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Beyond Good and Evil: The Dichotomization of Politics and Our Own Minds

Sean M. Madden, 08.11.2005 17:43

Let us reject the dangerous, false dichotomies with which our corrupt “leaders” are attempting to pollute—by limiting—our minds, our thoughts and our speech. Let us, then, reject en masse the polluting politicians themselves—at the ballot box or in the streets—and demand, and actively engage in, true democracies built upon solid foundations of truth, mutual respect, liberty and law.

GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims

raven, 08.11.2005 17:29

These findings are even more damning when we understand the election in Ohio was run by a secretary of state who also was co-chairman of Bush’s Ohio campaign. Far from the conclusion of anti-fraud skeptics, the GAO’s findings confirm that the network, which handled 800,000 Ohio votes, was vulnerable enough to permit a handful of purposeful operatives to turn the entire election by means of personal
computers using comparatively simple software.

If you are critical of the policies of Mr. Ariel Sharon, it does not make one anti-Semitic!

Dr. Jack Shepard, 08.11.2005 17:26

Dr. Jack Shepard, founder of People for Peace " Mr. Sharon's policies toward the Palestinian People
could be compared to as if Mr. Sharon
used an Atomic Bomb to kill an ant!"

If you are critical of the policies of Mr. Ariel Sharon, it does not make one anti-Semitic. Is the whole Israeli Peace Movement anti-Semitic? Is Prime Minister Peres anti-Semitic. Is Gush Shalom and all the Israeli Peace movements anti-Semitic? Are the 64 UN staffers in their Petition who only say "Israel stop killing us" anti-Semitic?


PRAVEEN DALAL, 08.11.2005 16:45

PRAVEEN DALAL A free interpretation resource on Indian Laws.

Eat the Rich wants information

- sirix, 08.11.2005 15:13

Eat the Rich Filmclub in Oslo is eager waiting for you to send videos, films an other information about the riots in France.

Get a Clue: Who Had the Real Intel on the War

Nick Turse, 08.11.2005 14:01

From Tomdispatch, Nick Turse, "Get a Clue, Who had the Real Intel on the War" In the second of two Tomdispatch pieces on shame and honor in the Bush era, Nick Turse takes us into the streets -- and to the most recent anitwar demonstrations. There, he reminds us that, without the latest twisted intel from generals or politicians or spymasters with top-secret access to reports from the intelligence community, millions of protestors in the United States and around the world knew in early 2003 that the coming war in Iraq would be illegitimate, deadly, and destructive. They sensed that invading Iraq would, in the long run, be no cake-walk. They already understood that what the Bush administration so clearly planned to do was based on lies. And they knew it was all wrong -- not from the start or months or years later -- but before it ever began.

This is not only a moving dispatch, but an important reminder about who exactly in our world should be honored at a moment when the Bush administration is finally under attack.

Prime Minister Guilty of Sedition

Wanda Fish, 08.11.2005 12:33

Conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights Wanda Fish calls on constitutional and civil libertarian lawyers to mount a case against Federal and State Governments for conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights with the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005. These proposed laws break internationally recognised treaties on human rights, overturn the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence, and seriously threaten free speech and protest.

Lettre ouverte au gouvernement français

Une citoyenne française, 08.11.2005 11:42

Devant la situation socio-politique française je lance une lettre ouverte au gouvernement français pour exprimer un ras-le-bol. Signez la lettre en envoyant un mail à

68, g8 and small Islamic terrorists when to grow...

Pires Portugal, 08.11.2005 09:53

I felt to compare the G8 de Genoa and the violence in France with the student movement of 1968. I think that in common they have little more of the fight against the policy In 1968 were the children of the elites of the society, those that could study.

Global deathsentence abolishment

Pia-Pil Lenau, 08.11.2005 06:35

All are born equal and should die equal


Richard Neville, 08.11.2005 06:29

Who dug the graves?
We did, said Exxon
And paid for the headstone,
We dug the graves.

News and Background Information on the Situation in Ethiopia

Marianne Perez, 08.11.2005 05:55

Call to Action:

A violent situation has been escalating in Ethiopia since the national
elections of May 2005. Government forces have so far killed more than 35 civilians,
targeting school and university students and opposition supporters who
have protested in Addis Ababa. General strikes are taking place in the
capital. Human rights organisations and some foreign governments have
expressed mild concern, but this is not enough. The violence and
repression in Ethiopia must be stopped, and democratic processes

&quot;Get a Clue, Who had the Real Intel on the War&quot;

Nick Turse, 08.11.2005 03:09

Direct from the streets, Nick Turse of TomDispatch reminds us about who exactly in our world should be honored at a moment when the Bush administration is finally under attack.

