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revolution, 25.11.2005 14:17

the calendar of 2006 designed by

county election board asks DA to charge protestor

Tim Grier, 25.11.2005 13:43

Go figure, the County Elections Board (which consists of the three county commisioners; 2 democrat, 1 republican) unanimously voted to ask the DA to press charges against me for protesting the election 2 weeks ago. The Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition delivered the Voters Choice Act to the legislature 1 month ago.

Student activist harassed &amp; expelled in Belarus

Johan Almqvist, 25.11.2005 13:21

A young woman from Belarus was elected onto the executive committe of ESIB-The National Unions of Students in Europe. Upon her return to Belarus, she was expelled both from the university and her dorm at hours notice.

The Disturbing Corporate Influence On Independent Science

Pesticide Action Network, 25.11.2005 12:53

When so many scientific studies are now funded by industry to support their products, how can the independant voice of science still speak out to protect the public?
A chance to hear Professor Tyrone Hayes, and the research industry tried to supress.


INCORRECTO, 25.11.2005 09:39

El Incorrecto se pregunta qué acontecería en la historia del hombre y de los hombres si, dejando a un lado con todo el respeto la, para algunos, infatigable y misteriosa búsqueda de un sentido trascendente para la vida, intentando ir más allá de su frestrante e inútil absurdo, NO EXISTIERAN LAS IGLESIAS Y LAS RELIGIONES EN CUANTO CULTURAS TRADICIONALES ORGANIZADAS

Canadian Tech Company Talks 30% Fuel Savings and Much Less Emissions

Open Source Energy Network ( OSEN ), 25.11.2005 08:14

Unit seperates hydrogen &amp; oxygen from water Innovative Hydrogen Solutions, Inc. of Canada has been developing an electrolysis unit that extracts hydrogen and oxygen from water and injects it into the air intake of a vehicle, to increase fuel economy by anywhere between 10% and 30% - Be sure to see the 15 minute video interview here

Audio report - Tribunal into Nestle in Colombia

Mike Brady, 25.11.2005 06:36

On 29 October 2005 Swiss trade unions, church organisations and political parties held a tribunal in Bern, Switzerland, to examine Nestle's activities in Colombia. Colombian trade unionists denounced human rights abuses and other malpractice. Hear interviews on our site.

Pulling The Trigger

Susan Murphy-Milano, 25.11.2005 05:18

Another Woman is murdered this time she is a cop, murdered by a cop. Where is the ACLU when it comes to dealing with police departments?

Universist Movement Enters Stage Left; Religion and Politics Forever Changed

Universist Movement, 25.11.2005 04:26

The Universist Movement, a newcomer to the national dialogue, shares response to its recent front page coverage in The Los Angeles Times.

Genocide in Iraq?

David, 25.11.2005 03:31

No country in the world has suffered more sustained misery at the hands of the American Empire in the post-Soviet era than Iraq


Carmelle Malpaso, 25.11.2005 01:34

Rappel des textes fondateurs français !

World's First Starbucks Strike

unite, 25.11.2005 01:06

Workers from stores across Auckland walked off the job today to join the world’s first Starbucks strike, held on Auckland’s counter-culture café strip, Karangahape Rd, New Zealand.

Anti - WTO Hon Kong Ministerial Declaration

Joan Russow, 24.11.2005 21:47

2005 ANTI - WTO HONG KONG MINISTERIAL DECLARATION CITIZEN'S COMMON SECURITY DECLARATION: AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE WTO CALL FOR THE DISMANTLING OF THE WTO We are now living in the wake of negligence from years of institutional collusion among governments, financial institutions, corporations, academic establishments and the military. The WTO along with other trade agreements, organizations and institutions has been instrumental in fostering this collusion to the detriment of the global community through undermining public trust international law and civil society. DRAFT

La economia cubana

Roberto Viera, 24.11.2005 20:14

Se enjuicia la economia cubana basado en informaciones dadas por partidarios del règimen. Se comenta el fracaso del socialismo y su conversion en aliado del imperialismo dominante.

