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Some quotes

Alexei, 16.11.2005 22:17

Some past quotes that will make you angry



El autor es miembro de la Comisión Permanente de los Derechos Humanos en Guayaquil Ecuador y es un defensor histórico de la clase trabajadora en la ciudad de Guayaquil desde los años 70. El hace una cronica de la lucha actual de los trabajadores de una empresa del Sector Publico como la Junta de Beneficencia


WASHINGTON (November 16, 2005) – The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced today that the Miami Crab Corporation has responded to The HSUS’ call for a boycott of seafood from Canada until that country’s annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals is permanently halted. In addition, three more Los Angeles restaurants have also signed on board.

Amman Radisson Owned by Palestinians

Kurt Nimmo, 16.11.2005 19:15

News reports have been indicating that the Radisson SAS was specifically attacked because it is an American hotel and has hosted Israelis. I want to make it clear that the Radisson SAS is a Scandinavian chain and owned by Palestinian-Jordanians. ”The Radisson SAS was bombed by Mossad because it was considered a Palestinian target--and because blame could be pinned on the mythical al-Zarqawi.

Colombia, El único camino para el pueblo: Persistir hasta conquistar la victoria

Amigos del Nuevo Perú, 16.11.2005 19:13

Comunicado de noviembre de 2005, donde se presenta la página de internet de la organización

Taser: Do the right thing

Laura Yanne, 16.11.2005 18:58

As the death toll rises following the use of Taser stun-guns and law enforcement officials around the country debate whether or not to risk using the weapons, there are calls for more safety studies. But this is only one of Taser International’s problems. The company is also being investigated for stock manipulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission and for violations of the Animal Welfare Act by the U.S. Department of Agriculture following the revelation that top Taser company officials illegally shocked live pigs in a home garage.

Rome re-establishes itself as a leading civilization

Ingrid Newkirk, President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 16.11.2005 18:57

While some residents of the last hurricanes were abandoning their dogs and cats as if they were candy wrappers and some rescuers were threatening to leave even sick and old people behind unless they disentangled themselves from their beloved dogs, legislators in Rome, Italy, were deliberating a bill, which has just passed, that affords proper respect even to small pet fish.

Sortie du film FRANCE A FRIC

Matjules, 16.11.2005 11:12

Faites vivre ces images uniques de la rencontre entre le pourfendeur de
la Françafrique, victorieux d'un procès contre trois dictateurs, et
le fondateur du cinéma algérien, auteur du premier film anticolonial

Congress to vote on Massive Public Land Grab

Daniel Borgström &amp; Virginia Browning, 16.11.2005 09:35

This privatizing scheme would lock huge amounts of public land into corporate hands and imperil national parks, monuments and other treasures

Injustice has prevailed

Smelly Felly, 16.11.2005 02:50

Two of my friends got in a confrontation with the law and their charges have been switched and the innocent one is being charged with a felony and the one who did it got out on bail with a misdemeanor. And the thing is no one will do anything about it. Just please listen to this story and you will sense injustice. An innocent person might face years.

Dr. testing the waters to run for President in 2008;Batman and Spiderman 412-829-2278, 16.11.2005 01:32

Dr. Mark Klein is testing the waters to run for President in 2008. Dr. Klein will be at a meeting at the Republican National Committee Headquarters located at 310, 1st Street SE, Washington, DC on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 11:00AM.
Batman and Spiderman will be present in front of the RNC HQ.

Landmark Report Calls for End of Commercial Seal Hunt on Ethical Grounds, 16.11.2005 00:36

WASHINGTON (November 15, 2005) - Coinciding with the official opening day of the 2005-2006 commercial sealing season, The Humane Society of the United States today released a ground-breaking report by Oxford University Professor Rev. Andrew Linzey who argues that Canada’s commercial seal hunt cannot be morally justified and that basic principles of humane slaughter are violated in the course of the hunt.

“Because of the physical environment in which it operates, and the way in which it must be conducted in order to be commercially viable, Canada’s seal hunt is – and must always be – inhumane,” states Linzey. “The Canadian Government should make the commercial seal hunt illegal.”

R3D Statement on Impotent Iraq Amendment

Brad Mennen, R3D, 16.11.2005 00:30

R3D derides Republican Iraq Amendment as "impotent," calls for financial reparations for Iraq.

