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Smash Communism

Anti-che, 24.10.2005 04:05

Smash communism` Smash Communism

PeaceNepal RECONCILIATION Petition

PeaceNepal, 24.10.2005 03:12

PeaceNepal RECONCILIATION Petition banner We believe Nepal at this moment is at a dead end, so to occur it from continuing this endless spiral of violence, we demand change from all responsible leaders.


Pancho Villa, 24.10.2005 01:53

EL URIBATO - OPERACION AVISPA - Es mejor promover la opción de varios candidatos en la primera vuelta para acaparar entre todos mas del 50 % de los votos y así forzar la segunda vuelta. Con la dinámica del debate, también se irán decantando las posiciones, para acordar un único candidato de oposición en la segunda vuelta. En últimas, si no gana la oposición, por lo menos se habrá fortalecido la democracia, quedando establecidos dos partidos, que no hay que apresurarse a bautizar como de izquierda/derecha o neoliberal/antineoliberal, etc., quedando además ya un escenario claro para las elecciones del 2010-2014... o antes.

Pancho, Ciudad Juarez, México, 1910


SOCIAL DEMOCRACY NOW, 24.10.2005 01:50

I published an article yesterday on the Mehlis investigation of the Hariri assassination. It didn't appear and still hasn't appeared. It seems to me that this is not an open publishing site after all. What motive do you have for suppressing my critique of the report?

The Mardi Gras From Hell

melfeasance, 24.10.2005 01:19

Bead Brain You are invited to...

Snitch Tickets in California - a subspecies of the red light camera ticket

J, 24.10.2005 00:47

In California, some red light camera tickets can be ignored - but only if you know what to look for.

More Homeless Funding In Jeopardy

Scott Sowle, 23.10.2005 23:51

The Us House of Representatives will be voting on legislature that may cut affordable housing funds.


ALI AL M.K., 23.10.2005 22:48

Operaciones de asesinato a cargo de agentes secretos isrealies y de la CIA contra cientificos iraquies y profesores de univeridad.
Limpieza cultural y política??


Secretaria de Asuntos Pedagógicos, 23.10.2005 21:35



enrique (flako), 23.10.2005 16:59

Existe ¿ Desde el explorer de Micrososft, Advierten que es un sitio o bien, bloqueado y queda bajo su responsabilidad lo que pueda ocurrir si pasa esta barrera. Que ( "Este tipo de documento no tiene certificado de seguridad".

Summary of the Peoples' Global Action consultation meeting, Haridwar (India), 7-8-9-10 October 2005

Mo, 23.10.2005 16:25

Around 50 people from different countries (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Germany, Greece, Spain, UK, Ukraine/USA) met in Haridwar for a preparatory consultation meeting prior to the 4th Global Conference of PGA. Unfortunately, friends from Latin America and Africa could not attend the meeting due to visa problems and other technical issues. However, those present felt that it was a very useful and productive meeting, both for the local process of PGA in India and for the global process. All international participants were deeply impressed and inspired by the hospitality, strength, dignity, political seriousness and degree of activity of the Indian movements.


Luchadores, 23.10.2005 14:32

Los derechos no se mendigan, se conquistan al calor de la LUCHA.

Sólo la lucha nos da lo que el patrón con su ley nos quitan.

The Truth About Bird Flu Hype

FReE and anonymous, 23.10.2005 10:07

The current mainstream hype about bird flu is ridiculous compared to the actual incidents of infection, and the lies about a vaccine. [See article]. The exaggerations and propaganda about this make one wonder if this is another distraction to the half awake public.

In any case the article below is the best, and clearest statement about the truth about bird flu I have seen anywhere. I cannot vouch for the truth of all these statements, but it has the ring of truth in it for myself.
This is an important article for you to read as the hype intensifies.

Keep your head clear!

Venezuela: On the eve of yet another United States attempted military coup?

FReE and Franz J. T. Lee, 23.10.2005 09:52

University of Los Andes (ULA) professor Franz J. T. Lee writes: According to a intelligence report, published on October 15, 2005: "US private military contractors are already in-country to 'deal with' Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias."

