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The Project of a New Canadian University Begins…

Wilma van der Veen, 20.11.2005 12:51

What would a university based on principles of ecology and social justice look like, and one that was tuition free? This fall, individuals from across Canada converged on Arundel Nature Centre just outside Montreal, Quebec.

Textos e mais Textos em

Francisco Trindade, 20.11.2005 10:44

Textos e mais Textos em


Praveen Dalal, 20.11.2005 07:42

Praveen Dalal, Arbitrator, Consultant and Advocate, Supreme Court of India. The aim of this article is to analyse the role of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) in India in facilitating environment protection. This analysis becomes more important in a welfare State like India where companies have to perform the benign task of a bread provider and society maker. A strategy of enforcement of Fundamental Rights against all, including private persons and companies, has been analysed so that environmental corporate social responsibility (ECSR) can be a meaningful reality in India.

The NIPL Free Community Needs Your Support

Vivek Varghese Cherian, 20.11.2005 05:32

The NIPL Free Community ( is requesting support from philanthropists, activists and social workers worldwide for a new server or servers to replace, their current server. Beatrice will no longer be available for community service after 31st December 2005.

Bud Oracle calls the world to stand on the Can/US border!

Bud Oracle----Google, 20.11.2005 03:44

Under Hot topoics, "Who wants to stand...." I invite the world to stand with Canadians to shift the paradigm from "Suicide Terrorism" to "Demonstration Tourism". Macleans is a mainstream magazine and has indexed my writings because they shine with the truth. Enjoy!

The Success Story of the Niger Uranium Documents

David Roknich, 20.11.2005 03:10

Bob Woodward now claims he knows as much as Judith Miller did about the Plame/Rove affair, but kept it under his hat for 2 years. It was a wise move, worthy of a seasoned pro. The Plame affair is merely a byproduct of the Niger uranium forgeries. How did the Niger Documents become such an item? All I can tell you is whose lips are sealed, and why.

Suspended Teacher Declares war on Justin Raimondp

Zorbra the Geek, 20.11.2005 02:31

Political writer, blogger and Rockville High School Teacher Michael Calderon has apparently declared war on Justin Raimondo and his gaggle of neo-fascist pseudo-intellectual hacks at

Calderon recently set up a new feature on his blog called Guttersnipe Alley and it appears that the ever-entertaining Raimondo is its main topic.

Earlier this year, Raimondo defamed Calderon by repeatedly misrepresenting a provocative piece Calderon had posted on the now-defunct Moonbat Central blog run by Raimondo's nemesis, David Horowitz.

the need for self-defence

Leoul Mekonen, 19.11.2005 23:40

All Ethiopians have moral obligation to be keepers of their brothers who are slaughtered and killed by Meles Zenawi's troops. Self-defence is important at this moment when brutal troops kill and oppress Ethiopians who demand freedom and democracy.

New Orleans Animals Need You or they will die

RESCUE ANIMALS NOW to save their lives, 19.11.2005 23:10

Dog rescued recently by Animal Rescue New Orleans VERY URGENT Animal rescuers needed to save these pets. Volunteers and foster homes to care for the animals. Donations needed. TRAVEL Information to Get To NOLA UPDATE FROM THE FIELD: WE STILL DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH VOLUNTEERS TO SUSTAIN ANIMALS WITH FOOD/WATER UNTIL WE CAN HUMANELY CATCH (TRAP) THEM. They are surviving in packs or burrowing under homes, some of which may be bulldozed. The HSUS are not rescuing any more. Grassroots, "no kill" animal rescue organizations, and volunteers are trying to save katrina animals that Governor Kathleen Blanco and the State of Louisiana have still left abandoned. Please contact FEMA at, (202) 566-1600, and Governor Blanco's office at (866) 366-1121, Fax: (225) 342-7099, and insist that they rescue and provide care for the people and animals currently living at this trailer park. Alley Cat Allies needs cat caregivers at the base camp in Bogalusa. Please email Bonney Brown if you can help at Only 10,000 out of 50,000 NOLA animals were saved after hurricane katrina. Animals have been found alive a couple of months later, all skin and bones but rescued. Other pets are now stray and katrina pets need to be saved and since there are less people in Louisiana they do not have many food sources to scavenge scraps of food from. These animals need to be rescued and don't have much time.

