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D´ Eventos

Lic. Susana Mafla, 06.11.2005 15:56

Lic. Susana Mafla Reseña de los más importantes eventos (lanzamientos de productos, celebraciones institucionales, encuentros y mucho más) que se realizan en Caracas, Venezuela.


José Luis Castillejos Ambrocio, 06.11.2005 15:38

La mercantilización de la noticia le quita a la información periodística toda su dignidad, y si algo le resta, esta desaparece en manos de periodistas que llegan al oficio, no por pasión, sino accidente.


Varios autores, 06.11.2005 15:38

Intelectuales venezolanos y europeos proponen al gobierno de Chávez avanzar en la construcción de un modelo económico alternativo ecosocialista para hacer de Venezuela un país libre de los riesgos de la energía nuclear

A group of activists is planning to download a song from the internet in front of the building of the SGAE in Bilbao

marais, 06.11.2005 15:08

A group of activists is planning to download a song from the internet in front of the building of the SGAE (the spanish association of authors and editors, well known for its campaigns against file sharing in P2P networks). The action will take place on the forth-coming monday.

I Encuentro de Malabares Zaragoza 2005

AMZ (Asociación de Malabaristas de Zaragoza), 06.11.2005 13:47

Los días 25, 26, 27 de Noviembre tendrá lugar el I encuentro de malabaristas de Zaragoza en Villanueva de Gállego.

La lengua mas antigua de Europa

nafartarra, 06.11.2005 09:14

De verguenza

Peaceful Protest

Peter Wilson, 06.11.2005 07:23

clones There is a better way to win this struggle than to loose it by the very means of its achievement.

Delhi : when the dialogue among communities must fight the terror

Badreddine Serrokh, 06.11.2005 06:42

The following article takes its roots from a deep misunderstanding. The bomb blasts which hurt Delhi last Saturday might have killed anyone of us if we were “at the wrong place in the wrong moment”.
First, as a human being, I felt highly concerned by the sadness of these terrible acts. Moreover, as a Muslim European citizen, I was intimately hurt by these so called “Islamist acts” made in the name of Islam all over the world.
Having been shocked by many newspaper articles that I have read and which may create hatred and fear between Indian communities, I wanted to write these modest words, and hope that we, together, will contribute in the building of peace in our countries and all over the world

Trial Begins for State Agent Indicted on Voluntary Manslaughter

Lailo Fagroovy, 06.11.2005 04:07

State Agent Michael Walker is finally going to trial for voluntary manslaugther, in San Jose, California, for the murder of Rudy Cardenas which took place on Feb 17, 2004.
Oct 28, 2005

Neocon Sleeze

raven, 06.11.2005 02:40

"The wackos get their information through the Christian right, Christian radio, mail, the internet and telephone trees," Scanlon wrote in the memo, which was read into the public record at a hearing of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. "Simply put, we want to bring out the wackos to vote against something and make sure the rest of the public lets the whole thing slip past them."

Photographs From Iraq: October 27 - November 4 2005

combat, 06.11.2005 02:31

A photographer is allowed to visit Abu Ghraib, and captures disturbing and sad images. Americans continue their campaign of collective punishment against the people of Ramadi. All kinds of Iraqis suffer the effects of living in an occupied third world country.

Provocateurs Trigger Repression at Summit of Americas

David Roknich, 05.11.2005 20:33

"Here, in Mar Del Plata, FTAA will be buried."

Hugo Chavez

So far 2 independent journalists have been siezed as provovateurs seek shut down peaceful protest at the Summit of the Americas. This year the Summit is in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, where the radical right wing Peronists regained power with the ascension of George Bush in the US. A brigade of 8000 police were assembled to "protect" the summit. What has ensued is a physical enactment of the ungoing war against the poor the US seeks to advance with the FTAA. Five of the 34 counties represented at the summit steadfastly oppose the treaty.

Thousands flood streets to protest draconian laws

Liberty, 05.11.2005 19:41

These orders will be imposed for no crime! There is widespread unease among Government backbenchers and civil libertarians. These orders will be imposed for no crime, control people and prevent people from speaking out or participating in their normal day-to-day activities. The backbench committee and Attorney-General were at loggerheads over issues of no principle in the laws.

