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Insólito: Estados Unidos niega visa al equipo de seguridad del Presidente Chávez

Maria Jose Dolores Villa, 14.09.2005 17:01

Artículo de opinión que denuncia los atropellos de los Estados Unidos en el seno de la Sexagesima Asamblea de la ONU. Las reformas que se estan armando violan la soberanía y autodeterminación de los pueblos. Seran herramienta para ser utilizadas contra la sobrerana República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

North Texas Indy Media Totally Off The Wall And Fully Violates Its Charter

Media Awareness Committee, 14.09.2005 16:15

North Texas Indy media has always been a half baked affair of reprinted articles, patched together reporting, plenty of nazi loving, jew hating, absolutely silly posts, and a gaggle of clashing egos, and personal grandstanding posing as reporting, but it's sinking further everyday. None of the awful posts or comments get deleted, but good common sense ones get deleted time and time again. What can be done about a so called "Indy Media" that fails its mission in every conceivable way every day?

Greece: Anarchists Riot Against the Government's Harsh Economic Policies (video)@

@, 14.09.2005 15:38

Salonica, Greece Riot 10-9-05 against the government's economic policies Video from the Riots in Salonica on 10-9-2005

Escape from Flooded Orleans Parish Jail

Judith Brink, 14.09.2005 14:56

Radio interview with "Squeaky", an inmate who escaped from Orleans Parish Prison after staff abandoned the prison during Hurricane Katrina.

Junge Union kämpft um Freiburg

anonym, 14.09.2005 09:03

Die Junge Union versucht am morgigen Donnerstag die linke Hochburg Freiburg widerzugewinnen. Wer gerne mit der CDU-Jugend diskutieren möchte, hat morgen die gelegenheit dazu:
Donnerstag, 15. September 2005
6.00-9.00 Uhr Haltestellenaktion
H Paduaallee/Kiosk
H Johanniskirchplatz
H Munziger Straße
H Lassbergstraße
H Bertholdsbrunnen
H Siegesdenkmal
H Zähringen
H Landwasser

Estados Unidos niega Visa al equipo de seguridad del Presidente Chávez

Movimiento 13 de Abril/ Yosmary Delgado de Rausseo, 14.09.2005 06:06

Sin duda el Gobierno de Washington está interfiriendo para que el gobierno venezolano no acuda a cumplir con sus obligaciones en la Asamblea General de la ONU, que comienza el miércoles en Nueva York.

Film that shows darker side of peace activism wins award

Vext, 14.09.2005 04:45

Controversial film by A. Jonathan Benny called "Peaceful Propaganda" wins a Special Prize of the Jury at film festival in Russia.

US Debt

See For Yourself, 14.09.2005 04:06

If you haven't seen this, check it out.

Try refreshing every second or so. You will see that the national debt, what you and I owe, increases about $100,000 every second or about $1.7 billion per day. Anyone who says that the Federal Reserve System isn't a problem, should take a serious look at this debt clock and ask themselves . . . what will happen to the U.S. if something isn't done about fiat money and the monetizing of debt?

The Right Black Woman

Jacqueline Amos, 14.09.2005 03:37

I sought among the prosperity, to de' program the destructions of a tube legation that toxins the mind, a free chose of rebirth, that constitute my liberty to speak, the army is not an army, when the warrior fights among each other, and the people suffer from the addictive addiction for power, what is revolution?

From Slaves To State

Jacqueline Amos, 14.09.2005 03:32

Slaves to the state, from the veins, incubation cursed,
Oh beyond the retched pow’er of the blind,
dignity stand de’ womb, I cry in silence
as the Almighty God, and my brother lord pleads my cause.


Grand jury indictments handed down on Aug. 4 against a senior Pentagon official and two Washington-based lobbyists linked to Israel paint a grim picture of a much wider espionage ring involving unidentified high level U.S. and Israeli government officials, diplomats and spies.

If We Understand New Orleans; we understand the Bush strategy

Mike Whitney, 14.09.2005 02:22

New Orleans provides us with a reliable template for judging what the Bush administration will do in the event of a massive "casualty-producing" terrorist attack. However depressing, this is useful information.

