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MTST, 21.12.2005 01:26

MTST Manifest:
Hungry at Christmas, pro popular housing!

I'm not in Kansas anymore.

Daniel Rodriguez, 20.12.2005 20:07

Differences between studying at an America university and London uni.

Let Down in London.

Daniel Rodriguez, 20.12.2005 20:02

A story of a girl let down in London while studying abroad.

Viva London!

Daniel Rodriguez, 20.12.2005 19:58

The positive points of studying abroad, specifically in London.

.Rafles, violences, et arrestations massives de réfugié-e-s à Calais

indymedia Lille, 20.12.2005 19:48

akash avant son arrestation Ce 19 décembre 2005 à Calais, lors de la distribution de repas chauds (pour 300 réfugiés), à 18h45 le secteur est bouclé : Stratégie de guerre, encerclement, des dizaines de cars de CRS se positionnent et quadrillent la zone. Les sbires de la république, et en nombre, avancent en ligne par toutes les rues convergeantes vers le lien du repas.


Por Ángel Rodríguez Álvarez, 20.12.2005 18:04

Una pregunta deben hacerse hoy, con fundadas razones, millones de ciudadanos en todas partes del orbe: ¿Qué preceptos constitucionales quedarán intactos en materia de derechos civiles en Estados Unidos?

New Release - Pro-Warriors: In Their Own Words

AtCenterNetwork, 20.12.2005 15:57

Announcing a new documentary of the pro-war movement.

Why is anything that is critical of Israeli apartheid terrorism considered by some as anti-Semitic?

Karl Weiss, 20.12.2005 14:31

Neturi Karta Why is anything that is critical of Israeli apartheid terrorism considered by some as anti-Semitic?

30+ Jewish and Palestinian organisations defy EU secrecy, 20.12.2005 14:07

Dismayed by the refusal of EU to publish their own Ramallah and East Jerusalem Heads of Mission findings regarding Israeli state actions towards non Jewish residents of East Jerusalem, Jewish and other peace groups and Palestinian Solidarity campaigns around Europe have decided they must take matters into their own hands.
Every organisation listed below will publish the Report on their websites.

Bellaciao, site de censure - ami des dogmes religieux

Eïnte, 20.12.2005 12:50

Pour celles et ceux qui pourraient penser que Bellaciao est un site engagé contre l'autoritarisme, défendant les libertés, pour celles et ceux qui ne pensent encore rien sur Bellaciao, pour celles et ceux qui luttent pour le respect de la liberté d'expression, et pour les autres qui combattent l'autoritarisme et les bruits de bottes, ceci est un avis d'une extrême importance, merci de le diffuser aussi largement que possible. BELLACIAO CENSURE TOUS LES PROPOS REMETTANT DE PRES OU DE LOIN EN QUESTION LES RELIGIONS (christianisme, judaïsme et islam) !

UK Muslim author delivers ani-war speech to California!!

Suhayl Saadi, 20.12.2005 09:35

UK author, Suhayl Saadi won a prestigious PEN Oakland-Josephine Miles Literary Award on December 2nd for his novel, Psychoraag. Although he was unable to attend the event in California, he delivered an anti-war speech via CD.

Gov. Schwarzenegger is The Terminator

The Black Lantern, 20.12.2005 04:39

On December 13th, 2005 Stanley 'Tookie' Williams was put to death after final request for clemency by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were denied. This work is in opposition of the death penalty.

a newer version of the big sleep

greg hoey, 20.12.2005 02:16

election atmospherics from state of excitement

Nytt nummer av tidskriften Dissident ute nu!

Batko-gruppen, 20.12.2005 02:14

Den insurrektionella anarkismen är ett försök att formulera en tendens inom den revolutionära rörelsen, ett perspektiv som alltid finns närvarande i klasskampen och som framträder ur den, och hur vi som revolutionärer ska förhålla oss till detta.

A Simple Holiday Peace Action

Steve Greenfield, 19.12.2005 23:28

A Simple Holiday Peace Action

I’m just not the same person I was before Iraq: Spc. Mike Harmon-OIF Vet

Jay Shaft, 19.12.2005 21:42

“I don’t see any solution for my PTSD. As of right now I can’t see any end to it. I don’t have anything now, because the medical benefits ran out 90 days after my discharge. As of right now I have no medical benefits, nothing I can use for counseling. I’m hoping that if I get into the VA I’ll be able to start really dealing with it. Like I said, as of right now I don’t see an end to it; it will be a lifetime of problems if it is not addressed. I don’t see any solution being offered to me to help put an end to it.”