lgbt demonstrators arrested in Poland

tomek kitlinski, 19.11.2005 22:40

Sixty-five lesbian and gay demonstrators were arrested on November 19, 2004 in Poland’s major city, Poznan.


Don Iarussi, 19.11.2005 19:38

You may believe that FEMA and The Red Cross has done a wonderful job with evacuees. The Truth is FEMA/REd CROSS has punished evacuees who were transient, looking for housing or staying with friends or family when ordered to evacuate by the Fuhrer Governor Perry of Texas.

Governor Perry who has lied about the Rita evacuation has ignored the pleas of many left stranded and homeless by hurricane Rita.

FEAM AND RED CROSS SAYS &quot;Drop Dead&quot; To Transients/Homeless Effected BY Rita

Don Iarussi, 19.11.2005 19:14

It ahs been weeks, months since Hurricane Katrina/Rita and there are many who received zero aid because they were either tansient, staying with friends and got caught up in the Hurricane Rita Debacle on Higway 59 that Texas Governor Perry Likes to pretend never existed

So there are many freezing in mid south cities because of Red Cross/FEMA ineffectiveness

Anfahrt Hitzacker 19.11.2005

Motteck, 19.11.2005 18:51

Interessante Polizeiaktion bei Anfahrt, fast zwei Stunden auf Rastplatz, Komplette Programm

The Rights of Prisoners and International Law

Garda Ghista, 19.11.2005 17:21

The US government as represented by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are guilty of war crimes for their unbounded torture of thousands of innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Guantanmo, Iraq and sites of rendition. These men are responsible. They should be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and accordingly be given life sentences for their crimes. The article outlines the unmitigated torture of human beings by the US government via CIA. Who will provide reparations to those thousands of innocent men, women and children who were tortured, raped, sodomized by Americans over the past two years? Even life sentences for the above three cannot undo the damage done.

fußball spielen!

zacharius zuckerguss, 19.11.2005 14:30

aufruf zur selbstbewußten gestaltung der fußball-wm 2006 in deutschalnd

&quot;Mind Control - The Ultimate Terror&quot; by Ken Adachi

submitted by RSD, 19.11.2005 10:51

Nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapon testing programs by the U.S. and other governments...

African American Bashes Bush And FEMA In Song Regarding Katrina Disaster

MediaWink, 19.11.2005 07:40

Los Angeles, California - November 17, 2005 Lyricist/ Artist Pearl Burrell slams Bush and FEMA in song titled "Somebody Help Me" The song has become political angering Bush supporters

African American Bashes President Bush And FEMA In Song Regarding Hurricane Katrina

JournalistJ, 19.11.2005 06:24

Los Angeles, California - November 17, 2005 Lyricist/ Artist Pearl Burrell slams Bush and FEMA in song titled "Somebody Help Me" The song has become political angering Bush supporters over the songs lyrics.


STEWART A. ALEXANDER, 19.11.2005 01:19

Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams from death row, a message from Stewart A. Alexander

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany, St. Louis Mo. Paris France 2006

Fountainhead, 19.11.2005 00:00

Overview of the undertakings of an international, intercultural group, Fountainhead Tanz Theatre, based in Berlin Germany.

Urbana-Champaign IMC Fiscally Sponsors International Multimedia Journalism Project

Alex Stonehill, 18.11.2005 23:12

Brief introduction to The Common Language Project- a new IMC sponsored multimedia project


MAISON DU PEUPLE KURDE, 18.11.2005 21:35

L'armée turque tire ouvertement dans la rue sur le peuple kurde.Attaques à l'explosif par les forces de l'Etat turc
contre la population civile de la sous-préfecture de Semdinli, province de Hakkari....

