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SchülerInnen und Studi-Demo in Wien

Bakunin, 02.04.2004 14:55

SchuelerInnendemo in Wien SchülerInnen und Studi-Demo in Wien

Sex Week at Yale? Student Funds Stolen at Berkeley? Fake Hate Crimes at Northwestern? Outrageous, or Just Another Day on Campus?

The Collegiate Network, 02.04.2004 14:29

The Collegiate Network announces the winners of its 7th annual Campus Outrage Awards -- also known as the "Pollys" -- exposing the most shocking examples of political correctness in higher education during the last year.

Freedom Fries (Comic)

., 02.04.2004 14:24


Bush Contributor Patricia Cornwell USA Federal Court &quot;Show Trial&quot; Scandal, Full Text of Federal Court Filing

Dr. Les Sachs, 02.04.2004 11:36

USA Federal Court Scandal: George Bush’s Celebrity Campaign Contributor Patricia Cornwell and Her Lawyers Accused in Felony Scheme, US Federal Judge Implicated in Phony "Show Trial" Court Scandal, USA Illegally Bans Writer's Freedom, Writer Escapes to Europe from Threats of Illegal Jailing and Murder, US Justice Department Balks in Investigating

SSA Marine--profile of a profiteer

Daniel Borgström, 02.04.2004 09:40

Stevedoring Services of America, which recently shortened its name to “SSA Marine,” is a multi-national corporation with headquarters in Seattle. War profiteer, privatizer and globalizer, this corporate thug was involved in the police attack at the Oakland docks on April 7, 2003. On the anniversary of that day--let us return to the Port of Oakland to picket SSA!

A party for the president

wt, 02.04.2004 09:09

invite the republicans to your house and line the insides with pictures of the war dead.

Lets skank bush's attempt to copy moveonhome parties.

p444 . a non violent revolution .

ferhat ataman, 02.04.2004 08:44

a non violent revolutiongoes on .

The coalition on the link between abortion and breast cancer

Ella Bell, 02.04.2004 06:14

informational story on the coalition supporting that there is a sufficient link between breast cancer and abortion

where did the schools go wrong

ella bell, 02.04.2004 06:05

The Vallejo school district being turned over by the state, is that going to be a better decision in the long run or is it just going to make matters worse?

'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'

Andrew Buncombe, 02.04.2004 05:45

A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided information to the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa'ida's plans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened.


Heidi Stephens, 02.04.2004 05:24

The NW Detention Center was intended to temporarily accommodate occasional overflow of other regional facilities. Many changes occurred when INS became part of Homeland Security. We are now dealing with unappoved changes, a corrupt company, and dangerous safety issues.

American who dies in iraq were &quot;contractors&quot; that is contract mercinaries

xx, 02.04.2004 03:36

Iraqis were taking revenge on Bush's private mercinary demolistion and hit squad.

Interviews with US military families and soldiers who oppose the war

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, 02.04.2004 03:22

Almost every week I read reports about a soldier's loved one or a soldier
bravely speaking out against this war.

I'd like to interview military families, soldiers and veterans and put
these interviews in
downloadable form on the internet and hopefully publish them in a book.
Assuming the book was published, all proceeds would be donated.


Gary Sudborough, 02.04.2004 02:44

The propaganda value of the Fallujah incident and a case for who the real barbarians are in Iraq.


`, 02.04.2004 02:27


Richard W Guy, 02.04.2004 01:23

The Oceans are receding from shorelines around the world and have been doing so for millions of years. Read more at

Marie Tyrell, a short activist film and interactive DVD by Flick Harrison

Flick Harrison, 02.04.2004 01:18

Info and trailer for Marie Tyrell, based on a short story by D.M. Fraser. Trailer 1 minute long.

