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Larry S. Rolirad, 13.11.2005 20:10

Most republicans do not believe that the world is in the initial stages of global warming which could cause climate extremes that could kill hundreds of millions of people and could cause trillions of dollars in damage worldwide. Since republicans do not want to do anything to stop the impending catastrophic consequences caused by global warming I call on them to make a pledge to refuse to be compensated for damage or destruction to all of their possessions and to refuse medical treatment for ailments which are a result of global warming.


Malachy Kilbride, 13.11.2005 19:32

The DC Anti-War Network, DAWN, calls for individuals and groups to organize locally for the third anniversary of the war-occupation.

Rights &amp; Protections Republicans Don't Want You to Have

Larry S. Rolirad, 13.11.2005 19:25

Republicans say they are opposed to justices 'legislating from the bench', but that is exactly what republicans want justices to do, as long as they render decisions which suit their political agendas. Since republicans are apparently opposed to all decisions from justices who have 'legislated from the bench' shouldn't it follow that republicans should voluntarily give up the rights and protections given to them by justices who have 'legislated from the bench'?


Larry S. Rolirad, 13.11.2005 19:07

What if the United States was invaded and occupied by a foreign military because another country didn't like the fact the US had more weapons of mass destruction than all of the other countries in the world combined? Would Americans cheer on the occupying force or would they fight back?

Cancion de Navidad

Jesus, 13.11.2005 19:03

En estos dias próximos a la Navidad, el espiritu de la "tolerancia cero" se agudiza...

Einladung Zur ILPS Konferenz

ATIK-ILPS, 13.11.2005 18:32

Einladung zur der Europa Konferenz der ILPS in Frankfurt Am 25-26-27 November 2005

Texas NeoCon Attempts Haitian Coup

Cheryl Seal, 13.11.2005 17:46

A Texas millionaire as president of Haiti? Is this the latest NeoCon scheme? - turning poverty stricken countries that happen to offer cheap labor and/or natural resources into feudal kingdoms, presided over by corporate executives who will squeeze every ounce of cash, sweat and blood from a country, then move on? In a word - EXACTLY.

Dumbing Down For Jesus

Walter C. Uhler, 13.11.2005 16:15

Whenever I contemplate the evil and incompetence spewing from the administration nominally headed by President George W. Bush—especially the evil and incompetence surrounding the decision to invade and occupy Iraq—Jacques Barzun's unforgettable warning about "the menace of the untaught" overloads my brain. Today, however, I must blame the Kansas Board of Education for sparking another "Barzun overload." (It even beat out Pat Robertson's asinine claim that the good citizens of Dover, Pennsylvania voted God out of their town when they voted to oust the school board clowns who had slipped "intelligent design" into Dover Area High School's biology curriculum.)

Rice Laughs at Dead Civilians! - Rice in Iraq

CCNWON, 13.11.2005 14:45

Thats not funny!!!... Why is she laughing????

Fuck the FCC, RIAA, download Pirates R Us

David Stray Ney, 13.11.2005 10:16

Cap'n Crunch YARRRR!!! Free Pirate Music for all!!!!

Plame Network Stopped Bush From 'Salting' Iraq With WMDs

raven, 13.11.2005 06:03

According to U.S. intelligence sources, the White House exposure of Valerie Plame and her Brewster Jennings & Associates was intended to retaliate against the CIA's work in limiting the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

More unrest in Semdinli

xxonwayxx, 13.11.2005 00:33

Two people were killed in Wednesday’s bombing of a bookstore in Semdinli in the province of Hakkari./ Turkey

A policeman and five people have been injured during at protest in the south eastern Turkish town of Semdinli amidst growing unrest following a bomb blast Wednesday that left two dead and a dozen wounded

The Albert Family This Week 11-12-2005

Coletha Albert, 13.11.2005 00:09

Events of a single parent household in Seattle, WA and all the innovative ways the mother uses to raise her sons alone with highlighted ideas and other encouragement to readers. The older son Jonathan is 18 and a high school senior whereas Joseph is a freshman in high school. The mom, Coletha is a self study Journalism student completing her BA. Through frustrations, loneliness and heartbreak she gives you the blow by blow on a weekly basis. How will it all turn out? Coletha has no idea - she is just watching everything unfold too along with you. Check her out...

More on French Riots, from MIB (Mouvement de l’immigration et des banlieues)

MIB, 12.11.2005 22:00

Communique on the French riots from MIB, a group active in the banlieues around France and part of the No Border network.

roni armon rape noa olhovski from salon-mazal

naser salayme, 12.11.2005 18:47

roni armon is a agent of the israeli secuority service & he rape noa olhovski from salon- mazal/


castorgruppe hitzacker, 12.11.2005 17:02

Es ist wiedereinmal soweit : 19.11 soll ein Atommülltransport von La hague nach Gorleben rollen! Wir wollen das nicht zulassen und zumindest unseren Protest kundtun! Seid mit dabei!


