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The Greatest Force of Change in History: Amerika Dammed

Guantanamo and US-Kidnapped FARC Guerrilla, 11.09.2005 19:40

This is the war on terror: economic exploitation–WTO' the war against Islam to deny them freedom or the oil resources they posses. For the ruling class these wars are necessary because they have lied to their own people on the nature of economics, oil dependency and the consequences of unequal and rapid cultural change brought on by Globalization and technology.. and sweep the planet.

Red Cross Crux

matt griffith, 11.09.2005 18:46

This article recounts my experience as a volunteer for the Red Cross. It illustrates the disorganization of an organization receiving over 75 percent of American donations after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Region.

US peace activist detained under terrorist charges in Australia. Call the Australian Embassy NOW!

Andrea Buffa, 11.09.2005 17:25

September 10, 2005

Scott Parkin, a US peace activist from Houston, Texas, has been
detained by police in Australia without formally being charged with any crime and threatened with deportation.

Os bárbaros civilizados

Francisco Trindade, 11.09.2005 13:16

Os bárbaros civilizados

Get It Straight -- Canadians are 'In There Pitching Out' with Gulf Coast Assistance Efforts as We Speak

Ross Peterson, 11.09.2005 11:09

Pull out all the stops, Canada, as you are now doing, to help feed, clothe and shelter victims of Katrina and do everything in the region to help make it possible for ordinary folks to be the ones who resettle New Orleans before the big money moves in for the wrong reasons.

Control of Emotion and the TechnoLiberation

Dr. James J. Hughes, 11.09.2005 03:45

A short talk by Prof. David Wasserman of the U of Maryland on the pharmaceutical control of emotion, an op-ed on Katrina and jobs policy, and announcement of the TechnoLiberation list.

Philippines: Protests will take off from where impeachment failed

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party), 11.09.2005 03:38

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) September 07, 2005 :

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) today joined the ranks of other progressive anti-Arroyo forces and luminaries of the Catholic church in a show of force to continue demanding for the ouster of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) a day after the House of Representatives voted down the impeachment complaint.


Mathew Maavak, 11.09.2005 02:32

Was Sept 11 part of a historical impulse that may soon reach its intended culmination? Here is a fresh perspective and the role of Old Europe.

Madness In New Orleans - The Only Sane Option

writingstatic, 11.09.2005 02:09

They are just being human These alleged rampaging criminals, running amok along the Gulf Coast, are not breaking any laws. Their government no longer exists, and therefore the laws no longer exist. They are just being individuals. They are just being human.

It's a Small World After All.....Anti-War Demo &amp; March to the Happiest Place on Earth! 9/24/05

Orange County, CA 4 Peace, 11.09.2005 01:57

Protest the War on Iraq! September 24, 2005! Anti-War Demonstration & March
Anaheim, CA, USA

Everything That Americans Needed to Know about Freedom--Jefferson Wrote to Us.

Madame Karnak, 11.09.2005 01:18

Somebody posted this quote on the SludgeReport (a hilarious satire of the neoclown by a similar name). It is worth repeating, because in the period from 1898 to 1927, the conservatives under Mark Hannah (currently being 'channeled" Karl "Nothing is Too Low for Slime" Rove) actually orchestrated EXACTLY the same crap that we are living through now down to the WARs and bankrupting the economy/government to obtain concessions from the Congress. We need to remember this and save our country now from something worse than the idiotic "Federal Reserve" (which FYI is NOT a government agency it is a PRIVATE bank) that we got last time.

You need to open your eyes people, read history and get the bigger picture.

Madame Karnak

PS: Forget the damn aliens under the Denver airport stories and all the rest of the disinformation meant to keep you busy..concentrate on the MONEY because that is what this is all about.


IOERROR, 11.09.2005 00:10

Young photographer provide brilliant photos of African-American families who survived Hurricane Katrina, now living in the Houston Astrodome.

real story outta New Orleans!