Cindy Sheehan Convicted

Del Williams, 18.11.2005 18:22

Cindy Sheehan has been found guilty of demonstrating without a permit in front of the White House.


St. Petersburg Times, 18.11.2005 17:23

How to contact the real estate company:

Heritage Property Management, Inc.
3684 Tampa Road, Suite 6
Oldsmar, FL 34677
PH: 813-925-8874
FX: 813-925-8844
Charla Galbraith

Marseille 18 novembre expulsion de pauvres gens

aurore, 18.11.2005 17:22

expulsion à Marseille le 18 novembre à 5 h du matin dans le quartier de la rue de la république d'un squat hébergeant plusieurs familles avec des enfants. La police était fort nombreuse et le Préfet présent d'après les dires des riverains.


Robert Dawn, 18.11.2005 15:01

It's a strange story, as I say, and would make a great novel. It makes for a slightly hemmed-in life, though.


I stood off-stage with Norman Mailer once. He was waiting for his daughter Suzie at Barnard (I was waiting for the Brearley girl).Wouldn't it be nice to have a good (and brave) writer now who could debrief, record, research and present my story, make us both a lot of money, and set the record straight!!!?

Rumsfeld not welcome in Adelaide

Takver, 18.11.2005 11:17

calling him a war criminal and demanding that he go home Anti-war activists protested in Adelaide against United States Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, calling him a war criminal and demanding that he go home. With Adelaide in a security lockdown for the visit of Donald Rumsfeld and US Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick, for the annual Australian and US ministerial consultations (AUSMIN), the protest was allowed to go ahead on the steps of Parliament House.

Détournement bajo el cielo de París

Andrés Devesa, 18.11.2005 10:03

Una deriva poética por París y sus revueltas, reivindicando el potencial subversivo del amor, el odio y la poesía...

APEC Summit protests in Busan, South Korea.

Chasing Dawn, 18.11.2005 08:34

The protests saw a diverse group of people come together over a variety of issues. Peace protests, workers unions, and the general public seemed interested in the feelings of solidarity that were in the air as APEC leaders met to discuss a variety of issues.

Chernobyl Revisionism in Belarus

Chernobyl Social Forum Initiative, 18.11.2005 07:43

It seems that cooperation between the World Bank and belarusian government becomes an important argument and an alibi for Lukashenko’s regime in order to dismantle few social rights that still exist in the country. In 2005 this “cooperation” has intensified considerably. Chernobyl disaster is probably the best example of this kind of “cooperation”.

Trabajadores de MAFOREM (de CCOO) hacen huelga contra el despotismo de su empresa

Precario, 18.11.2005 07:32

RAZONES PARA UNA HUELGA EN EL CORAZÓN DE CC.OO (temporalidad abusiva, mercantilización, autoritarismo, despotismo...)Ya es hora de dar una lección a la burocracía sindical.


Gustavo Fernández Colón, 18.11.2005 00:27

Los acuerdos de integración entre los países del Mercosur y Venezuela exigen un debate acerca del modelo energético, tecnológico y productivo necesario para el bienestar de los pueblos de América del Sur.


Pedro Loayza Terán, 18.11.2005 00:02

Bolivia un País con inmensos recursos naturales sumido en la pobreza.

Austria holds 'Holocaust denier'

T.Rios, 17.11.2005 23:55

British revisionist historian David Irving is being held in Austria under laws against denying the Holocaust.

Brent Scowcroft Talks Turkey

john stanton, 17.11.2005 23:01

The American Turkish Council, Turkey and Israel are unassailable. Folks like Sibel Edmonds fight fascism.


Mathew Maavak, 17.11.2005 22:03

When lines of communications are hijacked, chaos, wars and nemeses are generated. Plus, a little more on Southeast Asian "terrorism."

