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Are we being had, again?

Jerry, 08.09.2005 20:53

"Predictably, skeptics and disinformation specialists, who will go out of their way to discredit serious inquiries into the levee collapses, will make up excuses and claim "shoddy construction" caused the collapse of both the 17th Street and Industrial Canals.

Of course the "shoddy construction" explanation was the same excuse used by skeptics and disinformation specialists to explain away the implosion of the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 on 9/11, which have been repeatedly proven to be controlled demolitions."

A moment of Guilt / Truth Fox News

Byrd, 08.09.2005 20:35

Shepard Smith breaks through for just a moment.

IMC EXCLUSIVE: Red Cross Donations to be Used Exclusively for Wal Mart Purchases

RB Storey, 08.09.2005 20:28

Annonymous government sources as well as representatives of the Red Cross confirm today that a substantial percentage of monetary donations being made to the Red Cross are going directly into $2,000 vouchers that can only be redeemed at Wal Mart and K Mart Stores.

Renquist is Dead

vote insanity, 08.09.2005 17:50

Did anyone else compare the government's response to one man dying to the apparently not that important situation in New Orleans?

NO GAS, NO FOOD, NO LODGING Hurricane Victims Get a Taste of Life in Occupied Iraq

Various/CCNWON, 08.09.2005 17:43

New Orleans is Baghdad plus water minus two and a half years.

What is our government trying to do in NO, La?

Reposts from jamie, 08.09.2005 17:25

The disaster in NO La was preventable (if easy and relatively inexpensive plans of the army corps of engineers were followed). Why were they not? Is there more to this story than racists budget cutting? It may be that the same cruel neocon actors are at work in the Gulf of Mexico as in the mideast? Is this a "realistate gambit," another oil grab, or just plain old hateful genocide? jamie

Millions More Movement Hip Hop Anthem

Kamal Supreme, 08.09.2005 15:23

This is a hip hop anthem to generate interest and enthusiasm for the Millions More Movement by Spoken Word artist and Rapper Kamal Supreme as well as rappers Baby Ra and Salaam of the group (Black Mud).

israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 08.09.2005 15:18

This is a summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the weeke ending 7 September 2005. 7mins, english

Bush Proves not man of his word

Steve Lott, 08.09.2005 14:53

The Action of Bush are speaking louder than his rhetoric

Get on it!

Joe, 08.09.2005 03:11

"From the levies left unfortified, the marshes not allowed to repair as requested by the army corps., no preparation to evacuate people with an eye to their return"

Wise Me Up - Writing (Breathing) in a Vacuum

R. Guayaba, 08.09.2005 02:16

poor people who lost things / friends in hurricanne -THE RICH LOST TOO! Waiting around for the collapse is like waiting around outside in the cold while a Grizzly Bear destroys your house and the possibility of getting a fire going to survive the night. Even preparing for the collapse in the case of grizzly bear story does not work – You must devise a plan to drive the bear out now or you will freeze to death.

14th Annual ACTORFEST® NEW YORK, an actors' tradeshow

Katie Rosin, 08.09.2005 01:51

Back Stage®
Presents the 14th Annual
An Actors’ Tradeshow
October 29, 2005
9am – 5pm
New York Marriot Marquis
1535 Broadway

<br/><br/><br/>only the truth is revolutionairies <br/>the forest preced man the desert follow him

anonymous, 07.09.2005 22:59

humanity wont be happy till the last capitalist is hung with the guts of the last bureaucrat
a single nonrevolutionaries weekend is infinitely more bloody than a mouth of total revolution
religion is the ultimate con to be free in 2005
is to participate.
obedience begins with consciousness
consciousness start with disobedience

<br/><br/><br/>only the truth is revolutionairies <br/>the forest preced man the desert follow him

anonymous, 07.09.2005 22:57

humanity wont be happy till the last capitalist is hung with the guts of the last bureaucrat
a single nonrevolutionaries weekend is infinitely more bloody than a mouth of total revolution
religion is the ultimate con to be free in 2005
is to participate.
obedience begins with consciousness
consciousness start with disobedience

Professional Dental Communities Coalesce to Help with Hurricane Katrina Relief

Dr. Mike Maroon, 07.09.2005 21:51

Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, genR8TNext, Hollander Consultants and Others Join Forces to provide Hurricane Relief

On War and Words

John Grogan, 07.09.2005 20:59

Op-Ed observations

What the Religious Nuts Are Saying About Katrina

Oread Daily, 07.09.2005 20:54

It should come as no surprise that religious fundamentalists of all stripes have come out from beneath their rocks to declare that Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to punish New Orleans for one reason or another. For some Mississippi and Alabama must have just been collateral damage.

