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U.S. Military in Paraguay Prepares To “Spread Democracy”

Benjamin Dangl, 20.09.2005 19:55

Airbase in Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay [copyright Clarin] Secretive Operations in Paraguay a Cause For Concern

Which Way forward for the Green Party?

Ashley Smith, Cat Woods, James Marc Leas, and Steve Greenfield, 20.09.2005 19:39

A report on the 2005 Annual National Meeting, held July 22nd-24th, 2005

Truth About Markets, Saturday 17th September

Resonance104.4FM, 20.09.2005 17:46

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert present The Truth About Markets. Max and Stacy reveal the truth behind the financial pages and
the secrets of the "magician's choice" on offer from New Labour on everything from healthcare to gambling and from top up fees to yob culture. Tune in and learn what the markets are really telling you. Contribute - text Max and Stacy via this number 07966 223 749.


Oilwatch, 20.09.2005 17:43

Sovereignty under threat

During the 1970s, OPEC achieved a significant turnaround in the correlation of global forces. For the first time ever, the oil-producing countries in the South were in an advantageous position. It managed to limit the colonial model of appropriation of raw materials.

Through a process of nationalization of hydrocarbons and the creation or strengthening of state-owned companies, no other group of countries that produce such strategic raw material had been so successful in controlling its natural resources, both from an economic and a sovereignty point of view.

However, with this triumph, all the member countries of the OPEC entered, at their own risk, into the core of a global technical pattern, created from and for the benefit of the certain countries. They thereby started to have a direct dependence on the global functioning of the industry, its finances and its technical-scientific system. Thus, the possibilities of keeping a favorable alignment of economic forces within the current oil civilization were merely fleeting.

what happened to the constantly creative clowns

toi, 20.09.2005 17:26

tout ou rien

Left Wing Baseball? Yes!

Homefront, 20.09.2005 15:19

It's not all about money: progressive baseball stories

recall elections nation wide!

j.l.mitchell, 20.09.2005 14:14

Its time for a real change.

ISM attacked by hacker

ISM Media Office, 20.09.2005 13:01

The ISM (International Solidarity Movement) has been attacked by a hacker describing him/herself as "ihate.ism"

The hacker destroyed two yahoo subscriber databases which powered ISM's media alerts and supporter updates (

Irish Author calls for federal investigation of U.Sbased publisher,

Moonwolf, 20.09.2005 11:02

Irish author Faolcu O'Gealach has today called on U.Sauthorities to investigate claims of credit card fraud irelating to U.S based print on demand publishing company O'Gealach alleges that the company have defrauded his credit card.

small WORLD interview with Michael Manville of

small WORLD Podcast, 20.09.2005 07:23

Interview with Michael Manville of

'Suicide Bombing' Averted?

Jordan Thornton, 20.09.2005 05:49

Just as the Downing Street Minutes proved that Bush was LYING about Saddam's capabilities, in order to feign justification for an act of naked aggression he knew to be illegal, the leaked UK document "Iraq: Options Paper" proves that both the US/UK were planning to incite Civil War, in order to take the heat off of themselves, so they could plunder Iraq while the People killed each other.

The Green Emperor Gets Naked

David Biddle, 20.09.2005 05:16

Is the environmental movement dead?

The Brazilian and the Leviathan: London Calling...

James Horrox, 20.09.2005 05:14

Blair starts to follow in Bush's bootsteps...

(audio) food not bombs arrives in new orleans

vincent / blast furnace radio, 20.09.2005 02:15

great audio clips fro the front

no smiking songs

Romi Goldhamer, 20.09.2005 02:12

musicalgift How can a Stop Smoking song do any good

Encuentro Social Alternativo - Bolivia

Gabriela Montaño / Coordinadora ESA, 20.09.2005 00:31

El II Encuentro Social Alternativo se llevó a cabo los días 9,10 y 11 de septiembre en la ciudad de Camiri, situada en la región del Chaco Boliviano, al sur de nuestro país. A continuación reproducimos el texto íntegro de la Declaración de Camiri. Este documento es fruto de una profunda y muy rica discusión y propuesta por parte de cientos de bolivianas y bolivianos de todos los sectores del país, sobre temáticas tales como Hidrocarburos, Asamblea Constituyente y Autonomías.

To the Anti War Movement

REVOLUTION newspaper, 19.09.2005 23:04

What will it take, what will you do - the world can't wait, drive out the bush regime

See Leftists, Even Captain America Is An Anti-American

Captain America, 19.09.2005 21:06

See leftists, not even I'm right-wing and patriotic enough for the neocons.

Philly IMC Racist Exposed.