Anarchists and the Caracas ASF/January 2006

Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas, Venezuela, 17.11.2005 21:43

* The Venezuelan anarchist movement invites you to participate in the Alternative Social Forum at Caracas in January 2006, a gathering of anti-establishment social movements, in response to the bureaucratic World Social Forum promoted by the Venezuelan government.

Toni Scott - A One-Woman Art Bazaar

Lisa Bianconi, 17.11.2005 20:11

NoHo Gallery LA Does the old expression “Jack of all trades, master of none” hold any truth? Not for San Fernando Valley based visual artist Toni Scott. As a painter, sculptor and photographer, Toni is “A Jill of the arts trade and master of all.”

El Libertario: 10 años y 45 números sin dios ni amo

Redacción del periódico El Libertario, 17.11.2005 19:28

* La edición # 45 de El Libertario marca los 10 años de publicación ininterrumpida de un medio impreso que ha querido expresar la voluntad, la pasión y la razón por hacer del anarquismo opción válida de cambio radical para América Latina en general y Venezuela en particular.

NATIONAL DAY OF STRIKE IN EL SALVADOR: Workers take over Ministry of Labor in El Salvador

Gilberto Garcia, 17.11.2005 15:34

Workers across El Slavador held traffic stoppages, labor stoppages and occupied the Labor of Ministry to force the Vice President of Labor and Social Security to negotiate with them on several demands. Text is in Spanish.

Action program in Bangladesh

Pathak Lal Golder, 17.11.2005 14:57

Thousands of peasant successfully organised encirclements and sit-in strikes program in front of DC (Deputy Commissioner) office in Kurigram district in Bangladesh.

Congress Guts Organic Food Program

Stelle Slootmaker, 17.11.2005 14:33

Dr. Luise Light was a top-level nutritionists who led the team who developed the first version of the USDA Food Pyramid in the ‘80s. Changes made to it led to Light’s resignation. She is now mounting a campaign because on October 26, 2005, the Organic food program was gutted by Congress in the dead of the night, last week, because of pressure by the big global food companies.

Revisionism of Chernobyl in Belarus, 17.11.2005 12:35

It seems that cooperation between the World Bank and belarusian government becomes an important argument and an alibi for Lukashenko’s regime in order to dismantle few social rights that still exist in the country. In 2005 this “cooperation” has intensified considerably. Chernobyl disaster is probably the best example of this kind of “cooperation”.

Mais Textos em

Francisco Trindade, 17.11.2005 12:06

Mais Textos em


Algun*os anarquistas, 17.11.2005 09:44

Francesco Gioia libre, todos a la calle

US National Guard Specialist refuses deployment to Middle East

Courage to Resist, 17.11.2005 07:29

U.S.Army National Guard Specialist Katherine Jashinski, on active duty with the 111th ASG since January of this year, will make a public statement against war as a conscientious objector in the face of orders to participate in weapons training and deploy to the Middle East.

Pope Bush and The Dixie Chick Prophets

Ellen Thunite, 17.11.2005 04:17

Two years later, Natalie Maines looks like a Prophet, and the President looks like the court jester.

Generation Media is ALL Right

T.Jon Danfield, 17.11.2005 01:02

This article focuses on the hipocracy of our nation and the need for some educational reform. It sheds light on those who are attempting education, in the spirit of people like Martin Luther King Jr. It also compares media today to McCarthyism, saying people are labeled "radical" when all they want is needed change. When will we learn not to repeat mistakes?

Bali trio scapegoats for state terror

injustice, 17.11.2005 00:23

Scapegoat [File photo] (Rooters) Now these men have been chosen as scapegoats for the State sanctioned terror and will be prosecuted under an anti-terror law that carries the death penalty for allegedly assisting the perpetrators of a bombing.


Organic Consumers Association, 16.11.2005 22:39

Let's start calling this Regime what it is: FASCISM.

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