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Protest Against Approval of Second Reactor for Sydney

Tongmaster, 08.12.2005 02:58

No! At 8:30 this morning, approximately 30 protestors gathered outside the Masonic Centre on Goulbourn St, prior to the commission meeting to deliberate over whether or not to approve a licence to the second reactor at Lucus Heights

Dropping A Banner Over A Milwaukee Military Recruiting Station

marco [from mke imc], 08.12.2005 00:40

Here's a closeup of a banner drop done yesterday
above the army recruiters near UWMilwaukee.
There are two better fotos over at mke imc.


Revista Sudestada, 07.12.2005 23:02

Zapatismo: Rebelión.. ¿y después? Casi doce años han pasado desde la insurrección indígena y campesina en Chiapas y muchas cosas han cambiado. Nuevas prácticas y viejas discusiones se entremezclan. Debates teóricos y ejemplos concretos se desprenden de la gesta del EZLN en la Selva Lacandona. “Es que el planteamiento político zapatista es un erizo. Por donde lo agarres te espina”, explica Marcos. En este artículo la intención es aportar una mirada sobre ese erizo con forma de rebelión popular que sacudió al mundo desde 1994, y también marcar las últimas noticias que llegan desde las montañas del sureste mexicano. Opina Carlos Fazio desde México. Por Hugo Montero.

Once Again, Hands Off Cuba

Jack A. Smith, 07.12.2005 21:38

The United Nations overwhelmingly opposes Washington's Cold War sanctions aganst Cuba, but the Bush administration remains indifferent. Indeed, the White House evidently is planing to bring about regime change in Havana

¡No pasarán! ¡Pasaremos!

Sergio Alava, Guerrillero de las FARC-EP, 07.12.2005 18:49

Que no se llamen a engaños, que las masas populares sabrán izar su roja bandera revolucionaria en un día de insurrección

Take Action to Save Tookie Williams NOW

Jonah Zern, 07.12.2005 18:10

Now is The Key Time to Act to Save Tookie Williams:

1. Make your call TODAY (Schwarzenegger - 916.445.2841)

2. Rally for Clemency on Thursday, 10AM at the Capitol
Building in Sacramento (other events at

3. Send a Letter to the Editor under 250 words,
include your
address and phone # to, and other papers
(samples at

Are Christian Hostages in Iraq Being Held by a US-Trained Death Squad?

Peter Vos, 07.12.2005 17:41

Muslims around the world have been calling for the release of the Christian Peacemaker Team [] members ever since they were taken hostage in Iraq. However, the captors appear to be ignoring these appeals. Originally, I was holding out hope the kidnappers were merely criminal idiots who figured an American, a Briton and two Canadians were the local equivalent of a winning lottery ticket. New evidence points to something much darker.


Praveen Dalal, 07.12.2005 17:22

ARBITRATOR, CONSULTANT AND ADVOCATE, SCI. The aim of this article is to analyse the legal position regarding recognition of foreign divorce decrees in India. The same is an important aspect of Conflict of Laws or Private International Law, which has not yet been developed in India. An attempt has been made to provide holistic aspects of this branch, so that the same may be used for various purposes. The article is primarily based upon the updating and purposive interpretation of the Conflict of Laws, as applicable in India. Thus, it will inevitable tread beyond the contemporary line of thought that is not only limiting this branch to narrow confines but is equally restricting its growth in India.

Capitalism Loves Violent Revolution

David Arthur Johnston, 07.12.2005 17:14

keeping peace


Katie Heim, 07.12.2005 16:51

Diane Detained Dick Cheney comes to Houston to raise funds for delay, is greeted by hundreds of protesters, has speech interupted.


BERARDI BRUNO, 07.12.2005 15:17


A Brief Overview of the Strategies of the Animal Rights Movement

Barbro Nordling, Oscar Horta and Andres Cameselle, 07.12.2005 13:04

This is an article on strategy and animal rights. In it we examine and give our opinion on how different ways of campaigning can affect this movement.

global war and Cia

ya basta toscany italy, 07.12.2005 12:07

the article speaking to global war and Cia. Ya basta toscany have problem to Cia. it's in italian leangueage, please transleate in english. it's important.

Decreto de desalojo para el C.S.O.A. La Casa Del Lago (Getafe)

CSOA La Casa del Lago, 07.12.2005 12:01

El dia 5 de diciembre de 2005, se le comunicó a las 5 personas que habian sido identificadas arbitrariamente en el primer intento de desalojo un decreto por el cual se va a proceder a desalojar el centro social por via administrativa a partir del miercoles 7 de diciembre a las 24 horas.

