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Cheney's January 2005 trip to Poland to visit secret CIA torture center

Wayne Madsen, 15.12.2005 01:36

Informed sources in Washington report that when Dick Cheney flew to Poland for the 60th anniversary ceremonies marking the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp last January, his three day visit also included a clandestine visit to a secret CIA camp in Poland where suspected "Al Qaeda" prisoners were being subjected to torture.

Human Rights in Iraq and Afghanistan

LWN, 15.12.2005 01:22

A different perspective on the cause of human rights violations committed by U.S. and U.K. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Venezuela contra el Imperialismo

Omar Gómez, 15.12.2005 01:03

Venezuela contra el Imperialismo
El mes de diciembre es propicio para reivindicar el carácter antiimperialista del pueblo venezolano a lo largo de su historia. Para los venezolanos, los valores antiimperialistas de próceres de la patria como Miranda, Bolívar, Sucre, Zamora y otros, han sido reivindicados con el triunfo de la Revolución Bolivariana, ocurrida un 6 de diciembre de 1998, y luego refrendada por la voluntad soberana del pueblo, con la aprobación de la Constitución de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, un 15 de diciembre de 1999. Pero no debemos descuidarnos, hoy Venezuela es nuevamente amenazada con los planes de intervención del Imperialismo.

Stuart Highway refuses prison drug-test

NAPNT, 15.12.2005 00:22

Free Stuart Highway! Well known social justice and Darwin Indymedia activist Stuart Highway may be forced to spend the rest of his sentence in 'punishment cells. He has refused to provide a urine sample for drug testing by prison staff.

Funeral for Lebanese Journalist Turns Into Anti-Syrian Demonstration

Mark dameli, 14.12.2005 23:51

BEIRUT - Tens of thousands of Lebanese bid farewell on Wednesday to anti-Syrian publisher and lawmaker Gebran Tueni, turning his funeral into an outpouring of anger against Damascus, which they blame for his murder.

An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Government Terrorist Organizations

James F. Marino, 14.12.2005 22:13

An Open Letter To The FBI And Other Counterintelligence Agencies Who Operate Under The Facade Of Legitimate Law Enforcement While Perpetrating Covert Forms Of Terrorism Against Targeted American Citizens

Princeton University Bows Down to Washington

Danilo Mandic, 14.12.2005 22:00

Princeton University has, yet again, sacrificed its academic autonomy to support US government power.

Princeton University Bows Down to Washington

Danilo Mandic, 14.12.2005 21:25

Princeton University, one of America's most prestigious and powerful universities (if not the world's), has recently endorsed and welcomed Fallujah General David Patraeus, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

WTO MC6, Day 2: Face-Off at the Barricades, Stand-Off at the Summit

Puck Lo and Handle, 14.12.2005 20:38

Hong Kong, December 14- In the morning four hundred people participated in a “Consulate Hopping” protest march against the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) and the privatization of basic services. The procession wound through the Admiralty and Wan Chai districts and split into smaller groups targeting the Indonesian, Phillipine, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Thai and US consulates.

A Letter To The fbi And Other Government Terrorists

James F. Marino, 14.12.2005 19:30

A letter describing my harassment and many others at the hands of the fbi and other government terrorist organizations.

WTO Protests– You Cannot Speak If You Wear Too Little

A Cop, 14.12.2005 19:06

WTOgirl I am a Hong Kong girl who went to protests today in the Victoria Park. My idea today, was to launch an action. It was a peaceful one. Yet, I was besieged by more than ten policemen.

My Day with the TWU Local 100 Rallying against the MTA

Jason Gooljar, 14.12.2005 18:46

Everyhwere we go..... The people want to know... Who we are...... So we tell them..... We are the union... The mighty mighty union... The people's union... Yes, it was a cold day in New York. It's funny how the temperature seems colder in Manhattan than it does up by me in Westchester County, but regardless the duty of being a progressive beckoned and I would not stray from the cause. I am more radicalized each day by the assaults on the people that I hear of and witness.


