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Politically motivated detention of local leader

Daniel Gardiner, 28.10.2005 03:05

My father in-law is reclused in City Hall in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Mexico following a series of events related to his refusal to give up his land rights on Playa Larga (Long Beach).

&quot;Israel must be wiped off the map&quot;! But did Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually say this?

k.hawley, 28.10.2005 02:57

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is actually a U.S./Israeli agent?

Balloons of Shame for Bush/Cheney Torture Regime: Cuban Protest Sought

green means green, 28.10.2005 02:53

Gitmo - Lets Go There! Make a Stand Shout We are sorry! Dear Fidel Castro and Cuban People: Nothing shows the disregard of international law as clearly as the attempts by the US, UK and some European countries to set aside the absolute prohibition of torture and ill treatment by re-definition and "rendering" – or the transfer prisoners to regimes that are known to use torture. In effect sub-contracting torture, yet keeping their own hands and conscience clean.

A Woman’s Courage, A Woman’s Voice: Agitating for Social &amp; Political Change in the Face of Adversity-- The 2005 IWMF &quot;Courage in Journalism&quot; Awards

Sasha N. Elliott, Freelance Reporter, 28.10.2005 00:50

Shahla Sherkat and Sumi Khan, IWMF award recipients, posed for pictures Coverage of the 2005 "Courage in Journalism" Awards hosted by the International Women's Media Foundation, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase and held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on October 25, 2005. Three outstanding women- from Iran, Bangladesh, and Germany-- were honored for their brave reporting on crime, corruption and social rights & justice despite grave personal danger. Political satirist, Molly Ivins of the USA, was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

A Woman’s Courage, A Woman’s Voice: Agitating for Social &amp; Political Change in the Face of Adversity

Sasha N. Elliott, 28.10.2005 00:34

Shahla Sherkat (left) and Sumi Khan (right) pose after ceremony Coverage of the 16th annual IWMF "Courage in Journalism" awards in New York city. Honorees were drawn from Iran, Bagladesh and Germany for their brave reporting on crime, corruption, human rights and social justice.

Peter Singer and the Universist Movement Evaluate State of American Culture War; Is Judeo-Christian Morality Unethical?

Universist Movement, 28.10.2005 00:31

Famed Bioethicist Peter Singer sits down with the Universist Movement for a discussion of the state of the American "Culture War." Universists advocate individual moral reasoning free of faith and other forms of outside authority. Singer, like the Universist Movement, has become a favorite target of cultural conservatives for refusing to participate in their moral jingoism.

A Woman’s Courage, A Woman’s Voice: Agitating for Social &amp; Political Change in the Face of Adversity

Sasha N. Elliott, 27.10.2005 23:38

Coverage of the International Women's Media Foundation's 2005 "Courage in Journalism Awards," honoring three women from Iran, Bangladesh and Germany for their brave reporting of crime, conflict, political corruption, and human rights despite personal danger. The awards were held at New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel on October 25, 2005.

SOA Grad and Former Pinochet Operative Leading Forces in Haiti

SOAW, 27.10.2005 22:13

On October 17th, the Chilean Government admitted that Gen. Eduardo Aldunate, second in command of its military forces in Haiti, was linked to the disbanded National Intelligence Central (CNI), oppressive military forces that operated under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). The charge was initially denied by the Minister of Defense and the Army Chief.

RFID : l'humain au coeur des stratégies

veda, 27.10.2005 16:27

"Pourrait-on voir une étiquette microscopique être implantée dans le corps d'une personne afin de traquer ses moindres mouvements? Il y a une discusion réelle à ce sujet. Vous pourrez statuer sur ça, et je pèse mes mots, avant la fin de votre mandat." Cité par WorldnetDaily, le sénateur Joseph Biden s'adressait là au juge John Roberts lors des auditions auprès de la cour suprême, le 12 septembre 2005. Le message a le mérite d'être clair. Et le simple fait d'en "discuter" résonne déjà comme une confidence.

Film Attacking Racism Needs Votes!

Donald L. Vasicek, 27.10.2005 14:53

A documentary film recording the Cheyenne/Arapaho oral histories describing the Sand Creek Massacre needs votes.

