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no chr.!, 28.11.2005 23:25

11.15th farmers protests... one activist died because of the riot cops brutality


WASHINGTON (November 28, 2005) – In a seeming landslide of support, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) announced today that more and more restaurants in the Los Angeles area are responding to The HSUS’ call for a boycott of seafood from Canada until that country’s annual slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals is permanently halted. Six more restaurants have signed on in the last several days.

SPFPA normal operating procedure

Steve, 28.11.2005 22:23

SPFPA put more workers out of work

Corruption in Mexico feeds illegal immigration to U.S.

Denise McVea, 28.11.2005 22:12

The Mexican government has ridden on the backs of paisanos for too long. Mexican immigrants can go home again, but not until funds go to developing opportunities in Mexico, instead of to corrupt officials.

An Open Letter to Patrick J. Fitzgerald

Anonymous, 28.11.2005 21:50

Details of attempted assassinations of dissidents ordered by the Bush Administration

SPECIAL ELECTION (CA) SETS OFF ALARMS: Where's the Solidarity on Reproductive Rights?

DOROTHY L. WAKE, 28.11.2005 21:26

Labor’s refusal to oppose Prop. 73 (“parental notification,” CA’s recent “special election”) resonates nationally and globally because it demonstrates how labor simply "talks the talk" on gender equity issues. Women, the driving force in defeating Schwarzenegger’s anti-worker initiatives, were betrayed by the mostly male labor leadership in the struggle for reproductive rights.

Interview with Iraq Veteran Against the War Tomas Young

Tom Klammer, 28.11.2005 21:14

Kansas Citian Tomas Young was seriously injured in Iraq on the same day that Casey Sheehan was killed. He is a member of Iraq Veterans against the War and is an advocate for stem cell research. He was interviewed recently on "Tell Somebody" on 90.1 FM KKFI Kansas City Community Radio. "Tell Somebody" airs Saturdays at 5:30pm Central Time.

My Experience At Camp Covington, LA

David Wetzel, 28.11.2005 20:04

Warm and Fuzzy, Staged Photo-op and more.

The Personification of Les Avant Garde

Roger M. Christian, 28.11.2005 17:56

Josophine Baker Les Avant Garde The personification of art was initiated when early man used his own image as symbols to depict action on cave walls. It is here were we should also start.

Ordinary Man

Robert Allan, 28.11.2005 17:40

This is a song about an ordinary man

Interview mit dem Vertreter der Bauerngewerkschaft Boliviens in Europa, 28.11.2005 17:03

Anläßlich der Bolivien-Tagung in Köln, am 11.11.2005 aufgenommen

Video: US mercenaries randomly shooting Iraqi civilians

CCNWON, 28.11.2005 16:19

Video of Random Shootings in Iraq

MIT startup, Design That Matters DtM, develops solar technology

Brian Purchia, 28.11.2005 16:05

Design that Matters is improving literacy, using a solar powered projector in villages that do not have electricity or many books.

Kenya. Referendum costituzionale: vince il no

Ciro Cozzolino, 28.11.2005 14:28

Il Kenya dice no alla nuova Costituzione. Dopo una campagna elettorale che ha visto anche momenti di violenza (9 morti negli scontri), il Presidente Kibaki prende atto della sconfitta e licenzia tutto il governo.

Regensburg: NPD/Hooligan - Gewaltorgie

[anita_f.] und autonome antifa rgbg., 28.11.2005 12:09

Am Abend des 26. November kam es in der regensburger Innenstadt zu gewalttätigen Ausschreitungen, an denen ca. 30 Personen des rechtsextremen Spektrums beteiligt waren.

Vortex tech

zen, 28.11.2005 11:16

The dawn of a new century will herald attitudes and methods which will allow REVERSALS from our present destructive paths in Technology, Agriculture, and Psychology.

Does anyone of you question the necessity of a reversal?

There are warnings coming in from many societies, governments, agencies, scientists and farmers which warn us that our use of fossil and nuclear fuels poses unacceptable risks of climate and environmental destruction, at unsupportable costs.

Yet, we know Mankind's needs are increasing. The question becomes if not coal and oil, and if not nuclear, then what?

In this same issue we hope to sketch an outline of a new energy source that gives vast promise for improved energy efficiency, renewable power sources, that offers the actual creation principle to re-create, procreate, if you will, water, air, power and growth! We call it a New, Nondestructive Technology based on principles of Implosion.