Francisco Trindade, 14.12.2005 18:33



BRASIL: MAIS GRANDE DO MUNDO!, 14.12.2005 18:01

Debilitado por los escándalos de corrupción y cuando parecía desmoronarse su sueño de buscar la reelección, en octubre de 2006, Lula da Silva tomó el toro por las astas. La cancelación de la deuda con el FMI tiene varios efectos: por un lado, tendrá sin dudas un fuerte impacto sobre la credibilidad brasileña ante los ojos de los inversores internacionales. Y por otro, es también una señal de estabilidad, en momentos en que la política económica —en el tercer trimestre de este año el PBI cayó el 1,2%— del ministro Antonio Palocci recibía fuertes críticas desde el propio riñón del gabinete.

The Biggest Land Grab Will Happen if Tribes Do Not File Claim by December 31!

niishinikwe, 14.12.2005 17:53

iyotankatanka This is a call for all tribes to make their claims for the tribal trust fund issue with the federal government. The statute of limitations runs out on December 31, 2005!

Photos from the Tookie Williams demonstration / vigil 12-12-2005

mwp, 14.12.2005 17:16

49 photos from the Tookie Williams demonstration / vigil at San Quentin Prison on 12-12-2005.

WTO - You cannot speak if you wear little

A Cop, 14.12.2005 16:57

I am a Hong Kong girl who went to protests today in the Victoria Park. My idea today, was to launch an action. It was a peaceful one. Yet, I was besieged by more than ten policemen.


INCORRECTO, 14.12.2005 16:03

Un sistema en que los partidos políticos piden préstamos a los bancos y éstos, posteriormente, se los perdonan... CONSTITUYE DESDE CUALQUIER PUNTO DE VISTA UN SISTEMA VICIADO Y FALSO CUANDO HABLA DE LA SOBERANÍA DEL PUEBLO Para quién trabajan los bancos resulta obvio... pero, en este contexto, ¿para quién trbajan realmente los partidos políticos? Y MIENTRAS TANTO...

Peter Falconio dead man walking?

Peter Falconio, 14.12.2005 15:23

Dr Katrin Both said she did not accept the technique Dr Katrin Both said she did not accept the technique used to link Bradley Murdoch with the attack on Miss Lees and the alleged murder of her boyfriend Peter Falconio as a valid scientific method.

Democracy and the Iraqi Incursion

Carson W. Maxwell, 14.12.2005 15:15

Democracy and the Iraqi incursion -- a response to war supporters.


Ma. Bolivia Rothe, 14.12.2005 14:47

Se trata de una reseña de lso acontecimientos a raiz del cierrede campaña del Movimiento al Socialismo en La Paz, Bolivia

UBUNTU turns on the Civil Society TV on WTO in Hong Kong

Lluis Miret, UBUNTU Forum, 14.12.2005 11:58

The World Forum of Civil Society Networks – UBUNTU has started an audiovisual international civil society channel via Internet during the World Trade Organisation Ministerial Meeting in Hong Kong:

Celebrating Art and Culture at the Peoples Camp Hong Kong WTO Events

Jennifer Mourin, 14.12.2005 07:43

Sinagbayan or “Art for the People”, mesmerising all at Victoria Park They came from all over Asia to take part in the Peoples Camp on Food Sovereignty and Rice Festival, and have been proudly asserting the “culture” in “agriculture” during their time in Hong Kong. Lighting up the days in Victoria Park with their music, songs, chants, dances and performances, three groups in particular have captured the hearts and minds of people during the Peoples Action Week.

Hear the Silent Majority Speak! Peoples Camp Joins Peoples Action Week Speakout Against the WTO

Jennifer Mourin, 14.12.2005 07:24

WTO is catastrophic for agricultural producers notes peasant leader Danilo Ramos People from all over the world united by one common purpose, gathered on the football pitches of Victoria Park in Hong Kong to herald the opening of the Peoples Action Week (PAW) in protest of the official opening of the 6th WTO Ministerial. Joining the “Speak Out” held to articulate concerns of the millions of those betrayed and marginalized by WTO fueled neo-liberal trade policies, were delegates of the Peoples Camp for Food Sovereignty.

Two Days to Stop the Patriot Act

New World Order Resistance, 14.12.2005 07:11

Silence = Death This version of the Patriot Act will give the Government a free hand to further invade your privacy and other rights. Take action now!

