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EZLN, 23.06.2005 20:37


Los TLC, estructura de poder del Norte contra el Sur

Agencia de Noticias IPC, 23.06.2005 20:17

Juan Carlos Monedero, profesor de Ciencia Política de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y asesor político de Izquierda Unida (IU), cuestionó a su paso por Medellín, Colombia, los tratados de libre comercio (TLC) y reclamó más unión de los movimientos sociales latinoamericanos.

Cumann na Saoirse Náisíunta re-launches website

NIFC, 23.06.2005 20:09

Cumann na Saoirse Náisíunta re-launches website

sofri detenuto a 5 stelle e gli altri?

attila, 23.06.2005 19:08

sofri con l'aiuto del presidente ciampi , amico dei terroristi a presto sara libero

Even Bush's GOP Allies Are Breaking Ranks

Robert Scheer, 23.06.2005 19:01

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, was even more blunt: "Things aren't getting better; they're getting worse," he told U.S. News and World Report, as the latest suicide bombings claimed the lives of dozens of Iraqis. "The White House is completely disconnected from reality. It's like they're just making it up as they go along. The reality is that we're losing in Iraq."

Bush's empire may crumble from within

Jack MacAndrew, 23.06.2005 18:59

I suppose, in the context of such a demonstrable rape of essential democratic values, it should come as no surprise that the continuation of the George Bush era, and the nexus of his political power, should be based upon another lie — to wit, the protection of American citizens from the phantom weapons of mass destruction possessed by the evil one, the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein.

bail them out!!Arrestes from Philly

Maneli., 23.06.2005 18:51

please, help them out, tell your friends, your community,we need to raise money ASAP to bail them out of jail.We need solidarity,support and help out our friend from Canada who could be totally fucked up for something illegal that he didn't do and for the other to people..please,I know that there's a lot of shit going on out there, than tons of people need help and tons of places are in danger like Chiapas, or the Apallachian Montaintop Removal,Brazil,Biscuits...and etc..but if you got any money to spare and want to help out.check this out. Thanks.For more info check out Philly IMC.

bail them out!Arrestes from Philly Biodev!!

Maneli., 23.06.2005 18:42

please, help them out, tell your friends, your community,we need to raise money ASAP to bail them out of jail.We need solidarity,support and help out our friend from Canada who could be totally fucked up for something illegal that he didn't do and for the other to people..please,I know that there's a lot of shit going on out there, than tons of people need help and tons of places are in danger like Chiapas, or the Apallachian Montaintop Removal,Brazil,Biscuits...and etc..but if you got any money to spare and want to help out,check this out. Thanks, Maneli.
For more info check Philly IMC, thanks.

sofri Italian Prisioner ,terrorist , 5 stars

Bruno Berardi, 23.06.2005 18:40

Sofri Adriano sender homicide policeman Comm. Calabresi , the president Carlo Azelio Ciampi pressure minister justice Castelli is opponed

Kurdish Asylum Seeker on Hunger Strike in Greece – close to death.

Initiative of Solidarity with Zulkuf Murat Bora and Yusuf Temiz, 23.06.2005 18:20

Bahoz has been on hunger strike since the seventeenth of May. 38 days. The Greek Minister of Public Order promised him political asylum for one year for “humanitarian reasons” – if he gave up his hunger strike and his right to claim asylum. Bahoz refuses this kind of “humanitarian” help from the State and continues his struggle for asylum for political reasons. Since the 19th of June he has stopped taking any sugar or salt in his water. As a result, he is now in the hospital in a very critical condition

The First Race-Based Medicine BiDil

Are Black Americans Encountering Another “Tuskegee Experiment&quot;?, 23.06.2005 17:30

Benin Dakar, Thinker, Writer, and Speaker Are misguided scientists and greedy pharmaceutical companies, purposely confusing the social construct of race and the biology of genetics for monetary gain by marketing BiDil as a drug specifically for black Americans?


Sheikess Yssis Saadi El, 23.06.2005 17:13

"Bringing Understanding with Unity and Love"

Reason for Zapatista Red Alert

Anti-G8, 23.06.2005 16:13

Reason for the Zapatista Red Alert.

The June in Iraq You Didn’t See

Crisis Pictures, 23.06.2005 15:25

Photos - A Must See

PASS IT ON – PASTE - DOWNING STREET - Over Every Street Sign Across America, 23.06.2005 14:36

Help Make Every Street... " Downing Street "

Until Bush Is Impeached !

Paste - Downing Street - Over Every Street Sign - Across America

Cuban Minister Slams ACP-EU Project as Eurocentric

mh/iff/apf/mf, 23.06.2005 13:34

Cuban Minister Slams ACP-EU Project as Eurocentric

We White Men

Edward Mills, 23.06.2005 13:22

This is both an historical summary and a family confession of the dire costs of Manifest Destiny and the reach for economic empire on the part of the United States. It would seem that the rationalizations change but the hard facts of privation and death for others remains.


