guillaume GOUGES, 15.06.2005 10:06

The interrogations, by the Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC), of some bookmakers this week will be of significant importance in the investigation on the organization of rigged horse races.

Gold Star and Military Families Call for Truth Regarding Downing St. Memo,

Military Families Speak Out, 14.06.2005 20:27

WASHINGTON, DC - At three events on June 15th and June 16th, members of
Gold Star Families for Peace (GSFP) and Military Families Speak Out (MFSO)
will travel to Washington, DC to press for answers regarding the so-called
Downing Street Memo and for the truth about the decision to invade Iraq.

Controversy: Heimlich/Deaconess Split?

The Dean of Cincinnati, 14.06.2005 20:02

The strange journey that unfolded when The Dean of Cincinnati called The Heimlich Institute, following-up on rumors that they had split from Deaconess Hospital.

TWO commentaries for the price of ONE!!!: The Internet Neocolony and an open letter to geeks

£, 14.06.2005 18:37

some knowledge and strategic planning...


Mad_Studios, 14.06.2005 18:20

Truth trumps lies.

Vatican Dealt Another Legal Setback in Holocaust Claims Lawsuit

Easton &amp; Levy, 14.06.2005 17:59

500,000 Serbs were killed by the Ustasha with the backing of the Vatican San Francisco: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a Vatican petition for reconsideration and has shown no interest in a Vatican request for an extraordinary en banc hearing of the Ninth Circuit.

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