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Stars of CCTV

@udrius, 03.10.2005 21:00

This is a brief article about a bunch of inline skaters from Vilnius and Big Brother in the downtown of Vilnius.

HD Vidblog #089 - The Haberek, pt.1

Chris Weagel, 03.10.2005 18:33

Part One of a Human Dog Video Blog series exlporing one public high school teacher's struggle with epidemic apathy.


Praveen Dalal, 03.10.2005 18:27

PRAVEEN DALAL, CONSULTANT AND ADVOCATE, DELHI HIGH COURT, INDIA. I am hereby presenting my "views and suggestions" on the protectional requirements of whistleblowers in India. The same may be considered by the Law Ministry while drafting the proposed law on whistleblowers' protection in India.

Quasi-Public Agencies R Us!

Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff, 03.10.2005 17:15

Or R they? In New London, Connecticut city officials are finding it hard to fire the heads of the New London Development Corporation (NLDC)-- even though the NLDC is supposedly subject to the will of city government. The NLDC is the quasi-public agency that in concert with city officials, and with funding from the state, launched an eminent domain attack on Susette Kelo and her neighbors in the modest waterfront neighborhood of Fort Trumbull. Property owners, with legal assistance from the Castle Coalition, fought back. All the way to the U. S. Supreme Court. The court's decision that government, and its quasi-public creatures, can take a person's property to advance private development projects shocked the nation.

El papel del mal absoluto en la política mundial de los siglos 20 y 21.

Frank-Reginald Evertz, 03.10.2005 16:06

Siempre fue un espíritu, eternamente negador y exterminador, enemigo de Dios y del progreso: Mefisto, el ángel caído! Cada guerra justa que Occidente desató en el pasado estuvo siempre dirigida contra el diablo. Estas guerras correspondían al pensamiento dualista del bien y el mal, que evidentemente no ha cambiado hasta la fecha.

Philly IMC Racist Exposed!

Elijah Gatewood, 03.10.2005 15:37

Editor at alternative media
outlet, Rich Gardner, tells
on himself.

Night Curfew In Adelaide, Australia Until Lonely People Can Go Out Too

The Avenger, 03.10.2005 12:40

Sign the petition to put in a night curfew in Adelaide, South Australia until lonely people can go out!


ANON, 03.10.2005 11:09



ANON, 03.10.2005 11:04


Do you smell what I smell?

Ryan Dawson, 03.10.2005 09:41

sums up the connection between 911, Israel, the war in Iraq, PNAC, Zionism, Profiteering, Rove, AIPAC, and the Military industrial complex

necati zontul tortured and raped in Greece 2001, still without justice

tim wilson, 03.10.2005 08:17

torture and rape in GREECE: Necati at Westminster raped and tortured by the Coastguard and special services in Crete, Necati is one of 164 migrants brutally assaulted in 2001. Most of the victims were hurried out of Greece. Necati was sent to Lavrion, where he witnessed anti-Turkish propaganda and paramilitary activity, both of which the Greek government denies takes place there, but that has been extensively recorded in a TIME article (1999). Between 2001 and 2003, when he left Greece, Necati was harassed by unknown men urging him not to testify agaisnt the Coastguard. His lawyers were intimidated and one ran away with the legal papers. Men visited his house with guns, and his passport was destroyed. After he left Greece, 5 men were accuesd of lesser crimes, tried and found guilty, but were given suspended sentences in line with the interpretation of article 137a in the Greek criminal code (which distinguished between "torture" that involves interrogation and ill-treatment that does not; and routinely commutes security-service sentences to fines or suspended sentnces; on appeal, many of these security operatives are acquitted). An appeal is due to be heard in a few days, and despite repeated requests of Greek lawyers, politicians and the clergy (Greece remains a Theocracy!), Necati has had no response from the Court, no documentation sent to him and importantly, no compensation, apology, offer of non-recurrence. It is known that other witnesses were offered bribes in the form of cars and promised identity documentation should they be willing not to testify. Lats Christmas, 60 Afghans were tortured in Athens. the two policemen then arrested (there were probably more involved...) have yet to face a trial and are today free. This is taking place in Greece and is quite shocking. I am enclosing the text of my recent letter to the PRESIDENT OF GREECE


eofemail, 03.10.2005 06:53

THE PROBLEM WITH "INTELLIGENT DESIGN": Those who are designing it aren't very intelligent.


ANON, 03.10.2005 02:40

No:10 confirms London venue of E.U. summit.

Green Hour

Don Rouse, 03.10.2005 02:34

Free video (free to groups who want to show it) produced by the Arlington Courthouse Greens and Northern Virginia Greens. This pilot program discusses the subject "Challenging Corporate Power", or ending corporate domination.


ANON, 03.10.2005 02:12

No:10 has confirmed that the Heads of State European union meeting will be held in london in october.