Inicia actividades el Club Libre de Drogas en Mexico

Maggie Ibañez, 24.11.2005 17:48

La sociedad se une para acabar con las mentiras de las drogas

December 10: New Orelans March for Human Rights and Right to Return, 24.11.2005 17:38

NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US IS FOR US! Gulf Coast Survivors Assmbly- Jackson MS Dec 9


Shikry Gama, 24.11.2005 17:31


SOAW 2005 Photos

Guillermo Kuhl, 24.11.2005 16:35

SOAW 2005 Vigil at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia (November 18-20)

SOAW 2005

Guillermo Kuhl, 24.11.2005 14:59

SOAW 2005 Protest at Fort Benning, Georgia (November 18-20)

Internet sous surveillance au SMSI

Thomas, 24.11.2005 14:56

A toute fin utile, et dans une qualité assez médiocre (filmé avec un appareil numérique), vous trouverez ci-dessous un lien vers une vidéo d'une minute qui montre en toute simplicité que le réseau Internet était filtré durant le sommet mondial de la société de l'information...

Michael Ledeen's Public Lies

Stephen Francis, 24.11.2005 00:42

Michael Ledeen's Public Lies

The UK ID-Card Debate: farewell to liberty?, 23.11.2005 23:54

Flyer for event Labour minister, Andy Burnham, defends his proposals for a UK ID-Card at a public debate in Brighton. Civil rights champion, Peter Tatchell, puts the case against. Tuesday, December 6, at the Quality Hotel, Brighton. Don't miss it!

Bush Torture Charges Back in Court

Lawyers Against the War, 23.11.2005 22:40

Please distribute this far and wide. We need to inspire others to resist the Busheviks. We need to encourage MSM to cover this form of non-violent resistance. We need a return to government by law rather than by men.

At Aussie we'll raid you?

Tiger, 23.11.2005 20:22

More terror hype! So any country in the world can ask our country to raid someone, some group or oganisation when they have become suspicious that someone may be beyond their own reach or when there needs to be more terror hype in this country? What is this cross-country scapegoating?

Objeciones al Canciller Argentino

Rafael, 23.11.2005 20:11

En declaraciones emitidas el pasado 2 de mayo en referencia al ALCA (Área de Libre Comercio para las Américas), el Canciller Rafael Bielsa anunció que “el Gobierno alienta un acuerdo que satisfaga, en cuanto a acceso a mercados, los intereses de los exportadores argentinos”. Esta afirmación es de una franqueza asombrosa; está claro que los intereses del pueblo no le merecen la más mínima consideración.

11/23 Alert! Carwford Anti-War Protesters Arrested Near Bush's Ranch!

Lee Siu Hin, 23.11.2005 19:03

Please call Crawford Police Department: (254) 486-2678 Demand Their Release peace Activists ASAP! and Stop harassing them!

UFOetry recieves &quot;Music Video of the Year Award&quot;

Joshua Poet, 23.11.2005 18:35

"We Never Went to the Moon" directed by John Lee recieve the award for "Music Video of the Year" at the 15th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.

A Worldwide Call for Input: WHAT IS TO BE DONE?

Sean M. Madden (, 23.11.2005 17:56

[...] This is my rough answer. However, I want to open the question out to the whole of the world, to ask each of you.

WHAT IS TO BE DONE? How can WE develop a form of people power to save us from the false choices we are offered?

Let us not leave the essential work to corrupt politicians operating within corrupt political systems. [...]

World Peace Starts With Understanding Your Piece...

Peter, 23.11.2005 17:44

Still lisatening...

Tribal Land Rights a Mattre of Survival for Cambodia's Hill tribes

Antonio Graceffo, 23.11.2005 17:35

Cambodia's Tombon hill tribe face extinction if tehy can't secure land rights.

