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Unholy Reason for the Season; Universists Celebrating Secular Chrismukkah

Universist Movement, 12.12.2005 20:25

A faithless religious movement called Universism seeks to minimize faith this holiday season by encouraging use of the term "Chrismukkah," a postmodern cultural reference that serves to remove the faith from Christmas and Hanukkah.

4th Annual Film Festival at 555 Gallery and Studio

Alaina Simone, 12.12.2005 20:16

555 Gallery and Studio We encourage all independent Filmmakers from around the globe to send their work to 555 Art Gallery and Studio for our Fourth Annual Film Festival.

Ties between southern Christian fundamentalists, Texas oil interests, and Russian-Israeli mobsters and weapons smugglers uncovered.

Wayne Madsen, 12.12.2005 18:46

Additional ties between southern Christian fundamentalists, Texas oil interests, and Russian-Israeli mobsters and weapons smugglers uncovered. According to informed Washington insiders, there is increasing evidence of financial links between key "Christian Right" GOP notables and an international ring of Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli mobsters.

Gebran Tueni Perishes in Massive Car Bomb Explosion Near Beirut

Mark dameli, 12.12.2005 17:56

Gebran Tueni, a fiery critic of Syria, was assassinated in a car-bomb explosion in Mkalles, east of Beirut Monday. He was 48.
Tueni was An Nahar's general manager and Beirut legislator.

"God have mercy on Gebran and An-Nahar will remain the beacon for freedom," Druze leader Walid Jumblat told LBCI.

Government and media provocations spark racist violence on Sydney beaches

Rick Kelly, 12.12.2005 17:17

Fomenting racial divisions Both the Liberals and the Laborites are committed to implementing deeply unpopular right-wing economic reforms--exacerbating social inequality, eliminating job security, and driving down wages and living conditions. The two parties seek to deflect opposition to their agenda by fomenting racial divisions in order to channel the insecurity and disaffection felt by millions of ordinary people into deeply reactionary channels. At the most fundamental level, that is what caused Sunday's events.


Brian Orndorf / VICKI HYMAN, 12.12.2005 16:53

Two articles: The first article reviews the boring racist 3 hour fraud that now features heathen aboriginal savages spearing all the pure and innocent christian white men and the second article details such environmentally friendly marketing "tie-ins" as VW's new "King Kong" SUVs. D+? King Kong should get an F-


anita, 12.12.2005 16:42


Boletín nº22 de Behatokia

Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos-Behatokia, 12.12.2005 16:23

Una vez más os escribimos desde el Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos para informaros de que el nuevo boletín está ya disponible en nuestra página web, en la dirección
Si habéis intentado poneros en contacto con nosotrtos/as en el último mes, probablemente habréis recibido de vuelta vuestros emailes, ya que hemos tenido problemas técnicos y no nos funcionaban los correos electrónicos y la página web tampoco estaba disponible.

What if you had 16 hours, 29 minutes to live?

Sean M. Madden (, 12.12.2005 16:21

What would you be thinking — what would you be feeling — if you had but 16 hours and 29 minutes left to live, knowing that you were not going to die of natural causes at some unspecified date and time, but knew that you were scheduled — that's right, scheduled — to die one minute after midnight, tonight, in California's San Quentin prison?

Note: This article is available with integrated web links via the blog at the following URL:

Air Marshals and Tasers

TASER IMHO, 12.12.2005 14:46

Sky Marshals don't want Tasers Still, detractors and proponents are battling it out over the subject of arming Sky Marshals with Tasers.

revolution 4 peace

amin4peace, 12.12.2005 13:58 of december 2005 - 12:00
hannover - opernplatz -
welcome ...