July 25 - Mass Rally &amp; March at the DNC in Boston

A,N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, 02.04.2004 00:42

Sunday, July 25 12 noon - Boston Common Mass March & Rally at the Democratic National Convention

Bush Signs Bill Into Law that May Restrict Abortion-Rights

coquí kapok, 01.04.2004 23:45

Today, in a political move designed to gain conservative and right-wing support for the upcoming election, US President Bush signed into law the "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" an act that would make it a separate federal crime to harm a pregnant woman's fetus. The bill covers crimes against fetuses from the time of conception. The law implictly gives an unborn fetus a "personhood" which could be used in the future to further a campaign to erode reproductive rights by assigning a fetus separate legal status.

A Libertarian Perspective on Madness and Depression

joey only, 01.04.2004 23:30

1st edition, a comprehensive look at how society both breeds and condemns madness. Keep checking for a second edition which when finished will have more statistics and quotes.

VIDEO DOWNLOAD : Falluja Mercenary Massacre

News From Babylon, 01.04.2004 22:20

"A boy no older than 10 ground his heel into a burned head: 'Where is Bush?' the little boy yelled. 'Let him come here and see this!'... "

animation test

£, 01.04.2004 21:26

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£, 01.04.2004 21:23

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More CIA to Burn - DId Kerry Light the MAtch?

Iraqi Kids Rock, 01.04.2004 21:00

Dance to The MUSIC _ Celebrate - Helicopter Next - Was it A Trap? It aint over til the Fat Cat men Burn

Dont ask for whom the bell tolls - ya knows it - ya cant run or hide - silly Americans - Imperialism is a crime without a statute of limitations!

Sprawl politics -- Jeb Bush leading land gluttony

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 01.04.2004 20:53

Sprawl industry controls government and gets what it wants in Florida.

No Joke - US Evil CIA Soldiers Really Do Burn - We thought they were ROBOTS!

Mile Hi9gh Nihilistas, 01.04.2004 20:46

Burn - Mata Los Gringos y Todos Los Imperialistas Check comments and other sites for links to the dozens of photos - What a day to remember - finally people somewhere have some guts -- and the children will lead us in the counter-crusade

Brothers in Arms

Kamil Hamied, 01.04.2004 20:37

States with armies have long since been replaced by armies that have states.

Report Profiles Corporate Greenwashers, Exposes Environmental Misinformation Targeted at Consumers and Schoolchildren

Geoff Johnson, 01.04.2004 19:57

A report by The Green Life, a Boston-based non-profit organization, profiles the ten worst greenwashers of 2003: the American Chemistry Council, Avalon Natural Products, BP, the Environmental Protection Agency, Monsanto Company, Project Learning Tree, Royal Caribbean International, Salmon of the Americas, Starbucks Coffee Company and Subaru.

*The New Voice of Reason: Air America Radio

Genevieve Newberg, KOE Staff, 01.04.2004 19:53

The Voice of Reason has arrived and conservative radio now has a competitor.

Sprawl Politics -- Jeb Bush Leading Land Gluttony

Joel S. Hirschhorn, 01.04.2004 19:04

Sprawl business interests effectively controlling governments in Florida.

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) - June 12, 2004 or, 01.04.2004 19:04 On June 12th citizens in cities all over the world will be riding naked through their towns, protesting oil dependency and celebrating the power and individuality of our bodies!

DeClasse War

Citizen Caine (CwC), 01.04.2004 18:33

The new issue of Harbinger, the irregular flagship propaganda publication of the universally feared and loathed CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective, is now available—for free. This article, a vindication of dropping out as revolutionary strategy and practice in the face of criticism from Marx and other assorted hypocritical dropouts, is a foretaste of the typically controversial content.

To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International

Panorama Internacional, 01.04.2004 17:31

To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International

the revolution sucks

£, 01.04.2004 16:57

message for our leader, unicode9786 inspired by crass and the zapatistas

Transformation of the United States(and the world)?

Board of Education, 01.04.2004 15:53

Transformation of America(and the world) ? The content speaks for itself.

Project MK-Ultra Monarch

Board of Education, 01.04.2004 15:40

Homeland Security with tasers? This one relates to the one before.
Vicious intentions against its
own citiznes among the highest
ranking clerks, businessmen, military,
academics and politicians.'

