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'perth and the big sleep' a newer version

greg hoey, 17.12.2005 03:04

an account of the atmospherics generated at the last election

Escolha o adjetivo

Olavo de Carvalho, 17.12.2005 02:53

Como a expressão “Católicas pelo Direito de Decidir” (CDD) aparece na mídia sem nenhuma ressalva, o leitor entende que se trata realmente de um grupo de mulheres católicas.

(In english, french and spanish) Solidarity with the Venezuelan anarchist’s efforts to create the Alternative Social Forum in Caracas, January 2006.

estebanibal, 16.12.2005 23:12

From Venezuela, the undersigned collectives and initiatives make this call for solidarity amongst anarchist groups and individuals the world over with the objective of creating in Caracas, between the dates of the 24th thru the 29 of January 2006, the Alternative Social Forum (FSA - for its Spanish acronym). We are deeply involved in the preparation and organizational work for this event, which has motives and objectives that coincide with what is being promoted by the Venezuelan anarchist movement, and as a result we have made every effort possible to solidify its successful creation; this is because we understand that in the current situation of Venezuela and in the rest of Latin America a Forum with these characteristics would be a opportune space to spread anarchist ideals and practice.

9/11 2.0 - citizen's initiative to reopen 9/11

benjamin pritchard, 16.12.2005 22:11 website launches

With the Internet, the stratagems used by war-planners to trick civilian populations into fighting wars is becoming common knowledge. Because of this, 9/11 is now recognized as the latest incident in a long-line of state-sponsored war pretext incidents.

In Stores Now: Dog and Cat Fur From China

Heather Moore, 16.12.2005 21:59

The tag won’t say tabby cat, Labrador Retriever, or German Shepard, but some of the fur coats and fur-trimmed gloves, hats, and boots sold in popular retail stores in America may be made from dogs and cats who were killed in China in some of the most grisly ways imaginable. A recent investigation into the dog and cat fur trade has roused even the most complacent consumers to join the fight against fur and given animal rights activists even more ammunition against an already immoral industry.

Michel Van Rijn, The Gospel of Judas

small WORLD Podcast, 16.12.2005 21:20

Michel Van Rijn Interview with Michel Van Rijn.

Cannes Film Festival Trips

Erik, 16.12.2005 21:10

Incredible program for Indie Filmmakers to attend the Cannes Film Festival 2006

WTO MC6, Hong Kong, Day 4: “We’re Hungry. We’re Angry.”

Puck Lo and Handle, 16.12.2005 21:00

"Women are hungry. We are angry!"
- INNABUYOG Rural Women's Day Statement, 2005

Hong Kong, December 16- A group of Hong Kong activists declared a hunger strike that will last at least through December 18, the end date of the Sixth Ministerial World Trade Organization (WTO) conference.

Maine tribes meet with Venezuela for low cost heating oil

Brenda Norrell, 16.12.2005 20:38

Praising Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, Maine Indian tribes met with representatives of the Venezuelan Embassy to begin talks on the delivery of low cost heating oil to tribal members.

Ni anarquismo vergonzante ni anti imperialismo desvergonzado: Réplica a P. Moras

Redacción del periódico El Libertario, 16.12.2005 20:06

* El equipo redactor de El Libertario, vocero de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) de Venezuela, responde a los señalamientos del artículo "Anarquismo, antiimperialismo, Cuba y Venezuela", difundido recientemente vía Internet, donde desde el desconocimiento y la falsificación se intenta descalificar nuestra perspectiva sobre la realidad venezolana.

Guerrilla Girl about the heroic FARC-EP insurgents in Colombia

Peace thru WAR, 16.12.2005 19:43

Wherever THE REVOLUTON wins, wherever people fighting the USA hold the land in solidarity, a great rejuvenation of the human spirit will explode all fears away. Never again need we fear totalitarianism from the Left – or ultimately from fundamentalist Islam either. Once free and empowered the people everywhere will express themselves sincerely and petty arguments will no longer hold them back or confuse. People power will for once be real and invincible for many of us sense that this is the Final Big War – the rich against the poor – and so we will all make the best of a hard won and difficult victory. Overcrowding, the ecological crisis and the impossibility of governing people will make decentralization a fact.