Minister of Public Relations, Ministry of Public Relations, Kingdom of Hawai'i, 12.12.2005 11:37

Honolulu, HI. (11/30/05) . The royal lineages of King Kamehameha, the first Hawaiian monarch; High Chief Kamehameha Nui of Maui Island; and Queen Liliu'okalani, the last reigning Hawaiian Monarch are reaching out from the past to re-establish the Hawaiian Island Kingdom to it's former glory. All of these lineages, together with those of several chiefly lines connected to all of the Hawaiian Islands, converge in the genealogy of Edmund Keli'i Silva, Jr., as confirmed by the House of Nobles of the Kingdom of Hawai'i. As a result, these same nobles sought out Mr. Silva and asked his to serve as the next reigning monarch of the Hawaiian Islands in an effort to restore the kingdom to its once independent state. His website at, his personal royal seal depicting him wearing Kamehameha III's original royal feather cape and feather headdress (which is also stamped on his royal stationary), his families royal seal on file at Bishop museum, letters to President Bush, UN Secretary Kofi Anan, speeches to Hawaiians worldwide, and this personal interview, provides clues to his answer. Simply, "Yes."

US Navy plans use of LFAS in Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Mediterranean Oceans

Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Public Relations, Kingdom of Hawai'i, 12.12.2005 11:28

The United States Navy has been testing a new technology called Low Frequency Active Sonar, or LFAS in numerous locations in the worlds oceans. There is some evidence in many locations that the results of this testing has contributed to the death and injury of whale, dolphin and other ocean creatures in the vicinity of the testing. Recently, the Navy has been testing this technology off the coast of the big island of Hawai'i, during the breeding season of Humpback whales that frequent the islands. Notice of Public meetings were published as a "Legal" announcement in one local newspaper. However, environmental groups and others actively in the process of suing the Navy in order to stop the testing were left out of the loop regarding the meeting which was held on the University of Hawai'i at Manoa campus in a back room, located along a poorly lit hallway, and marked with a rather confusing small 8 1/2 by 11" handwritten sign. While it was obvious that the Navy did not appear to really want public comment on the issue, several people did get an opportunity to testify, with several others looking on. None of the persons testifying supported this issue. The following is a synopsis of the meeting, and some background about the issue of LFAS.

Peace with Iran

Ayatollah, 12.12.2005 10:53


Hong Kong New Media and Social Transformation Conference

conference participant, 12.12.2005 08:44

Global Citizen and New Media Panel 32kps MP3 Audio Files

Peoples Camp Protests Hong Kong WTO Ministerial

Jennifer Mourin, 12.12.2005 06:50

Peoples Camp Protests on the Streets of Hong Kong Grassroots representatives from across Asia join thousands of protesters on the streets of Hong Kong on December 11 to protest the WTO Ministerial.

Protest and Celebration at the Rice Festival Preceding Hong Kong WTO Ministerial

Ilang Quijano and Jennifer Mourin, 12.12.2005 06:40

Groups oppose WTO-led patenting and commercialization of rice! Farmers from across Asia jumpstarted a week-long anti-World Trade Organization (WTO) protest in Hong Kong by celebrating and defending Asia’s vital rice culture from destructive neo-liberal policies.

The End of a Sad Era, Da Mayor who kicked his People in the Teeth

Da Community ( San Francisco), 12.12.2005 04:41

Some people retire gracefully, some without any class at all just the old pimp mentality.

Social actiivst/artist Catman Cohen presents first LIVE performance of FLUFFLE-O

Keevay Music, 12.12.2005 02:49

Social activist/artist Catman Cohen is the mysterious mastermind behind the Catman Chronicles, a series of music CD's designed around key social issues, including the dangers of fresh water privatization and the imperative for raising neglected heroes (eg. nurses, firemen, teachers, police, soldiers, etc) in a society obsessed with a most vacuous, indulgent, Cult of Celebrity. Now the public gets a first glimpse of Catman Cohen in performance.

The Political Economy of Digital Television

Jeff, 12.12.2005 02:26

Early last month, the US Senate quietly moved the United States one step closer to final approval of a three-billion dollar subsidy package aimed squarely at the aging television sets of an American public allegedly hungry for high-resolution spectacle and ever more compelling escapism.

