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The cost of 'free trade' to Africa's poor – $272 billion

Christian Aid, 20.06.2005 15:39

Africa is a massive $272 billion worse off as a result of ‘free’ trade policies forced on the continent as a condition for receiving aid and debt relief.

Mutula wa Kilonzo –My Story

By Tom Hollum, 20.06.2005 14:39

Mutula stressing a point during the three-day interview The story as had never been told before... He has represented Kenya's retired President Daniel arap Moi since 1979... now Mutula wa Kilonzo tells his story exclusively to KensMedia Special Projects' Editor Tom Hollum....

Sustainable Technologies and Renewable Energy

Gary Smithers, 20.06.2005 14:13

Review of Sustainable Technologies for eradicating Hunger and for Real economic Progress.
Many Links to organic and sustainable technology web sites.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 20.06.2005 11:45

No es preciso ser un observador especializado para comprender que Estados Unidos está empantanado en la guerra desatada contra Iraq.
En los primeros momentos todo parecía muy rápido, cuando solo unos días fueron suficientes para avanzar en todas direcciones, penetrar en el territorio y ocupar las más importantes ciudades hasta apoderarse de Bagdad.


Michael Rivero, 20.06.2005 05:35

Please download the PDF file, print it out, and distribute it widely.


Paul Rogat Loeb, 20.06.2005 03:09

How the Bush & Blair administrations were waging war before the Iraq war, and why this is more damning even than the Downing St memo


Carlos Vijande Ovide, 20.06.2005 01:26

La empresa canadiense Rio Narcea Gold Mines quiere extraer oro de los lagos de silva en Salave, Tapia en la provincia de Asturias, zona con importantes restos arqueológicos romanos y castros, ademas de ser un paraje casi virgen con gran cantidad de especies animales y vegetales autoctonas y a escasos 100 metros de la costa.

Romania: Concrete steps on how you can break the law

EM, 19.06.2005 23:50

Romania: Concrete steps on how you can break the law


Mago Merlin, 19.06.2005 23:48

Desde el Ministerio de Asuntos Sociales, y con la aquiescencia de la Comisión Europea, se están saltando a la torera los tan proclamados como fundamentales principios de igualdad y libertad de movimiento dentro de la Unión Europea, echando al traste la idea de un mercado y ciudadanía única.

La defensa de la vida del Presidente Gonzalo!!!

ShiningPath, 19.06.2005 22:05


PASS IT ON - Paste - DOWNING STREET - Over Every Street Sign - Across America - Paint Cardboard White - Then Print ( DOWNING STREET ) On Cardboard, 19.06.2005 14:44

Help Make Every Street... " Downing Street "

Until Bush Is Impeached !

Paste... ( Downing Street ) Over Every Street Sign... Across America

Refutación a las críticas de Böhm-Bawerk a Marx y Demostración de la Teoría Laboral del Valor

Santiago Armesilla, 19.06.2005 14:26

Basándonos en las investigaciones del genial economista dialéctico Diego Guerrero, nos vemos en la capacidad real de refutar la clásica crítica de la Teoría Laboral del Valor (TLV) de Böhm-Hawerk a Marx y la teoría económica del marxismo. Dejando en manos de los neoliberales la capacidad de refutar la refutación a su refutación a la teoría económica marxiana, esperamos su contestación pacientemente. Empecemos con la Teoría de Utilidad Marginal de Böhm-Bawerk:

Islam , Gays, Church and state, If Muslims Win War

Janet Guthrie-voice of truth, 19.06.2005 12:44

Islam is very clear on its laws regarding gays, infidels, church and state
are very clear The teaching of any other eligios is punishable by death.
Being gay is punishable by death and women in some mideast countries who have lost thier virginity before marriage have ben beheaded.

We saw what hapepn to the victims of Islam that were in the World Trade Center on 9-11, we say what happen to Nick berg and otheres who were beheaded.

How would the left in thsi country function with a muslim victory?

The riddle of Mars' layered canyon floor

Peter Ravenscroft, 19.06.2005 09:38

Main image Here is a single image that, all on its own, incontrovertably reduces to nonsense the notion of huge flash floods of liquid water going roaring down the canyons of Mars. Masa, er, sorry, that should read Nasa, has got it badly wrong.

