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PASS IT ON - Paint Cardboard White, Print DOWNING STREET On Cardboard, Tape SIGN To Your Local Street, Highway Sign NOW REPETE, 26.06.2005 11:51

Paste - DOWNING ST. - Over Every Street Sign - Across America - NOW REPETE and Thanks, you-All

US millionaire linked to looted relics

David Hebditch and Lawrence Smallman, 26.06.2005 11:25

A top US businessman and an international network of smugglers and academics are making millions of dollars through their illegal dealings in looted Middle Eastern artefacts, according to a leading stolen antiquities activist.

Tony Blair found eating the corpse of a hooker.

Zor, 26.06.2005 10:57

A missing hooker was found being eaten by Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Statement by Two Activists Subpoenaed by the FBI in San Diego

Elise Casby, 26.06.2005 02:03

This is a statement and an invitation. The statement is by the 2 activists who went before the Grand Jury already. We are calling for the entire progressive activist community to come to this open forum in San Diego. There will be a protest downtown the following day, Tuesday at noon.

Drowning in Filth

by John Chuckman, 26.06.2005 01:44

"The Downing Street Memos - Eyes-Only, Secret documents also leaked in the U.K. - are irrefutable proof that Bush had the invasion of Iraq planned almost a year before it occurred, before all his phony outrage about weapons or support for terror. It points, too, to intelligence and diplomacy being deliberately bent to the purpose."

Plus: - Mass Murder of Iraqi Teenagers in Buhriz

- Kerry, 9 Other Senators, Demand 'Downing Street' Investigation

Giving Chutzpah New Meaning

Jon Wiener, 26.06.2005 01:33

The Hard Right/Zionism's "academic freedom" Canard comes back to bite Zionist Propagandists in the ass!

Israeli worries about AIPAC/Media Blackout

Xymphora/Ha'Aretz, 26.06.2005 01:32

Israel should be worried. The biggest and deadliest "By way of deception" is on the verge of blowing up in their national face. When the full import of the AIPAC spy scandal and how Israel pressured the US Congress into the war in Iraq becomes widely known, US support for Israel will evaporate. Congress will drop support for Israel out of their own instinct for self-preservation in the face of an enraged population tired of being bled dry to send Israel billions after billions of dollars, and aware that their children are dying for Israel's political aims in the Mideast.

Confronting Israeli Myth-Making

KATHLEEN and BILL CHRISTISON, 26.06.2005 01:30

Anyone who's been brave enough to wade into discussions about this decades-long Zionist war, and increasingly, debate about the ILLEGAL war in Iraq and wider Bush/PNAC policy, will see what they mean. It's interesting to watch the crossover of Israeli Propaganda Techniques, and the Tactics of Disinformation used by members of the Neo-Fascist Bush/PNAC Regime.

Murder in the Abstract is Still Iniquitous

Jason Miller, 26.06.2005 00:25

From the perspective of one dedicated to intellectual pursuits and social justice, and from the perspective of a Kansas resident, I offer an analysis of the slow death of reason in the United States.

The Smoking Gun White House!

Editor,, 25.06.2005 21:33

We’re talking impeachable crimes, here. We’re talking high crimes and misdemeanors. We’re talking about conspiracy and murder. We’re talking about war crimes and crimes against humanity. We’re talking about deception and manipulation. We have the proof and we know whodunit. We even have public confessions but the American news media is so obviously complicit in the crimes and coverups that people don’t even worry about confessing in public any more! And there is nothing at all we can do about it.

GUATEMALA: El pueblo de Sipacapa rechaza la actividad minera en su territorio

Solidaridad con Sipacapa, 25.06.2005 21:22

El 18 de junio del 2005, en una consulta basada en las formas comunitarias de toma de decisiones del Pueblo (Maya) Sipakapense, la población del municipio de Sipacapa, San Marcos, Guatemala - una de dos municipios directamente afectados por la mina de oro a cielo abierto Marlin de la Glamis Gold, bajo construcción - rechazó rotundamente la actividad minera en el municipio.

