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Gods of STORM: So Many Detest the USA

Hurricanes-Wicked- Innocent Sheep, 22.09.2005 19:59

Hard to know which of the manygods who detest the evil government of the US (all democracies) and its half-wicked people - hard to know which stalks USA Now...or next - Maybe its a Cosmological Coalition to Get rid of Sam Fast!!! Martu, Rimmon, Oya...


Islamic Community Net, 22.09.2005 19:45

So this is what is has come to: the antichrist of our age, one of the 30 dajjals to come before the Day of Judgment, the "leader of the Free World" who believes himself to be God - is the sort of Margaritaville gutter drunkard one might see stumbling out of a bar singing some "She done me wrong" song. Dajjal Bush is a loser in every sense of the word. Imagine putting such a reprobate in command of the nuclear button and all US military forces, and it is easy to understand why the US is in such a mess and why the US has repeatedly attracted the wrath of Allah (S.W.T.).


Islamic Community Net, 22.09.2005 19:43

"A Penn State University political scientist, Stephen Cimbala, said it's almost like Osama bin Laden is in charge of the weather."

subMedia releases 'George Bush Don't Like Black People' Video

subMedia, 22.09.2005 17:19

Still image from 'George Bush Don't Like Black People' ndependent Media Group subMedia ( has released a music video to accompany the track 'George Bush Don't Like Black People' by the legendary K.O.

GRASSROOT ACTION - Circle of Consciousness

Chioma Adaku, 22.09.2005 17:13

In order for us to face our fears, we must confront our fears. We can confront racism and classism by discussing these sytsems of oppression and coming up with a systematic way of dealing with it.


Ramon Ramonet Riu, 22.09.2005 16:27

La montaña de Montserrat ofrece una inmensa imagen de ROSTRO cuando se amplía una FOTOSATELITE tomada por el "Landsat" de la NASA.
Está configurado por todas las más altas cimas de la montaña santa de Montserrat (25x10 km. en el NE de España).
Hay un gran santuario benedictino, el más importante de Cataluña, emplazado exactamente en el centro de lo que es su fenomérica frente.


Por Noelio Tiuna, 22.09.2005 16:18

Rita, exponente de la intensa temporada ciclónica actual, no impactó directamente sobre Cuba, pero el meteoro fue ejemplo de una experiencia encumbrada por la participación, movilización y entrega de toda la sociedad cubana a favor de la vida.
El último huracán, ahora en marcha indetenible hacia Texas, demostró que ahora los más destructivos efectos de los ciclones tropicales, por lo menos en el Caribe, ocurren luego del paso de su ojo.

The Clash and the Alliance of Civilizations: too much ado for nothing!

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 22.09.2005 14:16

As it happened before 12 years with the notorious book of Prof. Huntington, the recent discussions about the Spanish – Turkish proposals for an Alliance of Civilizations prove that over-simplifications of the sort are too much ado for nothing.

Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World

Richard Moore, 22.09.2005 13:57

We are now on the cusp of one of the most momentous historical episodes of all time - the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to ride. Peak oil is the primary underlying condition forcing change, and Apocalypse is the action plan ruling elites have chosen as their response to that condition. Not only does this response make a great deal of sense, from their Machiavellian perspective, but by their recent actions they have clearly signaled the scope and direction of their intentions. Furthermore, their planned response is in complete alignment with earlier responses to similar situations in the past - by these same people or by their direct predecessors.

Celebration of Grito de Lares

Michael Rodriguez, 22.09.2005 12:44

Cafe Batey Urbano to Report on trip to World Youth Festival in Venezuela and celebrate El Grito de Lares

New israeli anti-zionist sit of Shavtai Levi

Shmuel Yerushalmi, 22.09.2005 12:20

Link to the site

World War III

ASIO, 22.09.2005 11:27

Fool me once George W Bush, shame on you.
Fool me twice George W Bush, shame on me.

War criminals, out of Prague!

the initiative's collective, 22.09.2005 10:53

In the days of 18th and 19th of October, there should take place the conference called "The Days of EU and USA" in Prague, organized by Teleaxis agency. In its frame there should have main speeches people associated with wide range of crimes against humanity, human rights abuse and aggressive war conflicts.