Regaining our Freedoms

raven, 07.12.2005 11:28

May you re-discover what the poor in 18th century France discovered, that rich people's heads could be mechanically separated from their shoulders if they wouldn't listen to reason.

American Support of Israeli Apartheid Terrorism

Moved To Action, 07.12.2005 09:56

2004 Top Ten Career Recipients of Pro-Israel PAC Funds in the American Congress:

Carta de apoyo para pedir la legalización de la educación en casa.

Adán-Richard Wilson, 07.12.2005 09:35

El calvario de una familia peleando contra un vacio legal, sobre el tema de la Legalizacion de la educacion en casa. (Homescooling)

911 Petition to the UNited Nations

Vigdor Schreibman, 07.12.2005 07:57

911 Petition to the United Nations Resolution to the United Nations General Assembly for an "Independent International September 11th Truth Commission"

Economic War Lifes WW-II to WW-III

ShoreLines, 07.12.2005 05:24

Paul Hiram Chappell While international financial revolutions haven't reached epic proportions on a global scale between banks and people since 1929 - when the U.S. stock market collapsed and the Great Depression set in - another horizon now approaches from the Middle East, Africa, and Pacific Rim using advantages of 'now strong' gold-based financial systems over U.S. dollar currency refused during a petroleum trade in September 2005.

The Truth About SPFPA

Michael P. Hough, 07.12.2005 05:18

The Truth About SPFPA

Universal Currency Intelligence

ECONIC, 07.12.2005 04:27

While international financial revolutions haven't reached epic proportions on a global scale between banks and people since 1929 - when the U.S. stock market collapsed and the Great Depression set in – another new horizon may have dawned in September 2005 that may see the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Pacific Rim beginning to revaluate their 'now strong' gold-based financial system over fiat paper money currency systems since, a petroleum trade saw U.S. dollars rejected. If that type of financial trade behavior continues being favored by other non-U.S. oil producing countries, a new universal monetary system may see broad daylight soon.


ENZO MORENO, 07.12.2005 04:23


HIlitos de tristeza

Enzo Moreno, 07.12.2005 04:20


Privatizers reach for our public lands

Daniel Borgström, 07.12.2005 03:09

Proposed "mining" law would open public lands to real estate developers at bargain-basement prices

Torture Flights? How About Torture Satellites?

victimized, 07.12.2005 02:52

Satellite directing energy at an individual Satellites are targeting and causing pain to innocent Americans with electromagnetic radiation frequencies.


Mathew Maavak, 07.12.2005 01:32

Pearl Harbor revisited. How far did President Roosevelt save the world of a totalitarian future by baiting Japan with oil? Is the original scenario repeating itself in the cruel world of energy geopolitics?

fletar aviones para el Foro Social Mundial

Aula de Solidaridad Universidad de LaLaguna, 07.12.2005 01:16

Al Foro Social muchos
irradiando otro mundo social muchos más y en todas partes a todas horas

Emeline Health Center uses five minute rule to decline services for AIDS patient

Donna Deiss Yovino, 07.12.2005 01:04

Emeline Health Center of Santa Cruz County, California refused to help an AIDS patient in serious need of medical care because he was five minutes late for an appointment. Since Medi-cal funds have been cut, medical facilities are very stressed over funding and some health care workers have become petty and punitive refusing to help, risking the lives of the poor and seriously ill.

fletar aviones para el Foro Social Mundial y coordinar la irradiación

aula de solidaridad ULL, 07.12.2005 00:59

coordinarnos para irradiar por todas partes OTRO MUNDO ES URGENTE Y POSIBLE launched a free blog service

Danijel Orsolic, 07.12.2005 00:42, an over a year old Free Culture community portal striving to gather a community around ideas such as Free and Open Source Software, copyleft and creative commons licensing in an open discussion has launched a full fledged blogging service for anyone who relates to these ideas, has something to say and wishes to have a managed blog with full user support.

Le taux d’abstention record des législatives vénézuéliennes est un leurre !

Christophe Bord, 07.12.2005 00:28

Comparé aux chiffres du précedent scrutin de 1998, le taux d'abstention de 75% est parfaitement explicable par le contexte particulier des législatives de dimanche.

Statement of support for CPT from Kansas students

heidi, 06.12.2005 22:45

Statement of Support for CPTers from Kansas Students in Arabic Statement of support for the CPTers held in Iraq from Bethel College Students for Social Change, North Newton, Kansas in English and Arabic.