Summary of israeli war Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 27.10.2005 14:19

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 26 October 2005. 6mins, english

Squat in Bialostok (Poland) evicted. Please act in solidarity

Arthem Chapeye, 27.10.2005 13:31

25 10 05 - Today, during the afternoon, police accompanied by town officials and the owner came to the DeCentrum Squat [in Białystok, near the border with Belarus] with a warrant to clear the building of squatters. The evacuation of materials and analysis of the situation is happening. We will certainly not give up our building without a fight. We also request solidarity actions and wide
distribution of this information. Soon we will provide more info...

Alex Jones rips up Antiwar Left

takeoverworld, 27.10.2005 08:56

Alex Jones talks with Antiwar activist Charles Shaw. Together they expose the controlled official Antiwar Left, as well as the phony Conservatives. MUST HEAR

'Save The Titanic Foundation' Launches Registration Website: For 11 million Petition Signers and Titanic Community!, 27.10.2005 01:58 Website Officially Opens for Registration. In an effort to help preserve the Titanic and support the scientific community in their research and feasibility studies for the Titanic, has added an educational and entertaining community experience for Titanic fans and the 11 million petition signers for the preservation of the ship in the honor of the Titanic dreams aboard the ship.

Verifiable proof that Armageddon has begun...

Seven Star Hand, 26.10.2005 21:39

Hurricanes Katrina (#11) and Rita (#17) have provided stunning validation of my research and interpretations of pivotal ancient wisdom, symbologies, key prophecies, and associated religious claims. Their storm numbers and timing perfectly synchronized with primary data and assertions in my book, thereby demonstrating the true nature of this universe and the existence of our Creator.

Free Speech TV, call for video

Malia, 26.10.2005 20:34

FSTV is compiling video from around the country of the vigils for the 2,000 US soldier death toll

City of Bergen Tells Clear Channel To F**k off

a, 26.10.2005 20:26

The city coucil of Bergen (2nd largest city in Norway, Scandinavia) voted on the 24th of october against the negotiated agreement with outdoor commercial giant Clear Channel. After months of public protest, meetings and debates in the city.

Why doesn't Bush Govt. just round-up and get rid &quot;problems&quot; like Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald etc.!!!

k.hawley, 26.10.2005 20:22

Why doesn't Bush Govt. just round-up and get rid "problems" like Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald etc.!!!

GAO Report: 2004 Election Stolen

Bob Fitrakis &amp; Harvey Wasserman, 26.10.2005 19:04

The Government Accounting Office has confirmed what the blogs reported and the mainstream media media dismissed as "conspiracy theory". The electronic voting machines were wide open to fraud, and fraud likely occured in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, and New Mexico, among other states.

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee to be Executed

Delores Williams, 26.10.2005 16:53

Death Penalty too Subjective Tookie is second in line out of more than 600 death row inmates in California.. He's an advocate for street peace and begs forgiveness.. No man deserves to die with a mind of regret...

Silvio Rodríguez actuará en Mar del Plata en protesta por la presencia de Bush en Argentina

Adolfo Mena, 26.10.2005 14:12

El cantautor cubano actuará en el acto masivo en el que culminará la marcha contra la presencia de Bush en la ciudad argentina de Mar del Plata

REP. DOMINICANA: El Pueblo no debe dejar de Luchar

H. Galvan, 26.10.2005 14:05


&quot;The Grip of Death: a study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics&quot; by Michael Rowbotham (Jon Carpenter Publishing, 1998)

OM108x, 26.10.2005 13:15

Grip of Death When a profession fails to deliver, people inevitably suffer. When that profession happens to be the study and practice of economics, the entire world suffers. The deluge of social and environmental problems brought on by humanity's endeavours to be 'economic' suggest that the economics profession is not just failing - its advice is proving mind-bogglingly destructive.

Our government officials, political economists and newspaper columnists appear intellectually content with the current arrangements, oblivious to the depth of the crisis that economics presents to the world. They still happily argue about the dangers of 'overheating' or needing to 'cool off ', as if an economy that functions along the lines of a domestic boiler or kitchen toaster provides an acceptable basis for co-ordinating human activity. They also appear perfectly satisfied to continue with 'business as usual', without questioning the most startling and contradictory statements issuing from the world of money and economics.

For example, every country in the world suffers from a massive and constantly increasing national debt. Britain has a national debt that is fast approaching £400 billion. Canada's debt has reached $560 billion and Germany's now exceeds 500 billion deutschmarks. So are these poor countries? No more so than Japan with a debt equivalent to two trillion dollars or America with a national debt now in excess of five trillion dollars. Since the poorer nations are crippled by their indebtedness to international lending institutions and foreign banks, the overall picture is of a world suffering acute and ever worsening insolvency.

