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L’attaque impérialiste se poursuit contre le militant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, jusqu à quand ce silence !?

Nasser Ahmad, 11.11.2005 13:42

Toute lecture objective des évènements qui ont amènent la comparution du militant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah devant la juridiction de la libération conditionnelle, ainsi qu’une fine analyse du refus officiel français de le libérer, et de respecter ainsi les règles juridiques élaborées par la « démocratie » française, doit s’appuyer tout d’abord sur une lecture du rôle de l’impérialisme français - passé et actuel – dans le monde arabe, et en particulier au Liban ; rôle qui s’éclaircit de plus en plus depuis les récents évènements qui ont rempli la scène politique libanaise.
Le rôle impérialiste de la bourgeoisie française se confond clairement aujourd’hui avec les intérêts du projet américain-sioniste dans la région.

HCKRS anunciá vulnerabilidades de la web de SEAT ESPAÑA, 11.11.2005 12:54

HCKRS anunciá vulnerabilidades de la web de SEAT ESPAÑA como medida de protesta por el despido de 1.346 trabajadores en Barcelona

The case against Saddam in perspective - Without the West, no Saddam, 11.11.2005 11:58

Saddam is being tried for his crimes, such as for example the poison gas attack in Halabja. But today it will be disclosed that the US used a variant of napalm during the assault on Fallujah last year. And an investigation by the Sunday Herald shows that England has sold chemical weapons to 26 countries, among them members of the 'axis of evil'. Moreover, without the support of Western countries, there would have been no Saddam to speak of, as is made clear in this new article from DaanSpeak.


Gustavo Fernández Colón, 11.11.2005 11:32

El Ecosocialismo es la síntesis de las principales tendencias revolucionarias en curso en la hora actual: tecnologías limpias, economía cooperativa, democracia directa, multiculturalismo y feminismo.

Leading Cambodian Trade Unionist unable to return home

Jane Doran, 11.11.2005 10:36

A Cambodian human rights defender, who came to Ireland to attend a conference, cannot return to his country because Cambodian authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest for signing a statement that criticised a border treaty with Vietnam

11/18 Atlanta, GA: International Protest Against Coca-Cola for Labor Violations!

United Students Against Sweatshops, 11.11.2005 08:38

Join the international movement for justice and human rights against the Coca-Cola Company for murder, torture, pollution, and union-busting throughout the world! Proves Humorous and Subversive, Corporate

Maxwell Heltin, 11.11.2005 07:54

American angel shields a helpless firefighter, available at We on the left have been critical of the conservative propaganda mill. satirically sells the Religious Right's ridiculous propaganda and gives half the profits to the ACLU, Peace Action, and others. WOW!

Boycott SUBWAY™ Brooklyn, 11.11.2005 06:24

An open letter to SUBWAY™ franchise recently opened in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Download and distribute.

Por la Libertad de los Presos Políticos en Uruguay

Asamblea Solidaria, 11.11.2005 04:06

Urgente-Solidaridad Internacional para liberar a cuatro jóvenes manifestantes contra la Cumbre capitalista que se encuentran en las prisiones uruguayas acusados de "sedición".

en fins (clichy-sous bois)dbl da giver dub

Ytzhak, 11.11.2005 02:03

"En fins/C’est commes une film/C’est folle/le pute/il trip sur la/et voila!!!/Quoi?!!/On combat avec these/L’ouest bloke/C’est un joke"-- lord patch -- "... Well, I had a very eerie feeling of déjà vu. And you'll forgive me, Amy, for being haunted by the first page of Black Boy, my father wrote, when at four years old he felt left out, and they were poor, and he was hungry, and nobody was paying attention to his brother and him. And he wandered listlessly about the room. And he stood before the shimmering embers, fascinated by the quivering coals. And a new idea of a game grew and took root in his mind. Why not throw something into the fire and watch it burn? ... julia wright

'Mort pour Rien'

Ivan Boothe, 10.11.2005 23:50

Had French society allowed for nonviolent social movements to form and flourish, violence would have seemed politically inefficient. Because immigrants and the working-class are so effectively shut out of French society, they have no other way to effect change than to violently demand it.

In remembrance of Ken Saro Wiwa

Judith Atiri, 10.11.2005 23:39

In remembrance of Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni struggle for self-determination


RealMedia, 10.11.2005 23:16

Get the FACTS...!
eBay is The World's Online Marketplace®, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses, eBay offers an online platform where millions of items are traded each day.

Terror suspects 'kept in dark'

Injustice, 10.11.2005 23:11

Kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions "They're all kept in solitary confinement, they're kept in Guantanamo Bay style conditions and they're very oppressive," he said.

Support needed for prominent Chinese human rights lawyer

Joan Quain, 10.11.2005 22:25

I'm asking kind-hearted people to write a letter of support for a persecuted human rights lawyer in China. The Chinese people desperately need him.