Boletín nº21 del Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos

Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos-Behatokia, 22.09.2005 10:07

En esta ocasión, estos son los temas que recogemos:
- El derecho de manifestación, en entredicho
- Behatokia interviene sobre medidas antiterroristas y derechos humanos en la Subcomisión de Derechos Humanos de Naciones Unidas
- Dos cuerpos policiales, 11 personas incomunicadas
- Presentación de conclusiones sobre el proceso Jarrai-Haika-Segi
- Iñaki de Juana Chaos: una detención arbitraria
- Más kilómetros de distancia, más accidentes derivados de la dispersión de presos

21th bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights

Basque Observatory of Human Rights-Behatokia, 22.09.2005 10:03

The subjects we have included in this issue:
- Cutbacks on the right to demonstrate
- Behatokia addressed the UN Human Rights Sub-commission on the issue of antiterrorist measures and human rights
- Two police forces 11 incommunicado detainees
- Conclusions on the Jarrai-Haika-Segi trial
- Iñaki de Juana Chaos: arbitrary incarceration
- Greater distances and more accidents caused by the policy of dispersal

Israeli Anarchists Occupy Main Settler-Road in the West Bank

Rami Magzimof, 22.09.2005 08:32

Grushka1 A group known as the "Anarchist Anti-Zionist
Enviromental Macho Bicyclist Fashion Police" (spells
GRUSHKA in Hebrew) has managed to stop traffic in one
of Israel's main apartheid roads, if only for a few

Estudiantes colombianos en las calles

Estudiantes Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, 22.09.2005 05:37

Fotos rebeldes NO al TLC y la reelección de Uribe Balas


Estudiantes Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, 22.09.2005 05:34

fotos Contra la firma del Tratado de Libre Comercia con EU

New Crisis Search Engine To Help Prepare For Disasters

Sir Seek, 22.09.2005 03:58 ("Crisis' Search"), the Internet search engine founded on a simple helpful and humanitarian concept -- compile a searchable database of disaster related links ranging from government programs to web "blogs" giving evacuation hints and tips so anyone can search to find the help they need in times of crisis.

Ham and Scrambled Elephant

Dwight Hines, 22.09.2005 01:27

Satire on weak U.S. Navy security in one base in Jacksonville, Florida, with definite plays on words for Naval Intelligence.

After years of denial, can Tarmac finally &quot;smell the coffee&quot;?

Richard Henley, 22.09.2005 01:06

For nearly three years protest groups, archaeology societies and associations have been telling Tarmac Northern Ltd that its Ladybridge Quarry proposal was in the wrong place, was not required and would cause massive damage to one of Britain's premier archaeological sites. Now that English Heritage have moved in, it seems Tarmac may soon be finally smelling the coffee.

Tribal War Dogs (inmature writing at its best)

Jose Ignacio Toro, 21.09.2005 23:33

To many ****** perfecting their eye brushes, and I , mostly like those type of women , but its a perfectly sane world for me to understand.


John Tierny, 21.09.2005 22:02

Wal-Mart's performance in saving lives during Katrina compared to that of all levels of government brings into question the real possibility of outsourcing the reconstruction effort to private industry and abolishing FEMA.

Wal-Mart at Forefront of Hurricane Relief

Michael Barbaro and Justin Gillis, 21.09.2005 20:52

Picking up the ball dropped by federal, state, and local governments, non-unionized multi-national corporation Wal-Mart brings 100,000 meals, 100 trucks of supplies, job guarantees, and $20 million in cash to areas ravaged by hurricane Katrina. Company proves the efficiency of private logistics over public central planning.

Sit Down on September 24th!

Mike ferner, 21.09.2005 19:33

call for civil disobedience in DC on Saturday when there are tens of thousands of folks in town

Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World

Richard Moore, 21.09.2005 18:52

An attack on Iran is imminent and the consequences will be catastrophic. Besides the risk of nuclear escalation, which is real, there will be an inevitable oil crisis, a global economic meltdown, and martial law in America. These outcomes are expected and desired by the neocons and their elite sponsors. Apocalypse is the strategy elites have chosen to deal with the problem of peak oil, with the objectives of sharply reducing world population and setting the stage for their own version of a Brave New World.