Larry Franklin Will Be Singing While Karl Rove Weeps

DOGSPOT, 26.10.2005 02:43

The FBI did a thorough job gathering information that resulted in last month's indictment of Larry Franklin. So good, that Larry is ready to plead guilty and sing. Everyone wonders which arias he'll perform. During the run-up to the war in Iraq, Larry played a role in the chorus that took the media by storm with news of WMDs. He was in the right place at the right time to make a big difference, and in close proximity to the major players: including Karl Rove.

Recital Solidario

Sergio Val de Villa Fiorito, 26.10.2005 02:06

solicito difusión

La Constitución española

Jaime Richart, 26.10.2005 00:10

Se puede decir sin temor a exagerar que España nació como nación en 1978.

&quot;2,000 U.S. Deaths Too Many ~ Get Them Out Now!&quot;

Timothy Baer, 26.10.2005 00:06

Indiana calls for an end to the killing and violence in Iraq! Citizens and activists will come together from across Indiana for this October 29th End-the-War gathering, which will include speakers, inspiration, literature, activist networking, and “take action” opportunities.

Announcing new Website and Petition to save the Gulf of California

Rainbow Hawk, 25.10.2005 22:17

This effort to to Save the Gulf of California/Sea of Cortez, the most biologically divest body of water on earth

Plamegate Indictments Coming Tomorrow; Targets Received Letters Today

TWN, 25.10.2005 21:34

Are Karl and Scooter toast?


brizbomb, 25.10.2005 20:53

please print and share this simple PDF

When The Levee Breaks…

David Van Deusen, 25.10.2005 18:15

a narative of the Katrina/New Orleans disaster. From being embedded with the National Guard, to driving through the Ninth Ward, to drinking in the French Quarter. Hear of police murders, check points, and more.

Wird der Irak geteilt?

Doris Auerbach &amp; FReE, 25.10.2005 17:06

Die Zeichen der Zeit stehen auf Sturm! Die Äusserungen, die auf eine längst beabsichtigte Teilung des Iraks schliessen lassen, häufen sich. Gleichzeitig verstärkt sich bei den Irakern der Verdacht, dass die gegen Zivilisten gerichteten Attacken auch von der Besatzungsmacht selbst ausgehen. Zieht man die ‚Leistungen’ der Geheimdienste dieser Welt in Betracht, zu denen es gehört, je nach Bedarf Anschläge zu inszenieren und chaotische Verhältnisse zu schaffen, um dadurch die Basis für geplante Revolutionen zu erzielen, so erscheint der Verdacht der Iraker in keiner Weise als abwegig. Ein Chaos im Irak wäre genau die Situation, die einen Bürgerkrieg einleiten könnte, der seinerseits den Anlass dafür böte, den Irak endlich umgestalten zu können, nämlich in drei weitgehend autonome Regionen.

Kosovo Roma want to participate in negotiations on Kosovo's future

Kosovo Roma and Ashkali Forum, 25.10.2005 15:07

Kosovo Roma want to participate in the negotiations on Kosovo's future

George Galloway MP (UK) challenges the US Senate committee to charge him

Respect - the Unity Coalition (UK) via Neil Williams, 25.10.2005 13:09

The Respect MP George Galloway (UK) has thrown down a challenge to the US Senate homeland security committee to charge him with perjury and "I'll see you in court".

Periodismo y corrupción

Jaime Richart, 25.10.2005 09:10

La máxima corrupción se da en lo excelso. La corrupción de lo malo apenas se nota, la de lo bueno se lamenta pero contamos inconscientemente de antemano con esa posibilidad y solemos decir con resignación: “es natural”.

Periodismo y corrupción

Jaime Richart, 25.10.2005 09:04

La máxima corrupción se da en lo excelso. La corrupción de lo malo apenas se nota, la de lo bueno se lamenta pero contamos inconscientemente de antemano con esa posibilidad y solemos decir con resignación: “es natural”.

Du 12 au 20 novembre 2005, rejoignez la huitième Semaine de la solidarité internationale.

La Semaine de la solidarité internationale, 25.10.2005 08:08

Logo de la Semaine de la solidarité internationale « Le monde bouge… et vous ? »
Associations, ONG, syndicats, collectivités territoriales, établissements scolaires et structures de l’éducation populaire se mobilisent dans toute la France du 12 au 20 novembre 2005. L’ensemble des acteurs proposera au public de multiples pistes concrètes pour agir en citoyen solidaire.