R3D Statement of Solidarity with the French Revolution

Brad Mennen, R3D, 10.11.2005 21:53

Support the oppressed people of France against the capitalist state.

NeoFascists in Conspiracy Theorist Clothing?

Knight of the Sun, 10.11.2005 20:16

This article tackles the hypocracy of some alternative media sites like and

U.S. Behind France Rioting.

Elijah Gatewood, 10.11.2005 18:35

Central Intelligence Agency
retaliates for France opposing
Iraq Invasion.

ACT NOW - US/UK Extradition Treaty Goes to Hearings TUES. NOV. 15th

Irish Freedom Committee, 10.11.2005 18:16

by Irish Freedom Committee
Email: Saoirse (nospam) (unverified!) 10 Nov 2005
The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has announced hearings for the proposed US/UK Extradition Treaty. The hearings are to take place TUESDAY NOVEMBER 15th 2005.


No a la provocación

Nicolas Zea, 10.11.2005 18:11

No a la provocación

No to provocation _ No a la provocación

Nicolas zea, 10.11.2005 18:02

No to provocation _ No a la provocación


WASHINGTON (November 7, 2005) – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced today that five more restaurants in the Los Angeles area have responded to The HSUS’ call for a boycott of seafood from Canada until that country’s annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals is permanently halted. The HSUS has also noted that Canadian snow crab exports to the United States have dropped by $156 million—nearly ten times the value of the seal hunt and a thirty-six percent drop since the seafood boycott began.

No to provocation - No a la provocación

Nicolás Zea, 10.11.2005 14:02

No to provocation - No a la provocación

Krieg in den Vorstädten? - Zur aktuellen Situation in den französischen Banlieues

Christian Schroff, 10.11.2005 09:01

Der freie Journalist Bernhard Schmid referiert am 13.11. um 20 im Jugenkulturzentum "Contrast" in Konstanz zur Lage in den französischen Vorstädten

rabiz humor

karmir gang, 10.11.2005 07:29

The guy with bloody face went inside the university and we didn’t see him again, but we saw the group of that “good” guys (they were so unhandsome, black dressed, thin and 1.5 meters tall ones:) also with creatively bitten face running away, and we saw at the same time the big group of rabizes just laughing and one of them even said.
“Oh it was a comedy !!!”.

Se celebró con gran éxito el 21 aniversario de la Asociación Internacional de Cienciólogos

Maggie Ibáñez, 10.11.2005 05:13

Logotipo Asociacion Internacional de Cienciologos Reseña del evento de aniversario de la Asociación Internacional de Cienciólogos.

Ethiopians in Melbourne protes

Roy Garner, 10.11.2005 05:12

Protesters from Melbourne's Ethiopian community rallied yesterday (Wednesday, 9 November)in response to distressing reports of violence and deaths in clashes with police in Addis Abbaba


José Luis Castillejos Ambrocio, 10.11.2005 03:13

En tres entrevistas concedidas a Notimex poco antes de abandonar el poder, Fujimori que gobernó Perú (1990-200O) dijo que más que una fascinación por el poder le gusta ejercer la autoridad para resolver los problemas.

Richard Heinberg- &quot;Peak Oil&quot; fascist

John Dover, 10.11.2005 03:10

Richard Heinberg's significance and his horrifying anti-humanism.

Para quem quiser saber

Francisco Trindade, 09.11.2005 22:55

Para quem quiser saber

Bush Keeps a Shit Listt

raven, 09.11.2005 22:42

The "enemies list" dates back to Bush's days as governor of Texas.Bush
Administration has compiled dossiers on more than 10,000 Americans it
considers political enemies and uses those files to wage war on those who
disagree with its policies.Karl Rove operates under the rule that if
you fuck with us, we'll fuck you over.


klaus, 09.11.2005 22:17

those who defend the joint custody ALWAYS.


klaus, 09.11.2005 22:12

Los Padres de España por se manifiestan en Madrid en Puerta del Sol por la Custodia Compartida, en contra de las denuncias falsas y para reivindicar el derecho de los hijos a relacionarse en igualdad con ambos progenitores.

Bush is the Terrorist!

Cory Fischer-Hoffman, 09.11.2005 20:23

Summit of the America's and counter- People's Summmit of the America's coverage! Perspective into the ideas that came out of the People's Summit and the marches that the participants were involved in.

ReferentIn gesucht

Bendy Glu.Org, 09.11.2005 19:08

Das Cinema NOVA in Brüssel organisiert verschiedene Diskussionsrunden und
Workshops zur Hartz IV - Problematik.

Offener Brief an Jürgen Rosenthal

Annegret Gärtner, Paul Fröhlich, Rainer Weinmann, 09.11.2005 17:05

Stellungnahme gegen die Öffentlichen ANgriffe von J. Rosenthal bezüglich dem Streik und der Entwicklung bei Opel Bochum

Le N° 2 du PS expulse deux associations de lutte contre les exclusions

Alain COCQ, 09.11.2005 16:27

Objet : Le N° 2 du PS expulse deux associations de lutte contre les exclusions

'I Don't Count: A Minority Report on the French Riots

Mathew Maavak, 09.11.2005 15:39

Here is a tale of two minority reactions to alienation. If French youths can turn to rioting, how do minorities in Islamic nations react?