BRASIL: MTST - HUNGER STRIKE! MTST Manifest: Hungry at Christmas, pro popular housing!

MTST, 19.12.2005 21:25

Hungry at Christmas, pro popular housing! Today we begin an extreme act so that, in the future, extreme acts needn’t be longer taken. Taboao da Serra, Sao Paulo metro - Brasil

reclaim the republican party, honestly

ryan day, 19.12.2005 21:05

the colidascope tells me of a possible win win situation. Get one step ahead of the opposition by reclaim the republican ticket. Each and every radical must now be drastically harmonious if we are to have a fighting chance at saving this god damn forsaken beauty of a planet.

Why have progressives allowed rabid antisemites to take over the Left?

Why have progressives allowed rabid antisemites to take over the Left?, 19.12.2005 19:55

Why have progressives allowed rabid antisemites to take over the Left?

Crónica de una marcha contra la OMC, contraste de solidaridad y violencia

Delia Herrera, integrante de delegación de Los Angeles, California, 19.12.2005 17:25

Violencia policial contra manifestantes en la reunión de la OMC, 600 personas fueron detenidas el domingo

Would C.S. Lewis be a PETA protester today?

Ingrid Newkirk, 19.12.2005 16:51

The release of Walt Disney Pictures’ “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” has prompted much public discussion about author C.S. Lewis, who wrote the classic children’s book on which the film is based, and Lewis’s Christian message. It’s true that Lewis’s strong faith shines through in the pages of the book, but something else does too: Lewis’s fervent belief that animals should be treated well and his outrage when animals are killed, either by being turned to stone by an evil force or as the subject of nasty experiments, such as those performed on guinea pigs by Uncle Andrew in Lewis’s “The Magician’s Nephew.”

Lewis imbues his child heroes with his own empathy and fondness for animals. But although he was always a thinker ahead of his time, and in his fiction blurred the species barrier—a barrier that would later be blurred with knowledge of shared DNA—he was still a man of his era who believed in a hierarchy that put humans above animals. I believe that if Lewis were alive today, however, he would embrace animal rights.

Editors: What’s with the hunting columns?

Carla Bennett, 19.12.2005 16:50

Recent reports from the newspaper industry look bleak: Circulation is down, advertising revenues are flat, stock prices are sinking, and scandals are harming good reputations. Industry analysts say the percentage of adults buying papers has been going down for several decades.

I’m not a newspaper person—just a reader for the last 60 years or so—so I may not be in a position to advise editors and publishers. But I see evidence that newspapers may not be keeping up with their readership. This is exemplified by the hunting columns that are still common in hundreds of newspapers, despite the fact that less than 5 percent of Americans still participate in shooting sports. Even this tiny figure is a stretch, because it includes target and skeet shooting.

Radio Insurgente to Resume Transmissions

Marco, 19.12.2005 13:15

Radio Insurgente to Resume Transmissions n shortwave and on the web

Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers Wanted

appleman2, 19.12.2005 12:55

Philosopher's and Memetic Engineers wanted for the submission of their concepts, political analysis, mind viruses and memes, for the "now-back-online-being-switched-off"


Anoop Sukumaran, 19.12.2005 07:17

The unholy trio of the EU, US and Pascal Lamy succeeded in their attempt to force developing countries into accepting a Ministerial Declaration that further forecloses the development of countries of the South.


Will Hardiker, 19.12.2005 05:14

Western governments are exploiting and distorting the level of thraet from tInternational terrorism in order to implement legislation to control and monitor their own domestic populations. The fight against terrorism is not a war. This is a misnomer. It is however exacerbated and exagerated by the US and it's allies.

Dubious Bolivian Elections: Indigenous presidential candidate Evo wins, but who turns President?

Perico Perez, 19.12.2005 00:37

About 800'000 people were excluded from voting as confirmed by the National Elections Committee (CNE). Have the Bolivian elections been stolen from the indigenous leader Evo Morales once again?