Erika, 11.09.2005 00:03

(Bradshaw and Slonsky are paramedics frorm California that were attending the EMS conference in New Orleans. Larry Bradsahw is the chief shop steward, Paramedic Chapter, SEIU Local 790; and Lorrie Beth Slonsky is steward, Paramedic Chapter, SEIU Local 790. [California])

Two days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the Walgreens store at the corner of Royal and Iberville Streets in the city's historic French Quarter remained locked. The dairy display case was clearly visible through the widows. It was now 48 hours without electricity, running water, plumbing, and the milk, yogurt, and cheeses were beginning to spoil in the 90-degree heat.

The owners and managers had locked up the food, water, pampers and prescriptions, and fled the city. Outside Walgreens' windows, residents and tourists grew increasingly thirsty and hungry. The much-promised federal, state and local aid never materialized, and the windows at Walgreens gave way to the looters.

There was an alternative. The cops could have broken one small window and
distributed the nuts, fruit juices and bottled water in an organized and
systematic manner. But they did not. Instead, they spent hours playing cat and mouse, temporarily chasing away the looters.

Let's Get Out of Iraq but Not Just Now

Tasara, 10.09.2005 23:08

Are we afraid to say we love and support in Iraqi's in our efforts to stop the war? Let's not give into the fear that makes activist hone their message on "saving the troops". There's bigger picture to be considered.

The Bursting Dike of Amerikkkan Racism

swaneagle harihan, Irish/French Maerikkkan Hippie, 10.09.2005 21:52

The human assisted catastrophe of Hurrican Katrina has burst wide open the illusion of a nonracist, nonclassist Amerikkka.


Ron Gold, 10.09.2005 20:16

New Company offers creative, cost effective alternative to traditional business cards.

le meurtre de arafat :La Corrupción de medios y médicos por Fbi/Cia

geral sosbee, 10.09.2005 20:08

Cause de la mort de Yasser Arafat: une C.i.a, fbi, cover-up israélien

Gewalttätige staatliche Willkür in Deutschland

Repressionsopfer 1, 10.09.2005 09:08

Gewalttätige staatliche Willkür in Deutschland Staatliche Willkür gegen Einzelperson, das Opfer klagt an! Mehrere Koerperverletzungen, schwere Rufschädigungen, Noetigungen und Erpressung, ausserdem die Vorenthaltung juristischer Interessenwahrung.

Gewalttätige staatliche Willkür in Deutschland

Kriminelle Polizeiaktionen deren Ende nicht absehbar zu sein scheint, beunruhigend auch die 'Motivation' die derlei niederen Umtrieben zugrunde liegen muss!

Gewalttätige staatliche Willkür in Deutschland

Repressionsopfer 1, 10.09.2005 09:07

Gewalttätige staatliche Willkür in Deutschland Staatliche Willkür gegen Einzelperson, das Opfer klagt an! Mehrere Koerperverletzungen, schwere Rufschädigungen, Noetigungen und Erpressung, ausserdem die Vorenthaltung juristischer Interessenwahrung.

Gewalttätige staatliche Willkür in Deutschland

Kriminelle Polizeiaktionen deren Ende nicht absehbar zu sein scheint, beunruhigend auch die 'Motivation' die derlei niederen Umtrieben zugrunde liegen muss!

Where is your Allah?

wt123, 10.09.2005 06:34

Allah's flush of New Orleans US GI's flush Allah's Quran. Allah flushes GI's hometown

KATRINA TELLS THE TALE: Racism and Classism in Capitalist America

Kiilu Nyasha, 10.09.2005 06:32

Katrina has turned out to be the worst disaster in the recorded history of this nation. What’s most egregious is that it was predicted years earlier in books on climate change and the growing global warming crisis, as well as from local officials of the region who knew of the dangers and tried to get Federal assistance.

Defend Comrade Geoffrey Blank

Roman Shusterman, 10.09.2005 05:27

Geoffrey Blank is an activist that I have known for at least two years and seen develop ideologically and politically to be a man of the working class. When I first met Geoffrey he was not sure where he stood ideologically. He used to describe himself as an anarchist but in my first conversation with him he revealed to me that he was interested in Marxism-Leninism. I never saw eye to eye with Geoffrey on all the issues but one thing I can say for sure and that is that over time he has learned important political lessons and has developed his ideas to a great extent.