CNT-AIT En Lucha! La subcontratación en las Universidades Españolas

CNT, 28.11.2005 04:22

No es necesario que los anarcosindicalistas desprestigiemos al resto de Sindicatos. Ni UGT, ni CCOO, CLECEni CSIF, ni USO, ni la mismísima C.G.T., pueden ser un motivo de distracción. Su lejana estructura organizativa, el diferenciado funcionamiento, las relaciones desiguales y un objetivo adverso, con nuestra querida CNT, hacen que todo contacto pueda confundir al espectador y meternos en el mismo saco del sindicalismo de gestión; que sólo sirve para levantar actas de defunción de los derechos laborales y que ha perdido todo interés por mejorar las condiciones en el trabajo, y, mucho menos, por buscar una transformación social. Más para desgracia de los trabajadores, que por fortuna, sus hechos son suficientemente reveladores y, en ocasiones, sentencian su ignominiosa desvergüenza.

state of the arts

greg hoey, 28.11.2005 04:04

a critique on perths visual arts scene

Republica Dominicana: Una bandera y una flor

H. Galvan, 28.11.2005 00:56

Contra la Isla Artificial

A Economia como Suicídio

Francisco Trindade, 27.11.2005 23:39

A Economia como Suicídio

The cain of Ethiopia!

Leoul Mekonen, 27.11.2005 23:01

After the may 2005 election, the Meles Zenawi regime has denied the Ethiopian people the right to protest peacefully. As a result peaceful demonstrators were killed in a broad daylight. Most of them are students. When he is confronted by the international community he denied that they are peacefull protestors but rebels. Since he is a murderer, immoral and lier, he deserved to be called "The Cain of Ethiopia".

Les Avant Garde Ithaca

Roger M. Christian, 27.11.2005 20:08

Symbol of Cutlural Democracy - Les Avanat Garde A brief of Les Avant Garde Ithaca

&quot;Clash of Civilizations&quot; as Fear Over Enlightenment

Pierre Tristam, 27.11.2005 17:45

A "clash of civilizations" doctrine has been used to justify two wars (so far) and a wholesale shift in the way the United States deploys its aims abroad and projects them at home. The doctrine is fatally flawed, and its consequences are lethal, both to American principles at home and to American interests abroad. There's no connection between the language we're using in defining ourselves and the reality being imposed at home and abroad.

Cultural Democracy in Action

Roger M. Christian, 27.11.2005 17:42

An Inter - City Cultural Communication Website program which promotes intercultural communications between several International cities,


Tomek Kitlinski, 27.11.2005 16:35

On November 19, 2005 the police stormed the gay and lesbian demonstrators in Poznan, Poland. Sixty-five activists were arrested. Many of them were beaten. The activists were arrested and face the penalty of fine or imprisonment. This is part of the anti-gay regime in Poland under the new government of the Law and Justice party headed by the Kaczynski twins. On November 26 and 27, 2005, demonstrations in support of the Poznan Parade of Equality convened across Poland.

Judge reserves decision on Bush torture case

CNWON, 27.11.2005 15:37

Lawyers Against the War attempt a rare, private prosecution

All Sides of the Conflict in Congo use Rape as a Weapon of War

maia williams, 27.11.2005 15:04

The U.S. and other Western countries support the use of widespread rape in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a weapon of war. At least 9 women are raped daily. U.S. supports this war in order to have cheap access to the mineral resources in the DRC.


Collectif des Travailleurs précaires et Chômeurs de Rouen, 27.11.2005 15:03

De nos yeux vu !
Alors que nous attendions tranquillement l'arrivée de la police nationale pour nous expulser de l'ANPE, nous avons vu une demandeuse d'emploi tomber raide devant son écran informatique pour se cogner la tête sur le sol en carrelage.
Alors ques les RG présents pour nous (!) venaient à son secours, ils l'ont ré-installée devant son ordinateur, sans appeler le médecin, avec toutefois une chaise derrière elle au cas où. Le système est ainsi devenu fou qu'il n'y a eu aucune perte de rendement !!?

The cain of Ethiopia!

Leoul Mekonen, 27.11.2005 01:33

The cain of Ethiopia is Meles Zenawi regime, who kills and imrisoned thousends of opposition groups and denies that they are peaceful protestors. Helabled freedom fighters and justice seeking university students as rebels. He is practising a very dangerous ethnic based politis as a means of divide and rule policy.

Looking for Information on the Climate Summit Beginning in Montreal!!?

Jonah, 27.11.2005 01:20

I can't find anything on the international climate summit beginning in Montreal. not even on the Montreal home page. What's up with that?? Will something be posted?

Foundation For Arab - Israeli Reconciliation-Ithaca, New York

Roger M. Christian, 26.11.2005 22:54

The first steps in it's establishment.

The Great Bear Rainforest

WIlliam Thomas, 26.11.2005 22:36

YOUR help is needed to protect the world's largest intact temperate rainforest, the Great Bear Rainforest, by sending the government of British Columbia, Canada, a fax through the website:

Below is a joint statement by the coastal indigenous native bands and environmental groups about the Great Bear Rainforest deal:

Taxpayers are as insane as the thing they pay taxes to (A.K.A. Tyrants and Tent-cities)

David Arthur Johnston, 26.11.2005 21:35

blatent recruiting

Whatever happened to ... Esperanto?

