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Can you help to save the animals affected by hurricane katrina? Pets Rescue.

How many pets can be saved?, 06.09.2005 00:30

Pets are loved and part of a family. For people who do not have family or have lost family in the disaster, it is even more heartbreaking that their rescued pets would be taken away from them. Please can you help.


Zeljko Cipris, 05.09.2005 23:19

Our corporate and political leaders uncivilized? Perish the thought! Read on and see that they are in fact the very embodyments of civilization!


STEWWEBB.COM, 05.09.2005 23:12

Photo ops like this don't happen every day. Since the outrage of Katrina, it is time to start blowing the covers of the bad guys. Here's to avenging Valerie Plame!!!!!

Organization man

Andrew LaVallee, 05.09.2005 22:59

For the president of Utility Workers Union of America Local 369, there have been many java-jolting mornings this past year.

From a two-week strike at NStar in May to the mass defections in the AFL-CIO in July, serving the workers of a deregulated industry in a country that is less supportive of organized labor has kept him "in one word, busy," he says.

Como diminuir o défice do Estado sem aumentar impostos

Francsico Trindade, 05.09.2005 22:56

Como diminuir o défice do Estado sem aumentar impostos

Boston street rally demands money for hurricane victims not war; National demos Sept. 12

Bryan G. Pfeifer, 05.09.2005 22:14

Boston rally Sept. 3 demands money for hurricane victims not war and repression Dozens came out to an emergency demonstration Sept. 3 called by the Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC)—Boston under the slogan “Money for the victims of the hurricane – Not for War!” The depth and breadth of those protesting government negligence and in unity and solidarity with the hurricane victims is widespread...

Americans seeking Political Asylum Outside US

Steven G. Erickson aka blogger Vikingas, 05.09.2005 21:59

Test Free Speech by complaining about officials, lodge complaints against officials, and/or propose Civilian Oversight of police or the judiciary and get harassed and threatened by police, arrested, and held in America as a Politicial Prisoner.

Katrina: their suffering is our failure

Trevor Simons, 05.09.2005 21:41

... those of us who envision a just and humane world, who believe in mutual aid and direct action, failed the communities hit by Katrina many months ago. While the efforts of some to take aid into their own hands, for instance Food Not Bombs who are sending busloads of food to the affected area, are noble acts of love and compassion (which is absolutely necessary in these times), we have another duty to our own communities as well.

We must organize grassroots evacuation, reconstruction and medic teams, prepared to respond to potential disasters in our communities. We must foster the values of mutual aid and independence from the state when these disasters strike.

Who killed John-John? Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr. assassination

Tom Flocco, 05.09.2005 21:36

Clintons and Bushes involved in John F. Kennedy, Jr. assassination


Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 911 finance

U.S. Asia Intel Ops : Letter to Vice-President Cheney says FBI Special Agent in-charge met 30 days after 9.11 w/ Osama's associate & was pictured w/ bin Laden in White House-released national TV "terrorist" video....Memo to Cheney says boxes of U.S. cash left Philippines for U.S., Germany after 9.11 MEMO: “The ‘Family’ want their boxes!! [cash payoffs]... Things are getting out of hand!”

test article

john, 05.09.2005 20:48

this is a test

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www-tech, 30.07.2005 03:33

We're working on getting Open Posting Back up, the reason it is taking so long is that we're trying to get all the old archives back online and make some improvements to the way things are set up that will allow
for a lot more global imc volunteers to monitor the newswire for spam and posts which contravene the editorial policy.

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G8 View From The Inside

Marcelo Antonio, 15.07.2005 12:59

A view of the G8 protests from inside the media centre at Gleneagles

submit your G8 story

g8 bookmakers, 15.07.2005 11:46

we are a group of people, based in Manchester and Leeds, who hung out
together during the events surrounding the 2005 Gleneagles G8 Summit

We are putting together a collection of reflections by people who also
protested against the G8.

That week of working, living and laughing together reminded us that our
desires and dreams can come true, and we're confident many others had
similar experiences. We want all these voices to be heard.

Le bombe di Londra e la facile demagogia dei media

Giovanni Pisoni, 15.07.2005 11:12

E’ passata una settimana dalle bombe di Londra. Fiume di parole sono state dette e scritte a commento.
E’ triste osservare come gli avvenimenti di maggiore portata e gravita’, invece di stimolare riflessioni di uguale profondita’, portino invece la classe giornalistica a trascendere in generalizzazioni qualunquiste e superficiali.