Callout for Solidarity Messages to Rebel France

let them know what you think, 16.11.2005 00:14

Many larger French political groups (including the usual smattering of communist/socialist parties and accessory organs) are calling for an "end to the violence" in the Banlieues, without addressing (most of them) the structural violence that led to this situation. I think the actuals kids who´re out there in the streets might want to know what anticapitalists around the world think of their actions. Might be a good chance to outreach, network with other social struggles. So post up any and all communiques to them on the various indymedias!

Link to Hammil Dirty Dossier

Enders, 15.11.2005 22:58

Link to dirty dossier by discredited british spy hired by US Embassy in Kabul

US Embassy in Kabul Hires Discredited British Intelligence Agent Dirty Dossier Writer

Enders, 15.11.2005 22:52

US State Department has hired the deiscredited "dirty dossier" author Paul Hammil who was responsible with doctoring british intelligence files.

Pak Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam

Hasan Mansoor, 15.11.2005 19:54

An alarming trend — that of Muslims kidnapping Pakistani Hindu girls and forcing them to convert to Islam — in Pakistan’s Sindh province is forcing the worried resident Hindu community to marry off their daughters as soon as they are of marriageable age or to migrate to India, Canada or other nations.

win holy war rule world with military secerts ancient greece

mark-us-a-real-e-us, 15.11.2005 19:44

the use of ancient military secerts in order to rule the world

Hollander Consultants Promotes New Director of Consulting

Matthew Bratschi, 15.11.2005 18:19

Adi Klevit Elevated to Executive Position at Hollander Consultants

Tenants on airport lands protest GTAA actions

Steve Donaldson, 15.11.2005 17:42

Tenants who live on the airport lands in Pickering just east of Toronto protest against the activities of the GTAA.

WSIS II: A walking dead

maxigas, 15.11.2005 17:14

Ladies and gentlemen this is a pseudo-transcript of the proceedings of the Civil Society press conference held on November 15, 2005 (Tuesday) at 16:30. The second round of WSIS has not even started yet but hearing the pronouncements below one would think that it is already over!

Donald Rumsfeld profits from Avian Flu Vaccine and the 'coordinated' bird flu global panic.

Macu Naima (, 15.11.2005 17:07

Is Avian Flu - based on the number of deaths within the affected areas with a population of over 2 billion - the threat it is hyped to be? OR... is this just one more neocon scare tactic to further enrich Rumsfeld and his cronies???

Antifascist Timur Kacharava was killed by nazis in St. Petersburg

zaraz, 15.11.2005 16:54

Timur Kacharava
21.08.1985 - 13.11.2005

Timur was an active member of St. Petersburg's hardcore punk and anarchist community, and our dear friend. On the evening of November 13, Timur became the victim of a nazi attack.

Video on US chemical war against Iraqi people

Alessandra, 15.11.2005 16:54

Video on US chemical weepons against Fallujah

Reporters in bed with government. What isn't reported is killing us.

Bonnie Russell, 15.11.2005 15:53

In spite of repeated requests for media to cover the one court most people visit,Family Court, the media doesn't find it sexy enough to cover. As such, the public remains clueless Family Court evolved into a Police state, without a blip on the radar...and that "Domestic Violence" programs, haven't proved effective, Except as an income source for those who work for them.


Sean Donahue, 15.11.2005 15:51

Activists in Maine are supporting community struggles in El Salvador to resist gold mining that would devastate the land.

Young anti-fascist killed in St. Petersburg / Russia, 15.11.2005 13:38

Timur was an active member of St. Petersburg's hardcore punk and anarchist community, and our dear friend. On the evening of November 13, Timur became the victim of a nazi attack.

betrayal of a Nation

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc), 15.11.2005 10:39

betrayal my follow up to insanity

ACTION ALERT: Defend Free Speech! Chicago City College Counter-Recruitment Activists Assaulted by Campus Security Officers!

Scruggs, 15.11.2005 08:20

Call John Wozniak, President of Harold Washington College (Chicago, IL) (312) 553-5834 or (312)553-5900 to voice your opposition to Security Officer Leon Bowens's unprovoked assault of two antiwar students. The Administration and Campus Security must respect students' right to Free Speech!

Does Increasing Public Awareness of the Anti-Globalization Movement Affect it's Growth? (Case Study of the Movement Using Indymedia's Archives for 2002)

Richard E. Martin, 15.11.2005 04:30

In this thesis, I utilize the 2002 archives of the Independent Media Center to measure the growth of the anti-globalization movement and attempt to determine whether this growth is correlated to media coverage of anti-globalization related events in the same year.