Outlaw War

William John Cox, 14.09.2005 02:11

Why not adopt a national policy of avoiding war against other nations and their innocent people as a matter of principle? We should outlaw war unless our country is directly invaded. Instead, to confront the danger posed by foreign dictators who threaten to physically injure our citizens or seriously harm our national interests, we should adopt an alternative policy based upon a law enforcement model in which we declare the dictator, personally, to be an outlaw.

Hitler Staue set for whitehouse lawn

Archer Quinn, 14.09.2005 02:04

Just when you thought you were rwong about history repeating itself, the new world nazis reveal themselves. Jewish tagging to return, trials in Austraila under new terror laws, US changing australia into crash test dummy

Was He An Assassin For pResident Bush?

Martin F. Abernathy, 13.09.2005 23:38

He said he was a Marine sniper ith more than * 700* kills...and that he "worked for President(sic) Bush." Could this be true? Will the government claim that he is 'mentally ill' to cover this up?

just woke up

anonymous, 13.09.2005 22:20

The root causes of terrorism
The root cause of terrorism is oppression, with the system causing the oppression so monolithic in its powers, that no other avenue of resistance is seen to be available, and given that not acting is not considered an option, a return strike in the form of terrorism becomes the chosen method of reprisal.

The Vacuum that is Called Activism - Resistance - in US-EU

R.Utabaga, 13.09.2005 22:18

Smoke, Fire, Rubble and Ruin - Is this the way it Musy BE? – If anyone believes that voting, CD or social revolution (Cultural Change) are viable –THEN DO NOT READ THIS– something is wrong with you.(all of these together for over 40 years could not change even one policy! The wars, the WTO, the ESA or Bush’s election (s)!)There has been a social revolution in the US – its called Reagan-Bush –They won that battle…60-80 % of population strongly influenced by that direction and the religious right!

toasted rosted holy fuck just woke up are we stoping

anonymous, 13.09.2005 21:01

Rise up rise up Oh rise and show your power Rise up rise up Everybody dance into the sun Rise up rise up It's time for celebration Rise up rise up The spirits time has come Talkin' 'bout the right time to be workin' for peace Wantin' all the tension in the world to ease Watch the love run wild in the streets We want to be free, we want to be free Talkin' about a new way to talk about changing our names Talk about building the land of our dreams This tightrope's gotta learn how to bend We're makin' new plans Gonna start it again

36% of consumers are boycotting unethical corporations

Mike Brady, 13.09.2005 20:21

A survey in 17 countries has found that boycotting of unethical corporations is widespread. Nike, Coca Cola, McDonal's and Nestlé are the most boycotted brands.

A Forewarning

vote insanity, 13.09.2005 20:06

If you need money,save it now. Inevitably the rich will want it more than the poor need it.

Algiers Needs Supplies, Send to Cafe Mawonaj (NOT American Red Cross!)

Lyndi Borne, 13.09.2005 19:53

1. American Red Cross & FEMA are doing very little to help the people of New Orleans. Mayday DC & Cafe Mawonaj & Food not Bombs run the ONLY makeshift clinic in Algiers (across the river from East New Orleans).

2. The clinic needs: a) Diabetic testing kits b) Anti-mold cleaning supplies c) Vitamin B-complex vitamins d) Brita filters and chlorine pills e) Money for Generators
Please make checks out to Cafe Mawonaj and drop off supplies to 624 T St NW, Washington, DC 20001.
Go to for more information.

3. $80 billion was approved in FY2005 for war in Iraq (not including supplementary funds). $37 million was allocated for FEMA annually since 2001 when the budget was cut 50%. They could have prevented this disaster by reinforcing the levees!

4. Algiers is like a ghost town, it is under martial law and curfew is from 6 am - 6 pm. Not all the army are unhelpful, but the Red Cross sits there, the National Guard & Army don't even know where to buy generators, and the people left over are helping themselves and their neighbors. This includes the displaced from East New Orleans.

Vermont Guard Brings Food To Projects

By David Van Deusen, 13.09.2005 18:57

Housing project residence charge police with multiple murders. People express anger with feds. Vermont Guard distributes food and water to poor.

George Galloway/Christopher Hitchens Debate Streaming Live on Wed., Sept. 14, 7-10 pm ET !