Rémy Piperaud, 23.06.2005 13:07

capitalisme=fascisme Le "top ten" du système capitaliste actuel

End-time for USA upon oil collapse - A scenario for a sustainable future

Jan Lundberg  , 23.06.2005 07:09

It is becoming clear to more and more energy analysts that the United States of America as we know it will not endure for long. However, the U.S. may not last at all, if oil collapse and the birth of a sustainable culture play out freely. Primarily considering the implications of "peak oil," let us explore key unforgiving trends,

El abogado David Bravo nos invita a copiar

Snopes, 23.06.2005 06:21

“Copia este libro” es el título del primer ensayo del abogado, y experto en derechos de autor, David Bravo, en el que trata los aspectos más polémicos de las redes p2p y la propiedad intelectual.

Confronting Israeli Myth-Making

CounterPunch, 23.06.2005 06:03

Anyone who's been brave enough to wade into any discussions about this decades-long Zionist War - and increasingly criticizing the Bush/PNAC Regime and its Agenda - will already be familiar with this. I'm certain most regular readers/contributors to IMC are as well.

It's interesting to hear some of the "news" media's perspectives, having this information.

Philly Biotech Arrestees need your help!!!

amelia, 23.06.2005 04:47

bail funds are needed!


Alun Fosta, 23.06.2005 03:49

Comment on the "G8" African Debt Forgivenes SCAM. It is not "DEBT FORGIVENESS" it is DEBT TRANSFER from AFRICAN taxpayers to "G8" taxpayers plus New Zealand an anybody else who can be conned into it

&quot;Private Warriors&quot; : Watch the Full program Online Here

PBS, 23.06.2005 02:34

[We're Talking Cheney's Hired Halliburton Killers Here. Capiche?] - Massive Grassroots Corporate Watch Database Launched

Bernard Dolan, 23.06.2005 02:29

An ambitious new group of web activists and guerilla journalists is working to create a revolutionary information project, The first massive scale activist & responsible consumer / corporate watch database is powered by the MediaWiki technology that has made a success. The database is becoming increasingly interlinked and rates companies based on Environmental Record & Animal Welfare, Business Ethics, Political Influence & Litigation, Worker's Rights, Human Rights and Fair Trade. Volunteers researchers are needed; and please read more about our effort to 'google bomb' Exxonmobil!

lesbianas feministas revolucionarias

blabla, 23.06.2005 01:56

: Las lesbianas feministas re-evolucionarias manifestamos nuestro rechazo al carácter neoliberal que desde los 90 ha adquirido la Marcha Lésbico Homosexual, posteriormente llamada del Orgullo Gay, después GLBTT-Q y ahora Gay Pride, misma que se llevará a cabo en junio del presente año 2005, en la Ciudad de México. Ante este evento manifestamos:

Missing Stereotypes

Bill Fisher and Richard Lou, 23.06.2005 01:04

Missing Stereotypes Missing Stereotypes – Public Art Piece.
∑ Distributing art-posters in Duluth, Georgia
∑ Sending T-Shirts through the mail with same image to principals in the Jennifer Wilbanks saga.
∑ Artwork is downloadable at following web address:
∑ Produced by Bill Fisher and Richard A. Lou 2005.
∑ June 21, 2005
∑ City of Duluth, Georgia

Bill Fisher and Richard A. Lou’s "Missing Stereotypes" explores the media’s narration of the "Runaway Bride," Jennifer Wilbanks, and her mythically racist account of being "kidnapped" at gun point and sexually assaulted by a Hispanic man and white woman

US Military Report: The High Death Rates exposed

Brian Harring, 22.06.2005 23:57

"U.S. Military Personnel who died in German hospitals or en route to German hospitals have not previously been counted. They total about 6,210 as of 1 January, 2005. The ongoing, underreporting of the dead in Iraq, is not accurate. The DoD is deliberately reducing the figures. A review of many foreign news sites show that actual deaths are far higher than the newly reduced ones. Iraqi civilian casualties are never reported but International Red Cross, Red Crescent and UN figures indicate that as of 1 January 2005, the numbers are just under 100,000."

Interview with Jeff Luers June 22, 2005

free free, 22.06.2005 23:56

Jeff Luers March 2005 Flaming SUVs: A conversation with convicted arsonist Jeff Luers
Gregory Dicum, Special to SF Gate

Comunicado urgente: Autistici/Inventati

Autistici/Inventati, 22.06.2005 21:23

Esto ya no es algo privado, aunque sea una cuestión de privacidad.

2004 Top Ten Career Recipients of Pro-Israel PAC Funds

WMREA, 22.06.2005 19:33

Keep this in mind as you watch US politicians betray their dual loyalties by supporting the current wars, the drive to the next ones, and the growing Neo-Fascism of the 21st Century.