Elijah Gatewood, 19.09.2005 20:24

Editor at alternative media
outlet, Rich Gardner, tells on

Nepotism and Fraud in Alameda County Government

Steve White, 19.09.2005 20:11

A short story recounting articles in the Contra Costa Times, and other sources, about widespread unjustified overtime in the Alameda County Sheriff's Department, and nepotism in the District Attorney's office


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 19.09.2005 17:42

Cuando en Cuba se habla de educación para todos el término adquiere carácter absoluto, pues en ese terreno, como en otros relacionados con la calidad de vida, no existen exclusiones.
El sistema educacional cubano ha sido conformado de tal modo que garantiza la instrucción a la totalidad de los ciudadanos, incluidos aquellos con discapacidades físicas
diversas y también a quienes viven en las zonas más apartadas.

11-11-05 Global Sit Out

Peace1111, 19.09.2005 17:30

Pause for Peace Stand up by sitting out...On 11-11-05 pause for Peace!!

11-11-05 Global Sit Out

Peace1111, 19.09.2005 17:25

Peace Stand up by sitting out!!

On 11-11-05, pause for PEACE!!

una settimana di falsa propaganda cinese in italia

Tenzin Thupten - Segretario Comunità tibetana in Italia, 19.09.2005 17:12

manifestazione dei tibetani davanti al teatro argentina di Roma Perchè la Cina deve celebrare il quarantesimo anniversario della cosiddetta "regione autonoma" del Tibet in Italia? Una settimana di falsa propaganda. Il Tibet è un paese occupato da 50 anni. I Tibetani in Italia hanno protestato contro questa falsa propaganda.

Minería a cielo abierto: apuesta de alto riesgo en Guatemala

Andrés Cabanas, 19.09.2005 15:53

La defensa entusiasta de la empresa exploradora minera Montana por parte del presidente Oscar Berger pone en peligro el trabajo de la Comisión de Alto Nivel de la Minería, debilita consensos futuros y minimiza las opiniones comunitarias y sociales contrarias a la explotación minera.


Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, 19.09.2005 14:55

Bush and his big business friends profiteer on all disprepant events (e. g. Natural, and man made). The example is seen in the Katrina disaster!!!

Stuck in Fiji mud of socio-political and socio-cultural limbo.

Laminar_flow, 19.09.2005 05:39

Progressive blog commenting on Fiji's current affairs in the context of equality for all.

Many Iraqis believe ’suicide’ bombings done by US to start a civil war

Independent UK, 19.09.2005 05:36

You will notice that it is only the US/UK/Israeli media who are harping on about "Civil War", as they have been since immediately after the invasion. The leaked UK document, "Iraq: Options Paper", prepared by the UK Overseas & Defense Secretariat Cabinet Office, a full year before the war, states that "'Divide & Rule' is easy", and explains how existing ethnic tensions can be manipulated in order to achieve that old Colonial trick of 'Divide & Conquer'.

An Irate Soldier’s Open Letter Regarding George W. Bush

Michelle J. d’Entremont 2LT, US Army Reserves Engineer Corps, 18.09.2005 23:56

George Bush is going to go down in history as the President Who Destroyed America.

&quot;Road to Freedom&quot; show seeks interviewees

Eleanor White, 18.09.2005 23:49

"Road to Freedom" show seeks law enforcement or medical personnel, or citizens who "know something" about vigilante stalking for anonymous interviews.


a enrestida, 18.09.2005 22:49

NAFARROA OINEZ 05 (25 cabo d´año). ALTSASU.

Biene-te-ne con A Enrestida ta la fiesta d´as ikastolas de Nabarra (16 d´Otubre).

Apunta-te en o ZSA A ENRESTIDA dixando un siñal de 5 euros.
U comunica-te con nusatros en .
Cal plenar l´autobús antis d´o 9 d´Otubre ta poder fer o biache.

Dissecting A.N.S.W.E.R.’s Vanguard Service to Zionism

Dave Kersting, 18.09.2005 16:07

Richard Becker’s recent article on the "right of return" demonstrates how the Zionists manage to prevent a viable antiwar movement from galvanizing around Israel's flagrant racist violence.


Mathew Maavak, 18.09.2005 15:56

Are Malaysian bloggers being bombarded with "seditious" posts to create a New Online Order? What is Harvard University's role in regulating global voices?

The Legendry Punjabi Singer Hans Raj Hans Goes Corporate

HRH Entertainers Pvt. Ltd., 18.09.2005 14:54

The Legendry Punjabi Singer Hans Raj Hans Goes Corporate

Announces setting up of Central Administrative & Marketing Office at Chandigarh in India

The Legendry Punjabi Singer Hans Raj Hans Goes Corporate

QuikRelations, 18.09.2005 14:20

The Legendry Punjabi Singer Hans Raj Hans Goes Corporate

Announces setting up of Central Administrative & Marketing Office at Chandigarh in India

Send email to US senators: maintain right to abortion!

pro choice, 18.09.2005 12:23

John Roberts will kill womens rights! please do this! it doesnt take much time

Exhausted Secret Service Giants Record Level Whining Fails to Impress Plains’ Buffaloes

Dwight Hines, 18.09.2005 12:20

Secret Service Conflict With Drug Enforcement Agency Delays on Electronic Prescriptions and The Secret Service Softball Game at the Annual Peanut Festival in Plains, Georgia, President Jimmy Carter Pitching,

British MP Says Canada Complicit In Iraq War

Captain America, 18.09.2005 10:08

British MP George Galloway Galloway is known for his vocal criticism of the war in Iraq and was kicked out of the Labour Party in 2003 for urging British soldiers not to fight in the war.