Report From Mayday DC/I-News Relief Effort in New Orleans

Chuck Munson, 10.09.2005 02:11

The relief van piloted by Mayday DC arrives in New Orleans and finds people without medical help who have been abandoned by the government.

present for dubya

Hypovex, 09.09.2005 23:51

message from mayor nagin

Stranded dogs wag tails at St. Bernards Sherriff - who shoots and runs over them!

repost, 09.09.2005 21:10

Shooting stranded animals in st. bernard's parish!
by mz kittinz Friday, Sep. 09, 2005 at 1:37 PM

St. Bernard Parish Sherriffs shooting friendly dogs from the back of a pick-up truck. Video, ways to call and voice outrage

Video link of St. Bernards Parish Sheriff shooing dogs (with wagging tails) from the back of a pickup truck. (Requires Quicktime and takes almost minute to start, be patient and brave, we must stand witness to this outrage.)



also, call the Gov. of LA: 1-866-310-7617 Call the Gov. of LA, leave name, number, express your concern, they are listening.

tell them animal rescue orgs. need resources for rescue, and that these animals should be saved, not shot!

Conspiracy Theory!

Azam Siddiqui, 09.09.2005 21:10

Why US government did not do what it was suppose to do in the wake of Katrina crisis. View from the other side of horizon.


Suzan Mazur, 09.09.2005 20:16

The Carlyle Group -- Investor Conference Program
September 11-13, 2005
Ritz Carlton, Washington,DC

WHAT happens to Indy Italy?

one of many, 09.09.2005 19:07

Indymediaitaly has pages without text

Zionists: &quot;America The Betrayer&quot;

Arutz Sheva, 09.09.2005 19:04

A not so veiled threat from a Zionist Extremist angry that people are finally taking actions to bring Israel to justice, and bring an end to Zionism's decades-long war against the Palestinian People.

Personally, it sounds to me more like a strongly-worded Distraction, designed to disguise Israel's part in America's current Neo-Fascist agenda.

Despite All Israel's Efforts, Arabs Do Not Hate Americans

Cyte, 09.09.2005 18:51

Despite all the Zionist money and effort to pit them against each other, Arabs do not hate Americans. Arab nations have looked past the hatred and buffoonery of the Bush/PNAC Regime, and pledged billions to help save the people of the southern states.


BOIA CHI MOLLA, 09.09.2005 18:19



Cumann na Saoirse Náisíunta Statement, 09.09.2005 17:33

We, the members and supporters of Cumann na Saoirse Naisiunta, are deeply saddened by the enormous loss of life and by the unimaginable hardship endured by the survivors of hurricane Katrina. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to those who lost loved ones and also to those who lost their homes, possessions and security, the fruits of their lifelong labors. May God have mercy on the souls of those who died, and care for and embrace those who survived.

Katrina Evacuees Forced to Remain at Fort Pickett

Alma D. Kesling, 09.09.2005 16:41

Virginia relinquishes its Emergency Management Authority to churches. Virginians wanting to offer aid and housing to the Katrina Evacuees directly from Government Emergency Agency, are being told to offer this type of aid via faith-based "initiatives." Despite the fact that faith-based initiatives were not set up to handle the initial aftermath of Katrina, the Government is handing over emergency relief authority to them now.

Cause of Death of Yasser Arafat: a cia, fbi, Israeli cover-up

geral sosbee, 09.09.2005 16:21

The so called intelligence services (fbi,cia,MI5, Israeli Secret Police, et al)obscure their sources and methods from the world because the killing of leaders, thinkers and visionaries must continue unfettered by popular revolt.The media and the doctors involved in the cover-up of the killing of Arafat are guilty of promoting the fbi/cia sponsored global fascist state; while they may believe that they do a service to the world by falsifying medical reports and by misleading the global community, in reality these doctors and media representatives are arrogant fools for supporting the most heinous and deadly assaults on mankind ever.

cause of arafat's death

geral sosbee, 09.09.2005 15:48

The recent media reports regarding the cause of death of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat are grossly suspicious . Some of the doctors refuse to comment beyond the medical records which show signs of possible microwave or other directed energy assaults on the person of Arafat. Then, the media suggests to the world that we may never know the cause of his death. Well, how convenient !

