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George and Tony Get their al-Qaeda Fix

Greg Palast, 12.07.2005 19:46

The tooth fairy, Santa Clause, WorldCom profits, the Easter Bunny, al-Qaeda.

Medical LIARS...!

Malcolm Everett, 12.07.2005 18:55

Dr. Liar-Liar is Chief Coroner... "Truth cannot live on a diet of secrets, withering within entangled lies. Freedom cannot live on a diet of lies, surrendering to the veil of oppression. The human spirit cannot live on a diet of oppression, becoming subservient in the end to the will of evil. God, as truth incarnate, will not long let stand a world devoted to such evil. Therefore, let us have the truth and freedom our spirits require... or let us die seeking these things, for without them, we shall surely and justly perish in an evil world" - H.Michael Sweeney.

Reggae festival ends with blues

£, 12.07.2005 17:20 bbc

Hollander Consultants Reveals Final Website

Matthew Bratschi, 12.07.2005 16:55

Marketing Site for New Patients Unveiled as Last in Series


DANIEL DAVID PEZARKAR, 12.07.2005 16:35


Mayor of Hiroshima calls people to join action at NATO Brussels and U.S. nuclear base in Belgium

For Mother Earth - member of Friends of the Earth International, 12.07.2005 16:34

Survivor of Hiroshima bombing during symbolic blockade of NATO hq Brussels 2004 The mayor of Hiroshima, Mr. Akiba Tadatoshi, calls people to participate between July 26th and August 9th in the peace walk from Ypres to NATO in Brussels, and onwards to the U.S. nuclear weapon base in Kleine Brogel, in the north of Belgium. Belgian mayors are already increasingly getting involved with this campaign, as almost half of Belgian mayors joined the global call for elimination of nuclear weapons by 2020. Over the past years thousands of people have been arrested in Belgium during protests against U.S. nuclear weapons.


J.L. Chirinos, 12.07.2005 16:09



Unni, 12.07.2005 15:58

“A turning point in the history of the health movement” say health activists and academicians.

Cyberstalking the Recruitable Teen

Nick Turse, 12.07.2005 15:13

An Army of (No) One: An Inside Look at the Military's Internet Recruiting War


Unnikrishnan, 12.07.2005 14:50

“A turning point in the history of the health movement” say health activists and academicians.

Activist Enjoy Not Making Sense

common man, 12.07.2005 03:30

even if all consumption in the US stopped it would not help for long as prices would fall and other countries would soon consume and pollute as much as see the US taught everyone how to worship greed and trade and technology and war and set these students loose upon the world - what a mess - and the only effort that ecologists or even radicals will condone is a few stupid banner hangs, lobbying and marching - jeeeeesh what crap!!!

HIP-HOP COLONY The african Hip Hop Explosion to Screen in LA

annette, 12.07.2005 03:05

Kenya is not just about Lions, giraffes and fast running
men,…it's also about Studios and Hip-Hop! Tedd Josiah - Music Producer

Al-Qaida: Wrong answers to real problems

Soumayya Ghannoushi, 12.07.2005 01:33

The terrible irony is that Muslims currently find themselves
helplessly trapped between two fundamentalisms, between Bush's
hammer and Bin Laden's anvil, hostages to an extreme right wing
American administration, aggressively seeking to impose its
expansionist and hegemonic will over the region at gunpoint, and to
a cluster of violent, wild fringe groups, lacking in political
experience or sound religious understanding.

Where There's the Ghetto, There's Hip Hop

£, 12.07.2005 00:34

Evert-Jan Grit, The Electronic Intifada, 5 July 2005

We, the People, Re: George W. Bush

We, the People, 11.07.2005 22:55

&quot;Nail Doll&quot; by W. Kavanaugh An international project seeks submissions from around the world.

Back to kill the innocent

MALCOLM FART Chief Idiot, 11.07.2005 22:50

War in Afghanistan [File photo] (Rooters) Labor's well paid losers have backed in principle a deployment to kill what party leader Kim Beazley has called "terrorism central". But who are the terrorists? Who's going where? To do what? And what is war? TERRORISM!

Eyewitnesses Describe Massacre by UN Troops in Haitian Slum: Video/Transcript

CCNWON, 11.07.2005 22:48

RESIDENT OF CITE SOLEIL: "A lot of innocent civilians were killed and there are even some people that they kill and just take them with them. One of the worst things that happened is that they killed like a mom with two of her children, and they are still -- the bodies are still there."

Week of Action Against I-69, Plan Puebla Panama

Roadless Summer, 11.07.2005 22:48

Week of Action Against I-69, Plan Puebla Panama
Augest 1st thru 8th.

As Citizens of Indiana of the Midwest, and the world we are calling for a week of action against the planed Interstate 69 and the notorious Plan Puebla Panama. Please contact us at to begin coordinating an action in your hometown or to learn about what is being planned elsewhere.