Big Idea Rag #2 - Toledo Welcomes Nazis + WTO

Big Idea CSC, 16.12.2005 19:14


Sydney beaches unsafe

Ray Harris, 16.12.2005 18:07

Searched at checkpoints Those who ignore the advice will have their cars searched at checkpoints and will be turned away by police, unless they have a valid reason for going into the areas.

United Kingdom and New Mexico Leading the Way to a Ban of Neurotoxic Artificial Sweetener Aspartame

Stephen Fox, Founder, New Mexico Nutrition Council, 16.12.2005 17:54

Why ban this sweetener found in 7000 food products and 500 children's medications, even though it still retains its crumbling and dubious FDA approval? Because it turns to Formaldehyde and is causing horrible spikes in Neurodegenerative Illnesses, Leukemias, Brain Cancers, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and many others attributed on FDA's Symptom Lists!

Stop the barbaric criminal systematic Male Genital Mutilation (MGM, male circumcision)!

one Tugger among many, 16.12.2005 15:59

Baby says: You Wanna Cut Off what ? Systematic Male Genital Mutilation (MGM, circumcision) is a violation of infant males' civil liberties, illegal under the International Laws and Human Rights, yet this massive criminal activity is still widely practiced in the USA (Israel and the Muslim world too).
Medical instances are not often willing to be honest with this lucrative established medical crime (surgeries and commercial traffic of infants' prepuces / foreskins).
Domestic and World violence implications - Stellar sociologist teach that psychological Male Emasculation correlates with social violence.
The growing international US-born movement of 'TUGGERS', grown-up males literally growing as much as possible of their foreskin back (non-surgical, non-medical foreskin restoration)

How to live without the harmful globalization

László Schuler, 16.12.2005 14:05

I propose a new way of life: NO TV, NO MOBIL PHONE, NO CAR, NO PARTY, NO MULTI, NO GRABBING! There is the most effective way to stop the moneymakers.


Paul J, 16.12.2005 06:12

In his piece the JDO blasts the anti-war groups and especially the Jews in them for ignoring the Hitler style speech by the Pres of isran thretening a nuclear Holocaust against Israe ( CH,V)and denying the Holoxaust ever happened. The JDO calls on all Jews in various groups on the left to leave the left entirely. The JDO also shows how Nazi David Duke was just invited to speak at an rally in Syria against both te Jews, Israel and the war. Having read the JDO piece it is shocking, and
all Jews involved in progressive causess need to read, debate it, and make some very seriuos decisions.

Pray for the chimp and his oily crusade

J P Sartre, 16.12.2005 04:52

found on

"Get a Load of an Official Fundamentalist Wing Site: The Presidential Prayer Team. No, It's Not a Parody! 12/16"

Small Farmers Struggling for Their Last Stance; Hong Kong People Standing Together in Hunger Strike

HKer, 16.12.2005 04:13

In support of Korean farmers and in resistance to the WTO, a small group of Hong Kong people began a hunger strike earlier today. The hunger strikers will remain outside the Convention Centre until the WTO and the Hong Kong government recognizes and acts on their demands.

A Plague Upon Eden

Manuel Valenzuela, 16.12.2005 04:13

A thorough analysis of humanity's role in the destruction of the environment and acceleration of global warming

Katrina’s Aftermath: The Catastrophe Continues

Richard Mellor, 16.12.2005 02:21

Katrina was not a natural disaster; it was and still is a social disaster. Katrina and its aftermath is the market at work for you.

Restaurant Workers Claim Victory Against Abusive Manager

Young Workers United, 16.12.2005 01:33

Restaurant workers at Steak Escape in the food court of the downtown San Francisco mall united with Young Workers United to force an abusive manager to quit.

Common Ground Collective In New Orleans Reports

Great reporting!, 15.12.2005 22:34

I have seen countless convoys of military police, police officers from LA, New York and else where, corporate mercenaries on contract from Blackwater and on and on and on, but I have yet to see a single FEMA official in the city of New Orleans. Halliburton is being paid $3000 a house on a no bid contract to put tarps on leaky roofs, while the homeless and destitute owners and residents of those homes are shunned. . .

New York Activist Faces Life in Prison; Feds Accuse Him of Eco-Terrorism

ras jah i, 15.12.2005 22:12

Daniel McGowan was one of six environmental activists arrested last week in a series of coordinated raids across four states. He is accused of setting a pair of arsons in Oregon in 2001 and is being held without bail. [includes rush transcript]

Say no to Grand Jury's Feb 16th 2006

Solidarity, 15.12.2005 22:09

Come put an end to this facist administration February 16th 2006 in Eugene. Say no to the WTO, Globalization, and fascism the way we do best. SHUT THEM DOWN!!!