8-PieceRecords - Punk/Hardcore/Oi community supports deployed Troops

x94Bravo, 21.09.2005 18:26

'Burned in Baghdad' Deployed soldier reaches out to the Punk/Hardcore/Oi community for support to help Campaign


concerned activist, 21.09.2005 17:53

This is concerning our right to free speech

Lona Preta - in rete il film sulla marcia nazionale dell'MST per la riforma agraria

Pietro Orsatti, 21.09.2005 17:35

Il film racconta i 17 giorni della Marcia Nazionale per la Riforma Agraria da Goiania a Brasilia. 12.000 persone, militanti dell'MST, che camminando per 300 km chiedono che il presidente Lula mantenga le promesse prese con i movimenti sociali brasiliani.


Islamic Community Net, 21.09.2005 17:30

Normally when a hurricane makes landfall the eyewall dissolves and it quickly breaks up into disorganized thunderstorms. But Hurricane Rita is projected by the National Hurricane Center to remain a fully organized Tropical Storm hundreds of miles inland after landfall as it passes over Crawford, the Texas village that is missing its idiot.

Film On Non–Violence Needs Votes!

Donald L. Vasicek, 21.09.2005 16:31

"The Sand Creek Massacre" is a two-hour long documentary film in progress. On November 29, 1864, 700 Colorado Regiment 1st & 3rd troops slaughtered over 160 Cheyenne and Arapaho children, elderly, disabled, women and men protected under the American flag and a raised white flag of truce. This act became known as the Sand Creek Massacre. Today, tribal elders are dying. Their youth have become colonized. This film is serving as a channel for Cheyenne and Arapaho people to give their oral histories about the Sand Creek Massacre so that they can be put into schools for a teaching tool about how to solve problems non-violently.


Nichola McIlvenny, 21.09.2005 16:28

At 01:58 On 11th July 2005 Craig McCausland was attacked in his own home and gunned down by a UVF (ULSTER VOLUNTER FORCE) murder gang. Shot in front of his partner and her two young children. Craig was an innocent victim in the most recent and ongoing loyalist feud between the UVF and the LVF (LOYALIST VOLUNTER FORCE). Craig was never a member of any paramilitary organisation, this has been confirmed on two separate occasions by the PSNI (POLICE SERVICE NORTHERN IRELAND).

no smokig songs and jingles

Romi goldhamer, 21.09.2005 15:16

How can a Stop Smoking song do any good?

Un site-ressources de médias alternatifs

Esteban, 21.09.2005 15:10

Un nouveau site-ressources sur les médias alternatifs

Australian Government request Indy-Media remove swastika image &amp; web site link

Centreflunk, 21.09.2005 14:57

swastika Australian Government request Indy-Media & Apple Mac remove swastika image & also remove link to web-site which shows Government Department falsified documents & withheld evidence from the prosecutors office & federal Judges

Will we use the power we have on September 24?

Mike Ferner, 21.09.2005 13:23

If nonviolent direct action is the most powerful tool we have to stop this war, what is the best time to exercise it? When a few hundred people surround the White House on September 26, or when a half-million (and more) people are in the streets September 24?

The Clown Army in Denmark strikes again!

arrow, 21.09.2005 12:44

it should be fun for the kids-but the police don't think so A demonstartion against policebrutality in the heart of Copenhagen had a visit from the Clown Army who's caravans/trailers have recently been removed from Christiania's Peace Meadow

We Are A Peaceful Nation

aourrr,,, A4 Printable stuff, 21.09.2005 12:43

.jpg graphic of all countries bombed by the since after the second world war..

Dorretxe gaztetxea aurrera!!!

Barakaldoko Gazte Asnablada, 21.09.2005 11:46

Dorretxea berriz okupatu dugu!OKUPAZIOA AURRERA!