Nota radial sobre Cumbre Américas

Daniel Viglione, 09.09.2005 15:18

Archivo radial MP3 programa MAR DEL PLATA CUMBRE 105.5 a Julio Lascano Badaracco sobre IV Cumbre Américas/Mar del Plata.
Periodista Daniel Viglione

Dividing Prime BRAC Closed Fort Monroe for Wealthy's Playground

Christine MacGillivray, 09.09.2005 15:12

A letter to our next Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, regarding dividing up the land BRAC closed at Fort Monroe. The vultures have desended and there's no one available to pick them off.

What are they doing with us in EU?

Pil, 09.09.2005 14:31

EU is carpet bombing with rules and regulations.

Military Manipulation of the Weather - An Interview with Rosalie Bertell

matt soltys, 09.09.2005 14:19

Rosalie Bertell is one of the few people who can speak at length about the environmentally devastating effects of the military, weather control, HAARP, chemtrails, and other subjects which are normally considered to be in the realm of conspiracy theories. She was interviewed Wednesday, September 7, 2005.

With Jails Flooded Bus Station Fills the Void

ALEX BERENSON, 09.09.2005 10:03

&quot;I was hoping to get some towels to get a bath with.&quot; "All my towels - they was used up," Mr. Thomas said. "I was hoping to get some towels to get a bath with." Another man acknowledged that he had stolen a car and protested that government officials had encouraged residents to evacuate by any means necessary.

Track and chase - the new war on liberty

Propaganda Monster, 09.09.2005 03:28

Frightening the public! The president of the Council for Civil Liberties, Terry O'Gorman, said once in place, the laws would never be removed. "The Prime Minister said today this combined package of powers will not mean a police state," he said. "We say it very much holds the potential for that to happen."

Katrina - and open display of genocide, inhumane treatment and martial law

CHill, 09.09.2005 00:35

here is an article and full account sent to a friend from some people who were in New Orleans and finally managed to escape

New Orleans is an incredibly important place for Critical Resistance

Critical Resistance, 08.09.2005 23:47

The militarized, brutal response towards those left behind We are heartbroken by the devastation in a city we love -- and by the media's racist and classist portrayal of our communities, the demonization of our brothers and sisters who have been in dire straits for decades, and the militarized, brutal response towards those left behind.


ANGEL PEDANO, 08.09.2005 23:27


Sept. 24, Reclaim the &quot;Orange Revolution&quot;, and Your Country

Jordan Thornton, 08.09.2005 22:06

My apologies, as this is in need of a rewrite, but please study and use these tactics, in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan's courageous protest at the feet of illegitimate Power on September 24.

Fu*k You, Mr. Cheney - Stewart, Vedder Get It

Jordan Thornton, 08.09.2005 22:04

The great Jon Stewart segment addresses and refutes all of the Blame the Victim, Rovian Talking Points emanating from the LIARS' Lair in DC. Please share it with friends & family.

Hollander Consultants Treasury Manager Flies to Louisiana to Help with Disaster Relief

Matthew Bratschi, 08.09.2005 21:32

Hollander Consultants Pat Tiller Volunteers to Assist Katrina Victims

An article from The Nation

John Nichols, 08.09.2005 21:29

I didn't write this article but I feel that everyone should read it. Barbara Bush is quoted as saying "And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them" meaning the the New Orleans residents who have lost their family, thier friends, their homes, their jobs, and their security have it better off in a crowded dirty arena where people have been rapped,people can't sleep, and childen can't stop crying.

Nagin throws in with Bush police state

Total Info Analysis, 08.09.2005 21:17

"New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has thrown in with FEMA to have New Orleanians forcibly evacuated from their homes. It is essential that Gov. Kathleen Blanco maintain control over the National Guard and order them NOT tor fire on innocent New Orleanians. 10,000 New Orleanians remain in the city and it is essential they stay there to keep the Bush junta from razing that which remains standing and selling the land to their globalist cronies for pennies on the dollar. " Not to mention preventing the distruction of evidence.

Who was it that had something very interesting to say about eating cake?

By E&amp;P Staff, 08.09.2005 20:59

"And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."

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