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Indigenous Peoples Day: Support the Boriken Taino Indians

United Confederation of Taino People, 10.10.2005 16:09

Taino Leader Elba Anaca Lugo in Puerto Rico Indigenous Taíno Boricua demonstrators have and will continue to exert their right to free expression.

<b>A Credible Addition to 9/11 Literature</b>

Russ Wellen, 10.10.2005 13:10

The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers and the Cover-Up
By Sander Hicks
Vox Pop, 2005
180 pages, US$14.00

Merkel does not speak for all Germans

Frank Müller, 10.10.2005 11:59

Partially a reply to Merkel's 2003/02/21 letter to the Washington Post entitled "Schröder does not speak for all Germans", but mostly a reaction to Merkel being appointed new leader of Germany -- we didn't want this, and on behalf of all sane Germans, let me apologize for reverting the country to fascism.

DIVINE WRATH Strikes Pakistan &amp; India In Retribution for Their Collaboration with the Evil Usraeli Terror-Empire

Mandate of Heaven, 10.10.2005 10:27

DIVINE WRATH Strikes Pakistan & India In Retribution for Their Collaboration with the Evil Usraeli Terror-Empire

Sobre El Oficio De Escribir

Maria Cristina Pi Arias-Norton Contreras Robledo, 10.10.2005 10:21

Es un artículo sobre el oficio de escribir, motivaciones, diicultades, censura y autócencura..etc.

Zonas y otros datos sobre cumbre de las américas

mdp, 10.10.2005 10:07

Con ligeras variantes, serán las cuatro áreas que se manejaban hasta ahora. Estarán a cargo de las policías Federal y Bonaerense, Prefectura y Gendarmería. Cada fuerza tendrá un sector determinado

small WORLD - Columbus: Fact vs. Fiction

small WORLD Podcast, 10.10.2005 09:36

Interview with Dr. Dona De Sanctis of the Order Sons of Italy in America about the Columbus: Fact vs. Fiction report

small WORLD: Music Monday! Stephen Kent

small WORLD Podcast, 10.10.2005 08:02

Interview with Stephen Kent. - iPod Scam

Consumer Watch, 10.10.2005 02:57 is display adverts offering a free iPod if you can shoot 5 spaceships in its asteroids clone...

Well, not exactly...

El movimiento y el sueño

Ricardo Alvarado, 10.10.2005 00:55

Reflexiones sobre los derechos humanos en el Perú

12 Octubre: Día de la Resistencia Indígena

Colectivo Macondo de Solidaridad con América Latina de Sevilla (España), 09.10.2005 16:21

Cartel Para nosotros el 12 de Octubre es el Día de la Resistencia Indígena, hacemos hoy un homenaje a los que sufrieron las consecuencias de aquel imperio español de la cruz y la espada y al mismo tiempo llamamos a la solidaridad con los que en este mismo momento padecen la invasión de los nuevos conquistadores: Endesa, Repsol, Banco Santander… Exigimos desde aquí que las empresas españolas dejen de provocar pobreza y sufrimiento a los pueblos de América Latina.

«Digital age» and class political action.

Rioter, 09.10.2005 14:21

da_ok_856039 Already some tens years in bourgeois sociology circulate the theory of a “postindustrial society“. From an easy hand of some ideologists, this theory is entered as well into a turn of the left idea. Unfortunately, common fault of the left theorists developing this idea, is the vulgar technological determinism, absence of the deep analysis of capitalist relations of production. This circumstance has brought the supporters of «postindustrialism» on a way of audit of the marxist doctrine.


Francisco Trindade, 09.10.2005 13:44


Guatemala: Government Declares National Emergency

Eva Gray, 09.10.2005 13:14

Remember Hurricane Stan? It has hit all over Central American and reached it peak now, at Guatemala. The situation is truly desperate. Roads and highways have been washed out, bridges collapsed by overflowing rivers and scores of communities in the Western Highlands and the South (Pacific) Coast are cut off from the capital, with no communication, food or water. Others communities are completely gone, buried in mudslides. We're talking thousands of people, ALL over the coast, drowning. All the crops are destroyed, there is no food and El Salvador heavily depends on Guatemala for crop exports.

LIVE FROM BUDUBURAM, 09.10.2005 12:23

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11 is election day in Liberia. Twenty-two parties will grapple for the presidency, while Charles Taylor conspires from exile in Nigeria. Meanwhile, more than 42,000 Liberian refugees wait anxiously in the Buduburam settlement outside of Accra, Ghana.

They cannot vote, but through they will have the opportunity to be heard.

