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To Protect and to Serve -- A New Industry of Supportive Psycho-Elecronics

RSD, 22.06.2005 12:23

A New Industry is born - one which protects and supports Human Life and its basic values...

Zimbabwean Cops destroying urban agriculture and driving out &quot;trash.&quot;

zim, 22.06.2005 11:49

Zimbabwean Cops destroying urban agriculture and driving out "trash."

Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland

ABC Brighton, UK, 22.06.2005 11:24

Get ready to support anti-G8 prisoners in Scotland


indymedia italia, 22.06.2005 11:05

more on


otted indymedia italia, 22.06.2005 10:03



William John Cox, 22.06.2005 07:19

George W. Bush stole the 2000 election and we let him get away with it. While the Democrats cried because Al Gore had won the vote, the Republicans counted their loot and planned the next heist. Crime does pay when the Justices of the Supreme Court are in on the caper, and they can’t be impeached if the crooks control the Congress.

The Cost of Israel to the USA

Christian Science Monitor, 22.06.2005 05:57

that is more than $5,700 per person.
that is more than $5,700 per person.
that is more than $5,700 per person.
that is more than $5,700 per person.
that is more than $5,700 per person.
Not including the poor kids dying in these wars for Israel ...


Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo, 22.06.2005 02:44

Workers who have created their own jobs or who fully or partially own or control their workplaces will meet in New Hampshire to discuss ways to strengthen and expand their numbers. Populist author William Greider is the keynote speaker.

The Peace Wheels Project

Peter Ravenscroft, 22.06.2005 01:08

Ultralight ground vehicles can contribute to a more peaceful planet. So can you, if interested.

Neocon Nightmare: Oil, Socialism, and Chutzpah in Venezuela

Jason Miller, 22.06.2005 01:00

The Neocons are the disease, and leaders like Chavez are the cure! It is my belief and sincere hope that Chavez can lead Latin America to defy American imperialism and realize independence from the tyranny of the US Oligarchy.

WEF—bye-bye, WTO—get out!

Antiauthoritarian initiative “World is not for sale”, 22.06.2005 00:03

Ukraine, protests against World Economic Forum conference in Kyiv, 16-17 of June

Revisiting Yalta

Reuel S. Amdur, 21.06.2005 23:34

President Bush told Latvians that major powers negotiated away the freedom of smaller countries. He forgot to mention that the U.S. chooses to run roughshod over other people's freedom all the time.

The Ego And Its-His Own.abw.pdf, Version1.1

£, 21.06.2005 23:22

- proofread for spacing was neccessary
- compressed to 75 pages (non-html formatting; paragraphs with/ spacing)

The Franklin Affair: A Spreading Treason/AIPAC's Influence

AntiWar/Media Monitors, 21.06.2005 22:37

The real scandal is that AIPAC has the power to place people into the Pentagon, and that once there, these Israeli Spies were instrumental in "fixing the facts", in order to sell an ILLEGAL war to the American People, Congress, and the UN.

The media's silence is also a telling sign ...

Mercury Free and Healthy!!!

Fauxlosopher, 21.06.2005 21:52

Mercury fillings are poisoning our immue systems and ruining our health but despite all the damning scientific evidence dentists are still using mercury amalgams and North American governments are still approving its use!

Berlin:Plakatieraktion gegen Band Culcha Candela

vwke!, 21.06.2005 21:18

Die Plakate, die auf die Vergewaltiger hinweisen mit einer plakataktion wurde am vorabend der fete de la musique auf die vergewaltiger-vergangenheit zweier mitglieder von culcha candela, einer der auftretenden bands, hingewiesen.

Rumsfeld Plans More ILLEGAL Aggression For Israel

Pro-Zionist Jerusalem Post, 21.06.2005 19:46

(Context in parentheses by me)

Looks like the CIA/Mossad WERE responsiblke for the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, in order to drive Syria out of Lebanon, thereby weakening its defenses.

Poll shows dissatisfaction with Iraq war, but torture okay

CNN, 21.06.2005 18:38

Nearly six in 10 Americans oppose the war in Iraq and a growing number of them are dissatisfied with the war on terrorism, according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday.

BaRRios de PiE y la Agresión a Indymedia Rosario.

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico., 21.06.2005 17:47

Reprimir a la disidencia popular, que es cada vez mayor, es una decisión política autocrática de Kirchner. Sus palabras hipócritas de tolerancia encubren la “demodura” de su gobierno. ¿Cómo terminará Barrios de Pie? ¿Cómo terminará Patria Libre? ¿Cómo “La Sociedad Patriótica” de Gutiérrez en Ecuador baleando desde un Ministerio a la multitud sublevada en las calles?


Islamic Community Net, 21.06.2005 16:13

What's so bad about a "solar sail" that quietly wings its way through the "billions and billions" of stars in Carl Sagan's cosmos that it requires this level of fanciful "travel to the stars in a human lifetime at 100,000 miles per hour" hype to overcome public resistance?