Religious Persecution of Muslims In The US

Boolean, 14.11.2005 23:44

Four fans celebrating a birthday at Giants Stadium were plucked from their seats by New Jersey State Police and detained for nearly an hour as FBI agents probed their religious beliefs, the men charged yesterday.

Communiqué des unEs aux auTres

Par Lila BENZID-BASSET, 14.11.2005 22:28

Nous, femmes solidaires de ceux que l’on assigne racailles, nous soutenons les exigences des Indigènes de la République et du M.I.B.

Novos Textos em

Francisco Trindade, 14.11.2005 22:12

Novos Textos em

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 14.11.2005 22:12

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in Palestine for the week ending 9 November 2005. 5mins, english.

A petition against awarding the Nobel Prize to two warmongers

peacemaker, 14.11.2005 21:15

The Nobel Prize committee's reasoning that the Professors Robert J. Aumann and Thomas C. Schelling have "enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis" is completely cynical. This considering Prof. Schelling's role in the Vietnam War and the Professor Aumann's hawkish "scientific" interpretations of the Middle East conflict and his belligerent recommendations for a "solution": No to efforts to end the conflict ASAP, Yes to Israeli nuclear arsenal, etc.

freedom for the basque country

freedom press, 14.11.2005 20:01

... and stop the macro fascist propanda ...know...process in the spanish state from pro-spain dictature politics the basque people

Beneath The Surface There Is Much Below

Sam Labrier, 14.11.2005 19:54

9/11 related

Casting Mukhtar Mai

Pramilla Srivastava, 14.11.2005 19:36

She has drawn the attention of Presidents and Prime Ministers, been lauded by the Hollywood elite, and has addressed powerful political institutions in the U.S; and yet,she is a simple soft-spoken woman from a small village in Pakistan. She has been thrust into the international stage of politics and celebrity and become the single most iconic symbol of the global woman’s movement; yet she is still learning to read. She was recently proclaimed by Glamour Magazine to be “the bravest woman in the world”, but shyly, with few words, still manages to express inspiring resilience.

The Dark Wizards of Mundainia

David Arthur Johnston, 14.11.2005 18:13

I love being a turtle!

Documental sobre el 27 de Septiembre de 1975 y la transición + presentación de libro, 14.11.2005 17:30


Los hallazgos más espinosos fueron bastante pulidos en el montaje final de la serie, pero incluso así, los responsables de informativos de Antena 3 decidieron no emitirla. Aún quedaban secuencias molestas.

Rampur Pathan

Anwar H. Khan, 14.11.2005 13:04

Pathan This brief note is about Rampur's pathan, their origin, history, geography of Rampur (courtesy official website).

Lo lamentable de un buen argumento

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 14.11.2005 08:31


Las maravillas del ano

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 14.11.2005 08:29

Es un acto criminal apoyar y defender la idea de “libre comercio” entre dos realidades sociales que son brutalmente desiguales.

Help Infoshop News support independent journalists

Chuck, 14.11.2005 07:09

An appeal for funds to help support indie journalists.

The Manhattan Statement

Daniel Zarchy, 14.11.2005 04:43

This is a statement that contains four proposed goals for the student movement. I've spent a lot of time working on this privately, taking notes throughout my activity in the Campus Anti-War Network. It is a basic proposition for a general strategy of building the organization on campuses. It is not on behalf of CAN, but of myself. This could be a very efficient document for chapter-building, amongst other things.

Not surprised here - Indians getting sacked at Giants Stadium

memememememe, 14.11.2005 04:09

More disintegraton of the American Dream

Another kind of “creationism”

Wilfredo Gutiérrez, 14.11.2005 00:59


Mar del Plata

Dzunum, 14.11.2005 00:10

Los mexicanos nos sentimos avergonzados de la intervención lamentable del Presidente Fox en la IV Cumbre de América.

A World Infernoa From paris to Baghdad to Shanghai to Rio...

Marcel, 13.11.2005 21:43

Children Die everywhere everyday from the poverty created to feesd obese Classes A suffocating myopia has descended on the West, one that ignores the reality of a world that outside the metropolitan centres is based on sheer brute force of arms and repression whether in Colombia, Iraq, or Palestine, where the uniting factor is an imperialism increasingly desperate in its attempts not only to hold onto what it has stolen but to absorb the fact that the policies of centuries has finally come to a head.

High-Tech Torture Lawsuit [Schlund v. Bush] Update:

Martin F. Abernathy, 13.11.2005 20:44

To learn more about this lawsuit, do a few Google searches:

"Schlund" + "Bush"

"Schlund" + "affidavit"

"Schlund" + "FBI"

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