Steffie Brooks, 13.09.2005 18:35

Wed., September 14th
Time: 7 pm - 10 pm ET
Streaming at and

Wo man kostenlos Nachrichten im Internet veröffentlichen kann

Doris Baumbauer, 13.09.2005 17:32

Wiesbaden - Das Internet macht es möglich: Auch Nicht-Journalisten können im Web völlig kostenlos interessante Nachrichten veröffentlichen. Das Weblog nennt zahlreiche Pressedienste, die diesen Service anbieten:

Solidarity Appeal from Poland

ck-la, 13.09.2005 17:13

Solidarity with activist repressed for participating in nurses protest.

Protest Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Bayonne New Jersey (USA) this Thursday September 15th 2005

American Anarchist, 13.09.2005 17:05

Vladimir Putin will be visiting Bayonne New Jersey this thursday September 15th, to dedicate a 9-11 Memorial. We must protest this bloodthirsty dictator! This is a call to direct action!

George Galloway/Christopher Hitchens Debate Streaming Live on Wed., Sept. 14 at 7 pm Eastern Time !

Steffie Brooks, 13.09.2005 15:37

The "Mauling in Manhattan" between British MP George Galloway and journalist Christopher Hitchens on the Iraq War has been sold out for over a week, but you can listen to gavel-to-gavel coverage over the net.

Katrina Internally Displaced Release

Ajamu Baraka, 13.09.2005 15:06

U.S. Human Rights Network calls for authorities to meet their legal and moral obligations to “Internally Displaced Persons” in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

Laura Bush Doesn’t Know the Name of the Hurricane

Buster J., 13.09.2005 10:10

Laura Bush visited a class and spoke of the destruction of a Hurricane, but referred to it by the wrong name! This was 11 days after the disaster. Proof that the disaster did not measure high on what the Bushes concern themselves with.

Activist persecuted for participation in nurses protest (An appeal for solidarity campaign)

Red Collective - Leftist Alternative, 13.09.2005 09:52

Enough of repression for social activity! An appeal to all leftist, anarchistic and labour organizations and movements – join us in solidarity actions to stand up for Andrew Smosarski with the sentence of confinement impending over him for having participated in the protest of polish nurses

In Your Face, America!

Contributing Editor,, 13.09.2005 01:47

Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it out. It's all about timing. Anon

America has been scammed time and time again, because the time was right. The time was right once again...

Fabrica militar Explocen fumiga con glifosato en comunidades de Cotopaxi Ecuador

Paulina Ponce CEDHU, 12.09.2005 22:56

La fábrica de explosivos Explocen, ha cometido una serie de atropellos con campesinos de la comunidad de Pilligsillí en la provincia de Cotopaxi por un coflicto de tierras. Acusó de robo a una campesina por lo que estuvo 2 meses detenida, la empresa ha fumigado con glifosato los terrenos, mismo veneno que usa el Plan Colombia para fumigar en la frontera. Se hace urgente la difusión de esta información pues la empresa abusa de su poder para conseguir las tierras de los campesinos, es urgente.

National Support Our Troops Day Sept 17, 2005

Bob Calvert, 12.09.2005 22:40

National Support Our Troops Day is a national event launched by an alliance of military support groups. This is not about politics but only to show our troops that we support them and that we thank them for their service.

The real story behind new orleans and the flood

Mierrs, 12.09.2005 22:27

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!, then Boom Boom, What really happen in new orleans during the storm

The Real Looters of Hurricane Katrina

Nzingha Tyehemba, 12.09.2005 22:14

The images of survivors of Hurricane Katrina, for the most part images of poor African-Americans, “looting” neighborhood supermarkets and grocery stores exemplify this nation’s fetish with stigmatizing, criminalizing, and dehumanizing black people, even in the midst of a great tragedy.


ASOCIACIÓN &quot;EL ZOCO&quot; DE JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA, 12.09.2005 22:08

Se pone en marcha el proyecto de mercado directo entre agricultores ecológicos y consumidores de productos ecológicos en Jerez.