U.S. soldiers caught planting weapons on dead, injured, and detained Iraqi teens., 21.06.2005 16:09

In a series of shocking pictures reminicent of the Abu Ghraib affair, U.S. soldiers have been caught in a series of photographs planting weapons in front of the bodies of several dead, injured, and detained Iraqi teens.

NO MORIRÁ la flor de la palabra. A NUESTRO QUERIDO JAIRO

pacha, 21.06.2005 15:57

los pueblos y organizaciones campesinas nos hemos reunidos a compartir planos enteros en pro de nuestra amistad, hermandad, pero sobre todo de solidaridad con Jairo Rolong, para manifestar nuestra oposición radical frente al imperialismo, como hombres y mujeres de buena vida.

liberté d'expression a Burundi

.., 21.06.2005 14:36

Le journaliste burundais Etienne Ndikuriyo qui se trouvait depuis le 13 juin 2005 dans les cachots des services secrets présidentiels à Bujumbura pour "diffusion de fausses informations", vient d'être transféré à la prison de haute sécurité de Mpimba.


MCP, 21.06.2005 10:10

İSTANBUL (20.06.2005) 17 fighters of the Maoist Communist Party was killed in Dersim, 7 of them being Central Committee members, as a result of a military attack.

Take steps for safe repatriation of Refugees - Manitham's Demand

Manitham - Promoting Human Rights, Protecting Environment, 21.06.2005 10:09

Tamil Refugees - Pic. Courtesy : Manitham World Refugee Day
Thiru Subramanian, Executive Director, Manitham read out the Demands of the meeting:

1. India should immediately sign and accede UNHRC, the 1951 Convention and 1967 protocol relating to refugees.

2. India should take immediate step for safe repatriation of the refugees who want to return from India.

3. Indian Government should allow NGO's for easy assess the refugee camps.

4. Police and Government officials restrictions on refugees should be immediately withdrawn for the safety of the Refugees.

an die öffentlichkeit

mkp, 21.06.2005 08:56

Maoistische Kommunistische Partei
Türkei- Nord-Kurdistan
Auslandsbüro – Organisationskomitee

an die öffentlichkeit

mkp, 21.06.2005 08:53

Maoistische Kommunistische Partei
Türkei- Nord-Kurdistan
Auslandsbüro – Organisationskomitee

Advertisement: Indymedia Credit Card

£, 21.06.2005 04:06

ICC Look, picture!

Peak Oil and Permaculture: Preparing for the End of Economic Growth, Consumer Culture and the Future of Sustainability

Tim Winton, 21.06.2005 03:42

“Peak Oil and Permaculture: Preparing for the End of Economic Growth, Consumer Culture and the Future of Sustainability" explains the dynamics of the impending peak in global oil production and the implications for western society. Declining energy availability will spell the end of global economic growth and the consumerist culture it supports. The peak and subsequent decline in oil production is much closer than the corporate mass media has led us to believe and the resulting changes in western life will be deep and far reaching. Permaculture is introduced as one of a number of related, radical cultural alternatives that can be adopted for the transition to a post-consumer world. The very future of sustainability practice will shift to focus on developing positive alternatives to resource wars, economic dislocation and increased pressure on natural ecologies as energy availability declines.

Facts About the IFTU (NYCLAW--6.20.05)

NYC Labor Against the War (NYCLAW), 21.06.2005 03:26


U.S. Labor Against the War (USLAW) is sponsoring a northeast tour for the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU).

USLAW's conveners describe the IFTU as "a legitimate force for a progressive democratic sovereign Iraq," that is "organizing strikes and other militant actions against U.S. plans to privatize the economy" and "fighting for a future free from occupation."[1]

These claims, however, are contradicted by widely-available evidence that the IFTU is a pro-occupation mouthpiece for the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) and Iyad Allawi's Iraqi National Accord (INA),[2] and is bed with the same "AFL-CIA" alliance that has supported U.S. domination in Vietnam (1960s), Chile (1973), Nicaragua (1980s), Venezuela (2000s) and many other countries.[3]


JUVENTINO MANZANO, 21.06.2005 03:17


el ezln decreta la alerta roja

radiozapote frecuencia libre, 21.06.2005 02:53

comunicado del ezln en donde decreta la alerta en la comunidades autonomas

9/11. Is there an Israeli connection?

Joe, 21.06.2005 02:21

"The Downing Street memos have created such a stir that even Congress is rubbing its eyes and awakening from its long slumber to ask questions about the Iraq war: a hearing video link convened by antiwar Democrats, chaired by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), has created quite a lot of buzz, generating headlines – and howls of outrage from all the usual suspects, as well as from the Washington Post's Dana Milbank and – surprise, surprise! – Howard "The Scream" Dean. Milbank snarks:"

Iran Speaks For Itself As U.S. Fails tTo Thwart Iranian Democracy

Hassan Hanizadeh, 21.06.2005 02:03

"Despite the vast propaganda of U.S. and other Western media outlets and their calls for the Iranian nation to boycott the presidential election, the Iranian people demonstrated their national unity in opposition to Iran’s enemies through their massive turnout in Friday’s election."