Blair rejects calls for probe into bombings

Various, 11.07.2005 20:15

Note how they stick to the official line that this is an attack by terrorists, even as evidence continues to mount of an inside job, with the bus cameras conveniently not working, military explosives, the desperate spin why they are looking for "white" perpetrators, and of course the warning to Netanyahu.

Hat Ahmadinejad noch einen weiteren Mord begangen?

Aug und Ohr, Gegeninformationsinitiative Wien, 11.07.2005 19:37

Ist die – von Bani Sadr und dem österreichischen Grünenabgeordneten Pilz mit viel Plausibilität vorgetragene Mitwirkung am Wiener Kurdenmord das einzige historische Verbrechen, dessen man Ahmadinejad beschuldigen kann? Der Pasdaran-Hardliner soll noch in einen weiteren Mord verwickelt sein - sagt Maryam Radjavi, ungekrönte, etwas despotische Königin des Iranischen Widerstandsrates.

Read and Learn

Alexei, 11.07.2005 18:37

You peaceniks can maybe learn what the rest of us understood ages ago (source: Nick Cohen, the London Observer)

Policeman issued criminal citation to Indymedia journalist who dropped cigarette butt

Duane J. Roberts, 11.07.2005 18:05

have asked me if this is true: Did a Garden Grove
policeman write up a ticket to an Indymedia
journalist who dropped a cigarette butt? After
all, this is the same police department
we've all been reading about that raided the
Westminster home of Theresa Dang in search of
a lost flashlight, isn't it? Would it be such
a big surprise to anybody now that they actually
stooped this low to harass other people whose only
real crime was to exercise their constitutional
right to free speech and assembly?, 11.07.2005 17:54


Against any town.

The Anti-War Movement March: From Istanbul to Binghamton, From DSM to SP4

Tarik Abdelazim, 11.07.2005 04:56

SP4 (l to r): Danny Burns, Peter DeMott, Teresa Grady, Clare Grady The first and only federal trial arising out of an act of civil resistance against the Iraq War begins this September 19 in Binghamton, NY.

Four Christian parents, facing charges of conspiracy, defy Judge's gag order issued in May and begin planning a Citizens' Tribunal on Iraq to articulate the legal defense of civil resistance against this immoral, illegal war and occupation.

07102046 Terror &amp; The Western Intellectual Class COMMENTARY

£, 11.07.2005 02:27

First off, I apologize for being white.

world stuff 0710comic

£, 11.07.2005 00:34

world stuff gaff

WB&amp;L Call for submissions

Words Beats and Life, 10.07.2005 23:58

A call for submissions for a hip-hop journal

Letter to CBC Re: London Coverage

Jordan Thornton, 10.07.2005 22:53

Just wanted to post this letter, sent to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, in regards to their coverage of the London Bombings, so that they could not claim ignorance on the issue.

Their addresses follow the letter ...

Karl Rove's TREASON Exposed

Newsweek, 10.07.2005 22:28


In service to a Fascist agenda of illegal, aggressive warfare, which has mercilessly slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The agenda of a small criminal band of Extremists, loyal to a foreign Government.

Bring on the "Orange Revolution". Let's make this a long, hot summer!!

False Flag Over London

Various, 10.07.2005 22:26

What these LYING killers don't seem to understand is that by consistently utilizing these Tactics, they've created a very distinct pattern ...

- La ZoNa AuTóNoMa UniVeRSaL -

Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico., 10.07.2005 21:46

¿Que pasaría si lo que excede de la creatividad autodeterminada de cada nodo de la resistencia, pudiera disponer, de los sobrantes que tengan otros nodos anticapitalistas? Si los bienes materiales se complementasen, sin mediarse por la moneda, con los bienes inmateriales de cada zona liberada en América Latina y el mundo entero.

Rosalie Mignon

Comme c'est bizarre, 10.07.2005 18:12

Le "oui" au traité européen l'emporte largement au Luxembourg 10 juillet 2005 (Reuters - 16 :35)

U.S and U.K. secretly preparing to withdraw most of their troops from Iraq!

CCNWON, 10.07.2005 17:41

"Mr Reid's memo, prepared for Mr Blair in the past few weeks, shows that in reality, plans to get them out - 'military drawdown,' as he puts it - are well advanced."

Emergency TRUTH Convergence, D.C. July 22-24

Jan H., 10.07.2005 01:26 Banner The D.C. EMERGENCY TRUTH CONVERGENCE JULY 22-24, 2005

G8Bikeriders return to London, Offer Cycling Lessons to George W. Bu

Peter Panier, 10.07.2005 00:28

A response to George Bush's latest accident from the brave and tired folk at G8Bikeride.

Kelly Stoner/Stop Eco Violence are a fraud

Stop Stop Eco Violence and PR Watch, 09.07.2005 22:49

Kelly Stoner Kelly Stoner and her astro-turf group Stop Eco violence are an utter fraud. Not only has she worked for Lousiana Pacific in the past but she is currently employed as a public relations hack by Pac/West Communications in the Northwest.