DESDE EL PLANETA TIERRA: Aprenderse las elecciones

pablo brito altamira, 15.07.2005 10:55

Ninguna de las anteriores

Corporal Punishment to Student : Action to be initiated on the right culprit

Manitham - Promoting Human Rights, Protecting Environment, 15.07.2005 10:29

father [Mr. Ravindran] stating that his son [Master Santhosh] was self-immolated on his birthday on 04-07-2005,
due to abuse words used on his father in front of others in the school by the School Head Master. B-III police framed a case against this issue and enquiring u/s. 174 IPC.

A Way to end Britain's participation in Iraq? Armed Services Personnel: GO AWOL.!

Dennis Revell, 15.07.2005 09:25

By removing a tortured young man from the AWOL list, are the UK Army Top Brass signalling what a crock of shit they believe the Iraq aggression to be? ... read on ... See note* at the end of the article.

Memorias Radiofonicas del primer campamento nacional de jóvenes por la autonomía, Oaxaca, México

Centro de medios libres DF, 15.07.2005 07:46

portada del cd Memorias Radiofonicas del primer campamento nacional de jóvenes por la autonomía, Oaxaca, México


Davidhmh, 28.11.2007 19:14 desk3 [url=]desk4[/url] [link=]desk6[/link]

Venezuela Discovers More Oil - Bush Plans Invasion

Clif Ross, 15.07.2005 01:16

In a development sure to impact oil markets, Venezuela has announced it now has more known oil reserves than any other country in the world. Clif Ross reports from Venezuela on the announcement and the Bush administration's continuing intervention in Venezuelan politics, including plans for a possible U.S. invasion.

Antiwar Feminists Mobilize Defense of Iraqi Women

Christina Lopez, 15.07.2005 00:05

Radical Women has kicked off a signature-gathering campaign to pressure the Bush administration and Congress for an immediate end to the occupation of Iraq. The grassroots group is organizing to stop escalating abductions, prison torture, and murder of female activists in Iraq.

An open letter to anti-immigrant groups

RD Skeels, 14.07.2005 23:46

A satirical, but sincere offer to anti-immigrant groups claiming they aren't racist.

REVOLUTION! (the american one)

Shade Finster, 14.07.2005 23:38

A brief history of post revolutionary America, our current code orange and what Thomas Paine had to say on the G8.


jwalk54, 14.07.2005 23:01

A plea for help as Florida's Capitol region gearing up fight coal-fired electrical plant in upcoming referndum

Aust-Gov't Failure Card: Community

Steve Lewis, John Kerin and Funk Off, 14.07.2005 22:45

Since when did Australia own us? The controversial plan was yesterday raised by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, who suggested a national ID card to prevent unlawful detention similar to that suffered by Cornelia Rau and Vivian Alvarez.

subMedia releases first DVD/Zine on Bit Torrent

subMedia, 14.07.2005 20:48

Independent Media Group subMedia ( has released its first DVZ (DVD/Zine) ‘‘Molotov’’ as a free download on the Bittorrent network. subMedia founder Franklin Lopez made the announcement last week, after the last ‘hard copy’ of ‘‘Molotov’’ was sold to a costumer in Norway.

See Leftists, Karl Rove Is A Whistleblower

Captain America, 14.07.2005 18:49

He should be your hero, not your top pariah.

Border Crisis

Jonathan Morse, 14.07.2005 17:48

They did not bring freedom and democracy to &quot;The New World'. Weekly Cartoon from Dirt Worshiping Heathens Sketchbook...

White House fears indictment

UPI, 14.07.2005 17:35

The Karl Rove Deathwatch

The Millions More Movement Hip Hop Anthem

Kamal Imani, 14.07.2005 17:27

The Millions More Movement will take place in Washington DC on the weekend of October 14th. This is the hip hop song that you can vibe with on your way and while your there!

Over 150 Events Planned on 3rd Anniversary of Downing Street Memo

David Swanson, 14.07.2005 17:14

Congressional Town Hall Meetings, Public Forums, Dramatic Recreations, House Parties, Rallies, and Study Circles on July 23, 2005

only YOU can prevent freepers from hijacking Smoky the Bear

national symbol, 14.07.2005 16:55

Note: the freepers have done this for several YEARS.

La decisión de Lípiz

Gilda Fariñas Rodríguez, 14.07.2005 16:42

Entrevista a Universo Lípiz, un cubano que tras participar en la Guerra Civil de España logró evadirse del campo de exterminio nazi de Dachau.