California Uber Alles: Schwarzeneggar Murders Tookie

Karl Munist, R3D, 14.12.2005 05:15

Fuhrer of California Arnold Schwarzeneggar denied clemency to Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Tookie died at 12:35am on December 13, 2005 from lethal injection.

The Truth About SPFPA

Michael P. Hough, 14.12.2005 03:11

The secret war between the Unions

White House Letter: Watchword of the day - Beware the Caliphate

The New York Times - Elisabeth Bumiller, 14.12.2005 02:24

Western imperialist leaders have a tendency to mix truths with
lies to persuade public opinion to the advantage of their
agenda. It is interesting to note that the Jews enjoyed their
golden era under the Islamic (Ottoman) Caliphate.
If one were to do a little research, one would find out that
The Islamic Caliphate was anti-imperial and established
justice (for non-Muslims as well as non-Muslims) in the
lands it ruled.

Die neue Ausgabe des Wissensmagazins COGITO erscheint am 14.12.2005.

Kasia Pytlak, 14.12.2005 00:58

Aktuelles Cover Jetzt in COGITO:
Weihnachtsverschenkung, Ewiges Eis und
ein Brief vom Weihnachtsmann.

Die neue Ausgabe des Wissensmagazins COGITO erscheint am 14.12.2005.
Darin beschenkt COGITO seine Leser mit exklusiven Geschenken:
Karten für die Vierschanzentournee, Palms, Bücher, CDs, Handys, Sprachcomputer und vieles mehr. Ein besonderes Geschenk an die Leser ist der Exklusivabdruck des Weihnachtsbriefs aus dem Jahr 1926 von J.R.R. Tolkien.

Auf 100 Seiten erwarten den anspruchsvollen Leser ausführliche Artikel über
Glaziologie, Skispringen, Kinderarmut in Deutschland, die Geburtsstunde der Erde, Lost City und vieles mehr.

The ABC for good or evil?

Anna Williamson, 14.12.2005 00:51

The real shonkiness in forensic palynology The real scenario is likely to be someone like Dr Milne takes the stand and swears that microscopic traces of pollen on the suspect's shirt matches that produced by one or two flowers near the murder scene - the judge and jury nod their head and the defence lawyer, who failed high school science, looks worried and mounts an ineffective cross examination.

Pre-Emptive Invasion and International Law

Garda Ghista, 13.12.2005 23:16

In studying the definitions of pre-emptive war and preventive war, it now seems preposterous in hindsight that nearly the entire American populace (including Congress) was so easily hoodwinked into believing that the US faced an imminent attack from Iraq based on so-called incontrovertible evidence. The United States has committed wars of aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq. The Nuremberg Tribunal calls this the supreme international crime. In the face of these crimes, the United Nations became an impotent entity, just as the League of Nations did during World War II. It is time to dissolve the UN and create a new world government. It must be created not by the wealthy elite but by the common people of this world, by moralists who will ensure that the Articles of its constitution will be adhered to. This is the crying need of the day. This is what we must work towards.

Social activist/artist Catman Cohen presents first LIVE performance of FLUFFLE-O

Keevay Music, 13.12.2005 22:27

Social activist/artist Catman Cohen is the mysterious mastermind behind the Catman Chronicles, a series of music CD's designed around key social issues, including the dangers of fresh water privatization and the imperative for raising neglected heroes (eg. nurses, firemen, teachers, police, soldiers, etc) in a society obsessed with a most vacuous, indulgent, Cult of Celebrity. Now the public gets a first glimpse of Catman Cohen in performance.

MTV Werbung zensiert

freedom, 13.12.2005 20:49

In Amerika wurde eine Werbung zensiert, welche auf das Hunger-, Aids- und Armutsproblem unserer Welt aufmerksam macht und dabei in den Vergleich zum aktuellen Engagement für die Terrorbekämpfung stellt.

Koekoeroe internetreedio is back

Krijtje(Chalkie of the Pavement), 13.12.2005 18:50

after two weeks of technical troubles, Koekoeroe reedio is back.
Most programs will be back. starting with gillende keukenmeiden on tuesday from 20-22

Death of free speech in Blair's Britain

Keith Parkins, 13.12.2005 16:27

Free speech has died in Tony Blair's Britain.