Patriot Days of Action July 2-8, 2005

Hope Marston, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, 25.06.2005 19:40

Now is a critical time to convince our Congress not to expand or extend provisions of the Patriot Act. Congress plans to vote in July/August. While representatives are back home Jul 2-8, let's tell them clearly to vote against extending the Patriot Act!

A View from Iraqi Oil Fields comes to the US

ZNet, 25.06.2005 19:12

A View from Iraqi Oil Fields comes to the US
by Zachary Lown; June 23, 2005

In August of 2003 the General Union of Oil Workers (GUOW) in Basra, Iraq led its 23,000 members in a general strike aimed at Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR). They surrounded their headquarters for six days, halted all oil extraction and forced the Halliburton subsidiary out of the region. By January of 2004 the mere threat of a strike was enough to get the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to raise their monthly salary from $35 US dollars a month to about $100.

AIDS, 911, and Geffen's SO

Mac Crary, 25.06.2005 19:11

A social analysis of how it came to pass that the news of AIDS' manmade nature was black'd out in favor of accomplice.

U.S. headed for disaster when efforts in Iraq collapse

John Patrick Grace, 25.06.2005 19:09

"We may now be only weeks away from a complete collapse of the Iraqi army and the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq in the face of overwhelming public pressure on Tony Blair.

That is a realistic projection based on the reports of two Washington Post reporters, whose dispatches from inside Iraqi Army units and U.S. units assigned to train and work with the Iraqi military have just been published."

As a Vet… I am More than Angry at Rove Un-Patriot Words… ( Bu$h Brain ), 25.06.2005 18:23

This is why I am So, So, So Very… Pissed Off at Rove

And his… Anti – Democracy…

Un - Patriot… words…

To Half the USA Population,

It’s Way, Way Beyond Disgusting and Wrong

& Sets A Horrible… Example to the Children of the USA

And the Children all over Our Planet Earth

15 dias sin gas

oberluz, 25.06.2005 17:28

En fin del mundo,sigue en pie la discriminacion -ricos/pobres,y ante la inexistencia de renuevan las caducas organizaciones,pero no cambian

Turkish Musician Kazim Koyuncu died

Ufuk Luker |, 25.06.2005 17:23

Kazim is on the stage. Turkish anti-fascist musician has died because of cancer.

Educate the Educators

geral sosbee, 25.06.2005 17:11

The intellectual leaders of our time are often irresponsible and cowardly with respect to their duty to be informed of the techniques used by governments in the commission of global atrocities .

Lethal weapons causing non-traceable death, and non-lethal weapons causing intense pain

David Barnaby, 25.06.2005 17:04

Letter to the editor on the wonders of TASER International and similar innovators.

URGENT CALL OUT! Massacre in Paraguay

Grupo de Reflexion Rural- Argentina, 25.06.2005 16:28

The coordination of women of peasant and indigenous women - CONAMURI-
Denounces the massacre in the department of Caaguazu -PARAGUAY

Yegros Nº 1041 c/ Tte. Fariña – Asunción - Paraguay.
Tel.: 0595- 21- 490 203 -
Correo Electrónico:

WPI Briefing 183: Round two of the election puppet show in Iran; See latest news on Iran on

Worker-communist Party of Iran, 25.06.2005 15:45

In this issue:

* Round two of the election puppet show in Iran, Hamid Taqvaee

* Read Latest News Updates on Iran by Siyaves Azeri on

* Commemorate Mansoor Hekmat

* Read Mansoor Hekmat’s works in English on

* Visit TV International English site to see programme of June 19, 2005 on in which Maryam Namazie interviews Hamid Taqvaee on initial results of so-called presidential election in Iran; Azar Majedi on role of women and youth in Iran; and Fariborz Pooya and Bahram Soroush on incitement to religious hatred law in Britain.