Turkey : Urgent Action Required

War Resisters from Turkey, 02.10.2005 22:10

Conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan battered as his hair was violently cut by military prison authorities in Sivas. Mehmet has gone on indefinite hunger strike with the demands of getting civilian doctor examination, a report from a forensic medical facility documenting the torture and legal action against the perpetrators.

Indymedia PR censura.....

Tito Caracas, 02.10.2005 21:54

Esta nota es para denunciar que Indymedia en PR censura los articulos criticos que no son de su agrado.

Freedom For Leonard Peltier

Geri Timmons, 02.10.2005 21:29

Fasting In Solidarity

Residence permit refused

janis joplin, 02.10.2005 18:21

75 floggings or danish residence permit?? Alae Ghaedi, from the resistance movement Mujehedin Khalgh in Iran, had been refused residency in Denmark-depite torure and imprisonment awaiting him on return to his home country.

This Is Really Happening - Please Help

Michael Bonanno, 02.10.2005 17:54

There is an email list scam intending to cause infighting among progressives.

Neo-Nazi March Prevented - Leipzig, Germany, October 1st

Badewannenkapitän, English translation by Angelus Novus, 02.10.2005 15:11

The Hamburg-based neo-Nazi Christian Worch attempted for the third time to march in the German city of Leipzig. His 150 followers managed to make it to the starting point of their demonstration. But since the march route was blocked by 800 to 1,000 Antifas (Anti-fascists), the police had no choice but to send the Nazis packing after four hours of waiting.


Francisco Trindade, 02.10.2005 12:09


Le retrait des colons de Gaza n'a été qu'un simulacre cynique

Jonathan Steel, 02.10.2005 11:25

On a essayé de faire croire au monde que l'éviction des colons israéliens de Gaza allait résoudre les problèmes des palestiniens.

Protest in a Teacup

Shimrit Elisar, 02.10.2005 08:28

Shimrit Elisar goes on the world’s most polite march

The Green Emperor Gets Naked

David Biddle, 02.10.2005 08:19

In Part I of this essay, a controversial paper called "The Death of Environmentalism" was examined. The lack of urgency the United States has demonstrated in the face of global warming is the central reason the authors—Michael Shellengerger and Ted Nordhaus—give for the death of environmentalism. Mainstream environmental groups have not been able to muster the appropriate political response to this massive threat to all life on earth. Shellenberger and Nordhaus’s antidote is to use George Lakoff’s principles of “framing” to re-invent environmentalism’s problem solving strategy, incorporating technology advancement, labor, capital investment, civil rights, and other issues into a new frame about clean energy and economic development. To this end, they offer their Apollo Alliance as an example of what can be done.


Combate News, 02.10.2005 07:36

Quién era Filiberto Ojeda

Filiberto Ojeda, que tenía 72 años, era el líder natural del Ejército Popular Boricua, también conocido como "Los Macheteros".

DISPATCH's &quot;BUSH MUST GO!&quot; Issue

DISTAFF, 02.10.2005 04:21

DISPATCH Literary Journal has released an issue, Zero-Point-Five, entitled "BUSH MUST GO!"
More information here:

Volunteers required, save pets lives with New Orleans LA Animal charities

If Ben aged 14 can help so can you, 02.10.2005 04:08

Dog brought to a shelter. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -Ghandi.
Volunteers are urgently needed in the New Orleans Louisiana area NOW. You can help with animal rescues even if you don't have specialist skills.

When Spin hurts innocent victims, by people in positions of power

M.C Activist, 01.10.2005 23:25

It is called Finding if you are white, it is called Looting if you are Black Racism has expanded to incorporate people who thought they were imune, to the suffering of people of color only to be incorporated into the big picture. The question is with unlimited amount of money and a Earth that can not survive will the money save them? And if you are not rich and your expendable income is becoming less do you feel more secure?

Is your twelve year old safe from the military?

richard myers, 01.10.2005 20:38

With recruiting targets unmet, 250 National Guard troops visit middle school, mingle with twelve year olds. Is it a recruiting ploy?

Music NYC - Hollertronix / Milkcrate / Bmore Gutter Music

Chloe Silverman, 01.10.2005 18:07

"The new Crunk""

Radio straming from Uruguay *Flores de la basura (Garvich Flower's)

uruguay.indymedia, 01.10.2005 15:36

Radio straming from Uruguay *Flores de la basura (Garvich Flower's)

Radio straming from Uruguay *Flores de la basura (Garvich Flower's)

uruguay.indymedia, 01.10.2005 15:28

Radio straming from Uruguay *Flores de la basura (Garvich Flower's)

Why I Was Smiling and Hurricane Rita

...a message from Cindy Sheehan, 01.10.2005 15:05

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
Why I Was Smiling and Hurricane Rita

...a message from Cindy Sheehan

beecroft in Berlin

Maria Schirmer, 01.10.2005 09:42

Performance von Beecroft in Berlin

Fall 2005 Editorial from

Carlton Meyer, 01.10.2005 08:25

"War is just a Racket,"


BERARDI BRUNO, 01.10.2005 05:55


Citywide Student Protest in Tacoma

Mary Smith, 30.09.2005 22:34

Tacoma,Washington, a town in the shadow of two military bases is having a student protest initiated by Youth Against the War & Racism (YAWR) on November 2nd. Tacoma sits between Olympia and Seattle and doesn't have the same level of activism as the two other cities. We are asking for regional support on this event.