NAIRU, le Nom de la Ruse. La face cachée du chômage.

Guillaume de BASKERVILLE, 18.12.2005 21:34

Graphique: courbe de Phillips, taux de chômage &quot;Naturel&quot; et principe du NAIRU Dans le Nom de la Rose, Guillaume de Baskerville (joué par Sean Connery) nous montre comment un livre d'Aristote sur le rire devient une menace pour l'Eglise: les moines copistes qui pourraient le reproduire sont assassinés les uns après les autres. Si on rit, le Diable semble moins menaçant, et si on croit moins au Diable, on sera peut-être moins enclin à croire en Dieu...

America's dirty secret 6 Million companion animals / pets murdered every year

Animals deserve rights and to be treated humanely, 18.12.2005 18:08

Tell everyone about Americas inhumane secret. Spay and neuter is needed to humanely prevent healthy pets being euthanized in America every year. There are not enough homes for the 6 million homeless pets America murders every year. Tell everyone you know what is going on in shelters near you.

murcia is not for sale

pitu, 18.12.2005 17:49

this is a manifesto signed by many different associations campaigning against the brutal urbanistic speculation that is taking place in the mediterranean coast of Spain, in concrete in the region of Murcia. the one here is a translation of the original in spanish.


STEPHEN LENDMAN, 18.12.2005 15:35

What Aristide and Lavalas achieved during their 10 years in office and conditions in Haiti since the coup

On its Last Legs: Breaking News from the WTO Protests in Hong Kong

Puck Lo, 18.12.2005 14:31

Up-to-the-minute breaking news will be posted on the Target WTO "Direct Action Against the WTO" site for the remander of the conference and until all the protesters are released from jail.

On its Last Legs: Breaking News from the WTO Protests in Hong Kong

Puck Lo, 18.12.2005 14:30

Up-to-the-minute breaking news will be posted on the Target WTO "Direct Action Against the WTO" site for the remander of the conference and until all the protesters are released from jail.

When the sands ran red

Lee Sands, 18.12.2005 14:26

Both arguably failed to show moral leadership Many Australians feel Howard is ignoring the problem. Others say his narrow response shows how well he has read Australia's mood. But by not condemning the racism, Howard and Labor leader Kim Beazley have both arguably failed to show moral leadership.

Mudar a Sociedade?

Francisco Trindade, 18.12.2005 12:31

Mudar a Sociedade?


Anoo Sukumaran, 18.12.2005 05:50

On December 17 (yesterday) afternoon, talmost 900 peaceful protestors were arrested by the Hng kong Police and subjected to inhuman treatment

Agents' visit chills UMass Dartmouth senior

By AARON NICODEMUS, Standard-Times staff writer, 18.12.2005 04:43

Bush's Spying on americans an example: A senior at UMass Dartmouth was visited by federal agents two months ago, after he requested a copy of Mao Tse-Tung's tome on Communism called "The Little Red Book."
Please distribute, do not let this country become a police state like the old soviet union.

Flagstaff Students Harassed by Police after Save the Peaks vigil

Brenda Norrell, 18.12.2005 01:29

The anti gang unit of the Flagstaff, Ariz., police questioned Hopi and Navajo high school students and ripped fliers off school walls, after students held a vigil for the protection of sacred San Francisco Peaks, targeted by the Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort for snow made from wastewater. The Peaks are a place for healing ceremonies. Police called the Indian students ararchists.

An Incredible Day in America, Indeed—But, Will We Seize the Day, Or Let It Pass?

Sean M. Madden (, 18.12.2005 00:38

In a fine Huffington Post article published yesterday, Martin Garbus, a leading American trial lawyer, unequivocally states that Bush has committed an impeachable crime in authorizing domestic surveillance without a court-issued warrant, and has, in conjunction with Congress, legitimized torture for the first time in US history. Yet [continues below ...]

Feingold says what Bush is doing is illegal; The coverup begins!

CCNWON, 17.12.2005 21:42

It looks like it's the bastard's last stand.

Minnesota Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss, Convicts Uranium Weapons Protesters

JOHN LaFORGE, 17.12.2005 18:32

After a string of "not guilty" verdicts involving defendants accused of trespassing at a giant weapons contractor, 12 anti-war activsts were convicted in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, Minn. Three acquittals delivered by juries in 2003 and 2004 moved the city of Edina to enact a new trespass law eliminating trial by jury, and restricting defense arguments regarding illegal weapons systems.