Government Spies

Gilbert Shelton 6-73, 15.12.2005 21:50


Bedtime story?

L’Assemblée nationale adopte la loi 134, le privé peut maintenant s’acheter des aqueducs municipaux

Eric Lachance Ligue des Droits et Libertés (section Estrie) (819) 346-7373, 15.12.2005 21:00

C'est maintenant fait, les entreprises privées peuvent maintenant devenir propriétaire des réseaux d'aqueducs et d'égouts du Québec. L'Assemblée nationale a adopté hier la Loi 134, loi qui vient modifier la Loi 62, celle-là même qui ouvre la porte au partenariat public-privé (PPP) dans l'exploitation des aqueducs ainsi que des égouts municipaux. Le rapport du Bureau d'audience publique sur l'environnement (BAPE) concernant la gestion de l'eau au Québec a établi clairement son désaccord avec le principe de la privatisation des équipements municipaux. Le gouvernement du Québec en agissant ainsi, balaie du revers de la main l'opinion publique et impose sa vision des choses.

Wal-Mart: The Next Great Frontier

Joseph J Drury Jr., 15.12.2005 20:44

Wal-Mart present both an unmatched problem and opportunity for organized labor

Unidad Latinoamericana

Josè Del Grosso, 15.12.2005 20:30

Análisis sobre la unidad latinoamericana, sobre el quiénes somos.


Pedro Arenas, 15.12.2005 19:32

El Senado de la República de Colombia aprobó el 13 de dicimbre la Ley Forestal, de manera irregular, en contra de los preceptos constitucionales y poniendo en riesgo las reservas forestales y los territorios colectivos de pueblos indígenas y comunidades afrocolombianas. Se aprobó que los bosques naturales se incorporen al mercado por medio de concesiones forestales que se otorgarán en licitaciones al mejor postor.


A.T., 15.12.2005 18:46

Live Blogging from Iraq Iraqi Blogger A.T. and dozens of others are giving us up to the minute reports from all around Iraq on this historic day.

Las fiestas decembrinas ya llegaron a la Iglesia de Cienciología de México.

Maggie Ibañez, 15.12.2005 18:12

La Iglesia de Cienciología, Organización Desarrollo y Dianética A.C. te invita a festejar con tu familia y amigos las fiestas de Diciembre.


Por Noelio Tiuna, 15.12.2005 18:01

“Cuatro soldados estadounidenses murieron al estallar una mina al paso de un convoy”. La noticia ya no ocupa el mismo titular de antes y no es para menos. La cifra de bajas norteamericanas marcha con paso acelerado hacia la cota de los tres mil.
Lo que si fue titular para el mundo es que el
presidente George W. Bush reconoció que unos 30 mil iraquíes murieron después de la invasión estadounidense.


Por Néstor Núñez, 15.12.2005 17:56

Es evidente que Cuba se aboca a un proceso para
restituir, como premisa esencial, el papel del trabajo creador como fuente de bienestar y posibilidades de consumo para todos y cada uno de sus ciudadanos.
No ha sido así en los últimos años como consecuencia de factores tan duros como la desaparición del 80 por ciento de su comercio exterior y la caída del 34 por ciento de su
producto interno bruto con la disolución, a inicios de los 90 de la pasada centuria, del campo socialista europeo y de la Unión Soviética.

Levantan falsos testimonios a luchadora social Revolucionaria, en la parroquia La Pastora en comicios electorales del 4 de diciembre de 2005 en las elecciones de diputados y parlamentarios.

jackeline sanchez venezuela, 15.12.2005 17:01

de como a pesar de que el consejo nacional electoral alega tranparencia se ve visiblemente la parcialidad del movimiento V republica por descalificar a los militantes del partido comunista de venezuela y a los luchadores sociales comunitario (caso venezuela) hay un factor importante a pesar de haberse retirado la oposicion de la asmblea nacional todaia se deben depurar muchos factores que son aberrantes en la asmblea nacioanl


Rossana Fernandez, 15.12.2005 16:56

Padres de familia en México son presionados para que droguen a sus hijos con medicamentos psiquiátricos tan dañinos como la cocaína.