U.S. Terror Attack — “ Ninety Days at Most ”

CCNWON, 09.07.2005 22:01

"an event is imminent and around the corner here in the United States. It could happen as soon as tomorrow."

Hurricane &quot;Dennis the Menace&quot; leaves Cuba

Walter Lippmann, 09.07.2005 14:37

Hurricane Dennis, called "Dennis The Menace" by some, has passed over Cuba leaving ten dead and extensive damage. It was the worst hurricane in many decades to hit the Carribean island. Hundreds of thoseand were evacuated and reconstruction work is now underway. Links provided to listen to and watch Cuban television. Report by Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

Impeach Bush protests in Salt Lake City

CWCP Organizing Committee, 09.07.2005 13:34

impeach-13 Protesters gathered in Salt Lake City throughout June to call for U.S. President Bush's impeachment for "High Crimes" such as international lawbreaking, killing innocent civilians in Iraq and the like.

The Third Certainty

John Mackesy, 09.07.2005 13:12

This article is a condemnation of the Iraq War that was plotted and hatched with lies. It calls for the Congress to impeach Bush and deliver the war plotters and their records to the International War Crimes Tribunal. It calls for anti war groups to create a bounty for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Bush and others for war crimes.


Sylvia Kus, 09.07.2005 11:21

Even some of the most pro-war analysts both in UK and the US now accept
the the invasion of Iraq, far from furthering the war on terror, has actually increased the number of people joining the ranks of terrorist organizations. A different strategy is needed to end global violence.




kb, 09.07.2005 07:56

Political Commentary


IMC Croatia, 09.07.2005 05:08

Croatian police violently stops Peace caravan for Palestine Caravan for Palestine that left Strasbourg 5th of July to reach Jerusalem was stopped on a border between Slovenia and Croatia. One of the activists was arrested and deported back to Slovenia. Police used violence on the activists that were peacefully protesting with their hands in the air.

Stupidity Versus Logic in the Latest “Terror” Attack

Repost by Joe, 09.07.2005 05:08

"Ah yes, every now and again, people who lie for a living slip up and reveal the truth. This statement reveals exactly the purpose of the attacks, and answers the question, cui bono. Faced with plummeting poll numbers and declining public support Bush tried last week to calm the storm by going to the American people with more fantasies connecting 911 to Iraq. The American people did not buy it this time though and his numbers got worse. Then the “Karl Rove is a treasonous traitor” stories started popping up and Bush was faced with the prospect of his war not continuing and his staunchest ally, England announced their plans for pulling troops out just as George was saying what a mistake it would be to make such plans. The morale in the al Qaeda camp must have been at an all time high. Their efforts in the war were finally paying off. Bush was losing his public support and his own country was beginning to speak about removing him from office. His top aide was under investigation for possible treason. England had started to make plans to pull out their troops.

So it is at this time, we are to believe that an organization smart enough to pull off 911, decided to throw away all the progress mentioned above, to frighten a people whose government only has 5% of the current troops in the war on terror, and had just decided to pull those troops out? The word stupidity would not cover this decision. It is unfathomable in its illogic."


IMC Croatia, 09.07.2005 04:55

Croatian polive violently stops Peace caravan for Palestine Caravan for Palestine that left Strasbourg 5th of July to reach Jerusalem was stopped on a border between Slovenia and Croatia. One of the activists was arrested and deported back to Slovenia. Police used violence on the activists that were peacefully protesting with their hands in the air.

jesus and the london bombing (w$)

£, 09.07.2005 04:23

w$ no summary

9 de julio: Día de Acción Global contra la Ocupación y el Muro del Apartheid

Campaña Popular Palestina contra el Muro del Apartheid, 09.07.2005 04:10

El Pueblo Palestino se Moviliza en el Primer Aniversario de la Decisión de la Corte Internacional de Justicia (CIJ) para demandar:

¡Destrucción del Muro del Apartheid!
¡Implementar la Decisión de la CIJ AHORA!

Africans in America Celebrate Black Consciousness at the 3rd Annual HND

Duron Chavis, 09.07.2005 03:29

The celestial body Mars will be the closest it has ever been in RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY OF WHAT OF ALL DAYS? SATURDAY AUGUST 27th, 2005 THE SAME DAY AS HAPPILY NATURAL DAY!! Afrikan family, you cannot deny the metaphysical energy behind Happily Natural Day.

Historia del IRA (Irish Republican Army)

Editorial Ultimo Recurso, 09.07.2005 02:20

PUBLICACIÓN SEMANAL de EDITORIAL ULTIMO RECURSO: El siguiente texto corresponde a una serie de trabajos escritos en cuanto al conflicto por la liberación del pueblo de Irlanda y un acercamiento a la historización de una de las Organizaciones mas encaminadas a dicho trabajo de liberación. El contenido del archivo es fruto de nuestras investigaciones, recopilaciones, ponernos a urgar en revistas, internet y libros, encuentros con personas, etcéteras. ACCESO LIBRE a literatura, teoría política e investigaciones sobre organizaciones en

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