Avoiding a Fate like Mars for Earth

Canadian Association on Capitalistocracy, 21.09.2005 06:00

Life on Planet in Imminent Danger from Global Warming

The Fundamentalist Shadow of George W. Bush

John D. Goldhammer, Ph.D., 21.09.2005 04:59

"A mouth that prays, a hand that kills."
— Arabian proverb

“How do you find a lion that has swallowed you?” asked Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, commenting on the moral dilemma posed by the “shadow,” his insightful term for the dark, hidden side of the human psyche.

A Message to the Anti-war Demonstrators

duko, 21.09.2005 04:33

Guantanamo. . . “shock and awe”. . . “collateral damage”. . . Fallujah. . . Abu Ghraib. Behind the words stand the cities reduced to rubble, the bodies in the streets, the hooded prisoners, the kicked-down doors, and the children—crying in terror or silently watching the humiliation of their parents. All justified by outrageous lies.

The horror grinds on, every day.

Iraq cannot wait.

Iraq cannot wait for “pendulum swings.” Iraq cannot wait for possible resolutions to set “reasonable” deadlines for hypothetical timetables. Iraq cannot wait for the 2006 U.S. elections—especially (but not only) when the major Democrats all oppose withdrawal from Iraq, and some even support more troops being sent.

Global Responsibility - Towards a new Canadian vision of peacekeeping

Raymond St-Martin, 21.09.2005 03:35

I suggest that instead of making enemies, we develop friendships. Lets put an end to our military operations abroad and divert our resources towards true peacekeeping initiatives such as aids, poverty, famine, draught, poor water quality, global warming, education and health, the preservation of endangered species and towards the development and proper use of environmentally sound technologies.

104 Arrested as ADAPT Occupies House and Senate Leadership Offices

Bob Kafka, 21.09.2005 03:19

Fed up with being the targets of Congressional Medicaid cuts, and being pitted against Katrina survivors for essential services, 500 ADAPT activists occupied the offices of Congressional leaders for 5 hours Monday, resulting in 104 arrests.

Why is George W. Bush Above the Law?

Editor,, 21.09.2005 01:51

Once again, a massive failure of leaderships has been displayed in Washington. And, once again, George Bush has escaped an independent inquiry into his irresponsible actions. For the fourth time in less than five years, the President of the United States and his cohorts been placed above the law. That, in itself, is a major American disaster.

Por qué socialismo? *

Albert Einstein - Enviado por José Acosta 0416 7034664 / Caracas-Venezuela, 21.09.2005 01:29

Este artículo escrito en 1949 por el científico más brillante que ha tenido la humanidad, puede contribuir de manera significativa en la dura lucha por la transformación del pensamiento y la visión humanas, con relación al debate actual acerca de las ideas socialistas y la correcta orientación en su aplicación y concresión práctica a las realidades socio-económicas del mundo actual. En mi humilde opinión, ese enfoque o actitud mental formulado y mantenido por el camarada Einstein, está más vigente que nunca y constituye una guia básica acerca del tipo de reflexión y búsqueda para los desconocedores de la materia....

Production Turned Custom...Santiago Chopper...Debuts Brand New 2006 Line

Cindy Russell, 21.09.2005 01:09

2006 Santiago Chopper - The BOBBER FL So you think celebrities and the wealthy are the only ones who can afford those wild custom choppers that are the rage among today’s bikers? Not so anymore with the release of Santiago Chopper’s brand new line of custom choppers without the custom price.

Israeli Anarchists Occupy Main Settler-Road in the West Bank

Rami Magzimof, 20.09.2005 23:20

GRUSHKA1 A group known as the "Anarchist Anti-Zionist
Enviromentalist Macho Bicyclist Fashion Police" (spells
GRUSHKA in Hebrew) has managed to stop traffic in one
of Israel's main apartheid roads, if only for a few

The Pentagon gives itself the option to use Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strikes

Richard B Adasoy, 20.09.2005 22:21

Under cover of Katrina's aftermath, the US government is trying to push through the "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations". If successful, the balance of world power will be disrupted permanently, with the potential for a very high cost in human life.

Keep on killing

anonymous, 20.09.2005 22:15

In an ongoing effort to destabilize Iraq, Two British soldiers, wearing Arab uniforms and performing official duty, opened fire at a police station in Basra and escaped in their civilian car, which was packed with explosives.

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