Algo se mueve en Jerez.

Anonimo, 05.11.2005 18:05

Se celebran las III Jornadas de Educación en Valores en Jerez de la Frontera y no ha salido en ningún medio de comunicación formal. creemos que el Gobierno hacepta este tipo de acontecimiento o formación a la espera de que lo smovimientos sociales se queden en un lugar cerrado, minoritario, sin salir a la calle a manifestarse, a armar "jaleo".


Corazón, 05.11.2005 17:44

The Peoples´Summit of the Americas! Against Bush, Against the FTAA, for an anti-imperialist and united Latin America!


Michael Eggleston, 05.11.2005 17:20

The 2 Party System is a Joke

Global Warming Climate Change a Wake Up Call

M.C Activist san Francisco, 05.11.2005 16:27

Global problem We are sleepwalking to the end of the earth remember the frogs in warm water keep turning up the temperature gradually they won't notice until after it is too late

25 Kasım - Kadına Yönelik Şiddete Karşı Uluslararası Mücadele ve Dayanışma Günü

Internationale Vrije Vrouwen Stichting, 05.11.2005 14:33

“Kadına Yönelik Şiddete Karşı Uluslararası Mücadele ve Dayanışma Günü” vesileyle Hollanda’nın Arnhem kentinde gerçekleşecek olan etkinliklerine tüm kadınları katılmaya çağırıyoruz.
Hollanda da bulunan Kürt Kadınlar Derneği ve Rotterdam’da bulunan Uluslararası Özgür Kadınlar Vakfı, 26 Kasım günü ortak bir etkinlik düzenlemekteyiz. Yapacağımız seminer öncesi düzenleyeceğimiz mitingde buluşarak bu mitingi sonuçlandırdıktan sonra hep beraber seminer yerine gideceğiz.

Internationale Actie en Solidariteitsdag voor de bestrijding van geweld tegen vrouwen

Internationale Vrije Vrouwen Stichting, 05.11.2005 14:27

Onder het motto: „Wij zullen niet zwijgen over oorlog en geweld tegen vrouwen!“ organiseren de Koerdische Vrouwenvereniging Arnhem en de Internationale Vrije Vrouwen Stichting uit Rotterdam op 26 november 2005 een gezamenlijke actie en informatiedag.

Money makes the world go around

Pia-, 05.11.2005 08:04

Endnu færre penge til bistandsmodtagere-et tiltag med støtte fra Dansk Folkeparti


Green means Green Reclaim the Greens, 05.11.2005 03:30

Oil - Gas - Energy - War - Invasion - Genocide - Ecocide - GFW BUsh - CRAS CARS Ecological disaster would be a stroke of luck for
the RICH...destruction of the atmosphere, entails a massive
centralization of power. The retreat into the silvery
domed cities would make physical attacks upon the superstructure of
urban life and economic power not only difficult but suicidal. In
effect we'd all be living in one huge car and you can't set fire to
one when your sitting in the back seat.

New Anarchist website launched:, 05.11.2005 02:50

Today, the website was finally completed and was launched onto the internet. The website aims at providing a simple introduction to Anarchism for people who are unfamiliar with Anarchist theory but are interested in living in a liberated world. The site currently has original articles offering brief summations of anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, and Anarchist philosophy, and also contains links to important Anarchist texts elsewhere on the internet, including the Infoshop Anarchist FAQ, CrimethInc’s “Fighting for Our Lives,” Alexander Berkman’s “What is Communist Anarchism?” The website also links to alternative media outlets such as ZNet, Counter Punch, Indymedia, and Democracy Now, other important Anarchist websites such as the Spunk Library, AK Press, Infoshop, and Green Anarchy, and activist organizations such as the ACLU, Green Peace, Amnesty International, and the Industrial Workers of the World.