Pass Image On... Bush Gang - TREASON - Image... if U want 2…, 14.07.2005 15:45

Pass Image On

Thank You,


do, 14.07.2005 15:39

IS FECIT CUI PRODEST : Blasts could boost Blair's support !


WWW.DOMUSCIVITAS.IT, 13.07.2005 16:55



Dan Stafford - Co-Chair of PDI (Progressive Democrats of Illinois), 13.07.2005 15:41

Details on a multi-organizational Health Care Town Hall Meeting being held this weekend, Sunday July 17 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois 2-5pm Central Time. Multiple speakers and at least one political candidate will attend, cost is free.

Rachelle toujours portée disparue

Guillaume GOUGES, 13.07.2005 11:08

La jeune Mauricienne n’a plus donné signe de vie depuis jeudi. Des parents sont partis à sa recherche sur les lieux du drame, où sa photo circule déjà dans la presse.

Sanctions, War, Occupation and the De-Development of Education in Iraq

Agustin Velloso, 13.07.2005 11:03

In August 1990, the United Nations Security Council imposed economic sanctions on Iraq. These ended in May 2003. Ever since that same
month, in which the war launched by Coalition Forces against Iraq ended, the country has been under occupation. The education system, one of the best in the Arab world 15 years ago, has been seriously affected by both the
sanctions and the war. The present study explores how these factors have
reversed previous educational achievements and rendered the education system unable to fulfil its missions. It also shows how continued instability and widespread violence gravely impede the reconstruction of the education
system. In sum, while the Iraqis themselves are now responsible, under international law, for deciding on and implementing reconstruction policies, this has still not been taking place under occupation.

L’histoire d’un trafic d’esclaves sur une épave

Guillaume GOUGES, 13.07.2005 10:53

La campagne archéologique, actuellement en cours à Pointe-aux-Feuilles touche à sa fin. Entamées au début du mois dernier, ces recherches visent à identifier les restes d’une épave – découverte le 10 octobre 2004 – qui gît dans le lagon.


Israel Police Watch, 13.07.2005 07:29

Israel was warned about the London bombings in advance and they admit it. Somebody clearly knew in advance that London was likely to be attacked. So was it Israel or was it Scotland Yard? Could the attacks have been prevented? This must be investigated as a matter of urgency and the public informed or such vital warnings may also be ignored or missed or mishandled in future.

Récord de graduados en la Facultad de Periodismo y Comunicación Social

Combate News, 13.07.2005 06:07

Así expresó Rolando Alfonso Borges, jefe del Departamento Ideológico del Comité Central del Partido, al clausurar la graduación de 106 jóvenes estudiantes de la Facultad de Periodismo y Comunicación Social, en solemne acto efectuado en el Aula Magna de la Universidad de La Habana.


Editor,, 13.07.2005 03:36

We must open PNAC and 9/11 to public discourse because all roads may very well lead to or from 9/11.

9/11 is not the reason the Bush/PNAC agenda took shape, it is the
excuse for implementing it.

Israel Plans To Use Deadly Force Against Anti-Disengagement Protestors

Mark Kato, 13.07.2005 01:30

In the event of violence on the part of anti-disengagement protestors during the planned Gaza pullout of Israeli settlers, an Israeli team of high-ranking military officers and academics has recommended the use of deadly force

Minister survives Beirut car explosion

Mark dameli, 12.07.2005 21:53

A powerful bomb blast wounded pro-Syrian caretaker Defence Minister Elias Al-Murr and killed two people north of Beirut on Tuesday, security officials said.

Chutzpah and free speech

Jon Wiener, 12.07.2005 20:23

Dershowitz' behaviour is "beyond chutzpah", lending credibility to Finkelstein's argument.


Andy Stone, 12.07.2005 20:13

Landmark Campaign to Expose ExxonMobil’s Dangerous Environmental Policies


Unni, 12.07.2005 20:08

“A turning point in the history of the health movement” say health activists and academicians.


What Really Happened, 12.07.2005 20:02

The Distractions are over. Back to the war to IMPEACH, then PROSECUTE, the criminals LIARS and killers sending poor kids off to die for their own Neo-Fascist agenda.

Let's make this a long, hot summer for all of them, folks!!

The London 7/7 Papers

Michael Rivero, 12.07.2005 19:48

The recent bombings in London have prompted me to create a database of information from various news sites. This page will be used for that collection at the present time. I do not believe these attacks were at all what the mainstream media and government officials want us to believe they were.

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