Unlawful detention

akm, 09.11.2005 15:01

Abuse of power after 9/11

Delaying the vote

Will Belichick, 09.11.2005 14:26

This is an article I found about a guy who is risking fines and jail time to get out the word about our screwed up system.


Lee Siu Hin, 09.11.2005 13:28

This is the beautiful day for the California ! We won every CA propositions pushed by CA Gov. Schwarzenegger and his corporate allies/anti-abortion forces, the CA voters overwhelmingly rejected Prop. 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 and 78!

Plob ah lob bah lee

Dwight Hines, 09.11.2005 12:02

Satire on inappropriate behaviors by civilian and military personnel as being causal to our losses in Iraq and in restricting our abilities to use military force in Iran or other countries. Major points are that the low levels of sophistication in ignoring civil rights have definite consequences for individuals in harm's way.

European Free Arts demonstration in Strasbourg POSTPONED

Liaphin and Lagren, 09.11.2005 07:13

The Free Arts Sound Systems demonstration in Strasbourg has been postponed due to the recent riots in France. Emergency State has been declared...

La manifestation europeenne de Sound Systems de l'Art Libre a ete reportee en raison des recentes emeutes. L'Etat d'Urgence a ete decrete...

The Outrageous Silence of Dumb and Dumber!

Editor,, 09.11.2005 04:27

Let’s get our terms straight here. We’re not talking “Dumb” as in lacking intellectual acuity or understanding. We’re talking “Dumb” as in lacking the power or ability of speech. We’re talking about a stunt in which the President and Vice President have turned themselves into non communicative mutes. We’re talking about George Bush and Dick Cheney, the silent duo who will not answer to the people of this nation. We’re talking about two men who scoff at any attempt to hold them accountable for their crimes.

Symark Announces PowerBroker 4.0

Symark Software, 09.11.2005 03:46

Symark, developer of leading UNIX/Linux security and administration solutions, today announced PowerBroker 4.0, which introduces the ability to deploy command shells that provide powerful extended control and logging. In addition, a GUI report writer has been added, which greatly facilitates event log reporting. PowerBroker provides UNIX and Linux systems security and accountability by enabling system administrators to manage requests and delegate administrative task privileges and authorization without disclosing the “superuser” or root password. It also enables system administrators to grant selective access to UNIX and Linux-based corporate resources.



ΞΕΣΗΚΩΘΗΚΑΝ OI ΑΘΛΙΟΙ : είναι οι τίτλοι μερικών εφημερίδων για τους μετανάστες στο Παρίσι . (ας γελάσω πικρόχολα )


Τι να γράψεις για τους ΑΘΛΙΟΥΣ που κυβερνούν αυτόν τον κόσμο , τι να γράψεις για την κατάντια των πολιτικάντηδων που μέσα από την αρρωστημένη εξουσίας τους , μέσα από τον ΠΥΡΕΤΟ ΤΗΣ ΔΟΞΑΣ τους ξέχασαν τον απλό λαό , ξέχασαν αυτόν για τον οποίον ετάχθησαν να υπηρετούν (και φυσικά πληρώνονται ) , και κοιτούν μόνο τα δικά τους συμφέροντα και ΘΕΛΩ .

Help the National Breast Cancer Foundation with Providing Free Mammograms

Dave Ganapoler and Carl Macki @, 08.11.2005 22:15

The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information and education to women about breast cancer. They are supported by private contributions. Breast Cancer Mammograms for Free is one of their programs.

Cascadian Forest Battles

Annie Archy, 08.11.2005 21:52

Forest defense actions grow in Oregon, Bush delists marbled murrelets, Alaskan Tongass threats, Karen Coulter slandered, Ingmar Lee the Egotist gone from cathedral grove

Beyond Good and Evil: The Dichotomization of Politics and Our Own Minds

Sean M. Madden, 08.11.2005 20:53

Let us reject the dangerous, false dichotomies with which our corrupt “leaders” are attempting to pollute—by limiting—our minds, our thoughts and our speech. Let us, then, reject en masse the polluting politicians themselves—at the ballot box or in the streets—and demand, and actively engage in, true democracies built upon solid foundations of truth, mutual respect, liberty and law.

Ethiopian organization condemns arrest and detention of thousands of Ethiopian citizens without charge

Meron Wondwosen, 08.11.2005 19:05

The Ethiopian government has arrested thousand of individuals suspected of opposing the government and is holding them without charge and without access to attorneys. Among the ones being held is Daniel Bekele, a human rights attorney and staff member of an international NGO, AcitonAid.

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