The Diversity of Cham Muslims

Antonio Graceffo, 23.11.2005 17:23

culture of cham muslims of cambodia, and the problems they face in a post 911 world, caught between cultures

National Press Club newsmaker luncheon with General Michel Aoun, Lebanese Parliament Member

Mark dameli, 23.11.2005 16:47


MR. DUNHAM: Good afternoon, and welcome to the National Press Club. My name is Rick Dunham. I'm White House correspondent for BusinessWeek Magazine and the 2005 president of the National Press Club.

Biggest ever UK demonstration on climate change: Saturday December 3rd

Phil Thornhill, 23.11.2005 16:00

The 3rd December will see the largest ever international day of action on climate change - in over 30 countries worldwide - to urge leaders at the Montreal Climate Summit to agree to binding global limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

Looking Behind the Headlines -- Who's in Control?

Robert Dawn, 23.11.2005 15:10

"The leading candidates for Presidency are carefully chosen from the occult bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families..."

About 400 secret society families control the world.

American Boy in London

Daniel Rodriguez, 23.11.2005 14:50

An account of an American student's expirence in London.

'Worst EU Lobbying' Award 2005 - Vote Now!

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), 23.11.2005 13:48

'Worst EU Lobbying' Award 2005 Corporate Europe Observatory in association with LobbyControl, Spinwatch and Friends of the Earth Europe invites you to vote for this year’s most offensive case of corporate lobbying in EU capital Brussels.

Carrillo, El País, Múgica y Oreja contra el SRI, PCE(r) y GRAPO

Socorro Rojo Internacional, 23.11.2005 11:14


The Friends and Foes of Human Rights

Demetrius Klitou, 23.11.2005 08:58

The human rights movement and human rights law have their friends and foes. The latter are the interrelated ideologies: Nationalism; Realism; and their sponsors. The friends of human rights are the interrelated ideologies: Cosmopolitanism; Individualism; and their sponsors. In this article, I will outline why I chose to write this and will only summarize my argument against nationalism. Nationalism has been the most pathogenic force in history. It has replaced religion as the dominant ''weapon of mass division,'' and as such has become the dominant cause of wars, bigotry, fascist regimes and gross human rights violations.
I have felt like a citizen of the world from a teenager, ever since I began to feel uncomfortable and perplexed when people asked me where I am from or what nationality do I have. I was, and continue to be, unsure how to answer these questions. Am I an American, or am I a Cypriot, or am I an American-Cypriot. However, I would never answer with the response, “I am a world citizen” or “I am an individual human being;” the response I would like to give. Few people would understand such a response, and many would either laugh at it, or feel insulted. I began to feel that this is exactly the problem with the world. People are not individual human beings; they are national beings. As I became further interested in the subject of human rights, I began to look at other avenues not fully or specifically addressed by its key theorists. I began to believe that cosmopolitanism and individualism were the most valid ideologies for human rights, while nationalism and realism were the most invalid ideologies. I became a staunch idealistic, anti-nationalist, determined to convince others of the negative effects of nationalism and realism on human rights. However, no matter how non-arguable I thought my conviction was, I discovered instead that many people, including many of my own friends and professors, actually feel the opposite way. There are those that truly believe nationalism and realism are positive for human rights. So, I set out to try to prove my conviction using a combination of philosophy, anthropology, sociology, history, law and international relations theory. My methods aim to bridge together human rights with these various fields, something not often attempted. I read dozens of books on human rights, particularly for the purpose of looking for authors who agreed with me, or vice-versa, and to prove that I am not alone. However, given such a topic, my methods are not very precise, nor fully objective, and I admit have substantial normative elements. Nevertheless, it is increasingly being accepted that all theories have normative assumptions, either explicitly or implicitly. I want to be explicit. For the purpose of this article, I will only summarize my argument against nationalism.

The Bush Poppy Tied to the Yellowcake Forgeries

Raven, 23.11.2005 05:57

November 22, 2005 -- Italian forger tied to George H. W. Bush. U.S. intelligence sources report that Rocco Martino, the ex-Italian SISMI intelligence agent who is central to the Niger forged yellowcake uranium documents, worked for George H. W. Bush's off-the-books intelligence and financial network in the 1980s.