Grande réunion sur le nouvel ordre mondial, la puce electronique, la manipulations sur l'homme etc...

Charles, 07.09.2005 18:39

Une réunion se déroulera le lundi 19 septembre devant le 92 rue Saint Denis à Paris 75001 à 19h30.Nos projets seront révélés! les sujets seront la mondialisation, la puce électronique, la franc maçonnerie...

A Democracy Disaster

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 07.09.2005 18:21

The Bush Administration’s framing of the New Orleans Katrina flood fiasco as a “natural disaster” is just another blow to American democracy.

Cien Años de la Insurrección Bolchevique de 1905

Orlange, 07.09.2005 17:47

El Preámbulo de la Revolución Bolchevique de 1905


Zaw Myo Lwin, 07.09.2005 17:03

Demonstrate in front of embassy before police raided in Kuala Lumpur on 16th Jun Do Burmese people have needed to change their struggles or strategies to get back their own freedom? If the people like others, like you would have not get chances to express freedom in here, how would they ever thought about Universal Declaration of Human Rights? It means all about rights and rights for self. If it is a real, and if it is a useful, show to how? Because of this is the time to challenge Burma. And its Burmese peoples; 8 major ethnics subsiding with numerous tribes were never been to know in human rights. Because of that abuses would happened commonly in Burma under illegal defacto government. And this could ever been to described by cultural and moral improving country like Malaysia. Do we pointed out Malaysia is entering to the next fellowship country with Burma in near future?

DC Underground Film Festival September 30 and October 1

DCUFF Staff, 07.09.2005 16:42

3 years ago the DC Underground Film Festival planted a seed of rebellion in the nations capital. WE ARE BACK! DCUFF will continue to revolutionize the Washington, DC movie-going experience on Friday, September 30th from 6PM to 12AM and Saturday, October 1st from 3PM to 12AM at the Goethe-Institute -- 812 7th Street, NW near the Gallery Place metro station.

Attac Strasbourg à l’initiative de la pétition « Des États généraux pour une autre Europe » :

webmestre, 07.09.2005 16:03

Après le referendum du 29 mai et le rejet franc et massif du dit « Traité constitutionnel européen », il est maintenant temps de passer à une phase de propositions active.

Attac Strasbourg a souhaité prendre l’initiative d’une pétition, depuis la ville siège du Parlement européen, seule grande institution européenne élue au suffrage universel.

Survey Highlights Concerns with Christian Interpretation of New Orleans Disaster

Ford Vox, 07.09.2005 15:44

The Universist Movement has conducted a survey of Sunday Sermons given after Hurricane Katrina, finding a disturbing trend. Dark Ages theology is still alive and well, serving as the bedrock of modern Christianity. Christianity’s ridiculous intellectual response to this historic calamity cannot be forgotten. It is time to move on to more progressive, faithless religious philosophy.

Another Fallen Soldier

Kamal Supreme, 07.09.2005 14:40

Through the medium of spoken word, Kamal Supreme suggest and explores reasons why our troops need to come back home. Over a hot beat produced by the Wondatwinz of Ohio This is a spoken word track with smooth hip hop flava!
For more info on Kamal go to or (kamal) or Videos Kamal

Bush;from an American Steve (sells a) Lott, 07.09.2005 14:17

Bush cant deliver, or tell the truth

The Truth About Markets, September 3rd 2005

Resonance104.4FM, 07.09.2005 12:56

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert present The Truth About Markets. Max and Stacy reveal the truth behind the financial pages and the secrets of the "magician's choice" on offer from New Labour on everything from healthcare to gambling and from top up fees to yob culture. Tune in and learn what the markets are really telling you. Contribute - text Max and Stacy via this number 07966 223 749

Collected Thoughts

Kellie Kopinski, 07.09.2005 12:41

Collected Thoughts Book cover To speak up and to speak out and to get a voice heard

pets need help too

glenn brown, 07.09.2005 09:46

pets dogs cats birds need help too from hurricane katrina t

&quot;New Orleans Declaration&quot;

&quot;C.M.&quot;, 07.09.2005 09:34

A Declaration of the People of the United States of America Concerning the Present Crisis in New Orleans.

African People's Solidarity Committee Statement Following Hurrican Katrina

African People's Solidarity Committee, 07.09.2005 01:13

African People's Solidarity Committee statement condemning the U.S. government for its criminal neglect and attack on the African population in the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina

Neck Deep in Red Tape

Alicia Vohs, 07.09.2005 00:30

Begging for an end to the finger pointing because they are all to blame.

Evidence that FEMA people murdered real people in New Orleans

an American Patriot, 06.09.2005 23:26

My national government is my enemy.