Millions More Movement Rally

Monica Moorehead, 23.10.2005 05:03

Oct 15 Millions More Movement in Washington DC October 15th rally attracted a large crowd, overwhelmingly African American, to Washington DC

Washington DC Millions More Movement

Monica Moorhead, 23.10.2005 04:29

Oct 15th rally attached a large crown, overwhelmingly African American .Millions More Movement Rally in Washington DC- Saturday Oct 15, 2005 made demands on the US government which included justice for Katrina survivors and reparations.


SOCIAL DEMOCRACY NOW, 23.10.2005 04:25

The Mehlis report on the Hariri assassination is just another dodgy dossier. In order to lay the blame for the assassination at Syria's door it specializes in innuendo and unverified allegations by anonymous persons. The only named individual purporting to possess information incriminating Syria turns out to be a multiply convicted swindler who was paid handsomely for his revelations by a Syrian dissident.

Antagonia Politica Por: Miguel Guerra Leon (librepensador)

Miguel Guerra Leon, 23.10.2005 03:23

El artículo argumenta el por qué nace la antagonía política. El librepensador peruano, Miguel Guerra Leon, enfoca las deficiencias de la política a la largo de la historia y del presente.

Breaking: Poll shows Iraqis back attacks on UK, US forces

Reuters, 22.10.2005 23:15

Iraq's a democracy, right? So it's it's time to leave.

Poll shows Iraqis back attacks on UK, US forces

Reuters, 22.10.2005 22:43

Iraq's a democracy, right? So it's it's time to leave.

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 22.10.2005 22:30

Overview of an international, intercutlural group producing: annual film festival, cinema distribution, weekly television program,publications & dance theatre.

Photos Prove: CIA Undermined New York Times Reporting

David Roknich, 22.10.2005 22:12

I am transcribing several photos of letters that discuss the influence of the CIA on the integrity of the US news media. Here are 2 of the most incriminating documents, with a partial transcription.
documents archived at UIUC prove CIA undermined US news media

Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar

Catherine Callan, 22.10.2005 20:21

A call for vigils across the country to mourn the death of 2,000 US military in the Iraq war.


Anti-Racist Action, 22.10.2005 19:13

This is an emergency request for bail money for people arrested at the
anti-Nazi demonstration in Toledo, OH. Please Western Union money to
Chris Fox in Kent, OH. Call him at 330-389-0891 once the money is

Saddaming the House of Assad.

Lloyd Hart, 22.10.2005 18:59

Now that the U.S. coercion in the form of the Bolton recess appointment as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. has produced the U.N. Special Investigation Commission Report on the assassination of a former prime minister of Lebanon, it is time to ask the obvious question.


Stankovic, S, 22.10.2005 18:51

Hundreds Pledge themselves for Human Shield Mission to Iran as Movement Comes Out of Hibernation

Am deutschen Bürgermeisterwesen soll Rumänien genesen

Frank-Reginald Evertz, 22.10.2005 18:17

Indirekt durch das dt. Innenministerium finanzierte Wahlwerbung in Hermannstadt Der deutschstämmige Vorzeige-Oberbürgermeister von Hermannstadt/Sibiu, Klaus-Werner Johannis, wurde per Meinungsumfrage in Rumänien zum populärsten Stadtvater gekürt, doch ist nicht alles Deutsch was blattgoldig in den Medien glänzt. Fakten und Impressionen aus einer zukünftigen EU-Randregion.

Important News Regarding Neofascist Justin Raimondo

Clownhunter, 22.10.2005 16:35

Neofascist clown Justin Raimondo gets "tribute website" deciphering his ideas.


INFOS FROM GENEVA, 22.10.2005 16:17

Anti WTO protest in front of the WTO HQ in Geneva Switzerland 18 October 2005 WTO NEGOTIATIONS GENEVA UPDATE NO.2

The US proposal on Agriculture seen as source of momentum

The Doha negotiations, which only a few months ago was characterized as stalled over many areas of disagreements among Members, are now back in motion. This is the common refrain from heads of key negotiating committees-Agriculture, NAMA, and Services-in a series of lobby meetingswith social movements and NGOs in Geneva. This was also the assessment expressed at the meeting with the Brazilian Mission and the meeting with the G90 yesterday.