Yann Legrais (PG2M), 12.11.2005 16:47

PARIS IS BURNING An indepth accurate analysis of the French riots and a call for a peacefull vision of human history as
a single process coming out of Africa. This revolution in the making is questioning neo- colonialism as the hiden agenda of globalisation.

campen gegen castor

castorgruppe hitzacker, 12.11.2005 15:47

es ist wieder soweit - vorauss. am 19.11. rollt wieder mal atommüll von la hague nach gorleben - lasst uns versuchen dies zu verhindern und zumindest unseren protest kundtun

Este é um País que tem Baixo Nível

Francisco Trindade, 12.11.2005 15:38

Este é um País que tem Baixo Nível



La révolte des banlieues françaises confirme l'analyse que le Mouvement des Indigènes de la République a proposée depuis le lancement de son Appel en janvier 2005. Les Indigènes de la République sont solidaires avec les révoltés.


Museres Ciro, 12.11.2005 15:03

La relación actual en la argentina entre los empleados y los empleadores esta dictada por la arbitrariedad de estos últimos. Son ellos los que en forma caprichosa fijan las condiciones de contratación. Esto significa que precisan el sueldo, los días y horarios laborales, la cantidad de días de vacaciones. etc. Recolectando experiencias de trabajadores y padeciendo personalmente este práctica. Intento dar forma a este contenido poco organizado...


Scott Huminski, 12.11.2005 13:44

Equal opportunity criminal prosecution for Howard Dean’s top appointees/cronies.

falluja, la masacre escondida

an, 12.11.2005 13:36

la investigación de rainews24 sobre la batalla de Falluja (IRAQ), el uso de armas quimicas -fosforo blanco y mk77- por parte del U.S. Army, el reportaje desde la ciudad, las entrevistas a los periodistas no-embedded supervivientes. ir a clickar el video y escojer la version

HCKRS anunciá vulnerabilidades de SEAT

blacklinux, 12.11.2005 13:25

HCKRS anunciá vulnerabilidades de la Página Web de SEAT España S.A.

Assassination of Nestle Philippines strike leader - audio interviews

Mike Brady, 12.11.2005 09:05

Campaigners from the Philippines speak about the 3-year strike at Nestlé's factory, the assassination of Diosdado Fortuna, Nestle's marketing of baby foods and Nestle's new Fairtrade product. Listen to the interviews at

What the Hell Can I Do??

Little Miss Anti Wal-Mart, 12.11.2005 09:02

This is basically a test to seewhat happens when an average person actually sits down and writes a massive corporation a nice letter about their vile antics.

R3D Statement on Bush's 11-11-05 PA Speech

Karl Munist, 12.11.2005 03:38

Bush continues his campaign of deceit against the American people.

La fierté national et religieuse : sel sur la plait mondiale

Nikola Parent, 12.11.2005 03:05

Le monde est, comme vous le savez bien, en évolution constante. Parcontre, deux éléments crucial enjambe l'évolution positive vers la justice, la paix et l'égalité entre tous: ceux-ci sont la fierté nationale (soit le nationalisme) et la fierté religieuse...

Johnny Wizard's Clambake

Johnny Wizard, 12.11.2005 01:47

the standing law as it is interpreted by the faulting Crown,
unjust. Again, no criminal intent is alleged. But for by myself,
against the Crown’s secret bushite crew for aiding and abetting the
crimes of first degree mass murder in New York City.

The Democrats' &quot;Grassroots Survey&quot;

Daniel Borgström, 12.11.2005 00:56

Questions asked in the Democrats' opinion survey reflect their centrist politics and refusal to face issues such as the war in Iraq.

falluja mass killing shocking document

b0mb0l0, 12.11.2005 00:49

Italian public television rai news 24 had published a shocking document about using of mass destruction weapons as white phosphorus during the battle of falluja in november.
Stream and download at:

This civilization is rotten to the core...

Seven Star Hand, 12.11.2005 00:08

Most people have no idea that the common-denominator math of all the world's currencies forms an endless loop that generates debt faster than we can ever generate the value to pay for it. Those who scoff at this analysis have simply failed to do the math. Consequently, this civilization is verifiably based on purposeful and institutionalized deception, coercion, and exploitation. The time is long overdue to change the human equation and end the root causes of most injustice and suffering.

Saddam-rechtzaak in perspectief - Zonder Westen geen Saddam, 11.11.2005 23:41

This article is also available in English. Saddam staat terecht voor zijn misdaden, zoals bijvoorbeeld de gifgasaanval in Halabja. Maar vandaag zal worden onthuld dat de VS in Irak vorigjaar de stad Fallujah hebben ingenomen met een variant van napalm. En uit onderzoek van de Sunday Herald blijkt dat Engeland componenten voor chemische wapens verkocht aan 26 landen, waaronder de 'as van het kwaad'. Sterker, zonder het Westen was er van een Saddam geen sprake, zo blijkt uit dit nieuwe artikel van DaanSpeak.


