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PRAVEEN DALAL, 17.09.2005 14:07

PRAVEEN DALAL, CONSULTANT AND ADVOCATE, DELHI HIGH COURT, INDIA. A work analysing the proposed IT Act, 2000 amendment and its impact on the Indian society.

John H.o.W.A.R.d line roars at Fascism Week

Propaganda Monster, 17.09.2005 13:12

Scott Parkin fined for illegal and degrading detention Embellishments of all kinds -- detention, deportation, fines -- were evident on the dogwalks this week, as were masculine details such as ASIO, security risk, threats and new anti-liberty laws. Even those signs came off more like criminogenic intellectual slavery and less harsh than the nasty, over-the -top feelings of many suspected terrorists detained last season. That's a joke son!

Caza de brujas: Vinculan al Colectivo Zapatista de Sevilla con el partido político IU.

Colectivo Zapatista de Sevilla, 17.09.2005 10:15

Deseamos publicar una carta al director que fue enviada a los periódicos ABC, El País, El Mundo y El Correo de Andalucía, en la que remitimos a la vinculación que hizo el ABC del Colectivo Zapatista de Sevilla con IU, para declarar que nos desvinculamos de este y de cualquier otro partido político. Ninguno de los periódicos a los que se envió la carta se dignó publicarla.

Police State Takeover in America

not important, 17.09.2005 09:20

Police State Takeover in America

George Galloway's Boston Speech - September 13, 2005

Traprock Peace Center, 17.09.2005 06:15

George Galloway started his national tour at Boston's historic Faneuil Hall on September 13, 2005. Listen to and download his speech, see photos, read and comment on the blog, and order tickets for an upcoming event in Toronto, Madison, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Washington, DC

The Center for Constitutional Rights wrote:

Edget Betru CCR, 17.09.2005 04:06

Give us a trial or release us Now more than ever we need to put an end to the Bush Administration's illegal practices torture and detention. Here's how you can join the fight:

eyewitness report by a New Orleans resident who spent five days in the Superdome

Party for Socialism and Liberation, 17.09.2005 02:06

Iraq, New Orleans and Sept.24:
The Deepening Crisis of the Bush Government and the Role of the People's Movement.
Featuring an eyewitness report by a New Orleans resident who spent five days in the Superdome.
Sunday Sept.18 5pm
2489 Mission St. Rm. 28


Henry-Claude Innocent, 17.09.2005 01:35

A personal opinion on 9-11.(An implicite interrogation about why the international public opnion doesn't give the largest diffusion possible of Victor Ego Ducrot and Bruno Cardeñoza's views on 9-11)

Sexe, argent et intégrisme postmoderne

Sisyphe, 17.09.2005 01:15

La culture prostitutionnelle gagne sans cesse du terrain au sein des institutions de tout niveau.

Wife of Man Injured By Smoking Pill Going it Alone Against Drug Giant Glaxo

Henya Tamar, 17.09.2005 00:50

After her husband's physical and mental health is damaged by Wellbutrin, a drug he was given to help him quit cigarettes, Alison Cintorrino discovers that pharmaceutical corporation GlaxoSmithKline has been hiding information that could save lives. With lawyers reluctant to represent them on a contingency basis, Alison files suit against GSK on her own.


ALI A. M., 16.09.2005 22:30

Los combatientes de AL mAHDI MuJAIDINES, enrolados en una lucha amuerte contra el maldito enemigo invasor, venimos a declarar que el ataque de hoy contra nuestras fuerzas en Al AMBR al sur, ha causado la muerte de doce civiles por armas de los aviones enemigos.

Talk Nation Radio interview with British MP George Galloway and United For Peace activist Bill Dobbs

Dori Smith, WHUS Storrs, 16.09.2005 21:52

George Galloway comments on an AP report about the recent gift of $10,000 dollars from Palestinian refugees to victims of hurricane Katrina, and on the war in Iraq and upcoming demonstrations on September 24, 2005. Bill Dobbs reports on his progress organizing events in Washington, D.C. where three days of anti-War activity are planned on the 24th, 25th, and 26th.

Bruning's &quot;Shotgun Divorce&quot;

bte49712, 16.09.2005 20:58

Nebraska Attorney General overrules local prosecutor, files rape charges against newlywed Matthew Koso.

Am Freitag den 16. September ging der UN-Gipfel in New York ohne konkrete Beschlüsse zu Ende

Frank-Reginald Evertz, 16.09.2005 20:37

Der letzte UN-Gipfel in New York erwies sich als Fehlschlag und die Zukunft der UNO sollte jetzt überdacht werden. Auch eine Neugründung der UNO ohne die vermeintliche Supermacht USA wäre ratsam.

Are we living in a free world ?

Sandeep Datta, 16.09.2005 20:34

We were born in a free country but have started living like slaves. With each day our lives are being moulded by those who are very few in numbers. They are taking unethical avantage of our silent attitude in society and against injustices. Do we really remember what is being free?