Civil Liberties Part 3 - The Rant

Ian Freely of, 17.12.2005 18:29

A brief documentary edit about ID Cards followed by an uncharacteristic rant from one of Radio Truth Bristol's most reserved newscasters.

Ending Capitalism 101

DAJ, 17.12.2005 18:01

conviction of anarchy


Por Manuel R. Villacorta O., 17.12.2005 17:28

Que importancia tan grande poseen los humildes
inmigrantes que provocan las más publicitadas acciones
de las cúpulas políticas de Estados Unidos y América
Latina! Ciertamente en el continente americano,
Estados Unidos atrae muchas vidas dispuestas a correr
graves riesgos y enfrentar arduas jornadas laborales,
mientras el resto de países las expulsan sin importar
el drama que esto implica.

Discriminación apoyada por el Estado de Georgia.

Martín R. Rodríguez, 17.12.2005 16:00

human trafficking-harrasment-discrimnation-supported by the state of georgia usa

US Navy plans use of LFAS in Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Mediterranean Oceans without proper public input, sea life danger expected

Public Relations Officer, Kingdom of Hawai'i, 17.12.2005 11:59

King's Seal Honolulu (Dec 2005). The US Navy is in the final stages of submitting public comments to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) pertaining to the use of Low Frequency Sonar in the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Oceans. The well documented negative affects of this technology has been demonstrated in the past in whale and dolphin beachings around the world, with some washing up with visible damage to their ears (bleeding), disorientation, often leading to death. Humans within the vicinity of this technology have experienced well documented negative physical, psychological and mental problems.

The King of Hawai'i has issued a summary of the "so called" public meeting held in Honolulu recently, where some members of the community were allowed to testify. The meeting was held in the back room of a poorly lit hallway, through a maze of corridors on the University of Hawai'i campus, where attendees had to pay $3.00 for parking. The only visible sign that was posted directing people to the meeting was an 8 X 10 inch, handwritten poster that was tacked up hastily in two darkened hallways, with one indicating that persons should head down the hallway in BOTH directions in order to access the meeting room. Further, environmental groups, and other entities that are not only actively suing the US Navy to stop using this technology, but others who have a clear interest in attending this meeting were not notified of the meeting in advance so they could appear to testify. As a result, many who did hear about the meeting were informed via word of mouth the day before the meeting took place. Additionally, the US Navy has already conducted testing of this technology in the Hawaiian waters without public knowledge, and without an EIS in place during the humpback whale mating season.

The King of Hawai'i issued a statement prohibiting the use of this technology within 200 miles of the coast of the Hawaiian Island chain, in part due to the sacred ancestral connection that Hawaiians have with not only land entities, but their ocean counterparts as well. Many Hawaiian families think of whales, dolphins,sharks, turtles, and other fish as a part of the ancient Hawaiian cosmology and geneology that connects them to their ancient past. About twenty members of the public attended the meeting, with eight members of the audience in attendance on the US Navy's behalf. There was at least one person in this Naval group who spent the entire meeting glaring threateningly at whomever testified (and others in the audience) who clearly expressed views not in line with what the US Navy was trying to accomplish. We were told that this person was there to provide security. Interested members of the Public should send their written comments to the address listed below by December 27, 2005.

Threatening to tear down a cross???

Freeborn, 17.12.2005 06:00

Radio talk-show host claims IndyMedia publishes threat to vandalize or tear down cross in Pioneer Square.

From high life in Istambul to low-income in NYC - Was it worth it?

Cristiana Oliveira, 17.12.2005 05:37

Cristiana Oliveira interviews a Turkish couple who got their permanent residency status through the green card lottery

Veteran shares his view on Iraq war

Cristiana Oliveira, 17.12.2005 04:28

Cristiana Oliveira interviews Gavino Rivas, Captain of the Third Civil Affairs Group in Iraq

Melbourne Anti-Racism - Friday

psychical, 17.12.2005 03:05

Response to Racism and the Terror War Masses of Melbournians unite to demonstrate as a response to Racism and the Terror War.

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