State Department cable details ethnic cleansing by US-backed forces in Iraq

Patrick Martin, 18.06.2005 23:14

"The American media has thus far chosen to ignore the reports of US-backed ethnic cleansing against the Arab and Turkmen population in Kirkuk."

Fall of the American Empire and Rise of a New Economy

Garda Ghista, 18.06.2005 20:52

America is at the peak of empire - military and economic empire. However, today we are seeing the forthcoming collapse of that empire, with the military bases functioning only as bases, not as conquering armies, and with the US budget and trade deficits out of control - a guarantee of coming economic depression, the likes of which have not been seen since the 1930s. And after this debacle we will see the rise of a new economy based on the Progressive Utilization Theory of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, which emphasizes business cooperatives which will lead to economic decentalization and economic democracy. When we can convince the majority of the revolutionary results of cooperatives, then we will herald this new economy to replace the dying model called capitalism, which has failed the world so miserably.

Smoke and Mirrors: How Glaxo’s Zyban® Can Help You Stop Smoking if You’re Willing to Stop Breathing

Alison Cintorrino, 18.06.2005 20:48

This personal account of the devastation caused by GSK's antidepressant cum smoking cessation drug reveals how GlaxoSmithkline's lies and supression of the truth enables them to profit from a product they know to be dangerous, even deadly, while the FDA looks the other way.

UBS Default Summary Judgment and UBS Platinum Certificate

Anthony Hamod, Sydney Australia, 18.06.2005 19:58

UBS bank Australia shall look into the abyss and UBS AG Zurich shall be compelled to give up 4590 metric tons of platinum.

Double Standards and the Struggle Against Terrorism

Salim Lamrani, 18.06.2005 19:11

"Why Cuba? The answer is relatively simple. The Caribbean island has demonstrated that the application of the neo-liberal doctrine is a complete failure. The Cuban people continue to commit the unpardonable sin of believing that a human being is not condemned to indifference and humiliation. While Europe and the United States send troops to Haiti to overthrow a president, Cuba sends free doctors and teachers to the same place to try to alleviate the suffering of the most marginalized. The United States and the Western world cannot accept this insult. Here is a part of the reason why the international press is an accomplice to terrorism against Cuba, backing the crimes of Washington with its silence."

U.S. Used WMD in Iraq

Charles Norman Todd, 18.06.2005 18:57

Yesterday we learned that the U.S. may have used – or may still be using – another United Nations banned horror: Napalm. There remains little doubt that the U.S. has knowingly committed crimes against humanity in Iraq, crimes that they actively tried to keep from public knowledge.

Deadly Immunity for the Drug Companies

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reposted from, 18.06.2005 18:19

When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data -- and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.

The domino effect the US never expected

jamie, 18.06.2005 16:04

"The Bolivian nationalization model of the peasants demanding control of their own natural resources will now spread and the Third-World as a group can now all default on their IMF loans because they now have the collective clout to do so."

Materialismo Dialéctico y Teoría Del Caos: Analogías

Santiago Armesilla, 18.06.2005 16:00

Artículo publicado en la web de la asociación universitaria española DECÍAMOS AYER ( De interés para gente iniciada en el materialismo dialéctico e histórico (marxismo) y las matemáticas y la física.

Ukraine: WEF—bye-bye, WTO—get out!

kkaos, 18.06.2005 15:49

Protest action in ukrainian capital organized by antiauthoritarian initiative

Army: Captain won't be charged in deaths

Repost by Fred, 18.06.2005 15:19

Practically all Iraqis hate the invaders and are more and more ready to give up their lives in order to take vengence on a U.S. GI. This article below suggests that the neocons can't continue to keep up the "niceties." The brutality of the U.S. occupation increases by the day. This was the case with the Nazis as well.


J.S. Whitfield, 18.06.2005 14:29

This was last night at UNITE HERE in Chicago. some affiliates of US Labor against the war include National Labor Organizations, Regional Labor Organizations, Large Locals(over 10,000 members), Small Locals (under 10,000 members, Allied Labor Organizations, Labor Anti-wargroups groups, and other Labor Organizations.