It's OK to Be &quot;Anti - Jewish Politics&quot; -- Really!

Wendy Campbell, 22.06.2005 19:31

This is true only because what Israeli Propagandists label "Jewish" parlortricks is actually of benefit only to ZIONISTS, their power and wealth, and their Apartheid creation in the Middle East.

Panamanian Trade Unions Keep Protesting (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 22.06.2005 19:29

Panamanian trade unions opposed to the reforms to the Social Security Fund (CSS) maintained their protest activities Wednesday.

La guerra del Gas puede llegar al Perú

IvAn (cmi-Bolivia), 22.06.2005 19:25

Ya los medios de comunicación en Bolivia estan alertando a las población (en forma intimidatoria) de que el GAS BOLIVIANO esta perdiendo mercado en la región y por tanto en el mundo, siendo remplazado este por el proyecto de exportación de Gas de Camisea Perú

Cuba Advocates Expanding Commercial Exchange with Africa (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 22.06.2005 19:20

Cuban Foreign Trade vice Minister makes statements on the interest of Cuba to expand trade with African countries.

Mexico: The False Narco-Smear Against the Zapatistas

Sandino, 22.06.2005 19:03

Mexico: The False Narco-Smear Against the Zapatistas By Al Giordano From The Narcosphere (Narco News)

Israel-Firsters Working Overtime

Zionist Hate Rag, Front Page Magazine, 22.06.2005 18:56

Between the AIPAC spy scandal, and Israel's obvious involvement in the LIES that sent this nation to war, we have a rare opportunity to study the "dual loyalists" to see which of their loyalties is the most dominant.

Note that Mr. Baehr does not dispute the fact that Israel has lobbied the US Congress to send your kids to war; he just wants you to believe it is anti-Semitic to call attention to that fact.

Artistic Careers of Omara Portuondo and Danny Rivera Honored in Cuba (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 22.06.2005 18:29

Omara Portuondo and her Puerto Rican colleague Danny Rivera received diplomas from the Cuban Higher Institute of Art (ISA) for their outstanding artistic careers.

BREAKING: Report: Democracy at Risk: The 2004 election in Ohio

DNC, 22.06.2005 18:22

Ohio Voters Plagued by Systemic Problems on Election Day 2004.

Togolese Prime Minister Announces New Government (PL)

Tomas Armenteros Crespo, 22.06.2005 18:20

Togolese Prime Minister Edem Kodjo announces formation of his new government.

Your Website

Terry Richardson, 22.06.2005 17:41

Your Website

radio free brattleboro shut down by FCC

Anonymous, 22.06.2005 16:53

radio free brattleboro (rfb)a 10-watt community radio station was shut down this AM by the FCC. This was an on-going battle with the FCC to remain on the air and today they seized rfb's broadcasting equipment.

Destruction Of America

Michael Treis, 22.06.2005 16:46

Destroying our Rights! Seems we loos our Rights a little more each day! More and more it seems what we think of as America is being destroyed.

Your Website

Terry Richardson, 22.06.2005 16:43

Your Website

This website

Terry Richardson, 22.06.2005 16:34

About this website

Junk In, Junk Out

Dan Benbow, 22.06.2005 16:14

What are the societal implications of an advertising juggernaut that infiltrates every nook and cranny of the public sphere? A day in a life under siege.

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the U.S.?

Kevin Zeese, 22.06.2005 15:54

"You conclude “Truth in these Podia” with the “Last Chart” and suggest that we need an investigation to determine the extent of information management and legislation to prevent the people of the United States from being victimized by war propaganda in the future."

Imagine Miami's Future

David Arthur Walters, 22.06.2005 15:38

Miamizacion: the future of Miami is the future of the United States.

Jewish Israeli Extremist Settler Converts to ISLAM

Agence France Presse, 22.06.2005 15:00

His recent arrival in the Shaab neighbourhood of the flashpoint town of Hebron is the latest twist in the extraordinary life story of Mahadi, who was born to Jewish parents 37 years ago in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

The Suppression of Radionic Truths

RSD, 22.06.2005 13:10

Radionics has almost always been somewhat of a jealously guarded mystery, and most people, including myself, have either had to pay a lot of money for very expensive instruments, and then learn how to use them, or have had to join a very tight-lipped and exclusive clique of professional practitioners. In addition to the normal “trade guild” tendency toward silence, the military, intelligence, and mind-control applications of radionics have also greatly contributed to the suppression of the simple basics of this vibratory science. Very simply, all matter (and Creation itself) is a fabric of energy in various frequencies.** In order to access any level of activity -- mental, emotional, or physical -- one simply needs to tune in to those frequencies. Psychological activities, states of mind, and conditions of the body can be balanced, enhanced, and protected using the most simple of equipment, and just a little know-how.

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