New Video Documentary of CIA Leak Case

Symbolman/Take Back The Media, 08.11.2005 02:16

Rove's War Documentary available from Take Back The Media and their Hollywood Award winning director/producer Symbolman is proud to present the Definitive Chronology of the Rove/Plamegate outing in DVD format, "Roves War."

After more than a year of research, filtering through hundreds of hours of footage and blogs, the "Rove's War" double DVD set weighs in at 150+ minutes of Red Meat for those that want to know exactly where, when, what and who pulled treasonous crimes - as we shred media propaganda and rumors, and expose the Truth.

An open letter to French Anarchists and Leftists, 08.11.2005 01:26

The people in the North American Anarchist and Leftist communities have all watched in the past several weeks with a certain amount of satisfaction as the French underclass has risen up in cathartic rebellion against the brutal forces of institutionalized racism, economic segregation, and state repression. As flames continue to encircle Paris and destitute youth battle with police in the streets, we all wait expectantly to see whether these riots will fizzle out and end in a wave of repression, or whether they will lead to yet another glorious French revolution.

Video: English Version from Italian TV: US Chemical Weapons Attack on Iraqi Civilians

rainews24, 08.11.2005 01:22

"Bodies Melted Away Before Us."

US army used chemicam weapons in Falluja

nexus, 08.11.2005 01:11

The italian public broadcasting corporation satellite channel (RAI News24) has realised a reportage on US army's use of chemical weapons in Falluja. This is not muslim propaganda, but brave journalisms from brave journalists. The footage and interviews with american soldiers nail the US administration. This is a crime against humanity.


Romeo Sosa, 08.11.2005 00:31


All proceeds will be going to the municipality of Cantel in the state of Quetzaltenango, located in the western highlands of Guatemala, one the hardest hit communities by Hurricane Stan.

Demands of the French Youth (There will be more!!!) - LEFT Rejects the People AGAIN!

Derrek Carhater, 07.11.2005 23:13

!968 Defeated by UNIONS - 2005 can only be defeated bya United Left-Right!
Many cars were burnt in front of the prefectures like certain personal cars of persons in charge for the State (mayors PCF like UMP), of the police stations were attacked (in Aulnay, Antony, etc.) as well as agencies of the post office or a Renault dealer; on several occasions of the shots were drawn against the police force (as in Courneuve), of the journalists were taken with part and their cars set fire to, the shopping centre of Bobigny 2 "was vandalisé", etc.

Screening of &quot;Operation Last Patrol&quot;

Cinema Libre Studio, 07.11.2005 23:06

Free Screening of "Operation Last Patrol" Presented by Author/Activist Ron Kovic, Director Frank Cavestani and Cinema Libre Studio to benefit Iraq Veterans Against the War


HSUS, 07.11.2005 21:28

WASHINGTON (November 7, 2005) – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced today that five more restaurants in the Los Angeles area have responded to The HSUS’ call for a boycott of seafood from Canada until that country’s annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals is permanently halted. The HSUS has also noted that Canadian snow crab exports to the United States have dropped by $156 million—nearly ten times the value of the seal hunt and a thirty-six percent drop since the seafood boycott began.

The War of 100 years

Christian Guerrero, 07.11.2005 20:42

An article written for the Earth First! Journal for an Earth First audeance about Venezuela and the impending war between the US. The article is about resource allocation from the Venezuelan government to US and European transnational oil and energy companies, and the continued involvement in IIRSA- the Plan Puebla Panama for South America.

The Influenza Pandemic will be arriving soon

Khilafah Journal, 07.11.2005 19:27

We know what Secular Capitalism says about the "intellectual property rights"
monopoly with regards to medicines that could help alleviate the suffering of
(especially) the poor masses of the world including the rich minority.
Now find out what Islam says about this matter.

Italian public Tv shows american war crimes in Falluja! As-Napalm bombs.

italy imc, 07.11.2005 19:17

Audio in English.


test, 07.11.2005 18:48


BBC impartiality threated by review of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Susan Levi, 07.11.2005 18:30

The BBC renown across the world for its impartiality and courage in news coverage is finally crumbling under the relentless pressure of the Israeli propaganda machine. It has been coerced into a review of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. How can the occupied people of Palestine be fairly represented when their occupiers have such massive resources at their disposal Please help redress this imbalance and take action for the freedom of the press and the BBC.


Por Noelio Tiuna, 07.11.2005 18:20

A un año justo de las elecciones en Nicaragua la disyuntiva electoral quedó clara, al llamar el Partido Liberal Constitucional (PLC) a una alianza del espectro político contra el Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional, con buenas oportunidades de regresar a la presidencia.

Video about the use of white phosphoros by US Army in the Falluja's siege of November 2004

Enry, 07.11.2005 18:19

Please forward


Por Néstor Núñez, 07.11.2005 18:17

Los que agreden a Cuba por defender su integridad y la justa decisión de asumir su propio camino, hablan con frecuencia del aislamiento de la mayor de las Antillas en
razón de una realidad nacional que apuntan como “ajena” y “extraña” al resto de las naciones del hemisferio.
Desde luego que hay una enorme contradicción en todo ello.