Barbara Peck, 05.11.2005 01:36

Los Angeles, CA – FOUR-TIME GRAMMY AWARD WINNER, GOSPEL SUPERSTAR, EDWIN HAWKINS MAKES A MUSICAL APPEAL TO HELP AMERICA’S HOMELESS Announcing the release of “People In Need”recorded by Gospel Superstar Edwin Hawkins, Gospel Diva Tramaine Hawkins and the world renowned Edwin Hawkins Singers to benefit hurricane survivors and America’s homeless.

NBI shuts down Jaylo task force HQ and charged 11 of his men

James, 05.11.2005 01:26

11 members of the defunct Presidential Anti-Illegal Recruitment Task Force were arrested by the NBI for allegedly extorting money from a businessman who owns a recruitment agency. Chief Reynaldo Jaylo claimed his agency is under the Department of Labor and Employment, is BOGUS. The authority granted to the task force under Executive Order 325 expired on July 9, 2005. Therefore, The defunct task force's chief, Reynaldo Jaylo, has also been charged with usurpation of public authority.



International Week of Art in Resistance to Borders Poster In 2006 may the people rise with spray paint,
voices, street theatre, stencils, drums, paint brushes
and all other tools of creative resistance to let the
world know that Dwe will not stand for more borders to
be constructed around us!

Almost 100,000 Farmers Protest WTO in Bombay on Oct. 2nd

Alisa, 05.11.2005 00:16

Indian farmers from KRRS and BKU join in protest of the WTO On the anniversary of Gandhi's birthday, October 2nd, tens of thousands of farmers gathered in Bombay to declare their opposition to the India government entering into agricultural agreements with the WTO. About 70% of the population consists of peasants and current WTO conditions already devastate the village economies.

Rove Insider Helped ''Distribute'' Lost Cash in Iraq

David Roknich, 04.11.2005 21:15

Michael Ledeen, a trusted aid to Karl Rove and close associate of Larry Franklin, can provide the missing details in the Rove/CIA Niger Uranium investigation. In the spirit of The New American Century, Ledeen reaped cash benefits as a direct result of the war in Iraq.

Stella Sticks up for seals

Concerned American for Canadian seals, 04.11.2005 21:01

Famous designer, Stella McCartney, is pushing back on Gucci for use of seal fur.

Canadian Seal Forum Boycotted!

Concerned American for Seals, 04.11.2005 20:51

The Canadian government decided to delay the 2005 Seal Forum to a later date. That date is rapidly approaching – November 7-8, 2005. This forum has been used in the past to determine what quota should be established for the seal slaughter.

Fourteen leading international and national Animal and environmental protection organizations will be boycotting this years Forum. Geoff Regan, the Minister of the DFO, was notified by letter on October 26th, and further notice will be given to all politicians involved in Canada's seal hunt, via a full-page ad in the Hill Times (October 31st issue).

Villepin reçoit des jeunes de quartiers difficiles à Matignon

InfoFrance, 04.11.2005 19:54

Dominique de Villepin a reçu aujourd’hui, peu après 18H00 à l’Hôtel Matignon, une quinzaine de jeunes issus de quartiers sensibles pour évoquer avec eux les difficultés des banlieues et les solutions à y apporter, a annoncé l’entourage du premier ministre.


carlos, 04.11.2005 19:53

Campaña contra el acoso.

Soundbomb Explosions Outside Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem.

Faisal media Collective, 04.11.2005 19:10

Sound Bombs Thrown at children; collective punishment of Palestinian Children.

US Marines Investigated on Rape Allegation

ASSOCIATED PRESS - JIM GOMEZ, 04.11.2005 18:54

Not surprising now that USA is "crusading" against "terror" and "spreading"
"freedom" all over the world.

Manifestation anti Act-Up

seb de ker, 04.11.2005 16:45

Une manifestation organisée par un collectif d'associations parisiennes appellant à dissoudre Act Up est annocée pour le 19 Novembre à partir de 15h00 Plce Saint-Michel, à Paris.


biblioteca, 04.11.2005 16:41

invitación a charla debate desde el anarquismo

Train déchets nuke ce Wend.

nuky, 04.11.2005 16:33

train déchets nucléaires ce week end


Por Néstor Núñez, 04.11.2005 16:31

Ciertamente, cabía toda la razón del mundo cuando La Habana indicó que, luego de la positiva decisión de tres jueces de Atlanta sobre la suerte de cinco luchadores cubanos antiterroristas encarcelados en los Estados Unidos, la batalla por su liberación debía incrementarse y extenderse aún más.

