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160 Saudis Flew Out Of The US Between 9-11 &amp; 9-16

Judicial Watch, 05.04.2004 19:41

"Why is it the bin Laden family and other Saudi nationals were given special permission to flee US jurisdiction in the days following September 11, 2001? Evidently, the FBI never bothered to question this group. We hope this list does not turn out to be a terrorist ëmost wantedí list," stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

MK-Ultra Sub-Project 86

D, 05.04.2004 19:32

MKULTRA Subproject 86: Physiological response recorder. (Miniature polygraph.)

Solidarity is Alive and Well in Newfoundland and Labrador

Pearle, 05.04.2004 18:12

Solidarity was on the steps of the Colonial Building this morning in St. John’s, Newfoundalnd, where some 200 CUPE and NAPE members were on hand for an early morning demonstration.

Lecture on the Political Psychology of War and Genocide at Western Social Science conference

Jay H. Bernstein, 05.04.2004 17:13

Noted author Richard Koenigsberg will give a plenary address at the Western Social Science Association conference in Salt Lake City this coming April 22. The lecture will concern the application of psychological concepts to violence in the forms of war, genocide, and terrorism.

Easter Eggs? Or Passover

Pastor Mike, 05.04.2004 16:56

Article about the origins of Easter. It may NOT be what you think.

lettre a israel... (et a traduire)

épourquoipas, 05.04.2004 15:08

ceci est une lettre type a envoyer et signer (si tu veux bien sur)...
merci pour eux....!!!!
si tu ne te reconnait pas dans ces quelques lignes... tu peux en ecrire une toi meme!!!

Iraq: Political Music Video

Matt Ames, 05.04.2004 14:43

I just finished up this music video about the Iraqi war:

Call to block planned nuclear waste trucking on German autobahns

Diet Simon, 05.04.2004 14:41

Activists are calling for highway blockades to stop trucking of nuclear waste more than 600 kilometres east to west across Germany to a thin-walled hall not safe from air crashes. After plans for the trucking were approved on 1 April, activists say it can start from 27 May. The Saxon government has announced it will start the trucking at the end of May. A spokesman for the North-Rhine Westphalian government said no dates have yet been agreed. The number of transports remains unclear, but experts say at least nine will be necessary, possibly 18.

Global Rising website launch

Global Rising, 05.04.2004 14:28

Global Rising website launched today. Submissions welcome from progressive organisations in need of voluntary help.

Seven Oaks issue 7 online, 05.04.2004 07:50

This week, Seven Oaks looks at the politics of global warming, a new kind of Irish immigration, and prison chic in Berlin. Commentaries look at the Air Canada fiasco and Cuba's doctors without borders. Plus 7 questions with Lily Loncar on protest for social housing, a critical-satirical look at Viagra's multicultural advertising, a look at the legacy of the 1990s, and a photo gallery from Peru and Bolivia. See

Boycott Walmart!!!

Jbone, 05.04.2004 04:36

Giving away bumper stickers to boycott Wal-mart



Seeking Affluent Person(s) of INTELLECT AND CONSCIENCE to Assist me in Locating Legal Representation in EXPOSING a The Aggravated Gov't Harassment, Blacklisting, False Arrest, False Imprisonment and Unconscionable Violations of the Constitution.

10 Years Without Kurt Cobain

krak, 05.04.2004 01:56

My thoughts on the last ten years.

Transgenders, Families Gear Up to Lobby on Capitol Hill

NTAC Media, 05.04.2004 00:13

Transgender activists from all over America will converge on Capitol Hill, April 29-30 to lobby Congress for transgender inclusion in, and passage of hate crimes and employment rights legislation. Lobby Days 2004 is sponsored by the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC), the country's largest and most active organization advocating for the rights of transgender Americans at federal, state, and local levels.

graphic: nine eleven syndrome

£, 04.04.2004 22:04

©ollage mind control meets trauma

Coalition kills 20 Iraqi protesters. Sadr calls for Jihad.

joe, 04.04.2004 22:02

Angry Shiites demand the end of the U.S.-led occupation
AN-NAJAF, Iraq, April 4 ( & News Agencies) – At least 20 Iraqi Shiites were killed and a hundred others wounded Sunday, April 4, when occupation troops opened fire randomly at thousands of supporters of Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr in this southern holy city in the most dangerous confrontation between the occupation and Iraq’s majority community.