New Universal Currency System

Offshore Informant, 06.12.2005 21:17

While international financial revolutions haven't reached epic proportions on a global scale between banks and people since 1929 - that saw the U.S. stock market collapse and the Great Depression set in - a new horizon approaches quickly from the Middle East, Africa, and Pacific Rim using advantages of 'now strong' gold based financial systems over U.S. dollars viewed as becoming too much of an increase to pay during petroleum trades that began occurring in September 2005.


freddy, 06.12.2005 20:57

un dialogo


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 06.12.2005 20:10

Ahora se comprende mucho mejor la conducta asumida por la Unión Europea cuando el año anterior solicitó a Cuba que no presentara un proyecto de resolución ante la Comisión de
Derechos Humanos, en Ginebra, para investigar las torturas a prisioneros en Guantánamo.

Reelección a sangre y fuego

HORACIO DUQUE, 06.12.2005 19:43

Uribe Velez y los paramilitares imponen reelección a sangre y fuego.

Síntese Hegeliana e Equilíbrio Proudhoniano

Francisco Trindade, 06.12.2005 19:22

Síntese Hegeliana e Equilíbrio Proudhoniano

911 Petition to the United Nations

Vigdor Schreibman, 06.12.2005 19:12

911 Petition to the United Nations Resolution to the United Nations General Assembly for an "Independent International September 11th Truth Commission"!

liberz-nous les québécois

anonyme, 06.12.2005 17:04

l'indépendance des québécois est maintenant du

Fight Racism &amp; Censorship at New School

E. Simpson, 06.12.2005 16:13

New School Administrators are targeting a graduate student because she organized an all-black panel to speak on topics they consider "controversial."

chiraq please help ur people

islamic people crushing others in france, 06.12.2005 15:43

best administration of france is eclipsed by muslims

Journée Internationale pour les Droits des Animaux (IARD)

International Campaigns, 06.12.2005 15:30

Journée Internationale pour les Droits des Animaux samedi 10 décembre 2005 = 8ème Edition de la Journée Internationale pour les Droits des Animaux (IARD). Pour la reconnaissance des droits fondamentaux des animaux non humains à ne pas servir de matériel ni de marchandise.

revolution 4peace

amin4peace, 06.12.2005 14:49

revolution 4 peace of december 2005 - 12:00
hannover - opernplatz -

revolution 4 peace

amin4peace, 06.12.2005 14:25

revolution 4 peace of december 2005 - 12:00
hannover opernplatz -

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Speaks Out for 9/11 Truth!

Kevin Barrett, 06.12.2005 14:03

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2008, has gone on the record for 9/11 truth, voicing her lack of confidence in the 9/11 Commission Report and stating that we need to pursue the truth of 9/11 wherever it leads.

La humanocracia

Michael Thallium, 06.12.2005 10:51

Aún reconociendo que el camino del individuo solitario y empecinado en contra de los demás que “se equivocan” puede ser un argumento para las dictaduras —igual de perniciosas que los nacionalismos—, lo cierto es que la democracia es un sistema abocado al cambio.

U.S. igovernment s paying Gaza settlers 100 times more than our own Citizens displaced by Katrina

Ahma 2legged, 05.12.2005 23:36

FEMA is now issuing checks to many (but not all) displaced victims of Hurrican Katrina that average only $2,000 dollars for each person while Israeli Gaza settlers are receiving from $250,000 to 400,000 dollars per family (that's 100 times more) to relocate from Gaza.

Anti-liberty laws should never be passed

Jack and Jill, 05.12.2005 22:57

The Law Council of Australia placed advertisements in newspapers Law Council president John North said the laws were flawed because they allowed people to be held without charge. "There's no amount of tinkering with those laws that can save the badness of that particular law," he said.

Anarchists Lose in Venezuela - Totyal Power to People!

machado is another Bush Slut, 05.12.2005 21:45

Bed Buddies or JUST Devil Brethern - Its What is Inside that counts - TAKE IT AL the mass of the workers will never allow itself to be persuaded that the public affairs of their countries are not their own affairs; they are by nature politically-minded and whoever tries to make them believe that they should leave politics alone will in the end be dropped by them. To preach to workers that they should in all circumstances abstain from politics is to drive them into the arms of the priests or the bourgeois republicans."

la mierda de bolivia

gabriela lavig, 05.12.2005 21:01

bolivia la caga da de sudamerica disculpen pero es cierto desde peru gabriela lavig

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