Iain Hollingshead, 26.11.2005 20:04

"For an English speaker, Esperanto is supposed to be five times as easy to learn as Spanish or French, 10 times as easy as Russian and 20 times as easy as Arabic or Chinese. Then again, less internationally minded English folk will point out that speaking slowly and loudly in their native tongue is even easier still."

Weekly Summary of israeli War Crimes

Tierra Insurgente / Intifada Al Ard, 26.11.2005 19:30

This is a weekly summary of israeli war crimes committed in palestine for the week ending 23 November 2005. 6mins, english

Regarding incident 051125-000296

Marie at, 26.11.2005 18:35

as application to copyright laws as verification of printed and registered works

eat Local Organic food and abate global starvation

Sakuntala Narasimhan, 26.11.2005 18:30

How the environment and eating (Local Organic Food) is linked to Gandhi's ideology for transforming the world. Many links.

'Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre'

Sam, 26.11.2005 15:45

Documents atrocities committed in the attack on Falujah. Including the use of chemical weapons such as White Phosphrous and Napalm.

NY Times Continues to Lie

Human Rights, 26.11.2005 15:11

The NY Times continues to lie about its shameful reporting. No not Judy Miller and others writing fake news about the war. This one is about their cover-up for Stalin's mass murder. Unbelievable? Read on.

Destruccion de un dispositivo biometrico en un instituto frances

complices, 26.11.2005 13:51

El 17 de noviembre, en la cantina de un instituto de los suburbios de Paris, un colectivo destroza material biométrico de un valor de mas de 15 000 euros.

The al-Jazeera Leak - How Blair Benefits

David Wearing, 26.11.2005 10:52

On the surface, this looks like a bad story for the British government, but we should look closer before coming to that conclusion.

Porque é importante saber

Francisco Trindade, 25.11.2005 21:35

Porque é importante saber

Dubai - Migrant workers at risk of abuse

John Perkins, 25.11.2005 21:12

Floor 36 The construction industry in Dubai gets plentiful media attention for its technological achievements. As the boom continues, hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshis come to the Emirates to work, but often safeguards to protect those workers from exploitation are ineffective.

CIFKIDS to Film Groundbreaking Documentary on the Child Rape Crisis in Southern Africa

Catherine's Inspiration for Kids, 25.11.2005 21:11

As many as 60 infants and children per day are being raped by adult males who either believe that sex with a virgin will cure them of HIV/AIDS or are trying to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS from older, infected women. One organization sets out to expose the problem to the international community and rally their support.

Georges Badin à la foire d'art contemporain de Strasbourg

Georges Badin, 25.11.2005 17:21

Exposition Georges Badin à la foire d'art contemporain de Strasbourg

Immokalee Farmworkers Turn Up Heat on McDonald's

nacho, 25.11.2005 17:08

ronald is going down! Tell McDonald's TODAY that it's time to work with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to address the abysmal conditions, human rights abuses, and sub-poverty wages in its supply chain!

NATIONWIDE STRIKE!!!! IN Honor of Rosa Parks!!!

singobierno, 25.11.2005 16:29

How do we remember Rosa Parks?

By making The 50th Anniversary Of Rosa Parks' Arrest, December 1, a Nationwide Day of Absence and Protest Against Poverty, Racism & War.

No School, Work Or Shopping - Protest Across the Country
March on Wall Street in NYC to demand: Bring the Troops Home Now
Cut the War Budget, Not Healthcare, Housing and Education
Justice for Hurricane Katrina Survivors
Military recruiters out of our schools.
Jobs - A Living Wage - the Right to Organize

U.N. Faces New Political Threats From U.S.:

raven, 25.11.2005 16:17

John Bolton, the abrasive U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who has been dubbed by one New York newspaper as "a human wrecking ball", is living up to every critic's gloomy expectations.

Last week, he threatened U.N. member states, specifically the 132 developing nations, that if they don't play ball with the United States, Washington may look elsewhere to settle international problems.

Healing Our Tragic Civilisation

Peter Newman, 25.11.2005 16:01

The author of "The Voice of the Voiceless" offers to join with like-minded readers in any country to put into effect a revolutionary healing formula which confronts a double amnesia at work in human affairs and amalgamates societal healing with personal healing.

Manifestations contre le révisionnisme historique et les commémorations de NAPOLEON

collectifdom, 25.11.2005 15:46

Manifestations contre le révisionnisme historique et les commémorations de NAPOLEON. Celui qui mit à feux et à sang l'Europe et rétablit l'esclavage

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