He launched his own anti-war party and this year won a seat in Parliament, unseating the Labour Party incumbent.

In his speech Saturday, he repeated statements he made recently in New York about why he believes Sept. 11 happened.

"These airplanes on 9-11 may have seemed to have come out of a clear blue sky but, in fact, these monstrous mosquitoes flew out of a swamp of bitterness and hatred and anger which exists in the Muslim world (because of) the injustice of western policy," Galloway said.

The London 7-7 attacks and their aftermath

Astrid Essed, 18.09.2005 09:24

I'll show in my article, that in contrary to the declarations of the British prime-minister Blair and other Western politicians, there are evident causes for the London terrorist attacks dd 7-7. Further I also reflect on the aftermath of the attacks, especially regarding the newly proposed British terrorist-laws and the killing of the Brasilian de Menezes by the British policy.
I'll end with a remembreance poem of Eddie Woods concerning Jean de Menezes.

Governor Kathleen Blanco &amp; the federal government letting people's pets die in New Orleans

No more superdomes, 18.09.2005 05:37

government prevented animal charities rescuers saving pets early in New Orleans Animal welfare charities working in New Orleans and Louisiana to save animals affected by the hurricane, have repeatedly asked Governor Blanco and President Bush's federal agencies to provide more assistance. From the lack of necessary help to the abandoned animals stuck in people’s homes and starving and dying on the streets of Louisiana, Governor Blanco has shown she does not care about animals, or the families and their pets in the State of Louisiana. They have done nothing despite numerous requests by people asking for them to help.

When hurricane katrina had gone, the government tried to prevent animal charities rescuers entering New Orleans to save pets early. Pets are left stranded and abandoned, and their families are prevented from returning to their homes in New Orleans.

Fight against Supplement Ban/Organic Food Ban/Mandatory Irradiation/, 18.09.2005 01:52

December 31, 2009. The date that Codex Alimentarius will go into effect. "Codex Alimentarius" means "food rules" in Latin. The organization was born in 1962 when the UN established the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) as a "Trade Commission". It was created to regulate, and thus control, every aspect of how food and nutritional supplements are produced and sold to the consumer. It is solely about trade and the profits of multi-national corporations. Codex would effectively ban most organic food from being sold worldwide and force all food to be irradiated in the name of "safety." By using the World Trade Organization's economic sanctions against companies who do not comply with Codex rules, all animals raised for food will have to be fed antibiotics and hormones, and most nutritional vitmains and supplements will be banned. It will also create no restrictions on the unlabeled sale of Genetically Modified Food.

Deuda externa ilegítima. Consulta internacional en Buenos Aires

KD y Asociados, 17.09.2005 22:37

Líderes de iglesias y entidades organizaciones evangélicas, economistas, legisladores y representantes de organizaciones sociales de la Argentina, América latina y Europa participarán entre el 20 y el 23 de septiembre en Buenos Aires de una consulta internacional sobre la deuda externa ilegítima.

Open letter to the Peace Movement From Lloyd Hart.

Lloyd Hart, 17.09.2005 21:33

Natures Child Humanity's Greatest Act of Inequality.

Ms. Brigitte BARDOT letter to Serbia’s President, Boris Tadic

AR, 17.09.2005 20:44


Caza de brujas: Intentan vincular al Colectivo Zapatista con el partido político IU

Colectivo Zapatista de Sevilla, 17.09.2005 19:47

Enviamos escrito en el que nos desvinculamos del partido político IU, remitiendo a una noticia del ABC en la que se nos vincula con este partido, y explicamos por qué hacemos esto.

Three Friends Help Solve Hurricane Housing Crisis: Temporary housing for 6514 displaced people available

Green Tights Media, 17.09.2005 19:09

Three friends have established The Open House Project, a web-based non-profit service that confidentially connects Hurricane Katrina evacuees with individual housing donors nationwide. Free temporary housing for 6514 Katrina evacuees is posted at Beds are available throughout the U.S. and are sorted by state.

We Must Take America Back

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., 17.09.2005 18:48

From September 24 to November 15, let's make our voices heard throughout the country, and end this now, before it gets any worse.


Víctor Villar Epifanio, 17.09.2005 15:26


He aquí el caso de Nixón Núñez, muerto por abandono premeditado del Estado y el Poder Judicial Sueco. Lo terrorífico es que no es un hecho aislado, sino una estrategia rutinaria en Suecia.

Un Saludo.


To: All Citizens On Planet Earth… Sept/2005

Roger Drowne EC, 17.09.2005 14:57

More Proclamation Coming Soon...

Haliburton &amp; Katrina?

ecomcon, 17.09.2005 14:08

Haliburton involved in New Orleans?

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