Let’s hold their feet to the fire of humanity’s call for justice

jamie, 04.04.2004 21:06

After the horrible scenes from Fallugah Iraq we see clearly that the Imperial mis-adventure of the U.S. will bear the most bitter fruit. It may be hard at this time for many on the progressive side of the fence to confront, but it is our duty to recognize the legitimate right of the Iraqi people to struggle to throw out the foreign occupiers who have denied them their sovereignty and who wish, under the cover of a “good deed,“ to plunder that nation‘s wealth. As was the French resistance to the Nazis a just cause, the efforts of Iraq’s citizens is equally justified. We will not, of course, rejoice in the barbarity that has been unleashed. But we know by whom and for what motives this has all come about.

Odigo says workers were warned of 911 attack...

Yuval Dror, 04.04.2004 20:38

Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received

Russian is Arming: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay

ITAR-TASS, 04.04.2004 20:36

Export of Russian weapons may reach 100 mln dlrs to Latin America

Today in Palestine April 3rd

MrParadise, 04.04.2004 19:51

summary of the events

1968--song--the year in radical politics

anti-war activist, 04.04.2004 19:49

Here is a song about 1968 in radical politics.Today , April 4, is the 36th anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination in 1968 by the US government. To hear in real audio go to

April 4 --military murders of the prophets--Martin L. King and Jesus

anti-war activist, 04.04.2004 19:28

jpg Today, April 4 is Palm Sunday--it is also the 36th anniversaty of the murder of Martin Luther King by the US government.It recalls the murder of another prophet, Jesus. Both King and Jesus were killed by the militaries
of their times.

Defending our civil liberties in time of war

Daniel Borgström, 04.04.2004 19:23

Despite the assurances of countless history teachers and politicians, our civil liberties are not defended by our armed forces, but rather by the efforts of protesters who in some situations risk their safety and freedom to assure these liberties for everyone

The illusion of democracy

Board of Education, 04.04.2004 15:36

The illusion. The illusion of democracy

Send this postcard to Condoleeza Rice!

Truth of the matter, 04.04.2004 14:36

Please pass this around and mail it to the White House.

Fascism &amp; Jingoism in North America?

Social Scientist, 04.04.2004 00:49

How did jingoists, fascists, ethnic separatists, racists, and neo-Nazis come to infect North American society and government?

United Nations Report on the Oakland Port Protest

Daniel, 04.04.2004 00:02

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights report, which was released Friday, April 2, 2004, includes a summary of last year’s April 7th police attack on protesters at the Port of Oakland.

Sharon: Israel Will Expel Tens of Thousands of “Illegal” Palestinians

Ira Glunts, 03.04.2004 21:58

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon threatens to vigorously pursue and deport the illegal Palestine residents of Israel. He claim that the completed "security fence" will stop those that are deported from returning.



Brussels, April 2, 2004

At exactly 5 in the morning on April 1, several dozen
police from the Belgian anti-terrorism units broke
into the DHKC Brussels Information Bureau.

alert: code black

£, 03.04.2004 13:29


The Need for a Truly Independent 9/11 Investigation

Phillip H. Duran, 03.04.2004 08:35

While the 9-11 Commission is applauding President Bush’s decision made under political pressure to allow his national security adviser, Condoleeza Rice, to testify publicly and under oath, there is no guarantee that all of the basic facts about the 9/11 terrorist attacks will be uncovered. The Commission still suffers from certain weaknesses: its makeup and role, the Bush administration’s behavior, a weak and biased internal process, and the failure of the press. Only a truly independent investigation or an impeachment process will reveal the whole truth.

Losing the script on 9/11?

By Michael Moran, 03.04.2004 06:10

In May of 2001, one of the very few public figures who genuinely raised a warning about the threat al-Qaida and other terrorist groups pose to America won an audience with the new vice president, Dick Cheney. The public figure was a Republican stalwart, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, head of an obscure commission that had just issued a report six months earlier, “Toward a National Strategy for Combating Terrorism.”

What Did Bush Know And When Did He Know It

marco, 03.04.2004 03:13

John Dean just went on "Now" telling Bill Moyers that what Bush and
Cheney have done is leaps and bounds worse than anything Nixon ever
did and that Bush should be impeached. Will it happen before the
elections remains to be seen, but I predict this will dominate EEUU
news this weekend to be sure.

Ewen Cameron and his conducted Nazi type experiments

..., 03.04.2004 02:49

This is some info by the scientist Allen Barker about information on D. Ewen Cameron at the McGill Archives and their failure to note Cameron was a CIA cronie doing actual vicious human experimentation for the U.S. CIA MK-Ultra program.

Iraqi &quot;interim constitution&quot; is the new Platt Amendment

DLi, 03.04.2004 00:16

Remember how the U.S. took over Cuba from Spain back in 1898? Later it sought to return "sovereignty" back to the Cuban people via the Platt Amendment, a barely disguised U.S. intervenist agreement. Now, the Bush regime intends the same fate to its appointed Iraqi Governing Council.