Late Picture Series of the Gleneagles Protests, 16.09.2005 20:29

View from the bus stop to an Edinburgh hotel, and the police line in front Some Pictures that were made during the G8 Summit and Counteractions in Scotland.

Enjoying Independence in a Bihari 'Ishtyle' ! (in lighter vein)

Sandeep Datta, 16.09.2005 20:05

We all love enjoying our freedom in our loved way. But an interesting style came to my notice when this year a very close friend of mine frm Bihar taught me in his own Ishtyle...

Letter To Canadian Media Re: Iraq/Zarqawi Dead

Jordan Thornton, 16.09.2005 20:02

A note I sent to the media regarding their recent coverage of the situation in Iraq, and the repetition of unsubstantiated allegations made by the LIARS in the Bush/PNAC Regime.

Argumente für eine neue politische Müllverbrennungsanlage

Frank-Reginald Evertz, 16.09.2005 19:44

Anlässlich der anstehenden Bundestagswahl hier ein paar allgemeine Gedanken zur Politik nicht nur in Deutschland.

Offener Brief an den Bundespräsidenten Deutschlands Horst Köhler

Doris Auerbach, Basel, 16.09.2005 19:33

Horst Köhler, dem Machtorganisationen wie die Trilaterale Kommission, das Council on Foreign Relations, das Royal Institute of International Affairs, die Strategiezentrale der Bilderberger und die Mitglieder des Committee of 300 bekannt sind, weiss das Krieg auf deren Agenda steht.

UPDATE: Whistleblower Seeks To End High-Tech Torture By U.S. Government

M. F. Abernathy, 16.09.2005 19:26

Charles Schlund has filed a motion for injunctive relief from torture by the United States Department of 'Justice'.

Operation Blue Blood

Fulana, 16.09.2005 16:51

Operation Blue Blood is a short video satire--our response to the disastrous way the Bush Administration handled Hurricane Katrina. Entering the dialogue through humor, we hope to further dialogue and critical thinking.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 16.09.2005 14:51

El descalabro de las tropas de ocupación norteamericanas en Iraq ha opacado un tanto los crecientes reveses de esas fuerzas en Afganistán, tras cuatro años de iniciada la agresión.
Apenas unas semanas después del ataque terrorista contra las Torres Gemelas y el Pentágono, el presidente George W. Bush ordenó la invasión del país asiático, pretextando sin
demostrarlo, que el gobierno talibán instalado en ese país brindaba protección al líder de Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden.

Afghanistan Quagmire Deepens for US

By Angel Rodriguez Alvarez, 16.09.2005 14:48

The inability of the US occupation troops to stabilize the situation in Iraq has hidden the growing defeats of the Pentagon's forces in Afghanistan; four years after that war began.

Only weeks after the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, President Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan under the pretext that the Taliban government was protecting Osama bin Laden.

On the Ground in New Orleans

Rev. Bruce Wright with the Refuge, 16.09.2005 14:07

On a recent relief trip to New Orleans with several grass roots organizations, we encountered a very confusing situation with a very heavy handed Police and Military presence

The Only Solution for World Peace

John Fish, 16.09.2005 13:41

The Temple of Love unites Christianity Islam Judaism and Everyone else as the first step towards World Peace. It is the only solution for saving life on Earth from extinction in nuclear world war and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer.


Martin F. Abernathy, 16.09.2005 13:41

A previous lawsuit by Charles Schlund was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2001. D oa few Google searches: "Schlund" + "Bush" or "Schlund" + "lawsuit"

Une oauvre témoin

Guillaume GOUGES, 16.09.2005 04:54

L’exposition de la “World Press Photo Foundation” rassemble, au milieu de ce flot incessant d’images, celles qui retiennent l’attention, car symbolisant le mieux un événement spécifique. Au-delà de la simple prouesse technique, elles nous rappellent que ces “événements” commentés dans les médias du monde entier concernent, avant tout, des hommes et des femmes.

Vallée de Ferney : même tracé pour l'autoroute

Guillaume GOUGES, 16.09.2005 04:51

Les autorités continuent de faire la sourde oreille aux revendications de Nature Watch sur le tracé de l'autoroute du Sud-Est.

Poverty is a Condition, Not a Choice

Chioma Adaku, 16.09.2005 03:45

An Op Ed that educates the reader on stats of poverty and opinion of poverty being a condition and not a choice.


Cheryl Seal, 15.09.2005 23:12

Since August 31, full-blown civil war between Sunnis and Shiites has been raging - yet the Bush administration continues to call it "pockets of insurgency" and blame escalating attacks on its stock bogeyman: Al Qaeda.

9/11/2005 'Al Qaeda' Message Was Mossad. CIA Provoking Iraq Civil War

Various, 15.09.2005 22:10

Those identified as "Al Qaeda" by the Fascists starting these wars throughout the Middle East have ALL been connected to Western/Israeli intelligence services. "Al Qaeda" does not exist, outside the realm of Covert Operations.