Deep Throat is Not the Last Secret

By Nayda Sanzo, 18.06.2005 12:12

In the best tradition of Hollywood thrillers, one of the most famous mysteries in American political history was recently revealed: the identity of Deep Throat.
Former FBI executive Mark Felt confessed to Vanity Fair magazine that he was the enigmatic character, who in dark underground parking lots, in the wee hours of the morning, handed over
information to Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

Canada's Oil Reserves Attract U.S., As American Media Talk About Canada Annexation

Dr Les Sachs, 18.06.2005 08:59

The United States mainstream news media are now publicly discussing the effective incorporation of Canada into the United States. The American fantasy of the capture of Canadian territory and its oil, is encouraged by the enhanced value of Canada's massive tar sands oil reserves, and failing U.S. military efforts to control the flow of oil from the Middle East.

Appel coucher dehors, samedi 18 juin Jardin Villemin, Paris

Nilcoa, 18.06.2005 05:59

Le 18 juin à partir de 17h, le collectif de soutien des exilés du Xème appelle à un rassemblement et à passer une nuit dans le Jardin Vuillemin, Paris 10ème. Soutenons les exilés, soutenons cette population qui vit une insupportable et scandaleuse situation.

Perú: Todavía no es la hora cero de la Minera Yanacocha

Perú, 18.06.2005 00:36

Ayer las noticias que se difundían en Lima eran alarmantes.
La guerra estaba a punto de comenzar en Cajamarca.

US-Israeli Relations Strained?

Various, 17.06.2005 21:17

Between this and the Arutz Sheva article that started today's links, it appears that Mr. Bush and Mr. Sharon have had a serious falling out. That may explain why so many scandals are starting to unravel all at the same time, as each side plays their various blackmail cards to force the other to capitulate.

Flashback: Saddam's WMD Have Been Found

Various, 17.06.2005 21:11

This is the same writer that Jon Stewert had on The Daily Show going on about the threat from Iran. Not suprisingly, neither the Daily Show webpage nor the ComedyCentral web page have any contact information.

The Bush/PNAC Regime is playing the same games with Iran that they played with Iraq & the American People, demonstrating their utter contempt for the average American.

War Around the Corner?

Various, 17.06.2005 21:07

Reports of US troops massing along the Iraqi border with Syria, and signals that "Iraq" (wink, wink) may attack Iran.

New website similar to DARPA's PAM to predict future

Anonymous, 17.06.2005 20:00

I am informing you of a predictive web site similar to DARPA's controversial Policy Analysis Market (PAM) for Intelligence which was thought to be able to predict the future, (not like TIA).

Born to Die

Heather Moore, 17.06.2005 19:52

More than 50,000 kittens and puppies are born each day in the United States alone. The only kind word or gentle touch many of them ever receive is from the technician who must end their lives because there simply aren’t enough homes—or even cages—for them all.

See Leftists, You're Aligned With The Islamofascists

Captain America, 17.06.2005 19:44

Objective proof that Western leftists and the Islamofascists are perfectly aligned.

Chickens take flight on London Eye for trade justice

Kati Dshedshorov, 17.06.2005 17:16

Andrew Clover – writer of – will be taking to the skies Comedians Andrew Clover and Nick Page will be boarding the London Eye’s Flight 5065 dressed as chickens to raise awareness of trade justice on 21 June. The must see event sold out within weeks.

70 familles de la Côte Nord privées d’eau potable depuis 7 ans

Eric Lachance Ligue des Droits et Libertés (section Estrie), 17.06.2005 14:59

Avoir peu ou pas d’accès à l’eau potable à la maison, voilà la triste réalité de 70 familles habitant les municipalités de Chaudrec et de Rivière-au-Tonnerre. Il existe pour eux bien peu de solution pour avoir accès à de l’eau potable; soit l’achat d’eau embouteillée, soit l’approvisionnement au moyen de remplissage de contenant d’eau à même le robinet de proches bénéficiant du service d’aqueduc.