Michael Jackson has “Beat It” and now Michael “I Want You Back”

Benin Dakar, 20.06.2005 21:45

Benin Dakar, Writer, Thinker, and Speaker Michael Jackson after his acquittal – what his future holds.

Jewish Extremist Converts to Islam and Calls for Islamic Caliphate

AFP - Hazem Bader, 20.06.2005 21:40

Sunday June 19, 10:39 PM

Mohammed al-Mahadi, a former extremist Israeli settler, reads the holy the Koran with his son at his new home in the Palestinian West Bank town of Hebron 16 June 2005. His recent arrival in the Shaab neighbourhood of the flashpoint town of Hebron is the latest twist in the extraordinary life story of Mahadi, who was born to Jewish parents 37 years ago in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is a Teflon African leader

Yohannes Woldemariam, 20.06.2005 21:23

Should the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) be phased out, to become viewed as a useful political expedient, whose time has come to an end? Will it relinquish power without plunging the country into an ethnic violence? That is the question in everyone's mind.

Iraqi Lawmakers Call For Foreign Troops to Withdraw


”It is dangerous that the Iraqi government has asked the U.N. Security Council to prolong the stay of occupation forces without consulting representatives of the people who have the mandate for such a decision.

”Therefore we must reject the occupation’s legitimacy and renew our demand for these forces to withdraw,” the letter added.

Time to Impeach a War Criminal

DOUG THOMPSON, 20.06.2005 20:27

"America might be able to survive until 2006 to replace the scandal-ridden GOP leadership of Congress but the country cannot afford to wait until 2008 to get rid of George W. Bush. His criminal acts merit immediate impeachment and then removal of office."

Make front page news by NOT inviting the media

David Leonhardt, 20.06.2005 20:07

Most of the time you want hordes of media at your event. But here's an awesome step-by-step guide to get positive front-page coverage by keeping the media away.

What is web site monitoring all about?

David Leonhardt, 20.06.2005 19:58

Many people do not understand what web site monitoring is about. In a retail environment, you can quickly see when something is out of place. On the Internet, web site monitoring helps.

Is Bush Backfiring?

Dan Froomkin, 20.06.2005 19:55

Please click on the story link for more source material.

"American citizens find themselves on a very peculiar road, stumbling blindly through a dark wood. Having had before the war rather clear evidence that the Bush administration had decided to go to war even as it was claiming it was trying to avert war, we are now confronted with an escalating series of 'disclosures' proving that the original story, despite the broad unwillingness to accept it, was in fact true."

Liquid Vitamins in a Liquid World

David Leonhardt, 20.06.2005 19:53

What's the world coming to? It's getting hard to tell the liquid soap from the liquid hand cream from the liquid vitamin supplements.


Capitol Hill Blue, 20.06.2005 19:52

July 4, 2005 - Reclaim the "Orange Revolution", your country, and your freedom. Gather at Lafayette Park, and wear ORANGE clothing, carry ORANGE signs and ORANGE banners. Let's co-opt the PsyOps Tactics of the Enemy, and send an unmistakable message to the world.

Boycott Advertisers in the Washington Post

Daily K-Os, 20.06.2005 19:35

The WAPO has betrayed the American People. They have made themselves an enemy of the People by LYING to them and protecting the Bush/PNAC Regime.

Keep detailed notes and lists of names of people who support this war and excuse the LIES which created it, for politicians within "both parties" (both sides of The Party), as well as the "News" Media, are betraying their lotyalties out in the open like never before.

Remember who is friend and foe.

Direct Market Ventures, Inc. Completes Feasibility Programs for “The Original Terror Alert Safe Room System” to Participate in the 'Homeland Security 2005 Emergency Preparedness Month'

anonymous, 20.06.2005 19:13

Santa Monica, CA June 20, 2005 –Direct Market Ventures, Inc., (DMV), (, announces the launch of its “Terror Alert Safe Room System™” as a credible emergency preparedness product developed in accordance with Homeland Security recommendations and will position the ‘Terror Alert Safe Room System’ as a television infomercial for public awareness, education, consumer sales and retail distribution.

Critical Mass VideoZine In Your City!!!, 20.06.2005 19:06

If you are now, or in the past have been a participant in your local
critical mass rides, and have a story or opinion related to repression of
the rides in your city, we would love to speak with you.

George Bush speaks thru Puppet Paul Martin's Mouth.

from CBC news, 20.06.2005 17:22

Paul Martin Parrots Propaganda from the Bushista junta.

They Had a Coup d'etat and We Weren't Invited...Now It's Our Turn

ROSEMARIE JACKOWSKI, 20.06.2005 16:48

"The Impeachment of George Bush and the elimination of the Black Budget would not solve all of our problems but they would be big steps in the right direction."

Orange Resistance

JAP, 20.06.2005 16:10

Recent anti-disengagement protesters have been adorning the vehicles of Israel with orange ribbons. The ribbon is meant to show support for the settlers living in Gaza and resistance to Sharon's Gaza withdrawal plan. The orange ribbon cannot be left unchallenged....

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