IMC-Binghamton, Not L.A. Times, Broke Story on DoD Media Scandal

Steve Peacock, 12.12.2005 00:57

The breaking story about the U.S. military’s planting of prepackaged stories in foreign media – a “scoop” attributed to the L.A.. Times – has overlooked one critical factor: the Independent Media Center of Greater Binghamton, and not the L.A. Times, was the first media outlet across the globe to report on this propaganda-production endeavor, the brainchild of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Orquesta sinfonica de siempre celebra su segundo aniversario en Navidad

Maria Beatriz Moreno, 11.12.2005 22:31

La Corporación artística y Cultural Sinfónica de Siempre clausuró con éxito sus actividades educativas en la Universidad de San Buenaventura

Comunidad Sudamericana de Naciones CNS

Alexanders, analista internacional, 11.12.2005 22:02

Pensando en el futuro, el Documento en avance hace breves comentarios sobre la CSN asì como propuestas del autor...

Cronulla race riot

You Asked for It!, 11.12.2005 21:51

Waltzing Matilda JOHN HOWARD asked for it!
The Main scream Media asked for it!
The lifesavers asked for it!
The Police asked for it!
Then the community decided it was ok to be racist!


Peter G. Keyes, 11.12.2005 20:27

Medical Marijuana Rally CA State Capitol Steps April 9, 2006

Call for solidarity action in support of striking gate gourmet workers in germany

proles, 11.12.2005 17:51

Global Capitalism Requires Global Resistance - Call for Solidarity
Action on the 17th of December at all Gate Gourmet Locations World-Wide

Fountainhead e-Letter, Berlin Germany

Fountainhead, 11.12.2005 17:42

Overview of an international, intercultural group producing: annual film festival, weekly television program, publications, cinema distribution & dance theatre.


anonymous, 11.12.2005 15:09

INCA Center is a non-profit, all-voluntary place dedicated to the
alternative culture. The place has hosted in the past 3 and half
years over 150 events: concerts, art exhibitions, projections & movie
nights, performance, festivals, etc. also for next year already we
have planned many workshops, conferences, concerts and others. If
city will evict us, and there is huge chance for this to happen, one
of the few alternative places in the region will disappear and will
leave us with no place to host all these events. Because we have
strong promises that we will never get a second place from the city.

Also we know that the only thing that will make the city change their
mind is three things:
- International protests at Romanian embassies and consulates
- Strong international and national response through email/fax/phone
- The scandal goes to the media

Wreck the Octupas Action against the WTO in Hong Kong

Leni_Catalysta, 11.12.2005 14:40

Beginning the WTO week in Hong Kong, a coalition of artists and musicians is putting together a night of protest folk songs and performance art to warm up actions to the openning of the WTO meeting tomorrow.

Raids Target Migrant Workers as WTO Summit Nears

Handle and Puck Lo, 11.12.2005 11:21

On Saturday, December 10, three days before the 6th Ministerial World Trade Organization summit, Hong Kong police raided the offices of the Indonesian Migrant Worker's Union (IMWU). Although no one was injured or taken away, activists see the raid as part of a general build-up of state repression on activists.

International Human Rights Day Action

Takver, 11.12.2005 06:43

&quot;anti-terror&quot; laws, and scapegoating One of the events for International Human Rights Day in Melbourne was a rally outside the State Library attended by about 100 people on Saturday December 10. Issues canvassed by speakers included opposition to mandatory detention of asylum seekers, treatment of indigenous Australians, opposition to the "anti-terror" laws, and scapegoating of the muslim community.

Stop US Sanctioned Torture

Willow, 11.12.2005 04:52

Photos The Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace took to the streets today for International Human Rights Day. This peaceful demonstration was in response to the US sactioned torture in Abu Griab, Guantanamo Bay and other secret prisons in the middle east and around the world.

8-PieceRecords to release follow up Punk/ Oi/ Hardcore compilation - 'Hardcore Support'

x94Bravo, 11.12.2005 04:38

The Label Independant Punk/Oi/Hardcore label producing compilations to support ALL Troops deployed around the world.