US Army used chemical weapons in the Falluja's siege of November 2004

Please forward this video, 07.11.2005 17:35

The use of forbidden weapons in Falluja by US Army.

sidebrow: mez en braithwaite (for the bruhs in the Clichy-sous-Bois)

Ytzhak, 07.11.2005 16:37

In the beginning was the word and the word was bass. And the bass
was good and Gawd saw that it was good and Gawd said and Gawd left
plenty. Gawd left notes and files and jams and cycles.... and Vico saw
that Homer saw and Virgil heard and cyphered the story of blindness and
loss of self and he turn Us all into brave warriors who feared nadathin,
and refused to forget and stepped to fate like like yänkee and
fadayee,-- lawrence ytzhak braithwaite -- "T U R N T A B L E I N T E R R
O G A T I O N T E C H N I Q U E S"

Several thousand at German anti-nuclear protest

Diet Simon, 07.11.2005 16:04

Several thousand people from across Germany – police say 2,600, organisers say up to 7,000 – demonstrated against nuclear industry in Lüneburg, northern Germany, on Saturday.

Software Libre y el Socialismo del Siglo XXI

Omar Gómez, 07.11.2005 14:47

El Socialismo del Siglo XXI tiene diversas facetas. En Venezuela, tiene expresión en las misiones, en el desarrollo endógeno, en la Democracia Participativa, en la guerra al latifundio, en la cogestión con control obrero, en la alfabetización total, en el internacionalismo revolucionario y en muchos aspectos más. Sin embargo, ha pasado desapercibido el descomunal impacto del decreto 3.390 emitido en diciembre de 2004 y que establece la obligatoriedad de que el Estado migre todas sus aplicaciones informáticas hacia el Software Libre.


sahween, 07.11.2005 14:25

L'ex-président Fujimori, accusé de crimes contre l'humanité, a été arrêté hier à Santiago du Chili.

Cibernética: La revolución del Conocimiento

charlie, 07.11.2005 13:38

Me gustaría contaros una historia.

Hace dos años encontré un proyecto que Salvador Allende llevó a cabo en Chile y que aún permanece oculto a los ojos de la gran mayoría de la gente, a pesar de que la misma Arquitectura de aquel proyecto podría aplicarse para mejorar la autogestión de cualquier comunidad social, al tiempo que ofrece un marco integrador capaz de permitir y fomentar la cooperación, manteniendo en todo momento un entorno de democracia participativa REAL. De hecho el marco teórico en que está basado es capaz de permitir pensar en una red neuronal de colectivos sociales a escala global.

El marco científico en que está situado este modelo de gestión se llama cibernética, y en contra de lo que mucha gente piensa, nada tiene que ver con términos como ciberespacio, cibersexo, ... de hecho es una disciplina científica que se encuentra en el origen de los grandes avances que ha habido en todos los campos científicos .... no os cuento más aquí, lo mejor es que le echeis un vistazo al documento que os adjunto y juzgueis por vosotros mismos, lo que puedo aseguraros es que tengo mucha documentación que avala su utilización a cualquier nivel.

Trabajo en un departamento de arquitectura de sistemas informáticos de una empresa de software financiero y el punto de vista que me ofrece este trabajo me hace comprender el potencial del modelo, tanto en su manera de gestionar la complejidad como en su relativa facilidad de implementación.

La Universidad y los colectivos sociales están llenos de personas que desean mundo mejor; sin embargo existen demasiados mundos des-conectados que reinventan la rueda constantemente y que se enfrentan a problemas que serían facilmente solucionables si tuvieran a su disposición mecanismos de comunicación más eficientes.

Continuamente me he encontrado con un muro infranqueable a la hora de dar a conocer este conocimiento, y lo que yo creo que podría hacerse con él, por eso me pongo en contacto con este medio ... necesito ayuda y la estoy buscando en aquellas personas que creo que desean un mundo mejor y hacen lo que pueden por reclamarlo y que están abiertas a escuchar a un activista anónimo y sin un curriculum relevante.

Espero que la historia que vais a conocer y la trayectoria de las personas que la protagonizaron, sean suficientes para despertar vuestra curiosidad .... hace más de treinta años que fue descubierto un conocimiento capaz de construir un mundo más justo y equilibrado, se intentó construir desde el estado hacia abajo, en la actualidad Internet ofrece un marco de comunicaciones capaz de construirlo desde abajo, desde las comunidades sociales. De hecho hay proyectos que trabajan en este sentido, pero no se dan en España ... quizás si se conociera su potencial podría iniciarse también ese movimiento aquí y por coincidencia en el idioma, se pudiera trasladar a otros paises hispano hablantes.