The Brotherhood of Irish Americans Launch Web Site, 25.06.2005 15:12

The Brotherhood of Irish Americans Launch Web Site

Nuestra realidad....

Bolivia, 25.06.2005 14:30

Hasta cuando tendremos que actuar por lo que nos digan los demás... Creo que ha llegado la hora...

Believe in you....

Bolivia, 25.06.2005 14:16

Till when we will have to act for what they say the others to us... I believe that the hour has come...

what has happened to almuajaha

Jaafer, 25.06.2005 13:43

what has happened to almuajaha


Michigan Peaceworks, 24.06.2005 17:51

Michigan Peaceworks' peace float in 2004 Ann Arbor Independence Day parade Peace organizations to march in Ann Arbor parade with “Fahrenheit 9/11” military mom Lila Lipscomb, place advertisements in 8 newspapers throughout the state.

Progressive Maryland organizes 400 people to protest the Bush Social Security Plan

Rachel Salomon, 24.06.2005 17:14

Progressive Maryland organized a demonstration on June 23, 2005 against the Bush social security plan.

US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo and in Iraq, Afghanistan

Agence France Presse, 24.06.2005 16:58

Four UN human rights experts on Thursday slammed the United States for stalling on a request to allow visits to terrorism suspects held at the Guantanamo Bay naval base, and said they planned to carry out an indirect probe of conditions there.

Cancel Your Subsriptions! The Time Has Come!!!

Editor,, 24.06.2005 16:28


We cannot continue to battle the beast while we finance its very existence!

Draft is Coming! Bush Savaging US Government

Wayne Madsen, 24.06.2005 16:15

In the tradition of Drew Pearson's and Jack Anderson's famous "Washington Merry-Go-Round" syndicated column and I.F. Stone, this on-line publication tackles the "politically incorrect" and "politically embarassing" stories and holds government officials accountable for their actions. This web site extends a warm open invitation to whistleblowers and leakers. Business as usual for the crooks and liars in Washington, DC is over.

What's so Revolutionary about Venezuelan Coal???

Christian Guerrero, CRAMA // CRA-El Libertario, 24.06.2005 16:11

* This article is about expanding coal mining consessions in Venezuela`s western state of Zulia. It explains the threats coal mining poses to indigenous communities and water security for Maracaibo, Zulia`s state capital. The article also explains how this initiative is part of a larger regional development plan, IIRSA, and other proposed projects that fall into Zuila`s regional development. The article is also about the grassroots resistence movement against the proposed projects.

Anarquismo latinoamericano hoy: habla D. Barret

Daniel Barret, 24.06.2005 16:06

* El militante anarquista uruguayo Daniel Barret, autor de importantes textos reflexionando sobre vigencia y perspectivas del actual anarquismo latinoamericano, expone ideas y propuestas en amplia entrevista con Moésio Reboucas, de la Agencia de Noticias Anarquistas (ANA) de Brasil.

United States Becomes Facist

Paul Revere, 24.06.2005 15:48

The pretense of private property right no longer exists in the United States. The U.S. Constitution has basically been nullified by defacto rule.


Antonio Criado, 24.06.2005 15:37

No podemos permitir que el sufrimiento de los trabajadores o la muerte de alguno de ellos sea como una pieza de cerámica que se nos cae en casa y por la que manifestamos sólo una rabia momentánea.


SPARTACUS, 24.06.2005 15:37


a rerout to reach an old newswire watcher rookie

piet, 24.06.2005 13:47

adress change for poetpiet's indymediasamples and other olds/news (amounting to 60 MB intricately crafted and presented text)

Censoring the Carnage

Dahr Jamail, 24.06.2005 13:04

The following descriptions of U.S. actions in Iraq are very disturbing. They depict massive crimes against the civilians there. Of particular note are attacks on hospitals and their staffs who would otherwise render crucial help to the victims of these crimes. Please spread this report to all thinking, feeling people, and especially to dedicated persons in the healthcare fields. jamie I

Les lao-hmongs vont disparaître

Orange, 24.06.2005 10:18

Dans la jungle, harcelés, ils ne peuvent plus survivre Massacrés par les armées vietnamienne et laotienne quelques milliers de personnes (dont des femmes, des enfants, des vieux, et des blessés) ne parviennent plus à survivre dans la jungle aux confins du Laos et du Vietnam.