Project MK-Ultra

Board of Education, 01.04.2004 15:15

Project MK-Ultra Good afternoon. Today our subject focus on
lethal, government sponsored projects aimed at
ordinary citizens like you and me.

The disaster continues today

jamie, 01.04.2004 15:11

The disaster continues today. It should be clear to all U.S. citizens, as it is to most of the world, that our presence in Iraq is hated. Of course our government and corporate media will continue to try to hide and spin events until the cows come home. It’s up to us to carry the truth to our people and end the illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq. Please spread widely, jamie

RIAA sues Noelle Bush for piracy

Katie O. Meyers, News Editor, 01.04.2004 15:01

Out of 532 lawsuits in latest offensive, 89 target first neice, other republicans

Mayday cancelled

01.04.2004 13:32

Surprise Government Announcement! Quite literally, this year, there will be no Mayday in the UK!

In a surprise announcement, Tony Blair's government has decided to ban the 1st of May. April will have 31 days as opposed to the usual 30 and May will formally start on the 2nd. During the hurridly convened press conference last night the Prime Minister said, "Due to recent protests, demonstrations and marches disrupting the center of London and the City on May 1st by anti-globalisation activists and unions, we have decided to do away with the day and hopefully it will be just like any other working day." The Home Office will be sending out instructions to all businesses to adjust their calendars accordingly and has banned all marches to do with Mayday - as there won't be one. The unions, who will be hit hard by this, have yet to respond, but a government spokeswoman said "I'm sure they will understand the reasons for this measure". George Bush has fully backed the proposal saying he would "take up the idea and run away with it."

1. Mai in Berlin Kreuzberg

Christoph Kastius, 01.04.2004 10:46

Zusammenschluss von Gruppen gegen Nazis und Globalisierung

Jokubonis Square Wheel

Tomas Jokubonis, 01.04.2004 09:24

The square wheel become usual


Jaime López, 01.04.2004 08:24

Spanish magazine "El Medico" ("The Medical Doctor")takes away its press pass from a contributor after a telephone call from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, related with the killing of March 11th, in Spain.

WIde Scale Population Influencing

..., 01.04.2004 08:19

Various methods of large scale population influencing

Terrorists 'helped by CIA' to stop rise of left in Italy

.., 01.04.2004 08:10

US intelligence services instigated and abetted rightwing terrorism in Italy during the 1970s, a former Italian secret service general has claimed.

US revealed to be secretly funding opponents of Chavez

HD, 01.04.2004 08:08

"The Independent" Washington has been channelling hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the political opponents of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez - including those who briefly
overthrew the democratically elected leader in a coup two years ago.

See Conspiracy Nuts, A 757 Crashed Into The Pentagon

K., 01.04.2004 06:29

See it's a piece of an American airlines airplane idiots. Or was it planted and photographed by an agent of Illuminati?

Iraqis Lash Out at Occupation

DOGSPOT, 01.04.2004 04:00

FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP 03-31)
"...frenzied crowds dragged the burned, mutilated bodies of four men identified as U.S. security guards through the streets of a town...
west of the Iraqi capital Baghdad ..."

...In Baghdad, at least 10,000 supporters of a radical Shiite Muslim cleric rallied Wednesday outside the headquarters of the U.S.-led coalition in a protest against the closure of their weekly newspaper, accused by the top U.S. official in Iraq of inciting violence against coalition troops.

The four slain &quot;contractors&quot; were mercenaries

Red neck, 01.04.2004 03:01

As horrific as this attack was the media is engaging in classic, in your face propaganda by misrepresenting these people as civilian contractors. These were armed combatants.
The US. is using thousands of mercenaries to guard key installations and train a new Iraqi army, extend U.S. military resources. Recruted in the US and around the world including 1500 South Africans.

Pentagon Plebe Leaves Papers Behind At *bux

marco, 01.04.2004 01:50

Here's what Washington Post and
have to say about the paperwork that was left behind
in a starbucks. Also a link to a pdf which is now broken.
Clicking the .pdf there gives you: "The handle is invalid."
Trust me, it didn't do that fifteen minutes ago.
-- marco

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