This Way Out: Katrina Relief &amp; California Marriage Equality

Overnight Productions, 12.09.2005 21:56

Queers rally for Katrina relief; Arnold says "hasta la veto" on Calif. marriage bill. Plus Mass. g/l marriage ban petitioning ok'd, NZ elections prompt civil unions backlash, homophobia behind Malaysian political scandal revealed, more news.

Help Save Frances Newton From Execution on Sept. 14, 2005

Public Affairs, No Murder In My Name, 12.09.2005 21:21

Frances Newton May Become the First African American Woman Texas Has Put to Death Since Resuming the Use of Capital Punishment in 1982

DISPATCH Anti-Bush Issue Call For Subs

P. H. Madore, 12.09.2005 19:27

DISPATCH is going to release a special issue earlier than expected, and we're in need of non-fiction against Bush.

Sporadic Dance Revolution: Operation Break Free

Sub Commandant Footloose, 12.09.2005 19:01

On September 9th, a large group of diverse people gathered on the streets to dance to the new form of revolution.

Zapping the Empire: K-K-K-Katrina

Joe Broadhurst, 12.09.2005 18:31

Montage of audio clips showing where the Bush Administration placed all of its efforts in the aftermath of Katrina: Oil, oil and everything to do with oil.

French Quarter Struggles With Crisis: residents defy evacuation, begin rebuilding their community

David Van Deusen, 12.09.2005 18:00

French Quarter residents fight to restore community despite police harrasment. People organize community centers, and provide basic services that FEMA failed at. Government officials threaten to evacuate residents at gun point.

Left to Drown

Zachary Adams, 12.09.2005 17:22

I am a native of New Orleans and I am writing in regard to the federal response. I believe that the apathy of the government was based upon class. New Orleans does not have power or influence and therefore is not important. Humanity was lost to other priorities and that is the main point that I develop and demonstrate.

BushVille on the Washington MALL... OPEN TODAY

RogerARTcom, 12.09.2005 15:53

Will B There Until the Bush Gangsters


2 websites canceled by the german ministry of the interior 3 days ago

Rg, 12.09.2005 13:04

use following both google keywords in one: untersuchungsausschuss,bmi 2 websites canceled by the german ministry of the interior 3 days ago from all big searchengines (Google, Yahoo, even in the usa).

A 32 años del Golpe de Estado en Chile

purrundancers, 12.09.2005 02:43

A 32 años del Golpe de Estado en Chile
Los asesinos aún siguen en la impunidad..

OPERATION KATRINA TIMELINE summary: creation of Bushistan, &amp; further destruction of Constitutional U.S. by Bush neocons

cui bono watch, 12.09.2005 01:02

September, 11, 2001: Bush sits there 25 minutes to let terror mature National Guard does not have legally have to follow unConstitutional orders. Got that? And most of what you guys are doing there is totally unconstitutional. And for those working on organizing the well deserved Bush impeachment, speed things up just a bit, OK? --- After reading a lot about the non-response and the superfluous response of the neocons and their police state vehicle (FEMA) to Hurricane Katrina--as well as reading about Katrina's odd "90 degree right turn" into New Orleans area--this is a summary of all the threads I think are involved in what I would call "Operation Katrina." Look them up for yourself. All are true.

Howard Lyman Tour in Oregon

Tour Director, 12.09.2005 01:00

Author and Motivational Speaker, Howard Lyman comes to Oregon...


Jefe, 12.09.2005 00:52

Bush administration as well as their so called allies are still selling the "terrorist are trying to kill us because they hate us and the freedom that we stand for" angle. University of Chicago has compiled a huge database of all terrorist acts and the facts are eye opening.

Four Years On, 20 Things We've Learned Since 9/11

Various, posted by Jordan Thornton, 11.09.2005 23:10

Most importantly, we know that, despite four years' passing and much political pressure from around the world to do so, the Bush/PNAC Regime has been completely unable to present compelling and independently-verifiable evidence to support their anti-Arab Conspiracy Theory, upon which they've dismantled the Constitution, violated International Law, and slaughtered innumerable innocent people, in order to prosecute illegal wars of aggression and launch an agenda of Neo-Fascism, planned long before these False Flag Attacks. Oh yeah, and get filthy stinkin' rich in the process ...

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