South American Death Squads and Tasers

An inquiring mind, 15.12.2005 16:46

Chile swings from hard right to hard left The connection between Taser International and the country of Chile dates to before the millennium. Shortly after assignment of their Middle Eastern sales territory to former Steman International representative, Malcolm Shermer, the South American territories were awarded.

Los valores morales son fáciles de aprender, sólo tienes que enseñarlos.

Rosario Silva, 15.12.2005 16:32

Este sábado 17 de Diciembre se celebrará el Primer Día Latinoamericano del Camino a la Felicidad. La meta, regalar más de un millón de ejemplares del libro escrito por el humanista Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

No Quick Fixes

Robyn McGee, 15.12.2005 16:18

HUNGRY FOR MORE: A Keeping-it-Real Guide for Black Women on Weight and Body Image. Inspired by the life and death of author Robyn McGee sister Cathy, who died as a result of weight loss surgery. For many women WLS has is the answer to their dreams. But self-love is the key to a fuller life.

CIA extraordinary rendition

Keith Parkins, 15.12.2005 16:17

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, that is the chorus of George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair and Jack Straw. Or are they all just blatantly lying?

Llevando un mensaje de Derechos Humanos al mundo entero

Maggie Ibañez, 15.12.2005 16:14

Video musical de Hip Hop se lleva todos los honores. ---

Senator James Inhofe: Top Terrorist Threat to the Planet

Dr. Steven Best, 15.12.2005 15:32

This essay exposes Senator James Inhofe as a leading threat to civil liberties, radical resistance movements, and the planet as a whole. Spearheading the war against "eco-terrorism" and architect of disinformation on global warming, Inhofe is the Senator Joseph McCarthy of our day, but even more dangerous.

Uruguay's Political Prisoners Freed

Grupo Alavío, 15.12.2005 14:56

Libertad Fellow activists and family members celebrated the release of Uruguay’s four political prisoners in Montevideo’s central plaza moments after the detainees’ release on Friday.

Restriccion del agua de Lima es por la ambición desmedida del sector privado. Perú

FORO ECOLOGICO LIMA. PERU, 15.12.2005 14:51

Es el Pronunciamiento del Foro ecologico Lima frente al uso privado de las provisiones del agua de Lima y la injerencia privada en decisiones políticas sobre agua.

TPLF, another word for cruelty

Odaa, 15.12.2005 11:18

As in the past, we ask all concerned organizations and governments to impress their good offices upon the Ethiopian government to stop mass massacre, and thereby thwart what appears to be another Rwanda in the making.

Militante de AMI sufre represión policial permanente

ANTIFANZINE, 15.12.2005 10:30

ANTIFANZINE (Fanzine Antifascista de la Unidad Antifascista los Lobos Rojos) Según informaciones recibidas, un militante de la AMI , ha recibido en los últimos meses diversos incidentes represivos e incluso llegando a la agresión física pro parte de los agentes.x Unidad Antifascista los Lobos Rojos (Sección Galiza)

Military plan will rob the community of its social fabric

Jack and Jill, 15.12.2005 09:15

Military hardware to kill people? But why would any person make a decision to take away from the social fabric, workers, and desperate, disadvantaged, disabled and mentally ill people and plough that money into military hardware to kill people? Where is the logic in that? Especially for an illegal and degrading war like Iraq.

The Genesis of President Bush’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

Sue Weibert, 15.12.2005 05:46

Screening for mental illness is the most controversial topic concerning mental health today. This article reveals exactly how this all got started, who’s really behind “the big push,” and how President Bush was tricked into establishing what might be the most detrimental program in the history of mankind.

Social activist/artist Catman Cohen presents first LIVE performance of FLUFFLE-O

Keevay Music, 15.12.2005 03:46

Social activist/artist Catman Cohen is the mysterious mastermind behind the Catman Chronicles, a series of music CD's designed around key social issues, including the dangers of fresh water privatization and the imperative for raising neglected heroes (eg. nurses, firemen, teachers, police, soldiers, etc) in a society obsessed with a most vacuous, indulgent, Cult of Celebrity. Now the public gets a first glimpse of Catman Cohen in performance.

Death am I!

Grim Reaper, 15.12.2005 02:47

Death am I

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