Vu et entendu au conseil municipal de la Ville de LIMOGES en date du 04 octobre 2005

jeunespop87, 09.10.2005 11:25

Le Maire PS de Limoges, après avoir refusé de répondre à plusieures questions de l'opposition semble être soit déconnecté de la réalité du terrain soit être... déconnecté de la réalité du terrain !

Accepted death through EU-deportation

s7ven, transl. by Moe, 09.10.2005 09:41

map By Ralf Streck: "Medicines sans frontiéres has now approved that Morocco "dumped" at least 600 immigrants in the desert. Some of them are suffering from major injuries, there are pregnant women and children without any water or food. The kingdom admitted yesterday that further 6 people have been killed as they tried to enter Melilla on Thursday. Fast deportations from Spain have been started in the meantime, agreeing with the Moroccon methods of letting human beings die in the desert.

Ten Shots At Che Guevara

Alvaro Vargas Llosa, 09.10.2005 02:32

Story about Che Gueverra life.

Will President Bush Help Homeless?

Scott Sowle, 08.10.2005 21:28

Ending homelessness was a priority of President Bush. Is the Bush administration still willing to help?

Distinguishing Reality From Fantasy, Truth From Propaganda

Eric G, 08.10.2005 21:27

So Pygmies have a higher murder rate per capita than Americans? Their insatiable blood lust second only to that of environmentalists? Since the USA has the fourth largest murder rate of any nation on earth and the highest rate of assaults, Mr. Crichton must have had to dig a bit to find a group that we could feel superior to in that regard.

Distinguishing Reality From Fantasy, Truth From Propaganda: Our Greatest Challenge

Eric G, 08.10.2005 20:44

Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance.

Afghanistan A Disaster Four Years After US Invasion

Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD, 08.10.2005 19:09

This commentary highlights the crimes of the US and her cowardly allies in Afghanistan


Mathew Maavak, 08.10.2005 18:10

Have you heard of evangelists consorting with Belial's disciples? Well, take Dr James Dobson for instance...

tortured by turtles: experimental music from lithuania / new album&amp;mp3.

andrijs, 08.10.2005 15:48

tortured by turtles, lithuania, industrial, grindcore, post-rock, noise, jungle etc.

1000 illegalised migrants dropped of in dessert by marocan authorities, 08.10.2005 15:18

during the past week fortress europa has shown its real face: hundreds of migrants wanting to come into two spanish cities on maroccan soil, stormed the fences of fortress europe. During the storms 11 migrants were shot to dead, marocan and spanish police accusing each other of the killing. Yesterday, some belgian refugee commitees got a telephone by a migrant arrested nearby ceuta that the marrocan policed had picked them up and had dropped him, and a 10000

10000 ש&quot;ח במזומן למוסר שם של קורבנות אונס של רוני ערמון

רועי ציקו ארד, 08.10.2005 12:48

כל מידע שיש לכם על קורבנות אונס של רוני ערמון יתקבל בברכה

פרס של 10000 ש&quot;ח במזומן למוסר פרטים על קורבנות אונס של רוני ערמון

רועי ציקו, 08.10.2005 12:43

יש לך מידע על קורבן אונס של רוני ערמון? צלצל עכשיו 0545397543


BERARDI BRUNO, 08.10.2005 11:31


What is the 911 Truth Movement

anonymous, 08.10.2005 00:32

Topics of question and a 911 political resource list

La pointe de la modernité...

Guillaume de Baskerville, 07.10.2005 23:31

Les salariés et Hewlett-Packard qui vont bientôt être licenciés n’ont sans doute pas lu le livre de Hans-Peter Martin intitulé « Le piège de la mondialisation ». Et c'est bien dommage pour eux...

BREAKING NEWS: Bush Responds To Schlund Lawsuit

Martin F. Abernathy, 07.10.2005 23:27

President Bush has responded to a lawsuit against him alleging that the U.S. government uses HIGH-TECH TORTURE against dissidents in this country.

high fidelity meltdown

joan cusack, 07.10.2005 23:14

mp3 of hilarious meltdown scene from the movie "high fidelity"

Lori Through the Looking Glass: A New Perspective on the Lori Berenson Case

Nicholas Birns, 07.10.2005 21:31

Next month will mark the 10th anniversary of Lori Berenson's wrongful incarceration in Peru. The article reviews her case, points out how the Inter-American Court of Human Rights capitulated to Peruvian political pressure and that Lori languishes in prison, a victim of politics in both Peru and the USA as well as of US foreign policy toward Latin America.


HONOR Y GLORIA AL M - L - M, PG, 07.10.2005 20:53



Julio Torres, 07.10.2005 19:21

pic Three-hundred-thousand Americans rally in D.C. to bring the troops home from Iraq.