El abogado David Bravo nos invita a copiar

Anónimo, 24.06.2005 09:25

“Copia este libro” es el título del primer ensayo del abogado, y experto en derechos de autor, David Bravo, en el que trata los aspectos más polémicos de las redes p2p y la propiedad intelectual. Bravo, colaborador habitual en la revista @rroba, analiza el papel de los medios de comunicación, la industria discográfica y los superventas en la generación del miedo y la mentira, estrategia que busca detener un avance tecnológico que beneficia a millones de internautas.

EZLN: A letter of explanation...or, perhaps, farewell

Translated by irlandesa, 24.06.2005 07:54

This is not a letter of farewell. At times it is going to seem as if it is, that it is a farewell, but it is not. It is a letter of explanation.

Mr Bush's War

raven, 24.06.2005 06:10

This becomes especially effective now that many who first supported Bush now seek a means to distance themselves from this quagmire. Mr. Bush set forth to have his victory and gain his 'political capital' .

Fire Karl Rove

Jami, 24.06.2005 04:53

Karl Rove made vicious slanders against his political opponents. We can't stand for their desperate scapegoating.

BOLIVIA: Movement Towards Where?

Federico Fuentes, 24.06.2005 01:30

No one can talk about the crisis in Bolivia, the site of continuous waves of mobilisation, road blockades and general strikes that have thrown out two presidents already, without mentioning Evo Morales. No matter what the viewpoint of the analyst, Morales and his party, the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), are seen as key to understanding the unfolding situation.

hoWARd, ruddock, ellison, keelty and news ltd plotted chaos

kEITH mOORLIES and news ltd, 24.06.2005 01:03

Why should the community feel less safe? Now they go on in the article to describe themselves as intelligence officials? But I'm sorry to say that any group of people who ask another group of people to believe what they believe based on no evidence is amongst the most unintelligent and lost group of people the world has ever known.

EZLN: Comunicado A la Sociedad Civil Nacional e Internacional

EZLN, 23.06.2005 23:33

Comunicado A la Sociedad Civil Nacional e Internacional

An Economics of Solidarity and Sanity

mer y otros, 23.06.2005 22:36

This is the program being adopted in Bolivia and Venezuela. It is the only program that has a chance given the world situation. it is what will eventually ha[p[en no matter what.

Learn, comment devise...

26,000 dead, wounded, deserted - TIME FOR ACTION NOW!!!

rAY DEqueNnE, 23.06.2005 22:36

with the total number of soldiers dead, wounded and who deserted standing at over 26,000... and with over 150,000 iraqis dead... and with wars appraoching in Iran, Syria and North Korea, we can no longer afford to go on with life as "normal" and must now collectively and peacefully intervene into history. DROP WHATEVER THE HELL YOU’RE DOING!

Mago Merlin, 23.06.2005 22:10

Desde el Ministerio de Asuntos Sociales, y con la aquiescencia de la Comisión Europea, se están saltando a la torera los tan proclamados como fundamentales principios de igualdad y libertad de movimiento dentro de la Unión Europea, echando al traste la idea de un mercado y ciudadanía única.

14 meses hace ya que entra en vigor una especie de pseudo-normativa de conveniencia, que trata de evitar que los "extranjeros" opten a ciertas prestaciones sociales, imponiendo el requisito de cumplir una condición de residencia fija.

Fascist tried to squash political speech

John, 23.06.2005 20:59

The offending sign How far will the free speech hating fascists go to squash dissent?

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