GREEN CAMERA / CAMERA VERTE, 30.09.2005 21:25

LOGO GREEN CAMERA / CAMERA VERTE As we move towards the United Nations Conference on Climate Change of Montreal,
Nature Quebec / UQCN ( and the Quebec-vert-Kyoto Coalition
( launch a national and international short
film competition on climate change : Caméra verte/Green Camera


GREEN CAMERA / CAMERA VERTE, 30.09.2005 21:22

As we move towards the United Nations Conference on Climate Change of Montreal,
Nature Quebec / UQCN ( and the Quebec-vert-Kyoto Coalition
( launch a national and international short
film competition on climate change : Caméra verte/Green Camera

Dog Murders Mass Torture Sexual Assault in St. Bernard's Parish

Amy Pederson, 30.09.2005 20:27

The video taped killings by police officers in St. Bernard's Parish are only the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday, a scene of unimaginable horror was discovered. Officers had sexually assualted, tortured and dismembered dozens of dogs while drinking liquor and smoking pot. They had a party.

La Ligue des Droits et Libertés (section Estrie), s’inquiète des effets pervers de la loi 62 sur la condition sociale des familles québécoises

Eric Lachance Ligue des Droits et Libertés (section Estrie), 30.09.2005 19:37

Ligue des Droits et Libertés (section Estrie) Sherbrooke, le 1er octobre 2005. - La Ligue des Droits et Libertés (section Estrie), s’inquiète des effets pervers de la loi 62 sur la condition sociale des familles québécoises. Rappelons que la loi 62, qui est la loi sur les compétences municipales, a été adoptée à l’unanimité, le 5 mai dernier par l’Assemblée Nationale et entre en vigueur le 1er janvier 2006. Des changements majeurs au mode de fonctionnement des aqueducs municipaux québécois sont à prévoir. Des partenariats publics privés (PPP) dans la gestion des eaux municipales sont au menu, mais également des réfections d’aqueducs résidentiel forcée et des interruptions de service d’eau pour les propriétaires en défaut.

Poetry Corner - A New Kurt Nimmo Masterpiece

Kurt Nimmo, 30.09.2005 14:29

Why I Love Saddam Hussein and am a Proud Baathist


Jerry A. Hudson, 30.09.2005 13:11

The Georgia Green Party, in an overwhelming consensus vote, officially endorsed Elaine Brown in her run for mayor of the City of Brunswick during their annual convention Sept. 17.

Foro Solidario con el pueblo Cubano y Venezolano

CEA, 30.09.2005 11:01

Paralelo a la Cumbre Iberoamerica de Salamanca, el día 15 de Octubre se celebrará el Foro Solidario con los pueblos Cubano y Venezolano. Consisten en una manifestación de apoyo a Cuba y Venezuela que sale a las 19:00 de la Puerta Zamora (Salamanca) y un acto político en el pabellón Wurzburg a las 21:00 con la participación de artistas Salmantinos, Cubanos y Venezolanos, la participación de un familiar de los cinco cubanos presos en EE.UU. y las intervenciones de Hugo Chávez y Fidel Castro.

Tiros al aire

Ràdio Klara 104.4 FM València, 30.09.2005 10:53

Mientras Zapatero manda al ejército a patrullar por la valla fronteriza de Marruecos con España las fuerzas de seguridad marroquíes y españolas se acusan mutuamente de haber matado a tiros a cinco personas.

Cuba denuncia infamia y venganza en casos Posada Carriles y los cinco patriotas cubanos.

Combate News, 30.09.2005 08:38

Cuba calificó hoy de infamia la negativa de un juez de Texas a deportar a su país o a Venezuela a Posada Carriles y criticó la apelación de la Procuraduría (Fiscalía) Federal de EEUU para evitar un nuevo juicio a cinco patriotas cubanos condenados en Miami.

D.C. Protest Photo Archive Project

Carlos Rosas, 30.09.2005 06:18

Step and Repeat Tile Image Step and Repeat: D.C. Cycle D.C. Protest Photo Archive and Participatory Project Online! Submit your images!!!

Extreem right wing member of Danish parliament,Louise Frevert gives a horrifying opinion.

aladdin, 30.09.2005 01:23

the public offender-Louise Frevert-member of parliament The extreem racist right wing Dansk Folkeparti thinks it is justified to victimize.

the Orlean's sheriff's department abandoned hundreds of inmates imprisoned in the city’s jail,

Black Action Net, 29.09.2005 22:25

the sheriff's department abandoned hundreds of inmates imprisoned in the city’s jail,

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