Skull Valley's nerve gas neighbors

Brenda Norrell, 22.10.2005 15:58

The proposed nuclear dump on Goshute land neighbors the U.S. Army's biological and chemical testing site at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, responsible for killing thousands of sheep with a nerve agent and burying the sheep on tribal land in 1968. The documents were not revealed for 30 years.

Women who kill Their Children and The People Who Ignored Them

Delores Williams, 22.10.2005 15:15

Eliminate the violence What do Susan Smith, Dena Schlosser, Andrea Yates, and Lashaun Harris have in common? They all killed their children.

The War on Terror - Australia

Anon, 22.10.2005 14:57

Some articles detailing some changes in Australia legal regime in order to fight the War on Terror.

What Has Happened to the Land of The Free?

Ziyad Nazem, 22.10.2005 14:52

Our civil liberties are being taken away, and we are allowing it. This must stop, someone must stand up. We no longer are the land of the free..

Skeleton of Primate from Wyoming

pat n, 22.10.2005 13:36

Skeleton of smilodectes gracilis Was this primate our ancestor?

Capitalism as Cancer

Charles Sullivan, 22.10.2005 12:47

The essay examines the harmful impact of capitalism upon the church, public education, the corporate media and, most importantly the ecology that sustains us.

Capitalism as Cancer

Charles Sullivan, 22.10.2005 12:46

The essay examines the harmful impact of capitalism upon the church, public education, the corporate media and, most importantly the ecology that sustains us.

9-11: Demolition of WTC Is Not a Theory

from, 22.10.2005 07:50

In two speeches to overflow crowds in New York last weekend, notable theologian David Ray Griffin argued that recently revealed evidence seals the case that the Twin Towers and WTC-7 were destroyed by controlled demolition with explosives. Despite the many enduring mysteries of the 9/11 attacks, Dr. Griffin concluded, "It is already possible to know, beyond a reasonable doubt, one very important thing: the destruction of the World Trade Center was an inside job, orchestrated by terrorists within our own government."


ACADP, 22.10.2005 01:26

I'm not a perfect person ACADP is appalled and shocked by the news, and expresses deepest sympathy to Van's mother and twin brother - the innocent victims of the Singapore justice system.

Las Colonias españolas de Ceuta y Melilla - Historia

Andalucia Libre, 22.10.2005 01:12

Mapa Presidios españoles en Norte de Africa (siglo XVIII) El Parlamento español acaba de negar nuevamente la condición colonial de Ceuta y Melilla. El PCE-IU tambien apoya su "españolidad". Procede recuperar su historia como enclaves coloniales españoles en Marruecos, rebatiendo los usuales argumentos colonialistas.


amaru, 21.10.2005 23:17

No les daremos tregua Como en las jornadas de abril, lucha de los forajidos, la sociedad civil de Quito y de Ecuador se auto convocan a movilizaciones desde hoy en la noche a partir de las 20:30


amaru, 21.10.2005 23:14

Como en las jornadas de abril, lucha de los forajidos, la sociedad civil de Quito y de Ecuador se auto convocan a movilizaciones desde hoy en la noche a partir de las 20:30

Complaint to the U.N. Human Rights Committee on Human Rights violations in &quot;Canada&quot;

David Butterfield - Human Rights Defender, 21.10.2005 21:54

This Complaint to the U.N., based on facts established by "government's" own documents, their copyright protected Statutes, Constitutional Law experts opinions, and my fifteen years of research, study, and interpretation of "government's" so-called "laws". The evidence referred concludes that: all governments are pure corporations (corporate governments de facto); their "laws" apply only to corporate entities which they create; the provinces are independent nations and have been since the Statute of Westminster, 1931; a "Federal Government" has never, ever been lawfully created; all inhabitants of what is believed to be "Canada" are victims of numerous crimes against humanity including but not limited to: occupation by and subjugation to foreign agents imposing foreign corporate policies as "law"; being held in a form of slavery and involuntary servitude to the corporate governments de facto through the levy of more than 170 unlawful and pursuant to legal definitions, inapplicable taxes in each "province"; in all "law", Federal and Provincial, the term "person" means a "corporation" and the term "province" means either the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, or Nunavat, and much more.