It would appear that the US/UK/Israel is intentionally targeting Iraqi civilians, in order to "Divide & Conquer". Stay united, Iraqi Resistance!!!

Bush Supports Home-Bred Terrorists

scott huminski, 15.09.2005 20:13

President Bush, Alberto Gonzales & Senator Dole support terror threats and civil rights violations within the U.S..

Atacan porros y PFP a estudiantes en prepa 5

CEDEP, 15.09.2005 18:20

El miércoles 14 de septiembre el grupo de porros denominado “Organización Estudiantil Universitaria” (OEU), perpetró un brutal ataque a la comunidad universitaria de preparatoria 5. Cubiertos con pasamontañas, y armados con petardos, tubos y navajas ingresaron al plantel aproximadamente a las 6:30 p.m., horario en que la comunidad del turno vespertino se encontraba en clases.


berardi bruno, 15.09.2005 17:24



Call out for Art &amp;Activism Caravan(May – July 2006)_EYFA (European Youth For Action) is preparing a new project!

EYFA, 15.09.2005 16:26

We're looking for ARTISTS/TRAINERS to join the Caravan; and for groups from the following countries that want to be HOSTS for the Caravan: Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia&Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.

Iran admits: The aim is a nuclear bomb

Mahmoud Firouzi, 15.09.2005 10:05

Far away from the western press attention, Iran admits to local press that the aim behind its nuclear program is not different than achieving a nuclear weapon

small WORLD: Dr. Ben Marble, &quot;Go fu** yourself, Mr. Cheney!&quot;

small WORLD Podcast, 15.09.2005 07:42

Interview with Dr. Ben Marble. We discuss the events of September 8th that led to him telling Cheney off.


NOT - Hon Peter Bachelor, Minister for Transport, 15.09.2005 06:11

Ticket inspectors finally caught on public video assaulting a passenger.


NOT - Hon Peter Bachelor, Minister for Transport, 15.09.2005 05:59

Ticket inspectors finally caught on public video assaulting a passenger.


Jeannette of Nazareth, 14.09.2005 21:20

Sharing good and bad memmories

Unfounded? Stories Violence and Rape Countered By New Orleans Residents

David Van Deusen, 14.09.2005 21:05

Media reports of rape and anti-social violence in New Orleans appears dubious. Locals tell a different story.

New Orleans Resident Rescues Mules

David Van Deusen, 14.09.2005 21:02

New Orleans resident rescues mules, and lists peoples' spirits in the process.

Primer congreso bonaerense de reforma agraria

CEPPAS, 14.09.2005 20:57

Invitación y cronograma al primer congreso de reforma agraria a realizarse el 22 y 23 de septiembre en La Plata, proviucia de Bs. As. Argentina.

Oprah Winfrey's Big Mistake.

Elijah Gatewood, 14.09.2005 20:25

Well known TV talk show host
proposal to embarass Blacks.

Reclaiming the 'Orange Revolution' And America

Jordan Thornton, 14.09.2005 20:06

Some tactics to consider for the upcoming actions against the Bush/PNAC Regime. Cindy Sheehan's courageous actions in Texas have captured the imaginations of an American public desperate for an end to this madness. We must give them something they can get behind, while the Bush/PNAC Regime is vulnerable, and before the next big Distraction we all sense is imminent. Let's send an unmistakable message of unity and determination to the world, and end this now before things get any worse.

The Jews of Iraq

Naeim Giladi, 14.09.2005 20:00

I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors.

BAHRC Medics in Lousiana Call For Licensed Volunteer MD's (and possibly NP's)

Reposted by BARHC in SF, 14.09.2005 19:40

Hey Everyone,
This is Michael K writing from Algiers in New Orleans. We have had a tremendous outpouring of support, in terms of materials and spirit, from from folks in the immediate community, the local region, and nation-wide. The main concern now is for medical personal who can prescribe meds. Under the Louisiana state of emergency, all MDs who have active medical licenses in their home state have instant prescribing privileges here in Louisiana--simply bring copies of your license and DEA. I am not sure if this applies to NPs--could someone check on this? I will have to leave Saturday or Sunday, and at this time, I've been the only physician regularly working in the clinic...We desperately need a prescribing clinician to be able to commit to being here for a bit of time

¿Qué pasa con los hijos naturales del Rey?

Godofredo, 14.09.2005 18:49

Los peores enemigos de la Monarquía no somos los republicanos sino las propias normas de una institución decadente

Measuring Security Measures Screenings

submitted by Aisling Chin-Yee by Trish Kearns and Ezra Winton, 14.09.2005 18:38

CitizenSHIFT and uberculture take on ten cities in ten days, with film tour across Canada with panel discussions about Canada's use of Security Certificates and those whose lives have been drastically effected by this bill.

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