Axis of Evil

victimized by terrorists in America, 13.12.2005 14:19

The real axis of evil The real axis of evil is occurring over the skies over America electronically targeting innocent people.

G8 - 2001: Novedades de los procesos en Génova

Supportolegale, 13.12.2005 11:48

El G8 de Génova ha dejado tras de sí importantes consecuencias legales para manifestantes y para algunos miembros de las fuerzas del orden. Hoy en día, en la sección penal del "palacio de justicía" genovés tienen lugar casi a diario juicios relacionados con las manifestaciones del 2001. He aquí un resumen de los últimos desarrollos.

PAKISTAN : Human Rights Violation against Hindu Minorities

Rajesh, 13.12.2005 11:21

The fate of three sisters from a Hindu family who were
kidnapped from their house in October remains unclear with their family
insisting that they are being detained against their will at a city
madrassah. The madrassah insists that the girls have converted to Islam
by their own free will and are not interested in meeting their family.

Rede TV! Off the Air for Offensive Content

cristiana oliveira, 13.12.2005 05:07

The Brazilian broadcasting channel Rede TV! had its signal cut as a result of a public civil action signed by tghe Federal Public Ministry and various civil rights entities

accountability in sports

John C Calhoun, 13.12.2005 04:40

A short article on why athletes should be accountable for their performance. The rest of the world is accountable, why not athletes? Let them pay a portion of their salary back to the community when they underperform.


William Hardiker, 13.12.2005 04:09

As long as it is deemed appropriate to address terrorist activity by declaring it a "war", there can be no chance of creating the environment in which it might cease and nor will there ever be a victorious party.

A Logical Look at Capitlism and the War

Johnny Arizona, 13.12.2005 02:24

This article critiques American capitilism, government corruption and points out that people with a lack of integrity and not the government structure itself is to blame for todays problems.

Immigrants March to Bring Human Rights Home

Pancho, 13.12.2005 02:20

Traigamos los Derechos Humanos A Casa On December 10 thousands of immigrants and their allies in nine US cities marched to launch a campaign to bring human rights home.

Israeli troops storm Nablus, arrest six Palestinians

nkusa org, 13.12.2005 00:26

Palestine Nablus - The Israeli occupation army at dawn Monday swept into the West Bank city of Nablus and rounded up six Palestinians after storming and ransacking their family homes, witnesses reported.

Haití 2° Parte: nuevo envío de tropas Uruguayas

José SURRA (Uruguay), 12.12.2005 23:27

José SURRA (Uruguay), director del programa “ECHA PA’LANTE” entrevista a Jean Claude CAMBRONNE (Haití) en relación al nuevo envío de tropas uruguayas para reforzar la estrategia militar norteamericana en ese país.

Haití 1° Parte: nuevo envío de tropas Uruguayas

José SURRA (Uruguay), 12.12.2005 23:08

Jean Claude Cambronne José SURRA (Uruguay), director del programa “ECHA PA’LANTE” entrevista a Jean Claude CAMBRONNE (Haití) en relación al nuevo envío de tropas uruguayas para reforzar la estrategia militar norteamericana en ese país.


David Jackson., 12.12.2005 22:51

Orthodox Jews join pro Palestinian protesters Outside the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square in NYC, the Al-Awda, Palestinian Right of Return, joined by the Orthodox Jewish anti Zionist organization, Neturei Karta International, protested the Zionist Organization of America.

Gov. Schwarzenneger Refuses Clemency for Tookie Williams

Sean M. Madden (, 12.12.2005 22:22

Earlier today, I asked the question: Will "The Terminator" Terminate Tookie?

The answer is yes, and it is another sad day for humanity ...

Music Monday! Aphrodesia

small WORLD Podcast, 12.12.2005 22:05

Aphrodesia Interview with Ezra of Aphrodesia.

Ex-HHS Head Puts Off Being Chipped Despite July Promise

Liz McIntyre, 12.12.2005 21:59

&quot;Spychips&quot; book cover Ex-Bush cabinet member Tommy Thompson still hasn't received an RFID implant despite a televised promise he made in July 2005 to do so.

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