Charla el 25 de octubre en Oviedo, con los compañeros sindacalistas colombanos amenazados de muerte.

CGT-Oviedo, 21.10.2005 21:46

El día 25 de Octubre a las 20:00 horas el Sindicato de Oficios Varios de la CGT de Oviedo, organiza una charla con compañeros sindicalistas colombianos

Radio Pueblo Nuevo, emisora comercial-pirata, silencia las emisiones de Radio ELO

Asamblea de Radio ELO, 21.10.2005 21:44

Desde comienzos de octubre una emisora comercial y pirata llamada Radio Pueblo Nuevo ha irrumpido en el 98.5 FM con una gran potencia de emisión, tapando las ondas libres de Radio ELO (98.6 FM), quien emite desde hace ya veinte años. Con dicha intromisión en las emisiones de Radio ELO están silenciando no sólo un modelo de comunicación más digno y cercano a los ciudadanos/as de Madrid, sino también las voces de asociaciones, colectivos, organizaciones sociales y personas individuales que diariamente pasan por los micrófonos de esta pequeña emisora del sur de Madrid, que forma ya parte de la historia de estos barrios y del movimiento vecinal y asociativo.

Resumen de la reunión de consulta de la AGP, Haridwar (India), 7-10 octubre 2005

Mioi, 21.10.2005 21:43

Unas 50 personas de diferentes países (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tailandia, Alemania, España, Grecia, Reino Unido, Ucrania/Estados Unidos) se reunieron en Haridwar para una consulta preparatoria previa a la 4a Conferencia Global de la AGP. Desafortunadamente, l*s amig*s de América Latina y Africa no pudieron asistir debido a problemas con las visas y otros asuntos técnicos. Pese a estas importantes ausencias, quienes participamos estuvimos de acuerdo en que fue una reunión muy útil y productiva, tanto para el proceso local de la AGP en India como para el proceso global. A tod*s l*s participantes internacionales nos pareció impresionante y muy inspiradora la hospitalidad, fuerza, dignidad, seriedad política y volumen de actividad de los movimientos de la India.

Succès d’autonomiZation à Liège

ventsteppes, 21.10.2005 20:59

L'autonomization par la maîtrise de la force motrice avec notamment les biocarburants, le solaire, l'éolienne, … mais aussi à d'autres niveaux d'implications, a pris son envol avec "" lors de superbes moments où le soleil radieux a accompagné les gens enthousiasmés par une initiavite qui ouvre les portes de l'Utopie vivante. Et ce n'est qu'un début !

October 24 - Global Day of Action for UN Security Council Action on Burma, 21.10.2005 19:34

Support the call for UN Security Council action on Burma by joining a demonstration in front of the United Nations on Monday, October 24, 2005!

Time: 5-7 PM
Date: Monday, October 24, 2005
Location: Dag Hammerskjold Plaza, (47th Street & 1st Avenue), in front of the United Nations, New York, NY
Contacts: Cristina Moon (202) 223-0300, mobile: (773) 732-4365, Kathleen Didomenico (212) 365-4155

10/19 Americas Watch Haiti: Continue Oppression and Killings in Haiti+Video!

Lee Siu Hin, 21.10.2005 17:49

On Friday, September 23, 2005, the Director General of the Haiti National Police Leon Charles, UN Force Commander Lieutanant General Augusto Heleno Ribiero Pereira of Brazil, and the Special Representative of the United Nations Juan Valdes of Chile were convicted of violations of Haitian law and international law including crimes against humanity. This verdict was delivered by the jury of the First Session of the International Tribunal on Haiti. The Tribunal was held in Washington, DC at George Washington University at the Elliott School of International Affairs.

Amputee Hiker Completes Appalachian Trail

Doug Lowe, 21.10.2005 15:59

Handicapped Hiker Scott Rogers becomes the first above-the-knee amputee to hike the 2,178 mile Appalachian Trail

War is a State of Mind

Uri Avnery (Israeli peace activist), 21.10.2005 15:42

This eighty-something-year-old Israeli peace activist, founder of Gush Shalom, writes of the vastly different world-views of Israelis and Palestinians on account of their childhood indoctrinations. He is one outstanding old man who has not become jaded with time.

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