Gustavo Fernández Colón, 11.11.2005 23:24

Ante el inminente agotamiento del modelo petrolero y la crisis ecológica que afecta al planeta, optar por la energía nuclear y desechar las energías limpias resulta injustificable en un país beneficiado con tantos recursos naturales como Venezuela.

Mr. Floatie Teams with Green Candidates in Video on Victoria Sewage

Greater Victoria Green Party, 11.11.2005 23:19

Man dressed as feces makes web video to oppose raw sewage dumping in Greater Victoria

Open letter to Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Jessica Lauren, 11.11.2005 22:35

Open letter to the neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore in response to an article on her research.

WHIG Resolution of Inquiry defeated by two democratic no shows

Save The USA, 11.11.2005 20:52

Time for American to take a cue from the French ...

The US of Z

Weben Hadd, 11.11.2005 20:51

Now that Useful Idiot support for Bush/PNAC Neo-Fascism has so steeply declined, with the disclosure of a slew of Administration LIES and dead American kids the result, it's becoming unmistakable to see who's driving this current Madness.

NPD Funktionäre auf Lesung gegen rechtsextreme Strukturen in der VHS Krefeld

Ronfa Franko, 11.11.2005 19:49

Ungewohnlich hoher Nazi Anteil auf Lesund von Torald Staud "Moderne Nazis"

Krefelder NPD in der VHS auf Auroren Lesung von Torald Staud &quot;Moderene Nazis&quot;

Ronja Franko, 11.11.2005 19:26

Bei seiner Lesetour stieß der Autor und Journalist Toralf Staud nicht selten auf Neo-Nazis. Das Auftreten der NPD und der Republikaner stand am 7.11. in in der VHS Krefeld in keinem tolerierbaren Verhältniss zu den "Normalen Besuchern". Das Auftreten beider Parteien schien strategisch geplant und verhinderte den Diskurs zwischen Autor und Besuchern...

Republicans Want Another 9-11 Attack

raven, 11.11.2005 18:16

A confidential memo circulating among senior Republican leaders suggests that
a new attack by terrorists on U.S. soil could reverse the sagging fortunes of
President George W. Bush as well as the GOP and "restore his image as a
leader of the American people."

Pandemics and Plagues are Here!

G.I. Hopkins, 11.11.2005 17:17

Pandemics and plagues, real or created? Is Frog boiling, an art developed to cleanse the sheeple of the weaklings? Revelations? You have been warned for those with ears listen, you or your loved ones will die without the correct information.

Banlieues Boogie

pépé de Marseille, 11.11.2005 16:58

A propos des banlieues qui flambent...


Seal pup Restaurants all over the country join the Canadian Seafood boycott in an attempt to save baby seals cruelly slaughtered for their fur.


Seal pup Restaurants all over the country join the Canadian Seafood boycott in an attempt to save baby seals.

FBI and CIA identified as helping Plan Venezuelan Prosecutor's Murder

Alessandro Parma and FReE, 11.11.2005 16:48

The dirty MUG of CIAs Bush- and Cavemen Almost exactly a year ago a car bomb killed prominent State Prosecutor Danilo Anderson on his way home. A key witness in the Danilo Anderson murder trial, Giovani Jose Vasquez De Armas, has identified FBI and CIA agents as being involved in the preparations to assassinate the Venezuelan State Prosecutor. Speaking on behalf of Vasquez De Armas, the Attorney General's office said that
those planning the killing, "all discussed the plan with the help of the FBI and CIA."

Feds let Niger Forgeries (forgery, see photo) pass. What else? 9/11?

Clayton Hallmark, 11.11.2005 16:26

Bush Lied - People Died: He was warned about these forgeries. The Bush administration deliberately exploited FAKE intelligence to sell Congress on the Iraq war. FAKE intelligence, not faulty intelligence. We show photos of the forgeries here and point out the glaring errors in them, so you can see for yourself. The CIA and intelligence community let the forgeries slip by until after the war started. Then Joe Wilson exposed the forgeries, and his wife, Valerie Plame, got outed to pay him back and shut him up. WHAT ELSE DID THEY LET SLIP BY? 9/11 MAYBE?

Kalamazoo Michigan Give Free Schooling

George Davis-Smith, 11.11.2005 15:51

Kalamazoo Schools are giving Children Free Access to College

Tell Troops to Refuse

1, 11.11.2005 14:26

The Vietnam War did not end until soldiers refused to fight it. Not all soldiers. But enough that the war machine would not roll.


JOHN TAKYI, 11.11.2005 14:18

we need help for all over the world to sponsor the disables here in ghana of with am one of them.
this will make us happy and human too

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