Cindy Sheehan call to peaceful mobilization in DC, 9/24-9/26

Heather_B, 06.09.2005 22:41

PSA voiced by Cindy Sheehan on the September 24-26th rallies in DC to end the war in Iraq.

La Ciencia Politica en Colombia

Sara M, 06.09.2005 21:50

The first conference of Political Science in Colombia

PETA Celebrates 25 Years of Fighting Cruelty to Animals

Heather Moore, 06.09.2005 20:36

This year, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the world’s largest animal rights organization, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Since its inception in 1980, PETA has propelled animal rights issues into the mainstream and reshaped the way the world views animals.

Federal Government Saves The Day

vote insanity, 06.09.2005 20:15

Airforce One wasn't flying over New Orleans two hours after the levees broke. With the president in Texas that in of itself would be enough to anger some to tears.

Federal Government Saves The Day

vote insanity, 06.09.2005 20:14

Airforce One wasn't flying over New Orleans two hours after the levees broke. With the president in Texas that in of itself would be enough to anger some to tears.

Louisiana-based Grassroots Organization Helping Rebuild Schools hit by Katrina

Jacob Rakovan, 06.09.2005 19:17

American Public School Endowments begins lengthy process of school reconstruction

Federal Government Saves The Day

anonymous, 06.09.2005 18:02

We can invade a country in 4 days yet cant prepare for a disaster that's been years in the making.

Communist Party, USA Demands Full Federal Support For Katrina Victims

Communist Party USA, 06.09.2005 17:47

The Communist Party, USA expresses its fullest sympathy and solidarity with
all the people who are suffering from the effects of the hurricane

Environmental degradation and the president's lack of priority caused destruction

Emily Lutz, 06.09.2005 16:42

The President's lust for big oil profits led to devastation in both Lousiana and Iraq. The process started with the weakening of environmental laws meant to protect the bayou.

Would President Al Gore have prevented the Katrina disaster?

saigon, 06.09.2005 16:33

But suppose Al Gore had been elected President in 2000. Would he have fixed the levees in New Orleans and prevented the Katrina disaster?

Gore is a policy wonk. New Orleans' vulnerability to a hurricane was well documented as one of the major risks facing the USA, and he would have known that.

Gore is a dedicated environmentalist. He certainly would have signed the Kyoto Accords (which would not have had time to affect Katrina). But he also would have been personally aware of the threat of hurricanes in the Gulf.

Gore would certainly not have proposed a major tax cut at the beginning of his administration, or sent out a tax rebate that would deplete the budget surplus inherited from the Clinton administration. Assume that the economic downturn came along anyway, and 9-11 happened. Assume that he would have attacked Afghanistan just as George Bush did, but he would not have attacked Iraq. He would have had funds available to fix the levees.

Love Canal-type toxic landfill submerged in New Orleans

News From Babylon, 06.09.2005 14:37

It seems that a toxic landfill site on which low-income housing was built in central New Orleans is now under floodwaters with the potential to pollute and contaminate portions of the Gulf Coast. In the 1940s and 1950s, the site was routinely sprayed with DDT, but in 1962 some 229,300 cubic metres of excess fill was removed because subsurface toxic fires kept erupting (and got the site known as "Dante's Inferno"). According to the editor of Hazardous Waste magazine, the site -- now under water -- will almost inevitably leach toxic effluent into the floodwaters, with the potential of inflicting unpredictable damage on the coast, and those that live there -- a possible environmental catastrophe.

Royal Oak, Michigan to sell parks for money

shadowhawk, 06.09.2005 12:05

Royal Oak, Michigan to sell parks to make money if millage voted down.


BBORGANISATION, 06.09.2005 10:11


Interview with Douglas Rushkoff, writer, columnist and lecturer on technology, media and popular culture

small WORLD podcast, 06.09.2005 06:41

We discuss his latest book, "Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out", as well as "Open Source Democracy: A Demos Essay", "Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism" and "Coercion: Why We Listen to What 'They' Say".

March for Peace to the Happiest Place on Earth! 9/24/05

OC, 06.09.2005 03:38

March for Peace to the Happiest Place on Earth! 9/24/05 -

S.O. Statement on Gulf Coast Disaster and Two Americas

Editor S.O., 06.09.2005 01:18

Racist Inaction, Budget Cuts, Responsible For Deaths of Thousands in Gulf Coast: Why Blacks & All Workers Need Independent Party to Rebuild Region & Ensure Nation's True Security. Statement on Gulf Coast Disaster and Two Americas by Socialist Organizer.

Katrina: The Video

Ross, 06.09.2005 01:14

A video about Katrina, the politics and the aftermath.

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