Ojalá querais saber más del tema.

Un abrazo.



AKM, 07.11.2005 13:13

Unlawful and unfair deportatio

The U.S. Army has used white phosphorus during the attack to Fallujah of November 2004

translated to English from, 07.11.2005 13:08

Fallujah bombarded with white phosphorus The Army of the United States has used white phosphorus during the attack to Fallujah of November 2004. The chemical agent, contrarily to what asserted by the Department of State in a statement of December 9, 2004, hasn't been used as allowed by international conventions to illuminate the enemy emplacements, but was used indiscriminately on the quarters of the town.

If Liberian Refugees Could Vote

Dave Maass, 07.11.2005 11:39

The Buduburam-based human rights newspaper The Vision and the Canadian NGO Journalists for Human Rights are conducting a mock election-style "Survey" to coincide with the Liberian Presidential Run-off Election on November 8, 2005 between George Weah and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

Red Revolutionary Resistance Manifesto

Karl Munist, 07.11.2005 04:54

Through the implementation of communism, R3D seeks to engender a worldwide communist revolution and overthrow the international capitalist system.

alerta: problema técnico con indymedia argentina

xyz, 07.11.2005 01:51

el mensaje que aparece en la pantalla del ordenador sigue

The Clock on the Slaughter Starts this Week!, 07.11.2005 01:33

Clubber The Canadian government may let us know this week how many seal pups they will allow to be legally slaughtered—it could be as high as 350,000!

Proof that Bush and the Neo-Cons are Vatican operatives

Seven Star Hand, 06.11.2005 21:33

Humanity's long nightmare has one underlying cause. The existence and requirement of money and the widespread greed, falsehood and injustice that it directly causes. The only way to end this world's widespread and persistent suffering is to end the existence of money and to replace it with wisdom and compassion.

Crime at Amnesty International

Mac Crary, 06.11.2005 21:12

They tortured me and raped my deaf girlfriend after claiming to be from Amnesty International.

Anti-war rally report and photos

Takver, 06.11.2005 21:04

Abhorrent to Australia's liberal democratic values A crowd of people turned up in the 30 degree heat of a Melbourne spring day to the anti-war rally outside the State Library. There was a cross-section of people with Muslims and socialists particularly well represented by banners, placards and flags, but also such groups as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Women for Peace and Moreland Peace Group, and quite a few people unaffiliated with any group.

Deadly Alliance of Bush and Radical Right Increasing HIV/AIDS Worldwide: Nov 7 arrests at White House

Julie Davids, 06.11.2005 20:52

Hundreds of people living with HIV, young people and people of faith from across the country will create a roving awards ceremony in the streets of Washington, DC on Monday, November 7 at 11:30 am, behind a giant Bush puppet whose strings are pulled by representatives of powerful fundamentalist right wing organizations. They will deliver giant “golden urn awards” to groups attacking HIV prevention and to the Bush Administration itself for adopting policies that boost the spread of HIV by placing ideology and Christian fundamentalism over sound public health practice. Concluding with a solemn ceremony at the White House, dozens will risk arrest by constructing a cemetery representing those who will lose their lives due to lack of condoms, sterile needles, and HIV-prevention education.

Last shot to Keep Oil out of ANWR.

Jonathan Morse, 06.11.2005 20:24

Manifest Destiny A cartoon about Manifest Destiny From Dirtworshiping Heathens Sketchbook...

The Temple of Love Unites Every Religion and Every Country as One

Karen Fish, 06.11.2005 16:35

The Temple of Love unites Judaism Christianity Islam Hinduism Taoism Buddhism Agnosticism Atheism and Everyone else, and the Countries they all live in as One, the first step towards World Peace, and the Survival of Life on Earth in a Nuclear World.

La Programación Neurolinguística: Una poderosa herramienta para el éxito

Lic. Susana Mafla, 06.11.2005 16:22

Logotipo Asociación Venezolana de Terapias Psico-Neurolingüísticas La Programación Neurolinguística (PNL)es una metodología utilizada a nivel mundial para modelar, a través de técnicas y ejercicios, procesos de comunicación, aprendizaje y cambio.

Foro “Integración para la Exportación organizado por CAVECON

Lic. Susana Mafla, 06.11.2005 16:12

Voceros de CAVECON ** El servicio de Consultoría y la Ingeniería venezolana pueden ser un producto de exportación como el petróleo, el cacao o el ron venezolano debido a las ventajas de costo-beneficio que nuestros profesionales pueden ofrecer a otros países.


Lic. Susana Mafla, 06.11.2005 16:06

Voceros de Carnivel Cruise Lines Venezuela regresa a la posición líder de producción de pasajeros de América Latina, en los renglones de viajes familiares, viajes de incentivo corporativos y convenciones a bordo.

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