Bush's Satanic Verses

Justin Raimondo, 07.10.2005 19:08

Meanwhile, the Western Media backs away from airing such statements, due to 'vigorous denials' from the people who also assured them that "Iraq has WMD!!!". How can people hope to understand the Mania driving the Extremists in DC (, with such a weak-kneed media apparatus?

Perhaps that's the point ... ?

Who Did You Torture During The War, Daddy?

Ted Rall, 07.10.2005 19:06

So much for the "Civilized World" ...

Bus Drivers to Follow in Cesar Chavez’ Footsteps: Watsonville-Santa Cruz March for Public Transit Set for Sunday

Paul Johnston, 07.10.2005 17:31

Striking Santa Cruz County Mero Transit District bus drivers today announced they would walk on Sunday October 9 from Watsonville to Santa Cruz. Marchers are calling on the Metro Transit Board to return to negotiations to end the transit strike. For further info contact union president Carol Moore at (831) 818-0987

Open Letter to Amnesty International on the Iraqi Constitution

the BRussells Tribunal, 07.10.2005 16:11

On August 9, 2005, Amnesty International launched a “Call for a human rights based constitution”. This action alert calls on people to write to Jaafari, asking him to make sure that the constitution is one that respects human rights.
We regret that Amnesty International, which is a noted human rights organisation, doesn’t seem to acknowledge that the war of aggression, the subsequent occupation, the changing of any law under occupation and this entire process of writing a new Constitution are fully in breach of international law. May we remind Amnesty International of the Judgment of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Germany 1946: "To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." How can “a human rights based constitution” possibly emanate from “the supreme international crime”?

Marcha con Antorchas

Chasqui, 07.10.2005 14:21

Repudiamos el Festejo del mal llamado descubrimiento de america.

Asda Wal-Mart: Cutting Costs at Any Cost

Joe Zacune, 07.10.2005 13:35

Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retail company and is more familiar in the UK as the supermarket chain Asda. Wal-Mart has built a global empire of supermarket stores on an image of ‘always low prices’. This obsession with prices has led to poverty wages, ever-worsening sweatshop conditions and the destruction of local businesses and communities. These policies are well known but now new evidence has emerged on how Asda senior management are planning to deliberately “chip away” at workers’ rights and working conditions in the UK.

UPI Ruled States Electricity Regulators face threat

keralakaumudi, 07.10.2005 09:26

The Government of India is contemplating the idea of requesting electricity regulators in the State and Central Government to revamp the Commissions to make them more objctive. It is alleged that the present Regulators are very slow in implementing the reforms in power utilities and also in extending consumer friendly such as open access, completion of work

Coffin for the Councillor (or The Left in the Slum)

richard pithouse, 07.10.2005 08:58

Coming down Clare Road A new movement of shack dwellers has emerged in Durban, South Africa.

Malik Rahim Speaks About the Grassroots Response to Hurricane Katrina

Bradley, 07.10.2005 08:02

Malik On October 4, Malik Rahim, a longtime community activist in New Orleans and San Francisco, spoke at the Women's Building in San Francisco about the situation in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous response by the Bush administration and other government agencies. Malik, who lives in the Algiers community of New Orleans, discussed the grassroots community relief and rebuilding efforts underway through the Common Ground collective. (39:39 minutes)

New Orleans Bookfair

G.K. Darby, 07.10.2005 03:32

The New Orleans Bookfair, a radical/drunken gathering of publishers is going on, as scheduled.


Mexican Antiwar Coalition &quot;Not in Our Name&quot;, 07.10.2005 01:51

¡No to troops in mexican land! !Not in our name!

Por la mañana representantes del gobierno
de Washington telefonearon a la Secretaría de
Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) para ofrecer la ayuda
humanitaria para atender la declaratoria de emergencia
en todos los municipios afectados en Oaxaca, Chiapas,
Veracruz y Tabasco, entre otros.

El gobierno mexicano aceptó este apoyo de Estados
Unidos y en las próximas horas se determinará en qué
consiste esa ayuda que será canalizada a los
damnificados por el huracán Stan.

Sept 24/DC antiwar mobilization photo/journal

Patricia Lay-Dorsey, 07.10.2005 01:28

Link to my Sept 24/DC antiwar mobilization photo/journal with 80 photos

hijacked nations

kameel Ahmady, 06.10.2005 22:07


Squatting in Budapest - Solidarity Needed!

Centrum Group, 06.10.2005 21:08

Centrum Group struggles to make a squat here in Budapest, Hungary. Of course we have some problems with it. We are in the very situation where we do need your solidarity. Puting pressure on the governmant means a lot!

0545397543 נפגעי רוני ערמון צלצלו

הוועד לחשיפת האנס רוני ערמון, 06.10.2005 20:48

כל מי שנפגע על ידי רוני ערמון מתבקש לצלצל

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