The atrocity against Cathy O`Brien

Board of Education, 03.04.2004 00:06

The atrocity against Cathy O`Brien The content speaks for itself

Announcing 37 Scholarships in Authentic Journalism

Narco News, 02.04.2004 22:18

From July 30th to August 8th, 2004, the Narco News J-School Comes to Cochabamba and the Coca-Growing Chapare Region of Bolivia...

Islam is flawed?

I.S. PIZZEDOV, 02.04.2004 21:47

Muslim against Muslim? What a bunch of crap!

Web de trovadores anarquistas

Notas de Libertad, 02.04.2004 20:13

el rancho Web de trovadores libertarios, un espacio para la cancion antiautoritaria

Skolnick: USA In &quot;Financial Anguish&quot;

Skolnick, 02.04.2004 19:07

"We are headed for economic collapse," warns Skolnick. The Bank of Japan is pulling away from its previous support of Treasury Bills. These T-Bills are not savings bonds; they are bills and notes, debt that the U.S. promises to repay. The T-Bill market is "much bigger than the stock exchange." And these T-Bills are not especially attractive investments at this time. In 1981, T-Bills yielded 16.5 percent. Compare that with now, with T-Bills yielding almost nothing. Forget the stock market: the T-Bill market is much bigger and a collapse there would be catastrophic.

A warning to readers: this column is obscene.

C. Floyd, 02.04.2004 19:06

Bush Hits Workers with Chemical Weapons

Occupied Territory: Anarchist Gathering 2004

otg-collective, 02.04.2004 18:48

for anarchy Occupied Territory: Anarchist Gathering 2004

June 18 - 21, 2004
Fresno, California

Occupied Territory gathering will take place June 18-21st in the mountains to east of Fresno. To get informed of developments first, subscribe to the gathering list If you would like to get involved or contribute in anyway e-mail the occupied territory (de)central command at

Bush's Executive Order W199I-WF-213589

0bs1d1an, 02.04.2004 18:25

"FBI and military intelligence officials in Washington say they were prevented for political reasons from carrying out full investigations into members of the Bin Laden family in the US before the terrorist attacks of September 11."

U.S. Taxpayer Money Funds Hate Groups Worldwide

0bs1d1an, 02.04.2004 18:17

Can the Zionist regime in Israel be considered as anything but a glorified hate group? How are they different from the South African apartheid regime? Why have billions of our taxpayer dollars gone into funding this oppressive and hateful regime? Can the U.S. continue to claim that it supports freedom and democracy when it at the same time funds such oppressive and racist regimes?

US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'

raven, 02.04.2004 17:43

A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided information to the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa'ida's plans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened.

Shocking campaign and elections in El Salvador 2004

An International Observer, 02.04.2004 16:38

A summary of the irregularities during the end of the electoral campaign and over the elections 21st March 2004, El Salvador.


Jose Medhina Awad, 02.04.2004 16:02

Durante el conflicto de Malvinas las posiciones tomadas por los órganos periodísticos extranjeros contrastaban con la amordazada prensa local. Los medios europeos que estaban en contra de la guerra y desconocían la censura existente no entendían el apoyo popular que tenían los militares argentinos, los mismos que habían secuestrado y torturado compatriotas ejemplificados en el capitán de la armada Alfredo Aztiz eran ahora aplaudidos.

Sobre la guerra de Malinas

Josè Medhina Awad, 02.04.2004 15:56

El conflicto de Malvias en su versión televisiva fue un drama en tres actos: en el primero la euforia dominó la pantalla con profusión de imágenes allí donde se genera la noticia: Plaza de Mayo, Naciones Unidas, Puerto Argentino, etc. A la TV todo le venia bien, la propaganda triunfalista, las muchedumbres blanquicelestes,En el segundo acto la Task Force del Reino Unido parte rumbo a Malvinas y la euforia se volvió tensa e histérica.Con el estallido de las primeras hostilidades, -tercer acto- la TV se hizo radio y casi todo el periodismo gráfico y audiovisual fue evacuado de la Patagonia.

America's Antiquated Social Structure

James Allen Bressem, 02.04.2004 15:46

What is called democracy and speaks of consensus is in truth a multitude of Petty Kings or as I call them "Petty Capitalists"

A tale for Easter

Keith Parkins, 02.04.2004 15:43

Forgiveness: Should Tony Blair shake hands?

If Osama bin Laden said sorry, should Tony Blair shake his hand? That was the question posed on a recent Any Questions broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (Friday 26 March 2004, repeated Saturday 27 March 2004). The response of the panel was no. The concept of forgiveness, the need to break the cycle of violence, was entirely absent from the discussion.

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