Americans are strange people

Repost by Sara from, 17.06.2005 14:50

"It is like sending your 10 year old daughter to a pornographer to talk about morals and sexual values."

Fragging, fragging, fragging!

Repost by Freddy, 17.06.2005 14:34

"The stunning announcement Thursday of the court-martial came amid continued violence in Iraq against U.S. and Iraqi security forces."

PHOTOS: At Philly City Hall for Mumia!

Hans Bennett, 17.06.2005 14:20

at city hall On Thursday, June 16, supporters of journalist and former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal gathered outside Philadelphia City Hall in response to a recent decision by Judge Pamela Dembe which prohibits him from entering in 2 new pieces of evidence. That day, members of the Ossining, NY chapter of the NAACP and others visited both Mayor Street’s and Pamela Dembe’s office in downtown Philadelphia.

What the Palestinian Authority Really Ought to be Doing

Hasan Abu Nimah, 17.06.2005 14:06

Who could imagine that instead of liberating the occupied people and land, the "leader-liberators" volunteered, under the Oslo formula, to join the occupied rather than liberate them?

WPI Briefing 182: The election in Iran is not an election, Bombings will not subvert protest movement in Iran

Worker-Communist Party of Iran, 17.06.2005 14:01

In this issue:
* The election in Iran is not an election! Interview with Hamid Taqvaee
* Bombings will not subvert protest movement in Iran
* Tell the world what you see! Ali Javadi’s open letter to Sean Penn on his visit to Iran

Eliot Spitzer vs. The Bankers

--(A)--, 17.06.2005 13:26

The arrogance of these vermin (Bankers) is unbelievable - "We supervise ourselves so you cannot audit us, it's the law."


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 17.06.2005 12:54

Más de 130 acciones violentas se registran en
Norteamérica y otros países contra embajadas, consulados y funcionarios diplomáticos cubanos.
Oficinas de turismo y líneas aéreas que prestaban servicios a la Isla, y hasta emigrados, simplemente por estar a favor de la normalización de las relaciones con su país de origen, fueron igualmente blanco de estas


ERICA WERNER, 17.06.2005 12:40

The Death Star planet killer would focus 192 lasers at a single point to create a huge release of energy and is nearing completion at the Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons lab in Northern California. Supporters said it's as good as dead because without more lasers it cannot reach fusion ignition — the hoped-for energy release. "The whole point is to achieve ignition. That's why it's called a National Ignition Facility," said Lawrence Livermore madman Bob Hirschfeld.

Pirates R Us MP3

David Stray Ney, 17.06.2005 11:25


Appel à rassemblement lors du CA de l'Unédic, le mercredi 29 juin à 14h

Coordination des Intermittents et Précaires d'île de france, 17.06.2005 10:54

Le 29 juin, le Conseil d’Administration de l'Unédic doit entériner la convention tripartite entre État, Unédic et ANPE qui, en donnant directement aux Assedic un droit de contrôle de la recherche d’emploi, vise à imposer des emplois précaires sous-payés et à radier tout récalcitrant. Mobilisons nous, ensemble, intermittents, chômeurs et précaires, contre la précarisation de l’emploi, des droits et des conditions de vie programmée par le MEDEF et autres partenaires sociaux.

U.S. military charges soldier with murder in deaths of 2 officers


The “official” death toll of U.S. GI’s in Iraq has now reached 1715. In addition, it would appear that things have gotten so bad that the troops might prefer killing their superiors rather than “following their orders.” Would it be an understatement to say that this mission was “in trouble?”

Louisiana's Kevin Finn is Honored at the '2005 National Business Chairmen Gala Event'

2005 U.S. Newswire, 17.06.2005 04:41

Louisiana's honored businessman is recognized for his emergency preparedness venture the "Original Terror Alert Safe Room System" infomercial and was honored for his achievements as the "2004 Businessman of the Year," The Honorary Chairman of the House Majority Trust, Honorary Chairman of Business Advisory Council, and Honorary Co-Chairman 2005 Presidents Dinner will be held in Washington, D.C. June 14, 2005.

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