Jesus Wasn't Murdered - WW2 was for Nothing!

Karen Fish, 04.11.2005 16:27

Neither the Jews nor the Romans murdered Jesus Christ. WW2 “The War against the Jews” in which 20 million Christians and Jews were killed was for nothing. The commonly held belief that the Jews murdered Jesus is about to trigger the Apocalypse – fortunately we have disproved it.

Public Education About Narcolepsy; Narcolepsy Network Conference in Boston

Narcolepsy Network, 04.11.2005 16:20

Nov. 11th --Invitation to press, professsionals, and public to learn about Narcolepsy, a rare sleeping disorder. In it's aim to promote Narcolepsy Awareness, NN hosts it's 20th National Narcolepsy Network Conference: The Boston Sleep Party. Nov. 11-13.

Vermont Independence Convention: Confronting the Empire

Maslauskas, 04.11.2005 14:49

On October 28 a statewide convention on state secession and running on the theme “Vermont Independence: An Impossible Dream or a Vision of the Future?” was held in the State House in Montpelier, VT. The last time a convention similar to this was held took place in North Carolina in 1861 when the state decided to secede from the US.

Una nueva okupación en barcelona

anónimo, 04.11.2005 12:56

Se ha okupado en calle llobregós numero 265, del barrio del carmel, en Barcelona una nueva casa, al lado de dos antiguas viviendas okupadas.

small WORLD interview with Margaux Laskey, Size Ate

small WORLD Podcast, 04.11.2005 12:44

Size Ate Interview with actor/singer Margaux Laskey

émeutes en France

vive le feu !, 04.11.2005 12:33

décompte des véhicules brûlés, des entrepôts brûlés, des mairies et postes de police attaqués, des magasins pillés, dans les banlieues françaises pendant les nuits du 2 au 3 et du 3 au 4 novembre 2005.
Décompte réalisé à partir d'un certain nombres de sources policières et journalistiques. A prendre avec précautions...

Disponible programa homenaje a Eduardo Haro Tecglen

Ràdio Klara 104.4 FM València, 04.11.2005 12:26

Ya es posible la descarga del fichero mp3 del programa homenaje a Eduardo Haro Tecglen


UPF, 04.11.2005 11:13

Ecrire des cartes postales aux objecteurs et objectrices du monde entier en prison pour leur seul refus de tuer.

leo strauss commune movement

nniemand, 04.11.2005 10:21

2 smiling people . .. but oh gods and goddesses, how delusionistically crosspurposeful

Pour ne pas tomber dans les… panneaux publicitaires sauvages

Guillaume GOUGES, 04.11.2005 06:41

L’intense compétition au niveau commercial a énormément contribué à l’évolution de ce mode de communication. Nous sommes dans une économie dynamique. L’évolution de la publicité mauricienne doit beaucoup au retour des talents à Maurice. La meilleure des formations se fait évidemment en agence mais avoir une base est définitivement un avantage. Nous misons aussi sur la découverte de nouveaux talents.

L'aventure parisienne des Mauriciens sans papiers

Guillaume GOUGES (de Paris), 04.11.2005 06:38

Ils frôlent les murs et ils travaillent au noir. Leur hantise : les contrôles d’identité et l’expulsion. Voilà le quotidien précaire de quelque 600 compatriotes en France.

An Education in Understanding

Joseph and Sharon Sguigna, 04.11.2005 05:30

This article offers an important a solution to the reading crisis in the United States in particular. It explores briefly the nature of this reading crisis, and how a training in critical-creative thinking can help remedy it. This training is in a studybook format called Studies In Meaning.


Charles White / Leslie Oliver, 04.11.2005 05:12

This depicts what the U.S. Government is in reality... simply White Collar Organized Crime

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