War Protest Has Captive Audience

LA Times, 25.10.2005 05:27

The American People are fed up, sick and tired. The time to make our presence felt is NOW!!! Reclaim The "Orange Revolution", and America
by Jordan Thornton Friday

3 huge bombs blow up near Baghdad hotel

AP, 25.10.2005 05:25

Now who would want to kill reporters, just as they start telling the truth about Iraq, and the White House again strains under the weight of heavy scandal.

Is &quot;discrediting Joe Wilson&quot; a red herring? Leak-Gate Details.

Various, posted by Jordan Thornton, 25.10.2005 05:20

Details about the widening Fitzgerald Plam/Leak-Gate investigations. Will this be the Counter-Coup "chatter" has suggested for quite some time is coming? If your media drops the ball on this, let 'em have it!!

Cindy Sheehan for US Senator from NY?

Don DeBar, 25.10.2005 03:58

If Cindy Sheehan were to issue a primary challenge to Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) on an anti-war, anti-PATRIOT Act platform, she could force a seismic shift in the direction of the Democratic Party.

Parents Kept 11 Children in Cages

Delores Williams, 24.10.2005 21:17

couple forcing their 11 adopted children to sleep in cages

Primero Del Olmo, ahora Radio Elo: Persecución a la radio de inmigrantes Pueblo Nuevo

Centro PUEBLO NUEVO de Comunicación Directa, 24.10.2005 18:18

Comunicado de respuesta de la Asamblea de Pueblo Nuevo al comunicado de Radio Elo.

Radio Elo ha puesto en marcha una campaña de difamación contra la emisora de inmigrantes Radio Pueblo Nuevo para que abandone el 98.5 FM en Madrid ya que según ellos interfiere su emisión en el 98.6 para el barrio de Orcasitas. Primero Del Olmo, ahora Elo. ¿Cuando terminará la persecución a la emisora de inmigrantes Pueblo Nuevo? ¿Cuando terminará esa actitud intolerante de querer silenciar la voz de los inmigrantes???


ARGENTROVA, 24.10.2005 14:42

ArgenTrova Nuevo Portal LatinoAmericano ArgenTrova es un nuevo portal independiente a los medios de descomunicación masiva. Es un espacio para la discusión de temas musicales, contraculturales, economicos, politicos y sociales. No dejes de participar...

Antikapitalistischer Liedermacher jetzt in Ulm aktiv und gründet Initiative &quot;Kommerzstopper&quot;

Wiederstand02, 24.10.2005 14:17

Michael Schade, Konzert in Ulm Der von Neonazis bedrohter Liedermacher Michael Schade, der von den gängigen Medien ignoriert und / oder negativ dargestellt wird, möchte verstärkt in der Bundeswehrmetropole Ulm aktiv werden. Außerdem gründet der Musiker eine Initiative zur Unterstützung kommerzfreier Künstler.

Interactive political film

Tamara, 24.10.2005 13:47

Do you want your film to talk to its audience and convince it? Or do you want to represent a complex issue in your film, but feel that the linear form forces you to favour one standpoint at the expense of others?
Make your own interactive political film in a 6-day workshop at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam!

Disturbing outcomes

takeoverworld, 24.10.2005 11:43

Liberty is primary. The Constitution can be a revolutionary document. The Panthers apparently thought so. Interviews by paleo-conservative Alex Jones with leftist Sander Hicks on global tyranny worth a listen.

Abolish your fake Ramadhan, stupid!

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, 24.10.2005 07:55

One of the basic duties of the Muslims of all times has been fasting during the month of Ramadhan. Is it necessary for today's Muslims to keep fasting during this lunar calendar's Islamic month? This article, written by a Muslim, focuses on the life conditions and the mindset of modern Muslims in the Middle East, who need not fast. In a fake Ramadan, fasting is useless!

2,000 Deaths Too Many! Community actions at the Day U.S. 2,000 Deaths in Iraq!

Lee Siu Hin - Peace No War Network, 24.10.2005 07:45

Call to Action: 2,000 Deaths Too Many! Community actions at the Day After U.S. 2,000 Deaths in Iraq!

Impending Execution in Singapore

Appalled American, 24.10.2005 05:26

Singapore plans to execute 25 year old Nguyen Tuong Van for drug smuggling. The Australian government claims to have done everything possible to prevent it.

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