Australian treasurer steps up ideological offensive against welfare recipients

Rick Kelly, 11.12.2005 02:33

THE BIG PICTURE [File Photos] (Rooters) The treasurer's comment piece was released shortly before the Senate passed the Howard government's "Welfare to Work" Bill on November 6. The new legislation will slash welfare payments for thousands of new claimants, and force single parents and the disabled into low-wage jobs. By driving down the living conditions of some of the most vulnerable members of the community, the government intends to create an enlarged pool of cheap labour available for exploitation.

War on Iraq: Not Oil but Israel

New World Order Resistance, 11.12.2005 02:04

Was it really about oil? You decide.

Activist Alert: Another subpoena in Washington

marco, 11.12.2005 01:39

This news from portland imc is just creepy. From at least as early as last Wednesday on,
the organization that calls itself "FBI" has been violating each and every one of our rights
and thereby trampling on the constitution heavily and with reckless abandon.
This doesn't just effect Washington and Oregon. You'll see right away this stretches across
Arizona, New York and everywhere else; and it's not just about Environmentalism OR arson.
It's a clever way to circumvent all laws, ethics and morals in the squashing of dissent. Alert yourself further, I urge you.

Wise Progression...

Peter, 10.12.2005 19:39

Some thoughts...

Niega magistrado en EE.UU fianza a terroristas cubanos

Pedro Rodriguez Medina, 10.12.2005 18:47

El acusado Santiago Álvarez, de 64 años, mantiene estrechas relaciones con el prófugo de la justicia venezolana, Luis Posada Carriles, quien en la actualidad disfruta de la protección de las autoridades estadounidenses.


Francisco Trindade, 10.12.2005 17:59


Les CRS renforcent l'état d'urgence à Chamalières (63)

Mademoiselle Zita, 10.12.2005 14:29

Les CRS - Clowns à Responsabilités Sociales - sont allés construire du logement social sur la commune de Chamalières.

is threat of information war equal to a threat of nuclear war

Mojmir Babacek, 10.12.2005 11:53

The use of information weaponry can affect not only electronic devices, but as well functioning of human nervous systems and human organisms and evetually cause death


BABLU, 10.12.2005 08:18


Abused, Persecuted &amp; Black Listed for telling the truth

Byron Prior, 10.12.2005 03:42

Political Corruption and abuse, destroyed my family and control over our Legal System prevents me from getting Justice.

NYC Event- Hostages in Iraq, Palestine

Joe Carr, 10.12.2005 02:43

Hear an update by CPT/ISM activist Joe Carr on what is happening in the Middle East

The true Messiah asks for your help, now!

Seven Star Hand, 10.12.2005 01:58

Until we decisively disprove the foundational lies used against all of us by our deceptive leaders, humanity's ages-old struggles and suffering will never end! With that realization, I urge you to suspend any inclination to scoff at unfamiliar or contrary knowledge, be patient, and truly seek to understand what I am now revealing. I am providing the long-awaited "keys" to understanding and exposing ages-old lies, thereby empowering humanity to end widespread evil, for good!

How America Plotted to Stop Kyoto Deal

Andrew Buncombe The Independent UK, 10.12.2005 01:47

Large companies got us into the Global Warming, Climate Change mess, and for ExxonMobil attempt to destroy Kyoto. We the people of the World need to send them our message Boycott their products and send them a message through their profits.


VOICES OF PALESTINE .ORG, 10.12.2005 00:23

Should Democrats who are concerned about human rights in Israel/Palestine demand action from Congress or switch to the Green Party?

Petition To Prosecute U.S. War Criminals

Lynda Carson, 10.12.2005 00:14

War Crimes Petition!

shifting the tides of war

mark anthony, 09.12.2005 21:46

shifting and or shipping the tides of war

Seattle pictures/report on 10th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality October 22, 2005

October 22nd Coalition, Seattle affiliate, 09.12.2005 20:58

Anwar (Seattle's Cindy Sheehan) Pictures and report on Seattle's contribution to the 10th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality on October 22, 2005. Pictures are courtesy of photographer Katia Roberts.

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