CNN Caught Off-Guard; Recording Proves Damaging 'X' Over Vice President's Face was Intentional Says Team Hollywood, 23.11.2005 04:29

When the founders of the company, Preska Thomas and Kevin Finn, made contact with the network, to their surprise they were bullied and harassed in the same way by the Headline News desk. Callers were repeatedly told by CNN, "Tell the President and Vice-President Dick Cheney to stop lying." Team Hollywood's conversation with the newsdesk was recorded. When the tape is played back, amongst political statements being made by the network were the words that the "X" was intentional, as an act of free speech by CNN.

Drown Out Bush's Lies at the State of the Union Message

World Can't Wait, 23.11.2005 04:17

Bring the Noise! Drown Out Bush's Lies at the State of the Union Message
When? - TBA - probably late January
Where? - Everywhere in the US
State of the Union? - NO - State of Emergency!

College Students: Make Your Winter Break Matter

Jack Orleans, The World Can't Wait, 23.11.2005 04:14

For the College students who have been actively organizing on their Campus or are outraged by the Bush Regime's relentless drive to transform society in a fascist way- come to New York City and Washington D.C during your Winter Break. We face a future of horrors under this regime and you should be one of the dozens of students who volutneers out of the National Office and mobilizing on the ground in D.C. When Bush stands in front of the world to deliever his State Of the Union Address he must be drowned out with an undeniable voice heard around the world of: STEP DOWN, STEP DOWN, BUSH MUST GO


Breasts Not Bombs

Sherry Glaser, 23.11.2005 03:57

We were arrested on the Capitol Steps for baring our breasts to protest Schwarzegger's obscene agenda. Breasts Not Bombs seeks to exercise our first amendment rights to remind people what is truly indecent in this world.

&quot;perth and the big sleep&quot;

greg hoey, 23.11.2005 03:38

atmospherics generated at the last w.a. state elections

&quot;perth and the big sleep&quot;

greg hoey, 23.11.2005 03:31

an account of the atmospherics generated at the last state election

British paper: Blair talked Bush out of airstrike on Al Jazeera

CNN, 23.11.2005 03:19

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The White House characterized as "outlandish" Tuesday a British newspaper report that President Bush once discussed bombing the headquarters of Arabic-language television network Al-Jazeera with Prime Minister Tony Blair.


WASHINGTON (November 22, 2005) – In a letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin released today, famous financial and business leader Edward A. Kangas warned that continuing the annual commercial seal hunt could bring ruin to Canada’s fisheries economy and the viability of that nation’s fisheries. Kangas, former global chairman and CEO of Deloitte & Touche and currently a member of the Board of Directors of four New York Stock Exchange companies, cited the increasing success of a boycott of Canadian seafood, instituted by The Humane Society of the United States, as a major factor in the multi-million dollar losses suffered by the commercial fishing industry.

Bush Knew 9/21/01: No 9/11 - Iraq Connection, 23.11.2005 00:04

Another smoking gun, but this is a HUGE one

Kuwaiti Oil Dries Up - Beginning of the Long Emergency

sigma xi, 22.11.2005 23:48

Evidence of the peak in global oil production is now overwhelming, implying massive repercussions for industrial society. The Kuwaiti government has just announced that its biggest oil field -the second largest in the world - is overdepleted. One business editor resorts to waxing philosophical: "The natural world has an uncanny ability to hit back at the arrogance of man, and perhaps a reassessment of reality at this point is called for..."

Meanwhile, the official publication of Sigma XI, the Scientific Research Society, prints an approving review of The Long Emergency, a disturbing overview of peak oil's ramifications for modern civilization - including the inadequacy of alternative energy to forestall the inevitable

What are Psychotronics and Gang-Stalking?

Chuck Rehn, 22.11.2005 23:38

The abuse of psychotronics is happening throughout the world, and the U.S. is no exception... except in the respect that our government does not publicly acknowledge the technology and use of the technology which makes people appear - if not driving them to be - insane. It' stime for America to wake up and recognize that our government and its defese and intelligence contractors are harming anyone who gets in the way - of their lies and greed.

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